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Powerful PACS and Reporting Solution[INQ. NO. 1909E53] The latest technology embedded medical image and information management solution, ZeTTA PACS, offers market demanding diagnostic-quality images and a full package of study information over enterprise-wide hospital networks.
Based on sufficient experience and proven technology, ZeTTA PACS is designed to satisfy the requirements for speed and stability of all users.
Regardless of the volume of data and the number of images, users can use a high speed and a stable solution without any delaying and buffering time, so it will help minimize waiting times and enables one to start reading right away. It also provides a full coverage of image management tools including image acquisition, storage, displays and web distribution devices.

Its ZeTTA PACS is a powerful PACS and reporting solution, yet cost effective. It enables any healthcare practice to efficiently perform diagnostic imaging, while providing end-users access to the system anytime, anywhere.
With ZeTTA PACS, patient studies can be viewed from any computer at any hospital, or from a referring doctor’s office. ZeTTA PACS also allows the radiologists to read studies at any hospital, so it makes radiology workflow much more efficient and greatly reducing turnaround time for report dictation. ZeTTA PACS offers improved radiology workflow.

TY soft’s web-based technology is one of the most competitive, reliable, and scalable imaging solutions on the market today. With proven architecture and productivity-enhancing technologies, ZeTTA PACS provide unbeatable value such as intuitive, customizable, and personalized tools & layout, and efficient & various display methods (View, Add view, Stack view, Advanced view, etc.).
Moreover, ZeTTA Web & Mobile Viewer is a medical image viewing application with access to a central DICOM server that runs on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android OS embedded smartphones / tablets.
Especially, because ZeTTA mobile viewer is developed by HTML5, it can be used with any OS such as i-OS and Android. It supports such functions as windowing, zooming, panning, measurement, cine play, and report viewing. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Privacy Film[INQ. NO. 1909E01] Daikatech Korea Co., Ltd. is producing and selling privacy films that can be simply attached and used to protect personal, financial, medical and other information that is easily leaked out unknowingly due to the use of must-have mobile phones in modern society and their original materials.
Its products are made from various materials including PET CORE, SILICONE CORE, AB and EPU and can be manufactured in various sizes for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and other devices to satisfy users’ needs.
With 9H coating, they have features of maintaining privacy functionality, protecting mobile phones from external shocks and having horizontal viewing angles of 30˚ and transmittance of over 60%.
As the company produces such products in its own local factory, anyone can easily and simply protect their privacy from others at affordable prices. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Strengthening the Magnetic Lineup and Launching of IQOS Accessories[INQ. NO. 1809E05] REDBEAN Corp, a magnetic cable leader well-recognized by the customers with REDBEAN Magnetic Duo, which is differentiated from the conventional cumbersome charging system, plans to solidify its lifestyle brand image through launching of IQOS accessories as well as reinforcement of the magnetic lineup. As a part of REDBEAN’s identity strengthening willing to improve inconveniences that consumers suffer from in their daily lives, REDGBEAN has launched “Magnetic Flat” and “Magnetic One” through communication with consumers.


Magnetic Flat

Magnet Flat, produced in a flat design considering both portability and convenient use, so that the users can enjoy charging and data transmission freely anytime, anywhere, has reflected the feedback from customers who pointed out that the existing magnetic cable might be inconvenient to carry and use. In addition, targeting consumers who use the smartphone horizontally for playing games or watching videos, REDGBEAN has produced the cable in a horizontal direction of the mobile phone unlike conventional cables. This helps in resolving inconveniences caused by tangled cable that some customers have experienced. REDGBEAN has provided users with a diverse selection by releasing cables of 20cm, so you can make the best use of the power bank when going out, and 1.2 meters with which you can charge the battery freely under any circumstances. Magnetic Flat is compatible with the existing Magnetic Duo.


Magnetic One

Magnetic One has adopted a 360-degree rotation charging system regardless of front-torear and top-to-bottom directions. At the same time, with a USB type showing no distinction between the front and the rear, this product eliminates all inconveniences. This product is the first round-magnetic cable that supports data transmission and is released in four colors: orchid gray with modern and sophisticated blue color; rose gold with soft, gentle pink; luxurious midnight blue; and burgundy red.


