UV Digital Light Processing 3D Printer

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1806E27] Gooo3D, a UV digital light processing (DLP) 3D printer manufacturer, has recently announced that it concluded an export contract of 3D printers worth US$0.3 million with NOVAC, a professional distributor of electronic products in Japan. Seven months have passed since Gooo3D had an export meeting with NOVAC at CEATAC, a consumer electronics show held in Chiba, Japan in October 2017. NOVAC will now sell its G Printer series throughout Japan, starting with the new product, G Printer Jewelry.
President & CEO Gwang-hyeon Kim said, “This export contract has proved the performance of the G Printer. We will increase our share in the global 3D printer market including Japan by developing excellent products continuously.
Gooo3D’s G Printer Jewelry is a DLP 3D printer applying UV light source for manufacturing jewelry. This printer is the second product of Gooo3D which developed the UV DLP 3D printer for the first time in Korea.
With its high resolution of 62.5 microns, neat design and strong interface, this product is the best UV DLP 3D printer that enables top experts to manufacture premium jewelry in a perfect environment.


Touch LCD screen and 3D preview

This product has adopted the touch screen, maximizing user convenience. The touch screen of G Printer Jewelry creates a synergy effect with the simple interface so that users can handle the product conveniently. Users can check the data before output in 3D through the 3D preview function built into the device. Users can see what data are currently outputted through the 3D preview. Users can check the model currently outputted, modeling and model information, and the output information on the spot without turning on a PC.


Wireless data transmission function

You can transmit data wirelessly without connecting the PC to the printer. Work time is reduced as the 3D data from your PC are directly sent to the device. Besides, data transmission is supported via a USB storage device for use in an environment where there is no Internet connection.
Weighing 11kg, this printer adopts 7” touch LCD. As printing technology, this printer uses UV DLP(Digital Light Processing). For slicing software, G STUDIO is utilized.

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A Global Top Manufacturer in the Field of Expanded Beam Connectors


Maekyung Buyers Guide conducted a personal interview with FOSTECH’s CEO Lee Soo-young who outlined the active expansion of the company in global markets.


Please introduce your company and tell us about your driving forces of growth

FOSTECH has maintained its business history as an excellent company in the field of optical communications for 18 years since its establishment in 2001. It has received wide recognition for the company’s excellent technology and in the field of management, including venture entrepreneur, INNO BIZ, MAIN BIZ, promising small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), export promising SMEs, excellent venture entrepreneur, etc. It continues to keep growing as it was selected as the world’s top product manufacturer in the field of expanded beam connectors, which is the company’s main product, especially in 2017. Currently, it gets sales figures of approximately 9 billion won with about 60 employees. It expects to grow with a goal of 20 billion won worth of sales by 2020.
The driving force of growth is constant development of technology and securing of excellent talent.
Securing excellent talent is essential to develop technology constantly. FOSTECH has been performing projects supported by the Korean government every year for research and development and investing approximately 10% of development expenses every year to develop new technology.


Please tell us about your company’s main products

For existing products, it was difficult to secure price competitiveness and the products’ competitiveness weakened due to the low level of difficulty of technology. Therefore, we developed new levels of products. Our company’s main product is a new-concept expanded beam connector. FOSTECH succeeded in commercializing it after about five years of research and development. It secured a stable client until 2025 as it became a key component for the defense program. It also achieved annual export figures of approximately US$2 million from 2016 by diversifying the product based on local demand. Core strategies for securing global competitiveness are to secure price competitiveness compared to other existing advanced products, to secure excellent performance, and also to enhance service. It is expected that overseas clients will continue to grow constantly in the future based on the stable base of domestic demand. For this, marketing activities are being strengthened.


Please tell us about your major export markets and emerging markets

At present, we are directly exporting to about 40 companies in 30 countries worldwide. The market we are focusing on recently is Southeast Asia.


If you have any special management philosophy as CEO, please tell us about it

My goal is to create stable jobs as our company continues to develop the business and to constantly invest and grow in this way. I also want to contribute to society through this.


