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  • Digital Car Key
    [INQ. NO. 2206E07] There are growing demands on how to conveniently enjoy a smart car life through the ubiquitous use […]

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  • Digital Signage Solutions
    [INQ. NO. 2207E19] Since its founding in 2000, SoundGraph Inc. has continuously been providing audio, video and other digital multimedia […]


  • Air Disinfectant Device
    [INQ. NO. 2208E29] As viruses are not able to live independently, they have to enter the cells of animals, plants or bacteria so as to use the metabolic system of […]
  • Bidet Integrated Toilet
    [INQ. NO. 2208E28] Daelim B&Co Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in the Korean sanitary ware industry specializing in sanitary ware, electronic bidets, faucets, home interior, and rental services. Daelim […]