Producing Implant Fixtures, Dental Equipment and Software for Abundant and Healthy Life October 2016 Osstem is ranked No. 1 in the Korean domestic market and 5th among implant companies worldwide. The Osstem implant recorded rapid growth in sales over the decades. In 2007, Osstem became one of the KOSDAQ-listed fi rms and now ranks in the top 20, and was also nominated as a KOTRA Global Brand in 2010. Main businesses include implant fi xtures, dental equipment and software.
1Osstem envisions realizing its goal of increasing sales fi gures up to USD 1.3 billion by 2023. With 23 foreign branches worldwide, Osstem is seeking to become global No. 1 implant manufacturer by constantly investing on research and substantializing its management philosphy: Abundant and Healthy Life for Humankind.
Osstem Implant is ever vigilant of changing worldwide implantology trends. It continues to invest heavily in R&D and developing superior technology. Its stringent quality control ensures it provides people with the highest quality products available in the market. It has obtained worldwide certifi cations including FDA, CE and ISO. Its products are now used in more than 45 countries.
Major Products of Osstem to Hit the International Market

2TSIII SA implant, developed with extensive R&D experiences of Osstem Implant, features an SA surface treatment that fully exploits the excellent pluri-potential capacity of osteoblastic cells. It shortens the bone healing time, and improves the secondary att achment force. In addition, SA surface is adopted to have a convenient placement and initial stability due to its optimal body design.
3Calcium ion’s strong vitality, TSIII CA is a revolutionary implant with superior hydrophilic properties. CA’s robust surface interaction promotes early osseointegration, shortening the treatment period.
4K3 Unit chair is amazingly att ractive with smart technology optimized for dental clinic sett ing, improving the preciseness of treatment with simple and ergonomic design considering the fl ow line. The added convenience will bring great satisfaction to dentists, assistants and patients. The stylish design not only matches any interior design but also creates a pleasant environment, making every patient comfortable.
5The smart module improves treatment preciseness, with the ergonomic design enhancing patients’ comfort. The effi cient structure of the side table and operation butt ons facilitates prompt support by dental assistants. The K3 unit chair off ers a variety of colors and options with a wide range of choices with high quality standard features at reasonable price. This superior and customized unit chair is designed to satisfy customers’ tastes and styles. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Specialization in Medical Devices such as Infusion Pumps, Syringe Pumps and Electrosurgical Units

Since its establishment in 1979, DAIWHA has been importing high-standard medical equipment from several countries, providing related technical services and it is currently manufacturing infusion pumps, syringe pumps, and electrosurgical units that reach more than 60 countries worldwide.201610e_page_64_03

With continuous investment in R&D, the ESU (MEDITOM) and infusion pump (MEDIFUSION) were the first devices of this type developed, and in 2003 and 2012, several awards were given to DAIWHA, such as the “World-Class Product” award from Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Currently, Daiwha focuses on achieving 100% customer satisfaction with the highest level of technology and quality in the medical field. It is aiming to be come a leading international medical manufacturer with “100% customer satisfaction” as a goal.


Representative Brands for Infusion Pump and Electrosurgical Unit

DI-6000&DS-5000, new infusion pumps, are a premier line of infusion pump that DAIWHA recently developed to expand its business into the leading infusion pump markets in the world. They feature compact design with small sizes and weights. They are also compatible with various kinds of IV set and come with one touch bolus and pause function. Dosage auto calculation is available with titration, which enables change in fl ow rate during infusion.

Firmware is upgradable via the Internet. They already acquired quality assurance & certification – ISO 13485, CE.


MEDITOM is a multi-purpose electrosurgical generator for use in modern operating rooms and surgical centers for general interventions, urology, pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery and visceral surgery.

MEDITOM features new digital display, DRM and automatic shutdown circuit with over current.


Daiwha Co., Ltd.
Diawha Bldg., 3, Yeoksam-ro 33 gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Redefi ning Listening Experiences of Global Music Lovers

Phiaton is redefi ning listening experiences of music lovers everywhere, creating a bett er way to enjoying total audio. Through innovation, continuous research and ongoing development and refi ning of new technologies, Phiaton produces premium audio devices that blend superior and authentic sound reproduction with stylish looks and strong comfort. Every Phiaton product combines innovative technology and elegant design for the most natural sound stage, strong wearability and an eye-catching appeal in audio gear today.