Please tell us about future vision particularly for overseas buyers and customers

Our mid- and long-term goal is to have over 100 employees by securing 30 billion sales and achieving the 10 million dollar export in 2025 by constantly growing in the fields of communications, broadcasting, national defense and overseas business. For this, we will consistently trying to develop products suitable for the era of the 4th industrial revolution.
FOSTECH grew with the power of customers.
We think of customers as family and we will always remain closely involved in the fields that customers need.
We sincerely appreciate your helping us grow into our current status, and look forward to receiving your continued support.
Thank you!


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A Global Hidden Champion of Al-based Skincare Solution Areas


Maekyung Buyers Guide conducted a personal interview with lululab’s CEO Choe Yongjoon who outlined the active expansion of the company in global markets.


Please tell us about your company and your main engines for growth

lululab was formerly known as C-Lab, an in-house venture company for Samsung Electronics. Based on a concept developed by Choe Yongjoon, CEO of lululab, a team of highly qualified R&D personnel from Samsung Electronics has launched Lumini. lululab’s biggest driving force is that all its staff work in unison with a clear vision to interconnect the beauty market with skin data.


Give us some details about your main products

Lumini is a skin care solution that analyzes the entire face in a single shot to select and recommend a product most suitable for the user’s skin type based on artificial intelligence (AI). The most outstanding feature of Lumini is the application of a self-developed AI technology for all three steps-taking a photo, skin analysis, and product recommendation.
The real-time facial recognition technology produces optimized images for analysis and the deep-learning algorithm steadily enhances analysis accuracy. In order to recommend data, it analyzes the user’s review data as well as basic product data through natural language-processing to find a product suitable for each user’s skin

The purpose of product planning
Lumini was created based on the ideas of how the beauty market will grow in size over time, whereas there is no IT solution or data-based service for it. Besides our vision to collect data on skin types and interconnect the beauty market with Lumini, we have a long-term ambition to expand the skin data into the healthcare sector, and thus to contribute to improvement of the quality of human life.

Competitive edge over other global counterparts
Lumini is distinguished by the fact that this small device can analyze and digitize the entire skin in a single shot by using AI technology, making it a new solution that overcomes the limitations of the existing large machines or small touch-input devices.

Current marketing progress and future outlook
We have participated in the world’s top IT exhibitions including ITU, CES, and Cosmoprof as part of our efforts to advance into the global market. Afterwards, we signed MOUs with major partners worldwide and consultations are under way regarding the initial market launch.


What are your major export markets and emerging markets?

Concerning the utilization of Lumini technology, the most active discussion is centered on the export markets leading the global beauty industry including the USA and France. We are committed to working with the advanced companies that are open to new technologies and leading new trends. In addition, we are mounting a big push into China and Vietnam where K-Beauty has a high awareness and preference and rapid growth is being experienced.


Do you have a particular management philosophy as a CEO?

“Do what can to contribute to improvement of the quality of human life.” That is my management philosophy. Studying bioengineering in the United States, I researched into early detection of various diseases through DNA. As average human life expectancy is increasing, I personally felt dedicated to improving people’s quality of life while minimizing the extended but bedridden period.
Thus, we have focused primarily on the beauty care aspect of Lumini, but in the long run, we are looking to expand it into healthcare. My sincere aspiration is to provide a service to detect diseases early based on the vast skin data accumulated by using Lumini.
In terms of managing the company, as a budding start-up company, we are paying close attention to allowing each staff member to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest. It is my utmost goal as a CEO to share the joy of realizing our common objectives all together.


Do you have any future plan and one last message for your foreign buyers and customers?

We have a vision to interconnect all the units in the skin care market by collecting data on skin types through Lumini solutions. The biggest advantage of Lumini is the adoption of AI technology-the most talked-about issue in many fields lately-for the first time in the beauty industry, allowing consumers to use it easily and conveniently. Starting from this spring, we are providing this AI skincare service that can be applied within ten seconds to our customers worldwide. By offering solutions to suit the skin data, we look forward to fundamental changes in the beauty market.

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A Leading Company in the Heating System


For House, Building, School, Industrial facilities,etc.