Magnetic Gender

Through the release of Magnetic Gender, REDBEAN plans to provide MacBook users with nostalgia of the past and new consumers with innovation, respectively. As REDBEAN Magnetic Gender is connected to the device by strong magnet force, you can recharge the battery and transmit data easily with one hand. In addition, in case that the cable is pulled, only the cable is removed automatically to prevent damage to the device. Recently, in accordance with the trend that smart devices equipped with a charging method using a C-type port as well as a MacBook are being released in full force, this product provides expandability usable in other smartphones, tablets, etc., only if they are equipped with a C-type cable supporting PD. REDBEAN Magnetic Gender, produced with 20 magnetic pins, can support up to 100W of high electric power and transmit 10 Gbps of data. With the expandability of REDBEAN Magnetic Gender capable of reading U-disc and SD card, transmitting 4K video, etc., you can experience an optimal effect if you use it with the hub.


Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

REDBEAN has released its A25R mouse as a following product of A15R mouse that can be used without replacement of the disposable battery by recharging anytime and anywhere that a smartphone can be recharged. A25R, a rechargeable wireless mouse, maintains the advantages of A15R as they are and is equipped with the easy switching function. It can be recharged anytime, anywhere, as long as the smartphone is rechargeable, and can be used for a day with recharging for three minutes and can be used for more than two months with one-time recharging. Equipped with three kinds of ultrapower- saving modes and, at the same time, not needing replacement of disposable batteries, this product is an eco-friendly mouse. With the non-noise button installed, you can use it freely in quiet places, such as offices and public places.
The main features of the A25R rechargeable mouse are its three-adjustable DPI levels and easy switching. With the DPI button, you can adjust the 3-level DPI (800/1200/1600). The A25R mouse finds the optimal frequency by itself and matches or readjusts the mouse and the receiver. If only the power is supplied, the mouse is connected automatically without interference of frequency. This function is especially good news to consumers who often lose their receivers. Just by connecting the receivers to two or more computers respectively when purchasing the receiver additionally, you can use the receiver immediately after changing the pairing without having to carry it separately.


Keyboard and Mouse Sets

In September 2018, REDBEAN plans to release the keyboard and mouse sets that you can freely use in a quiet space. With the subminiature receiver, you can use a keyboard and a mouse simultaneously. Released in four colors, looking like sweet desserts, this product can be freely used by female consumers who appreciate vibrant colors.
The newly released IQOS accessories also reflect REDBEAN’s endeavors to research and improve its products without missing any element or need that consumers might feel uncomfortable with in everyday products.


USB Charger

Recently, the number of E-cigarette users has been rapidly increasing as they are known to have less odor and few harmful substances compared with ordinary tobaccos. However, there are quite a few consumers complaining about inconvenience during use.
REDBEAN’s 180-degree IQOS USB charger has succeeded in resolving the inconvenience of onerously opening and closing the case every time for charging. As the charging begins only if you connect the holder to the charger, you can charge it easily with one hand only. This is quite good news to consumers who get behind the wheel or enjoy smoking. The product has an outstanding use of space as it can be charged at any angle with the 180-degree rotation both right and left. Also, the product can lead to a safe smoking culture because it does not block your view when getting charged while you are driving. In addition, with adoption of the USB type, it can be charged easily and conveniently without any restriction of space if only there is a USB port available.
Cube IQOS Charger especially shows its great value indoors. You need not look for the charging case every time; just connect the device to the charger and it starts getting charged. By pressing the charger lightly, it is automatically detached by the internal rebound for you to use easily with one hand. With soft LED light, you can check the state of charge even in dark places.
As the IQOS Pocket Charger’s lifetime is limited to 7,300 times, if you open and close it every time for charging, the lifetime of the pocket charger is certain to be reduced naturally. In this case, since the smoking time is reduced significantly or charging gets impossible, consumers have to purchase a new an expensive device. If you use the series of REDBEAN IQOS Charger, you will be able to use IQOS for a longer time.
REDBEAN Corp was founded with the beginning of “Maximizing Optimal Effective Value Project”, for improving inconvenience which consumer could usually experience in daily life. REDBEAN has been achieved more than 800% growth rate annually. REDBEAN is rapidly growing corporation which accomplished accumulated USD 44.5 million in sales by the second quarter of 2017. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Bone Conduction-type Bluetooth Head Set[INQ. NO. 1806E17] As the development of industry and the changing times are inevitably accompanied by social problems, the popularization of smartphones and rapid development of the media industry has caused to the public serious safety accidents called “smombie” and “road kill” and hearing impairment. Along with the presbycusis naturally caused by old age, comes the hearing impairment if you connect the earphone of the in-ear type to a smartphone, TV, computer, notebook computer, tablet PC, etc., and listen to the sounds with a large volume.
As a solution to this problem, MIJ has launched the ETEREO headset. This headset provides a comfortable and stable feeling of fit due to the neck band of ergonomic design and flexible materials. This product provides a vivid and high-quality sound hearing environment along with the comfortable fit without wobble when enjoying leisure activities, such as jogging, mountain climbing, biking, etc. As it blocks the sound from leaking out through the patented technology of the sound absorption material structure, the impact on the surrounding environment has also been reduced. As a smart wearable device, this product is expected to become a frontrunner of the bone conduction headsets that are shaping the market.
As it is a fundamental human need to want to hear sound, the desire to hear radio, music and phone calls has increased in various locations. It is the same with the sports scene. In modern times when leisure opportunities have increased, and as the number of various leisure and sports activities increases rapidly, listening to music is for many people essential during activities, such as biking, skating, mountain climbing, etc. Among such various activities of modern people, the use of hearing information can potentially cause major safety accidents due to failures in recognizing the surroundings (cars, motorcycles, bikes, industrial accidents, etc.), which should be taken very seriously and prevented. MIJ’s ETEREO is a bone conduction Bluetooth headset. There are two kinds of sound transmission method, namely, airway and bone conduction.
As for the airway method, it is easy to understand if you recall the in-ear earphone, headset, speaker, etc. Through this method, the sound is transmitted to the cochlea via the eardrum through the air. In this process, hearing impairment occurs due to damage of the eardrum. Hearing impairment can occur due to deactivation of hair cells in the cochlea. The bone conduction vibrator transmits vibration of the sound through the bone, thereby transmitting the sound directly to the cochlea without going through the eardrum. Therefore, it has the effect of preventing hearing impairment as there is no stress to the eardrum. As you can hear sounds without plugging the ears, you can be fully aware of your surroundings and talk with others. In addition, through the principle of sound transmission by the bone conduction method, it can transmit sounds to the hearing impaired due to stress of the eardrum with the effect of a hearing aid function.

The company’s bone conduction headset lineup is comprised of the general audio equipment ETEREO S2, auditory assister ETEREO H+, and hearing aid ETEREO N60. It achieved increase of turnover/export by 500% in the second year of establishment, thereby recording rapid growth. It received the gold award in major domestic and foreign exhibitions and its products were selected as outstanding goods.
Also, it received the fourth-industrial ICT citation. Its products were selected as the products for a government project for solving the problem of elderly persons living alone who suff er from depression caused by hearing impairment and, in this context, we are taking the lead in
solving social problems. The company looks forward to receiving continued support and interest regarding our bone conduction Bluetooth headset ETEREO, which will assist the lives of modern people and realize convenient and safe living.
MIJ is mainly composed of engineers who have accumulated 18 years of know-how in the defense industry and bone conduction research and development and a representative who is the AICPA and Ph. D. in business administration. MIJ is a professional electronics manufacturer sets up under the corporate mott o of “Convenient and Safe Living for Everyone,” making useful products to realize this mott o in the lives of modern people. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Successful development of original technolgies of glasses-free 3D displays

KIST(Sung-kyu Kim, Senior Researcher of Imaging Media R&D Team)

In 2009, the famous 3D movie “Avatar” enjoyed huge popularity and motivated the display industry to develop 3D display technologies and promote commercialization., 3D displays failed to be a major trend due to the need to wear special glasses. Still, there is a reasonable prospect that 3D display, close to reality, will become a trend in the future, which calls for glasses-free 3D display technologies with improved convenience. In such circumstances, the Imaging Media R&D Team led by Dr. Sung-Kyu Kim, KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), has succeeded in developing original technologies allowing viewers to enjoy 3D displays without wearing special glasses and compromising resolution.

Development of technologies that can minimize the key
matters happening in glasses-free 3D displays

The 3D movie “Avatar,” which enjoyed huge global popularity when released, drew people’s attention to 3D display and this, in turn, motivated major companies in the area to develop 3D display technologies and to promote commercialization using special glasses. As a result, the market introduced advanced TVs offering 3D features during the World Cup in June 2010.
In three years, however, 3D TVs failed to become a major trend, instead remaining merely as an additional feature due to inconvenience caused by the need to wear glasses. Still, there is a reasonable prospect that 3D display close to reality will become a trend in the future along with media development, which calls for glasses-free 3D display technologies with improved convenience.


Thus, major companies in the market have intensified their efforts to develop glasses-free 3D display including those in Korea. But such 3D displays present a few problems including optical noise of 3D image, low resolution, and limited field of view, and so forth, presenting an obstacle to commercialization.
In such circumstances, Imaging Media R&D Team, KIST, led by Dr. Sung-Kyu Kim, has developed original technologies which can minimize the three major problems found in glasses-free 3D displays, laying the foundation for commercialization of the technology, while proving Korea’s strong presence in the display industry.

Precious fruit of 15-year R&D efforts

Dr. Sung-Kyu Kim, who led the project, began to work on and classify such problems of glasses-free 3D displays even 15 years ago, predicting considerable inconvenience of special 3D glasses when he first started his study on 3D technologies. In particular, the team tested two approaches in order to overcome and minimize the three major problems at once.
“The first approach is to detect the eyes of a viewer in real time with a camera and use 3D coordinates of the eyes,” said Dr. Kim. “We have developed methods and demonstration systems for optical 3D image and resolution, comparable to that of the previous glasses-based method, and expanded field of view in the real-time tracked area. Compared with the existing display products of a global Japanese manufacturer, the technology proved to remain competitive through qualitative and quantitative 3D optical characteristics measurements.”

Untitled-5.jpg“Furthermore, even the non-tracking method without using information on the face of a viewer could not only reduce optical noise in 3D images but also expand the field of view,” added Dr. Kim. “These two approaches can be applied to future commercialization of glasses-free 3D displays. As to the tracking approach, the practicability of the technology has been already proved, compared to major brands in the market, and thus is expected to contribute to growth of personal glasses-free 3D display market upon completion of the technology. The nontracking method can be commercialized in limited areas such as advertising, simulation, and the medical industry. Part of these original technologies has been transferred to global enterprises, which will speed up future industrialization.”
In fact, experts say that a new market will be created based on the glasses-free 3D display when the new technologies are successfully applied to IT devices such as smartphones, laptop computers, tablet PCs, monitors, and so forth. In terms of technological completeness, the newly developed technologies are more competitive than similar ones and thus are expected to  gain the upper hand in the market upon full-scale commercialization and industrialization.

Technological completeness need for early commercialization

“Because of limited resources in the lab, it’s difficult to carry out a single project in depth for a long time,” explained Dr. Kim. “Above all, while there was lack of precedent studies on problems of glasses-free 3D displays and of equipment for measuring characteristics of 3D displays, we had to develop measuring instruments to analyze 3D images. In the process, we even provided support to companies who requested assistance with measurements. In addition to this rewarding experience, our team tried to apply for patents for solutions, through which we could develop optical design of 3D display and performance simulation tools. As a result, we could develop a complex patent that can deal with the major problems of glasses-free 3D display simultaneously.”Untitled-6.jpg
“Regarding the tracking method, the performance of the system was superior to that of the existing products in the market but there should be additional efforts to improve the demonstration system, related to the accuracy of viewer tracking and with methods to handle various conditions for application of tracked information,” explained Dr. Kim. “Furthermore, we have an original technology for the non-tracking method, which improves optical 3D image resolution, and the verification has been almost completed. Yet, we need to develop parts and systems for commercialization of the technology, which is currently under way. Completion of these processes will contribute to full-scale commercialization.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Portable smart secondary batteries

Products selected by Gyeongsangnam-do

[INQ. NO. 1504E16] Korea Electronics Technology is a global enterprise to lead new change and take on fresh challenges in the digital era. Korea Electronics Technology is a powerful company in the field of designing, drawing and manufacturing portable smart secondary batteries that are focused on stability, portability, and charging efficiency to prepare battery shortage due to advanced smart devices in the IT market.

Portable-smart-secondary-batteries The ever-expanding demand by customers spurs a popular trend for stylish digital products, minimal size but maximal functionality. In order to meet the challenge, a digital brand has to make continuous efforts toward innovating their technologies, or it will surely be edged out of the market. Customers always hanker after digital products that are powerful, user-friendly and portable. But a series of problems are surfacing, Growing functionality has stepped up power consumption. The increasingly slim size has eroded the space for batteries.

As a result, consumers are grappling with shrinking battery endurance for their smartphones, notebooks, tablet computers and ultrabooks. This has plagued many digital product providers as well as consumers. Now is the time to find a consummate solution.

Underpinned by exquisite workmanship, Korea Electronics Technology’s various types of stylish and quality portable smart secondary batteries (KET series) are ready to deliver to you the ultimate charging experience anytime, anywhere by optimizing appearance, book functionality and ergonomics geared to user needs. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Windows Embedded 8 Handheld Devices

Handheld Devices[INQ. NO. 1404E46]Bluebird, a global provider offering full range of enterprise mobile device including data capture, payment and business tablet and handheld devices, today announced the availability of its flagship model, BM180 / BP30. These devices, built on the Microsoft Windows Embedded 8 Handheld platform, aim to be the best in the data capture and payment market place.

Windows Embedded 8 Handheld is the next generation of Microsoft’s leading platform for line-of-business handheld devices. This means that end-users will gain enterprise-grade security and manageability, along with full Windows phone 8 application compatibility, allowing businesses to leverage Microsoft’s enterprise-ready applications such as Dynamics AX, Lync and Office Mobile.

Handheld Devices2Retailers are attempting to manage their stores in the most efficient way through the integration of voice and data communications into one single device. The use of mobile POS terminals has significantly decreased the waiting time at the checkout lines.

Bluebird has proactively addressed this changing environment, starting with their enterprise BM series mobile computer in 2004. Building on this market experience, Bluebird is launching the BM180 / BP30, the first Windows Embedded 8 Handheld devices to be available.

With Windows Embedded 8 Handheld, enterprise users gain development productivity when creating business apps using common application programming interfaces (APIs) to access integrated peripherals in handheld devices.

The same APIs are available in Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Windows Embedded 8 Industry platforms, making it easy to deliver an application on these industry specific handheld devices and then bring that application to fixed point of sale terminals, digital signage, kiosk and other embedded devices.

As well as their Windows based Business tablet – BP80, Bluebird is launching its flagship model, BM180 / BP30, and both are scheduled to be purchased by several major retailers across the U.S.

Handheld Devices3
Although these products are made for enterprise customers, both products offer the most user-friendly features such as the interface, screen size, slim design and compact form factor. With these products, many more will recognize the prime quality of a Windows solution.

Bluebird is a global provider offering full range of enterprise mobile device including data capture, payment and business tablet. It is the only manufacturer who can really focus on both Mobile computing and payment industry at the same time.

Bluebird is a premium supplier who can integrate Windows Embedded 8 Handheld in the market place. Headquartered in Korea, Bluebird operates local offices in
US and China.