BT 460 from Phiaton is an expertly crafted headphone, engineered for maximum listening comfort. This product was produced through unprecedented audio technology.

With a touch interface and a smart play-pause function, the BT 460 headphone will keep you moving and grooving until the moment you take it off . People can enjoy a party with the BT 460’s ShareMe™ technology, which allows multiple BT 460 users to share the same movie or music.

201610e_page_62_10Phiaton’s BT 220 NC earphone combines the most sought-after features in headphones today, Bluetooth 4.0, active noise cancellation, and NFC technology. With a sleek and fashion-forward design, the BT 220 NC is a versatile headphone option for discerning music listeners looking for a nice design and advanced functions in addition to great audio quality. With the addition of NFC Technology, users can simply tap their phones to the BT 220 NC dongle to connect it to the earphone.

201610e_page_62_03Encapsulating the on-the-go lifestyle, Phiaton’s BT 100 NC is a convenient wireless tool to enjoy your music, wherever you may go. The BT 100 NC’s ‘wear around your neck’ wireless simplicity enables you to have access to your music and calls and active noise cancelling all in one. The lightweight design features a full inline control to manage your music and calls without ever touching your device.

You can enjoy active noise cancelling, IPX4 sweat and water resistance and Bluetooth 4.0 technology with this product. In a nutshell, the BT 100 NC has all the features you need for your active lifestyle.


The world’s largest manufacturers of electronic products and components

Phiaton Corporation is an affi liate of Cresyn Co., Ltd., one of the most respected names in consumer electronics, and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic products and components. Cresyn is currently operating six manufacturing facilities around the world. Those who use Phiaton headphones and earphones can enjoy their extraordinary performance and can feel their top quality that distinguishes Phiaton as an ultimate listening experience creator. The world is listening through Phiaton.


Cresyn Co., Ltd.
5, Gangnam-daero, 107-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-10)3455 8692
Fax: (82-2)2041 2788
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Making a Breakthrough in the EDM Wire Industry

Since its establishment in 1988, Poongkook has been striving to realize bett er quality and expand facilities as a leading global company in the EDM wire industry. With strong support from valuable customers around the world, Poongkook products have been designated as “World-Class Product” by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy in Korea. Even today, the company has been trying to develop and promote various Brass & Coated wire products for various customers’ needs and applications.

Poongkook is the fi rst EDM wire manufacturer awarded the “Prize for the Export of Twenty Million Dollars” on Trade Day in Korea. The company exports its products to 45 countries as a representative company of Korea.


PAPS CUT-S is made of single-structured brass and copper alloy. Therefore it performs outstandingly compared to cost for production of widely used WEDMs.

Since it has outstanding straightness and clean surfaces it performs excellent AWT (Auto Wire Thread) on any type of WEDMs but also prevents fl aking during WEDM operation.

PAPS CUT-ZS is the most suitable wire for high-speed and accurate cutt ing. Since it has a very solid layer between core and plating, it signifi cantly reduces fl aking and powdering. In addition, the solid plating layer guarantees consistent conductivity during WEDM operation.


Stable Supplier of High-Quality EDM Wires Supplying EDM

Wires, the essential materials for the molding industry, the aerospace industry and the electronics industry since 1986, Poongkook has strived to realize its vision of becoming “a company providing the best service and quality products to customers.” Therefore, the company has exerted itself to enhance humankind’s quality of life. Based on these eff orts, Poongkook is growing through ceaseless technology development and management innovation to become one of the best companies in the world.


The company secured the stable supply of medium brass wires, a material for EDM wires by sett ing up a joint venture with Poongsan, the best copper product company in Korea. Poongkook is committ ed to fulfi lling its responsibilities as a sincere corporate citizen while protecting the environment, helping realize people’s bett er lives and making contributions to society.


• Poongkook EDM Wire MFG Co., Ltd.
36, Nojang Gongdan-gil, Jeondong, Sejong, Korea
Tel: (82-2) 44-863-9601
Fax: (82-2) 44-863-9606
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Bringing Innovation to the Heating Industry

Seggi Century produces and sells heatplus heating fi lm and heatplus stripe-type fi lm as a leader of the new-concept heating industry. Heatplus costs consumers 50% less than an oil-fi red boiler for heating. The product requires nearly no maintenance and repair costs.