[INQ. NO. 1711E09] Since its founding in 2003, Enerpia has been providing solutions for floor heating systems and snow-removal systems, and all other areas that require heat in a one-stop solution from R&D to production & construction, striving to enable people to live warm and healthy lives.
Moreover, Enerpia opened a local corporation in China and a branch office in Russia, doing their best in pioneering overseas markets. As of 2017, enerpia is exporting floor heating systems and various kinds of solutions to around 20 countries worldwide including China and Russia. Enerpia promises to continue to make efforts in order to make “customer support, customer satisfaction” its priority to satisfy all people who use the company’s products.


Heating X-L Pipe

An innovative heating technology which improves heating efficiency using special heat medium and expansion pressure by heating the heating wire in a closed X-L pipe without a boiler or circulating motor which is the medium for floorheating.


Floor heating cable

A system which buries floor heating cable in the floor of the building, using radiation from electric energy to conduct main heating and supplementary heating on the floor in order to make the indoor environment clean and provide convenient heating effect.


Heating film

This is a cutting-edge heating method based on gravure printing of carbon heating element on PET film, electrodes are made of copper foil, and laminated with a film. Film heating is wellꠓbeing heating that emits far-infrared rays and anions, producing warm air using far-infrared radiation.


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Growin into a Leading Provider of Application Security Solutions in Korea


[INQ. NO. 1704E22] The following script is a personal interview with Monitorapp’s CEO Lee Kwanghoo, outlining the growth process of the company and the factors behind the steady growth of the company.

Please tell us about your company and what drives the growth of your business

Monitorapp is an application security solution provider. The name of our company came from the words ‘monitor’ and ‘app’ − meaning that we will closely monitor and protect your applications. When I heard that Israel, a relatively smaller country, was leading the world’s security solution market, I wanted to found a company that plays an important role in the security solution market in Korea. We strive to become a leading provider of integrated security solutions for key corporate applications that require strong security in place.

Tell us about your key solutions

We have seven solution lines including Application Insight Web Application Firewall (AIWAF), Application Insight Database Firewall (DB AIDFW), Application Insight VoIP Firewall (AIVFW), and Application Insight Secure Web Gateway (AISWG) designed to block harmful websites. We are about to launch Application Insight Advanced Threat Protection (AIATP) designed to protect applications from Attack Persistent Threat (APT).
Our products are proxy-based solutions that allow speedy and secure traffic shift. With our patented transparent proxy technology, solutions can be deployed without assigning separate IPs. In short, it is quick with monitoring traffic to block malicious codes, thereby not interfering with the speed of the existing service.

Tell us about your major export markets and emerging markets

We mainly export to Southeast Asian countries, particularly to Thailand. Recently, we have signed a contract with a Vietnamese government agency. We are planning to continue expanding our markets using these experiences of working with governments as a reference.
Moreover, we opened an office in Japan in 2016 to be more aggressive in sales in the Japanese market since the Japanese security market is significantly larger than the Korean market. In February this year, Monitorapp signed an ODM contract with Artiza Networks, a Japanese network and communication equipment developer. One of our products Application Insight SSL Visibility Appliance (AISVA) is a big hit in Japan because HTTPS communication is more popular there than in Korea.

Please share your business philosophy with us

Israel, a relatively small country, which is leading the world’s information security market, inspired me to establish Monitorapp, a small company with such powerful technology. With continuous investments in R&D, Monitorapp has developed leading technology in the information security market. We are planning to continue developing new technology needed by the market and to lead through close cooperation between the business department and research center. We hope that one day people worldwide will say “Monitorapp” when they think of information security.

What is your future vision? Do you have any comments for buyers and customers overseas?

Last year we launched Application Insight ON CLOUD (AIONCLOUD), a cloud-based web fi rewall service. With this solution, we are aiming to increase our international business. Apart from the Southeast Asian market, we are planning to expand our business to Japan, the Middle East, and the USA.
We are currently focusing on overseas business advancement, especially in Japan, because the Korean security market today is very saturated.
Apart from Southeast Asian countries where we are gradually expanding, we are also interested in discovering new markets in India and the Middle East.

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Becoming a Global Leader in semiconductor, Flat Panel Display, Solar Cell, and Lighting Industries

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1704E21]
JUSUNG Engineering is a leading processequipment technology provider for the semiconductor, flat panel display, solar cell, and lighting industries. Since its founding in 1995, JUSUNG’s innovations enable customers and partners to produce advanced technology products while maintaining cost competitiveness and shortening time to market.
The company’s emphasis on generating unique and innovative products has led to over 1,850 global patents and multiple prestigious awards such as Korea’s Ten Best Technologies and World Class 300 Company certificate of designation. Its world-class R&D center, manufacturing, and administrative offices are located outside Seoul in Gyeonggi, South Korea, with sales and service centers around the world in China, Taiwan, Japan, the USA, Germany, and France.



Developed by JUSUNG Engineering, SDP-CVD (Space Divided Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition) is considered to be one of the most advanced and promising technologies as the system can handle all of the deposition processes by PE-CVD, LP-CVD and ALD. In combination with newconcept plasma technology, the SDP-CVD provides improved productivity up to twice than PE-CVD and LP-CVD. It is an innovative system designed to manage high-quality film coating even when the temperature is below 400°C by maximizing the merits of the ALD system and tackling PE-CVD system’s drawback of wafer damage from plasma.

OLED Encapsulation (ALD & CVD)

As per thin-film encapsulation equipment, JUSUNG has completed R&D on a hybrid-type encapsulation system suitable for large-scale encapsulation based on PE-CVD that had already been recognized for its mass-production feasibility up to 8G in LCD manufacturing process.
JUSUNG has also completed development of PE-ALD for large-scale thin-film encapsulation in a new structure for the first time in the world. It supplies both large and small equipment to customers on a continuous basis. JUSUNG has proprietary technology for dealing with film deposition equipment in specific processes for semiconductor manufacturing including selective semispheric silicon deposition and atomic layer deposition, which were ranked first in global market share by an international market research organization. As semiconductor devices increasingly become more integrated and smaller, demand for ALD equipment is expected to grow, and poly etchers play a critical role in diversifying the product group as general purpose equipment that can be used not only in DRAM, but also in NAND Flash and Logic, a non-memory area.
JUSUNG has developed and supplies thin-fi lm type solar cell manufacturing equipment as well as crystalline solar cell manufacturing equipment.
Having already built strong TFT LCD technology and infrastructure related to large-scale glass PECVD equipment up to 5G through 8G, JUSUNG has been able to secure a competitive advantage easily thanks to its strong foundation that facilitated access to the solar cell business, which uses similar hardware.
In 2002, JUSUNG succeeded in developing PECVD for 5G LCD which integrates cutt ing-edge technologies and gained a market share of over 55% in 8G equipment in 2009.
JUSUNG is known globally for its excellent technology in LCD PECVD equipment by supplying it to mass production lines of LCD manufacturers at home and abroad. Furthermore, JUSUNG has developed encapsulation equipment in OLED (organic light emitt ing diodes display), highlighted as a next-generation display, and supply equipment to mass-production lines of global OLED display panel makers. With the recent completion of development in OLED TFT equipment, JUSUNG is doing its utmost to become a global top-tier equipment provider in the next-generation display industry.
In the lighting industry, JUSUNG has developed not only GaN MOCVD for LED, but also OLED lighting turnkey technology. OLED lighting is a high-efficiency/eco-friendly light source that is closest to natural light without any artifi cial treatment. Above all, since the spectrum distribution of OLED lighting is not harmful to human eyes, it is gaining much att ention as the next generation of lighting.

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Innovative Battery Regenerator to Create Huge Demand from a Vast Range of Industries


[INQ. NO. 1702E43] For the past decade, Renergy has caught strong att ention both at home and abroad by supplying the world’s fi rst batt ery regenerators that employ special electric pulses. The company’s products are made with CPU-installed ASIC (application-specifi c integrated circuit), which is an electronic energy control customized semiconductor, and energy-controlling software.
They are the world’s fastest and safest ones of their kind, in striking comparison with existing models from Europe and Japan which utilize the transformer low-frequency pulse method and highfrequency pulse method, respectively. They are made from the convergence of electronics, communications, chemicals and other fields.201702e_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_49_11
The product sets batt ery function recovery standard by three steps before use. It changes direct current energy into micro pulses in each charging step. It removes foreign objects from the surface of the poles and provides electronic energy to the batt eries. Its feedback system allows users to check transmitt ed energy on live status to recover lacking energy. Its energy effi ciency rate is above 90% and it weighs only 7kg, with the size of a normal desktop computer.
The product costs just one-tenth the price of similar products and has high credibility and quality level.
It also permits the user to perform international standard discharge testing after recovering the batt eries. It can prevent and improve aging of lead sulfate batt 201702e_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_49_06eries as well as nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydrogen batt eries and lithium batt eries. It is eff ective in lengthening the lifespan of batt eries and improving batt ery function. It is also benefi cial in reducing CO2 emissions and improving the recycle rate of used batt eries.

In Preparation for the Age of Energy Recycling and Electric Energy
“Fast and safe recovery of secondary batt eries may be applied in various areas such as UPS, transportation (airplanes, subway, trains, automobiles and ships), military uses, medical devices and other areas. We anticipate the application of our products in electronic cars and new regeneration energies as well,” the company’s president Lee Heung-woo revealed.201702e_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_49_03
The company has actively explored overseas markets, especially in Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and India.
The manufacturer’s popular export models include Renew Cell RCR-600. The model eff ectively extends the lifespan of batt eries by supplying specialized electric pulses. It is applicable for all kinds of lead acid (AGM & GEL), NiCd and NiMH batt eries. It enables users to check the energy status of batt eries in real time and shows error status quickly (open, short and help). It can operate multiunits in series and works in one to four steps, each of which is programmable.

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Eco-Friendly Baby Bottle Sterilizers to Test Global Markets


[INQ. NO. 1702E42] Armed with technology accumulated over 16 years in the electric sterilizer field, NEOCO has rapidly emerged as one of the top suppliers in Korea. With international certifications like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the company is currently equipped with a streamlined one-stop system ranging from research and development to production.
Based on its experienced and skilled R&D team, the manufacturer has expanded business areas to include kitchen items, electric home appliances, hair/beauty items and sanitary fixtures. Recently, it has captured the limelight by introducing “ecomon” eco-friendly baby bottle sterilizers.

The product emits anions to sterilize baby bottles and remove the UV smell and unique odor of the bottles. By using the built-in UV (ultraviolet) lamp, it effectively sterilizes and disinfects baby bottles. Incorporating a heater and a fan, it can perform air-heating and drying functions. Its interior reflection plate 201702e_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_48_07maximizes the reflection angle by using high-gloss stainless steel and applying embossing treatment on the surface. For more user convenience, the product applies an easy-to-use touch switch.
The product features elegant design and compactness. Measuring 325mm x 403mm x 340mm, it weighs only 5kg. When packed, it uses a color box for gift size (375 x 450 x 390mm). With a power consumption of 80W, it operates at AC220V (60Hz). It sterilizes not only nursing bottles but also other baby goods, kitchen products and other items of daily necessity. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

Three Baby Bottle Sterilizer Models to Meet Customers’ Diverse Needs
The products are classified into ECO-70KA (deluxe), ECO- 22 (standard) and ECO-33 (popular) models. Equipped with dual UV lamps, ECO-70KA comes in black or red color and features an anion-emitting function as well. The surface of its front side is finished with the painting method, thus offering the feeling of luxurious natural texture.
Coming in blue, pink or lime color, ECO-22 offers is equipped with a single UV lamp and offers anion function. Incorporating a single UV lamp, ECO-33 is available in white or hot pick color. Without the anion module, the model does not have the anion function.
“Under the motto ‘Baby’s Health and Mother’s Happiness,’ we produce baby bottle sterilizers with sincere care for babies’ health. Efforts are constantly being made to provide babies and mothers with eco-friendly life in the ever-worsening environment of the modern age. We promise to offer products with best quality,” said the company’s president Ju-Tae, Kim.

