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  • Interactive Flat Panel Display
    [INQ. NO. 2212E02] COMBUSTECH’s interactive flat panel display is an essential item for smart schools, where lectures can be conducted by touching and writing on a large Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) screen. […]

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  • Digital Car Key
    [INQ. NO. 2206E07] There are growing demands on how to conveniently enjoy a smart car life through the ubiquitous use […]

Special Report

  • Digital Signage Solutions
    [INQ. NO. 2207E19] Since its founding in 2000, SoundGraph Inc. has continuously been providing audio, video and other digital multimedia […]


  • Alkaline Water Ionizer
    [INQ. NO. 2212E22] Alkaline Water Ionizer, a representative product of IONCARES that delivers ‘Healthy Water’ beyond ‘Clean Water,’ is a household medical device that electrolyzes tap water into pH3.2~6.5 acidic […]
  • Advanced Chemical Agent for Semiconductor Manufacturing
    [INQ. NO. 2212E21] Established in 2000, ENF Technology specializes in the production of electronic materials and fine chemicals. The company has become a pioneer in the electronic materials industry by […]