As heatplus is placed between fl oor covering materials and insulators, it is simple and easy to install heatplus. The company also pursues safe, quiet and clean heating.

Heatplus received ISO9001, ISO14000, CE and UL certifi cates for its excellence.

Heatplus is planar heating fi lm made of an insulating, fl ame-retardant and water-proof PET material to which stiff base fi lm with a heat insulation function and carbon are applied. Then the skin of activated carbon is removed and electrodes are created with a copper foil and join the fi lm.

Heat Plus is made through less-than-one-micron precision coating technology which applies carbon to fi lm produced from of a mixture of PET fi lm and PE resins and makes the carbon emit heat. Heat treatment for 72 hours at 70°C makes the product semi-permanent as long as you do not cut it with scissors.

Seggi Century exports its products to Russia, China, Germany and the Czech Republic, among others, and is the only company to export heating fi lm to Japan where consumers are very fastidious.



Eco-Friendly Heating

Awareness of the importance of the environment in our rapidly changing world is growing more and more.

Countries all over the world are concentrating on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the use of fossil fuels and increasing the use of electricity which is the cleanest energy.

201610e_page_54_03Seggi Century hopes these eff orts will last much longer in the world. For this reason, heating using electricity also is on the rise. There are many ways to use electricity for heating. Among them, heating fi lm does not do human bodies harm and is easy to install.

Thus, heating fi lm is gaining popularity in Western countries. The company based on faith and know-how produces and sells high-quality heating fi lm, Heatplus.

Seggi Century will continue to enhance its brand value and build its reputation.



Seggi Century Co., Ltd.
95, Yeonam-gil, Chopyeong-myeon, Jincheon-gun,
Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Tel: (82-43)838-8971
Fax: (82-43)838-3402
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Developing a Wide Range of Dash Cameras with Various Features and Functions

Founded in August 2006, Qvia & Lukas (also known as Qrontech) is a world-leading manufacturer of dash cameras located in Seoul, Korea. Qvia & Lukas has developed a wide range of dash cameras that cover all price points and consumer requirements with various features and functions. With relentless commitment to R&D, Qvia & Lukas is known for its cutt ing-edge technologies in the high-end dash camera market.

Some of the unique features that Qvia & Lukas off ers include the world’s largest memory card capacity and industry high operating and storage temperatures. Qvia & Lukas utilizes industry’s unique technology for maximized memory card effi ciency. It is the fi rst in integrated GPS system, built-in multi-booting system, lens fi let support, multi language voice guidance (up to 21 languages), dual band GPS, dual security LEDs (Blue-Red), dual save function.


New Dash Camera Innovations Offered by Qvia

QVIA z970 WD optical zoom replaces fi xed viewing angle method altogether with an automatic and manual 3X zoom feature to secure both image quality and clarity at long and short distances. In the event of an impact of increase in speed of the surrounding vehicles, the automatic zoom function will compensate the viewing angle to capture the onsets of an accident and all relevant information such as street signage and license plate numbers.

QVIA T790 is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module, which allows for quick and easy access of real-time and stored footage directly from android and iOS smart devices.

It also supports full HD resolution of 1920x1080p to bring clearer display, accuracy and detail. Sony IMX322 sensor greatly improves the quality of video recorded in both daytime and nightt ime. Qvia T790 can capture videos at 30 frames per second, providing clear and crisp footage. It is also designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

QVIA R975 is unmatched in video quality with 3.97 inch full touch LCD and front & rear cameras in full HD. It is a smarter dash camera with Wi-Fi, which connects to smart devices with the camera to watch live and recorded videos.

QVIA’s user-friendly and intuitive GUI allows you to change sett ings easily and conveniently with a simple touch on the screen. It captures front videos at 30fps, and has succeeded in solving the chronic problem of relatively low quality rear videos by upgrading them to 24fps.

Qrontech Co., Ltd.
583, Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Specialization in Implant Systems with R&D center and Open Innovation System

A&B Biomedi Co., Ltd., which was established in September 2013, is a new fi rm specializing in implant systems that has been developing and supplying diff erent types of implants. The sales have risen every year by 100% in the Korean market and recently, it has been concentrating on the international markets on the basis of its own unique technology development and high-quality products with reasonable pricing.