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Two-Level Protection Solution against APT Attacks Set to Advance into Global Markets


[INQ. NO. 1702E41] Recently, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) has rapidly emerged as a new hacking technique used by cyber criminals to tenaciously attack targets using various methods (e.g., e-mail and the Web) until their objectives are achieved.
Notably, NPCore has successfully developed a two-level APT defense solution “Zombie ZERO” and provided it to governments, financial bodies, universities and enterprises. The firm is a specialized company for APT and ransomware defense solutions and provides network and end-point security. It has gained fame in the anti-virus centric security market by constantly developing specialized malware detection/response solutions.


A New Security System to Defend APT Attacks
Zombie ZERO uses an agent-based behavioral detection system installed on PCs and a network-based behavioral detecting system analyzing files from network traffic through virtual machines. A new security solution designed to defend against APT attacks and detect malware, Zombie ZERO provides robust information security to prevent data exfiltration and network damages.
Zombie ZERO’s agent detects the increase of malicious entropy by classifying with behavior detection categories, including encrypting application program interface (API), file manipulating API and existence of signs.201702e_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_47_06

So, when higher figures of entropy appear, it judges the process as a malware such as ransomware and isolates and uploads the pattern data to enterprise security management (ESM). Then, Zombie ZERO ESM shares the pattern data with other Zombie ZERO agents to prevent infection and spread. The agent detects and prevents specific unauthorized programs from modifying or manipulating the possessing files. The external conflicts are prevented by the installation in I/O driver level.
For enterprises, Zombie ZERO effectively detects, blocks, and quarantines malware code for network and end-point. It is capable of detecting, blocking and quarantining through a behavior-based system. So, it can strongly protect vulnerable anti-virus software.
NPCore established a limited liability company (LLC) and branch office in the USA and Vietnam in 2014 and is operating distributors in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia. The company has already exported $200,000 worth of solutions to Japan.

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Competitive X-ray Equipment Expanding Technological Horizons on the Global Market


[INQ. NO. 1702E40] Based on technology accumulated over 27 years, Won Solution Co. has distinguished itself by specializing in the X-ray equipment field. With ISO 9001 and 13485 certifications, the manufacturer has acquired the CE mark for its products, in an eff ort to expedite overseas marketing.
The firm’s WSR-40 HF diagnostic radiographic system has a tube unit of max. 500mA (300mA and 600mA are also available) at 125kVp. Equipped with a 40kW HF generator, the model employs the high frequency inverter method, thereby reducing the shooting time by about 50% compared with ordinary products. Its compact control console permits wall-mounted operation and can be remote-controlled for more user convenience.
Notably, the company’s WSR-40 2Plus has almost the same structure as WSR-40, except for its two flat panel detector (FPD) digital radiography.
The firm’s popular models include WSRF-50 radiographic & fluoroscopic system with a tube unit featuring max. 650mA at 150kVp. The model comes with a 50kW 201702e_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_46_07HF generator. Employing the high frequency inverter method, it allows the user to freely choose ordinary radiographic mode or special fluoroscopic mode.
Another popular WSM-300 HF & mobile radiographic system is equipped with a control unit featuring 300mA at 125kVp. The model comes with a 30kW HF generator. Measuring 210(W) x 970(L) x 1,910(H)mm, its tube support unit permits vertical travel of 201702e_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_46_03770~1,770mm and transverse travel of 700~870mm. Its mobile cart measures 600 x 1,065 x 1040mm and it has a locking system with a cassett e box. The WSM-300P model has the same structure as the WSM-300 except for a power supply unit.


Focusing on R&D Activities and Market Exploration201702e_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_46_09
Since its foundation, the company has made ceaseless investment in research and development. It has acquired the Korea Good Manufacturing Practice (KGMP) authentication and has also been designated as a Promising Small and Medium Enterprise by the Korean 201702e_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_46_11government. Its products have already gained a high reputation overseas, especially from China and Vietnam. Its product line-up also include HF generators, digital X-ray systems, X-ray collimators and X-ray grids. Aiming to become one of the global leaders in this field, the company puts prime emphasis on customer satisfaction. For this purpose, it plans to do its utmost for technology development and perfect after-sales activities.

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