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3D Audio HMD has developed real 3D audio “HMD”, which is the world’s first wearable headset-type device that offers great sound quality that tops VR images. It is based on patented technology that allows easy shifting among the VR, AR, and MR modes. It is a 360° Real Audio technology, and is a flexibly wearable HMD with a transforming mechanism. It functions as a stand-alone smart computer, and it is the world’s first wearable headset device that is based on a number of patented technologies in countries such as the United States. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

26th Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show

The 26th edition of the Korean International Broadcast, Audio and Lighting Show, will be held over a period of four days at COEX (Convention and Exhibition Center) in Seoul, Korea, on May 24-27, 2016. the upcoming KOBA 2016, we expect an even better response with the exhibition area of 27,997sqm covering three halls(COEX A, C, and D). The KOBA Show has grown continuously with Korea’s broadcasting, audio and lighting equipment industry and it has become a hub exhibition of Asia. Over 950 companies from 35 nations including South Korea (189 manufacturers), the U.S., Germany, the UK, Japan, China, Taiwan, and France are expected to exhibit and demonstrate cutting-edge technologies and equipment at KOBA 2016. More than 50,000 visitors including professional buyers are expected to visit.

Participants in this year’s KOBA exhibition will include the best of 950 companies from 35 countries all over the world including terrestrial, the broadcasting companies of KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, CBS and as well as the sound companies Sony, Panasonic, Canon, FOR-A, Tektronix, AbleTech, Dong Yang Digital, Blackmagic Design, SanAm Technology, YoungDo
B&C, etc., and lighting companies like Tongsuh Technology.
In addition to inviting the broadcasting organizations and powerful buyers from Southeast Asia there will be parallel marketing seminars and consultations for the export market and opportunities for the international buyers price support program, stations industry tours and other markets from domestic manufacturers using a variety of other programs to attract the buyers.
If you have any queries concerning the Exhibition at any time, please do not hesitate to contact the organizer’s office.
Date: May 24th (Tue) ~ 27th (Fri), 2016 (4days)
Venue: COEX, Seoul (Convention & Exhibition Center) | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Digital audio player

[INQ. NO. 1410E31] Established in 2011, JD Sound is a company specializing in digital audio player with a support of the entrepreneur program provided by Korean government. JD Sound’s flagship product is the Monster GODJ. Monster GODJ is the world’s first real stand-alone and portable DJ equipment. JD SOUND will keep growing up to audio/sound expert company by producing a variety of creative and innovative audio products that meet our customer’s expectations.

Monster GODJ is the world’s first ‘real stand alone and portable DJ machine’. There are several products with a similar concept though, none of them are real stand-alone (require PC) and none of them are portable (huge and require AC power). This product is so called “DJ equipment” and used to control the sound in the clubs or parties.

Digital-audio-player This product is designed to achieve portability so that anyone can bring it everywhere, such as events, parties and performances. Remarkable features are, dual touch panel LCDs, physical rotary knobs, and a slider bar. User can easily handle two sound sources with using the dual touch panel LCDs, and can feel analog sensibility with using the physical knobs and the slider bar. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Top-quality sound audio system systems

[INQ. NO. 1410E21] Karak Electronics was established in 1977, and specializes in the audio, video, security and PA (public address) system business. For the past 30 years, Karak Electronics had focused on the development of highquality and innovative products in the audio and video field, and was designated as a promising medium-sized enterprise by the SMBA (Small-Medium Sized Business Administration). Moreover, the products developed and manufactured by Karak Electronics are distributed domestically through more than 50 dealers, and internationally through over 30 foreign distributors.

The PA system developed and manufactured by Karak Electronics is used for the communication and exchange of information. That is one way of doing multiple passes of the information of limited scope and space for people to target large-scale residential facilities so it is essential to install this system in the public facilities, transportation aviation facilities, buildings, commercial facilities, etc.

The product is available for either embedding in a wall or by hanging on a wall. Main materials of the portable PA system are aluminum and plastic, and the portable PA system, wall mount series are provided in white color.

Top-quality-sound-audio-system-systems The digital amplifier Prodigi Series are OTL, in other words, output transformerless amplifiers. The product can be automatically converted into DC24V in the event of a power failure. Also, the Prodigi Series adopted an OTL SEPP circuit to provide high power output with less space. Compared to the existing amplifiers, the Prodigi Series is efficient in reducing the installation space.

The high efficiency is based on the Class-D amplification using the PWM method, and is kept lightweight by using SMPS technology and SEPP circuit. The output DC is embedded with a protection circuit for checking and preventing overcurrent and overheating, and remote control is possible through the power control terminal.