Handheld Devices4 | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Merchant’s New Wallet, Mobile Chip & PIN Reader

Everyone Pays and Gets Paid in Full CreditEveryone Pays and Gets Paid in Full Credit[INQ. NO. 1312E35] Bluebird is a global provider of handheld mobiles. The company’s expertise ranges from enterprise and industrial handheld mobile computers, printer-integrated mobile computers, handheld scanners, and handheld RFID.

According to Microsoft, “Bluebird is the only manufacturer focused on providing handheld mobiles for both the AIDC market as well as payment operations, under the brand name of Pidion.” Furthermore, Bluebird has been selected as one of the 5 global vendors who can integrate WE8H (Windows Embedded 8 Handheld) Platform. Always innovating at the frontline for userfriendly convenience, Bluebird is ready for its next flight.

Merchant’s New Wallet, Mobile Chip & PIN Reader

Competitors have compromised the slim form factor for the ruggedness, but Bluebird never made such a trade off. From day one, Bluebird has carried forth its fine tradition of making reliable products with impressive design and userfriendly ergonomics. Such efforts have crowned Bluebird at global design awards including Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award, and IDEA Design Award.

Running strong for 20 years with 600 global partners, Bluebird has provided customized solutions for more than 3,000 customers in 120 countries. From public transportation to retail, Bluebird does it all. From AIDC to payment, Bluebird does it right. And yet, Bluebird still strives to do even better.

The introduction of credit cards has turned the tide of commercial transactions toward cashless simplicity. In the process, however, more than many merchants (heavily relying on cash) have been left out.

Merchant’s New Wallet, Mobile Chip & PIN Reader

To even-out the odds, Bluebird has brought the EP360 and EP330, merchants’ new Chip & PIN wallet. Highly decorated with many badges(of easy usage, cool design, secure and flexible payment schemes, and solid development platform), the EP300 Series enables all merchants to get paid in full with credit cards of all types, and prosper.

The EP360 with Color LCD, and EP330 with LED Indicators, are the smallest Chip & PIN wallet in the arena. Designed to complement your cool gadgets, both models have round corners, smooth edges, and enamel gloss. From Funky-Reggae Tone to Snow-White, the EP300 can be customized in thousand different faces. When so many styles are available, no merchant has to look the same.

Merchant’s New Wallet3

Bluetooth connectivity builds a bridge between the EP300s and your everyday gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Name your platform (iOS, Android, and Windows) because your EP300 Series embraces them all. Upon the pairing, your gadget becomes the sales and service point. Without further due, build the bridge and launch your store.

Each and every payment scheme of our time is fully supported by the EP300s. Now you too can allow your customer to pay however they like; one can swipe, insert, or even tap the credit cards at point of sales. Instead of sending the cashless customers to your competitors, welcome them and get paid in full. These new wallets of modern merchants have evened-out the odds.

Your EP300 Series is all about transparent shopping experience. The Color LCD of the EP360 displays the price to be paid. The EP330’s indicator LEDs inform each stage of the payment processing while the payment icons confirm the shoppers with the payment schemes they have selected. Backlit Key Tablet on both models helps the correct PIN to be entered at all time. Such intuitive features are to be found nowhere else.

Merchant’s New Wallet5

To this day, the payment industry has evolved by countering the thieves. The EP300 Series reflects this momentum. Well-guarded by Stonewall Security™ Measures (Patented PCI PTX 3.X, EMV Level 1, 2, and Air-Tight Encryptions), the EP300 Series keeps the sensitive transaction and
personal data safe from the unyielding attempts of scams and frauds. Thieves may only try now.

Last but not least, your EP300s bring something to the table for developers too. Free from proprietary restrictions, developers can easily create merchant-friendly applications on the EP300s’ development platform. Initial S/W suite is also provided so that merchants may advance from the very beginning.

At the end of the day, everyone pays and gets paid easily. These are the EP300s, made just for you!

Merchant’s New Wallet4 | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods