Transcutaneous Electrical Modulation Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2104E03] KOIBIG Co. is a venture company that develops and manufactures medical devices. This time, it developed a transdermal pain relief electrical stimulation device called Pain Block that treats pain non-surgically without injections or drugs by using advanced neuroscience medical … [Read More]

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Construction Heavy Equipment & Undercarriage Parts

Designing & Manufacturing Construction Machinery Parts [INQ. NO. 2104E18] Since its establishment in 2006, CETEC … [Read More]

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Power Supply Devices

[INQ. NO. 2008E17] Founded in 2015, XPOwer Co., Ltd., as a specialized supplier of power supply devices, has … [Read More]


Electrolytic Capacitors

A Leading Manufacturer of Electrolytic Capacitors Drawing Attention in the Global Electronics Market [INQ. NO. 2012E22] Samwha Electric Co., Ltd., a specialty manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors in Korea, is attracting in the global electronics market by launching a conductive polymer hybrid electrolytic capacitor built with advanced … [Read More]

Outdoor Unit Support

[INQ. NO. 2012E21] The HK-430, 520 and 730 air conditioner outdoor unit base support series by Digital Kukje Airconditioner developed as a countermeasure to support the existing support the ABS material that breaks and crumbles when exposed to UV rays during winter.These products are registered on patent, design, and eco-friendly certification in … [Read More]