Top-quality-sound-audio-system-systems_1Top-quality-sound-audio-system-systems_2 To enable continuous development in technology, Karak Electronics established the affiliated R&D Center, to fully utilize the developed IT infrastructure to develop the newest concept of PA system for convenience in use and to provide flexibility to the extension system. Through the affiliated R&D Center, Karak Electronics developed several technologies and products, including the public address (PA) system, APT emergency system, touch screen system, digital video recorder, USOTEC system, 5-Zone mixer amplifier, and many others.

Karak Electronics registered and acquired numerous patents for its technologies and products, including the patent on equipment to fasten speakers, digital PA system, illegal trespassing sensing system and the method, touchscreen system, multidate with single cable transmission and reception system, and many others. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

DNS-embedded pro audio processor

[INQ. NO. 1406E12] RADSONE was founded in 2010 and it has a specialty in sound signal processing. Via a proprietary algorithm Digital Noise Suppression™ (formerly Museflow) which
minimizes digital noise in digital sound itself, RADSONE derives the original sound, that is, the sound that allows one to feel the sense of realism on the live music scene during live performance from digital sound sources., it is harder to get right sounds in digital age. Moreover, most of the digital sound correction equipment such as compressors, digital effectors are difficult to handle due to complex menu structures and parameter settings. In contrast, MF 501S works by just simply connecting input signal with output one and input selection.

The moment you connect MF 501S with existing systems, a totally different dimension of sound is revealed to the user.

1406E012_1As the playback environment is transitioned to digital, performance improves, but it is more important to understand functions and limitations of pro digital equipment.

Accordingly, it is harder to get right sounds in digital age. Moreover, most of the digital sound correction equipment such as compressors, digital effectors are difficult to handle due to complex menu structures and parameter settings. In contrast, MF 501S works by just simply connecting input signal with output one and input selection.

The moment you connect MF 501S with existing systems, a totally different dimension of sound is revealed to the user.

The MF 501S is a kind of hardware processor that targets more diverse pro audio environment and broadcasting stations. It provides clean and natural sound by minimizing noise from low quality and stuffy sound sources such as MP3, AAC, and streaming contents.

Differentiating itself in dimension compared to existing simple sound effects such as surround, bass boost, noise reduction, reverb, or eq control, it provides much more naturalness and lifelike
appearance even at higher resolution sound sources than CD.

1406E012_2And it produces the best sound suitable for contents and playback environments by simple mode selections (SPEECH / Hi-Fi / LIVE) without complex controls. The 19-inch, rack-type elegant and stylish design is suitable for broadcasting stations and also personal hi-fi audio system use.

The digital input/output (3 EA) and analog input/output (XLR) enable flexible interfacing with existing equipment. It also supports sampling frequency of up to 192kHz / bit resolution 24bit. It
can be used as a high-end DDC or DAC which is capable by proper interface selections. For customers’ convenience, it is designed with audio dedicated SHARCTM DSP and high-end audio components. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

New Digital Audio Communication Solution

Communication Solution[INQ. NO. 1404E20] Today, wireless is the norm. Everywhere we go, it seems that there is nothing short of communication. However, still exceptions are there. For example, for workers at construction sites, communication is critical, yet it could be easily compromised by rough conditions.

Tourists may lose their way in the foreign crowd when they cannot communicate with a tour guide. And Korea’s Seayoung Information & Telecommunication wants to help. Seayoung fixes telecommunication devices. With its expertise and technology, it introduces a new audio communication solution, “WIWI.” This 2-way simultaneous digital communication device using 2.4GHz RF(Radio Frequency) can offer you high quality, various, and solid audio communication services, like Walkie-Talkie, within your secured wireless network.

WIWI is capable of working in two modes: master or slave mode. Also, this portable wireless transceiver supports 4- channel communication and can hook up with the other audio devices like TV, laptop computer, MP3, etc. It can be used in offices, business presentations, construction sites, schools, and so forth. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

23rd Korean International Broadcast, Audio&Lighting Equipment Show


The 23rd Korean International Broadcast, Audio&Lighting Equipment Show has been co-hosted by Korea E&EX and the
Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association (KOBETA) since 1991 for the improvement of the technology and culture of the domestic broadcasting and the development of the nation’s video, sound, and lighting industry. KOBA2013 will be held with a total scale of 25,405sqm. For the Show, an unprecedented 830 companies from 35 countries including 170 domestic enterprises will present the promising future of the industry of the next-generation broadcasting service, video, sound, and lighting. During this period, in particular, the Show will enable visitors to take advantage of invaluable opportunities to obtain broadcasting and acoustic-related professional information through the various KOBETA-organized “International Broadcasting Technology Conferences”, etc. For attendees, various types of concurrent events including “8th Dynamic Blaster(acoustic demonstration), etc. are also available. The Exhibition will not only allow end-users attended to access practical technical information regarding equipment of broadcasting, video, acoustic, and lighting across the globe, but also help exhibitors to accomplish their business aims including enhancing their company images. Given that the global trend of “Convergence” contributes to creating of dynamic markets through the technology innovation beyond boundaries among technology, service, and business and the creative consumers’ participation, the upcoming Show will ensure that participants grasp the overall trend of the new-generation industry of broadcasting, video, acoustic, and lighting, all of which play a pivotal role in the development of the culture industry, and thus consequently it will allow them to be armed with competitiveness and visions – to cope with the sharply changing trends in the sectors.