The company operates an R&D center while adopting an open innovation system that establishes a cooperation system with Korean universities and outside agencies for research and development. It has received recognition for its high technology and in April 2014, it received recognition as a venture company and has been designated as a recipient of the business start-up support from the Korean government through a university. Most recently, it was appointed as a Star company of 2016 that will play a major role in leading the new future of the local economy in Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea.


A&B Implant System – Fixture, Abutment and Surgical Kit

201610e_page_51_10Fixtures (Fix-S, Fix-I and Fix-E) feature strong initial fi xation power because of the special design technology of the screw parts. Each screw thread makes moves independent depending on its size and role and has excellent initial fi xation power, so it is possible to make implants more stable. It can make perfect bone incorporation in such a short time through an SLA-Type surface treatment method (RA: 2.7). A&B Implant is a high-tech system designed to be compatible with international implant system.

Abutment is a patented product that has been designed to prevent loosening of the implant after the procedure. The company has released various designs of diff erent types of abutment thereby widening customers’ choices.


When a screw head is seated on the top of the abutment and gets mastication pressure continuously, it disperses the pressure and reduces the sinking phenomenon. It is designed to be an all-in-one screw and abutment type after its connection. There is a hex on the bott om of the abutment, so it prevents abutment from being rotated by being linked to the implant connection part.


A surgical kit includes drill and countersink. The drill is designed to gather autogenous bone if needed. It has countersink to control the initial fi xation power. Each depth of a drill has stoppers making it possible to precisely drill.



A&B Biomedi Co., Ltd.
#101, Structure 1, Daegu Techno-Park Venture Factory, 62,
Seongseogongdan-ro 11-gil Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
Tel:(82-10)7600-3254 Fax:(82-53)322-0728
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Industrial LED Work Light Specialist

Solarzen has produced and distributed stable and reliable products based on steady technology development and customer trust in the automobile lamp and LED industry since its establishment in 2002

The company has developed automobile LED lights based on know-how in production of halogen lamps for cars since beginning to develop them eight years ago. Its technological level and stability have been widely recognized. Beginning in 2010, Solargen entered the industrial LED lamp industry by harnessing its competitiveness. Since then, the company has released more than fi ve kinds of new products and technological excellence every year.


Model No. SWL-2000R_(20W) is a rechargeable-type industrial work light with a certifi ed LG Innotek LED and an LG Chemical lithium-ion batt ery. An over-charging/ discharging protection circuit was installed in the product

The product features three steps of brightness (2,000 Lumen / 1,000 Lumen / 300 Lumen). It takes about four hours to charge the product fully. The products can last 5/10/35 hours. It has lighting color of 5,500 to 6,000K. It is (H)295 X (W)220 X (L)220mm and weighs 2.25kg

201610e_page_49_03A powerful magnet realizes hands-free use. A 360° rotation hook comes in handy

The product features three steps of brightness (650 Lumen / 300 Lumen / 120Lumen). It takes about 2.5 hours to charge the product fully. The products can last 2 / 4 / 15 hours. It has lighting color of 5,700K. It has a beam angle of 90° X 110°. It is ((H)380 X (W)72 X (L)50mm and weighs 430g

201610e_page_49_09Model No. SWL-320R1_(10W) is a fully waterproof and dustproof (IP67) industrial LED work light. The product is rechargeable. LG Innotek’s LEDs and LG Chemical’s lithium-ion batt eries went into this product. An over-charging/ discharging protection circuit was installed in the product


Pursuing High Technology and Good Quality

At the moment, the company is doing its utmost to develop high-quality technology and products in order to secure a dominant position in the domestic market and strong competitiveness in the international market. High technology and good quality enabled Solarzen to export its products to more than ten countries such as the USA, Japan, Russia, Thailand and the Philippines.


Solarzen Co., Ltd.
16, 131 Beongil, Gongdan 1-daero,
Siheung, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82-31)433-9854
Fax: (82-31)433-9843
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The World Wide Leader in Wireless Network

Since its establishment in 2004, RF window has developed and commercialized ICS (Interference Cancellation System) digital repeater solution for the fi rst time in the world. It has been providing many global wireless operators with dramatic CAPEX & OPEX reduction as well as cost-eff ective wireless solutions for coverage expansion and enhancement.201610e_page_48_03

In addition, it has extended its business sector to supply total wireless solution such as antenna; outdoor sector & Indoor Omni, Passive solution; Hybrid combiner & POI(Point of Interface) and optical products; optical MUX.

RF Window plans to consolidate its existing business structure fi rst, actively develop new business in the ubiquitous fi eld and reinforce its global marketing to step up as a world-class IT company. It will also reinforce its R&D and discover talents to become the best IT company with core technologies. In short, it will make seamless eff orts to become a global leading wireless equipment solution vendor in the future.


Stretching Signal with Intelligent Digital Repeaters

The ICS system is able to eff ectively eliminate all multipath signals including direct feedback from the coverage antenna, indirect feedback from predictable obstacles and can now even cancel indirect feedback from unpredictable obstacles despite changes in feedback signal timing and amplitude.

RF Window off ers a wide array of wireless coverage products ranging from very low power indoor products, which seamlessly bring the outdoor coverage indoors (and underground) to medium- and high-power open area products, capable of improving dense urban cellular network coverage and extending base station coverage to urban and suburban areas.

RF Window products are supplemented by auxiliary products including EMS (Equipment Management System), DM Tool (Diagnostic Monitoring Tool) and Modem providing the Mobile Network Operators with a complete last mile solution.

201610e_page_48_06The accelerating global demand for multi-band mobile services requires reliable and high performance network equipment that supports various technologies such as WCDMA, LTE, as well as allowing each mobile operator to make increasingly effi cient use of their budget.

Hence, RF Window products have been providing solution with best performance & technology in a compact housing. Besides, we design systems that are easy to deploy and simple to manage via Web-UI and Android/IOS.

“Multi-band have been showing to install where shadow areas at indoor & outdoor for your convenience due to ICS(Interference Cancellation System) solution.” WINCO is a digital indoor repeater system that can help you extend your LTE-TDD service to the wireless dead zones of indoor applications such as homes, offi ce buildings, shopping malls, etc. It is a simple plug and play operation with embedded donor and service antenna once the power is on. Its unique and advanced technology adaptation of T-Sync modem will enable more subscribers to enjoy their indoor mobile broadband life with more stable and superior performance of its WINCO.


RF Window Co., Ltd.
No. 1006~1012 Indeokwon IT Valley, 40 Imi-ro, Uiwang,
Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel:(82-2)2027-4732 Fax:(82-2)2097-4933
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Kuvings – a Global Brand for Small “Health” Appliances of NUC Electronics

NUC Electronics is one of the leading manufacturers of small specialized kitchen appliances for nutrition-conscious consumers. Since 1978, NUC has developed more than 20 “health” appliances including various models of juice extractors, juicers, blenders, yogurt makers, single and multifunctional food processors, food dehydrators and soymilk/soup makers, hand mixers, slow cookers and more.

The company markets its small appliances under the brand name Kuvings worldwide. Domestic and overseas customers choose NUC products for its excellent quality, innovative design and easy handling features. With numerous product patents for unique technologies and innovative designs, NUC’s global brand “Kuvings” is gaining more and more popularity in households worldwide.


Enjoy the Whole Taste and All of the Nutrition

201610e_page_47_06The whole slow juicer Chef CS600 is patented for low-speed extraction which makes this press juicer slowly press and squeeze ingredients rather than grind them. The model provides you more juice with improved screws, a linear drum and fi ne sieve, while with increased pulp amount and reduced staying amount in the air.

CS600 features a wide feeding chute for easy and fresh juicing. The wide mouth juicer takes in whole, uncut ingredients and leaves no juice behind to provide maximum nutrition for your body. It has an easy cleaning system with smart juice cap and external rotating easy brush. The red dot indications allow users to easily assemble and disassemble the juicer.

Its convenient and practical smart cap enables you to wash it with ease to prevent spilling and to make mixed juice.

Whole slow juicer C7000 is for household use whereas the CS600 is for restaurants and cafes. C7000 is a three-inone multi-juicer, meaning that it can be widely used for making juice as well as ice cream and smoothies. Just replace the juice strainer with a blank strainer for ice cream, and with a smoothie strainer for soft smoothies. It operates quietly, using its built-in low noise design with a slowrotating, special deceleration motor, generating less noise and vibration. The smart cap enables easy cleansing after continuous juicing and prevents leaking.

Power blender KPB-351 is for household use as well, featuring power motor 3.2Hp, automatic blending, pre-set butt ons for pulses, juices and smoothies. It also comes with a BPA free jar and auto-stop function.




NUC Electronics, Co., Ltd.
280, Nowonro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
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