• Korea E & EX Inc. (KOBA 2013 Secretariat)
Rm. 2001, KWTC, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-729 Korea
Tel: (82-2)551-0102 Fax: (82-2)881-0103
E-mail : /

Dual-Channel Wireless Balsang Microphone (BSM200)

[INQ. NO. 2106E05] The BSM200 wireless microphone can receive two-way conversation audio up to 50M distance, and is compatible with smartphones, DSLR, or cameras.
It features extremely light weight, just 23g, compact size of half the size of a credit card, and is easy to carry. It can operate for up to six hours after being fully charged.
Easy to use amidst the current global trend of personal broadcasting on YouTube and online conferencing, or online lectures, it is also possible to use SNS real-time broadcasting that a Bluetooth device cannot support.
It has been growing more popular since April this year after raising $100,000 through Wadiz, which is the best crowd-funding solution in Korea.

Dual-Channel Wireless Balsang Microphone (BSM200) | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

UVC Car Air Purifier

[INQ. NO. 2011E18] WON MOTORS KOREA Co., Ltd. is a company that exports automobile navigation devices and car electronic products to foreign automotive dealers.
Containing UVC that sterilizes the air, the product is designed to be used not only for vehicles, but also for offices, bedrooms, and other places.
It is the first automobile air purifier that is equipped with UVC LED used to sterilize air by destroying the DNA of bacteria in the air.
It is the first Korean product that has an HEPA H13-level filter equipped with a copper layer to prevent the multiplication of bacteria filtered by the HEPA filter, and it blocks the creation of harmful substances arising from the secondary reaction of fine dust.

By adopting a PM 2.5 dust sensor, it is able to show the air quality numerically on its LED display. In addition, it has added convenience by applying touch buttons.
Thanks to the use of an 8000RPMBLDC motor designed specifically for this product, the air inside a vehicle is more powerfully purified. As it is operated by a USB DC5V, the product can be conveniently used in various places including vehicles, offices, bedrooms, etc.
Coming with an air freshener cartridge, a user is able to feel fresh air and premium scent as well. The product is also used as a mood light as it emits delicate LED lights through the diffusion plastic.
Since it was founded in Dec. 2006, Won Motors Korea has been supplying display audio, AVN, car electronics and accessories to overseas car dealers in Asia and the Middle East.
Won Motors Korea keeps expanding its product line-ups to include the latest automotive infotainment & electronics, and is exploring new business opportunities in Africa and South America for such potential areas as automotive CKD, and SKD factories. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

STB Multimeter

The All-in-One Set-Top Box / OTT Box Tester
[INQ. NO. 2011E14] As well as measuring the Set-Top Boxes’(STB) output video, audio and network packets at the same time, STB Multimeter also controls STB to the desired test environment through automatic IR transmit and supply power control.
With the built-in powerful scripting tool, STB Multimeter can perform multiple tests simultaneously and can automate test case based BMT.
STB Multimeter can be adopted not only for STB UI/function testing, but also for monitoring IPTV service 24/7 or STB software/hardware QA.
STB Multimeter enables endless STB testing and IPTV service monitoring. An alarm message is sent to staff instantly when it detects service failure.
Testers do not require printed test case documents and Stopwatch anymore. STB Multimeter’s execution engine automatically controls the STB and analyzes it following the scripted test case.

STB Multimeter provides verified STB QoS and QoE measurement functions in one device, as well as automatic STB control functions.
STB Multimeter mainly consists of control and measurement features. In measurement, each audio/video output and network packets are collected and analyzed. And a feature controlling STB by IR and supplying power control is also provided.
For supporting 24/7 test/monitoring, STB Multimeter provides test scheduling and alarm notification functions as well.
SK Broadband and LGU+, Korea’s two leading IPTV service providers, are currently adopting the STB Multimeter for various purposes – from S/W BMT to 24/7 nationwide service monitoring.

Another customer, Abies, is also using STB Multimeter for government’s annual IPTV service quality evaluation.
STB Multimeter is ready to be shipped worldwide. It has accredited CE and RoHS, and its manufacturer NEXTLab has accredited ISO 9001:2015 as well.
Since 2012, NEXTLab has delivered image-processing and deep-learning based measurement solutions. its major business fields are smart testing, smart factory and automotive engineering. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods