Infrared Heat Lamp & Brooder Lamp

[INQ. NO. 2208E13] JAE KYUNG ELI Co., Ltd. is a company founded in 1990 that has been making LED bulbs and thermal infrared bulbs that offer the world’s best quality and competitive prices.

Since its founding, the company has developed into the only maker and the global supplier of infrared bulbs in Korea.

Under the mission of ‘lighting up the 21st century with excellent service and products,’ the company is focusing its capabilities on growing from a supplier of the world’s top quality and performance products, to a solution provider that pursues the safety and convenience of users.

JAE KYUNG ELI is selling its ‘One Piece Blow LED PAR38’ and ‘Thermal Infrared Bulb’ all over the world under its brand names of LLeDus and Heat Plus.

The company is a future-oriented, innovative company that invests 5% of its annual revenue in the development of new products and technologies for improvement of quality and productivity.

As a result, the company was able to develop and distribute the ‘PAR38 LED reflective glass bulb for the first time in the world.

JAE KYUNG ELI’s products are made of special hard glass that is strongly resistant against thermal shock, and so they pose no risk of fire, are safe to use, and offer excellent quality.

Longer lifespan
The company’s products are designed to be safe and to last longer than their competitors’ products. They are optimized for various purposes and locations, including hog-raising, poultry farming, medical application, food warming, and bathroom warming.

JAE KYUNG ELI will answer customer queries and feedback within 24 hours so that it can reduce the defect rate to zero and make its best efforts to satisfy customers beyond their expectations.
JAE KYUNG ELI also manufactures high-quality lamp protectors, standing lights, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Sleep-Inducing Lamp

[INQ. NO. 2208E10] The sleep-inducing lamp of earth 7.83, which is an attractive product recently developed and released by PPS, makes it possible for one to have a deep and sound sleep by oscillating 7.83Hz, a magnetic field frequency that induces mental and physical stability and sleep.

Due to too much work and overwhelmed electromagnetic waves, modern people often fail to have alpha waves. When not having sufficient alpha waves (7~12Hz) that are brain waves occurring when people feel comfortable (resting, sleeping, and meditating), they often feel anxious and are stressed out, ending up with developing diseases.

While searching the most suitable frequencies that make people feel comfortable, NASA got to know that 7.83Hz (the unique resonant frequency that the earth generates) used to treat space sickness (condition disorders like changes in blood pressure, breathing, headaches, etc.) developed when leaving the earth) and decided to apply this fact to a mood lamp that helps one have a sound sleep.

earth7.83 oscillates 7.83Hz at regular intervals for up to eight hours before the power goes off and works as a mood lamp with various colors.

When the power button is pressed for three seconds to turn it on, the magnetic field frequency of 7.83Hz is automatically oscillated. When the power button is slightly pressed after it is turned on, five different light modes (orange, sky, green, white, and transition colors) can be selected, or the light can be turned off. Through the oscillation lamp part, one can check whether the magnetic field frequency is still oscillated or not even after the light is powered off.

With a simple 7272195mm design that goes well in any place and a moderate weight of 230g, it just needs to be placed close to one’s resting space.

Sleep-inducing lamp has a meaningful effect on improving sleep quality
Through clinical tests, PPS found that the use of earth7.83 had a meaningful effect on improving sleep quality. And Pusan National University has recently certified our research results. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

LED lightings

[Serial No. 2012-B-090]

Neomaru, Korea’s leading eco-friendly LED lighting product maker, started manufacturing LED lighting products in 2005. Neomaru now meets its customers needs by supplying LED lightings on almost all of the production line from indoor lamps to outdoor lamps that are compatible with conventional lamps. The LED lightings processed by Neomaru have efficiency and creative radiant heat structure. Moreover, they have unique and good design adding to the positive impressions of the users of these products. These low carbon products also have features of generating no mercury, and no UV. They offer more than 30,000 hours longer lifespan over comparable ones.

As low power-consumption and high-efficiency circuit design are strong points for such LED lightings, they are leading the LED lighting market. The LED lighting specialist promises it will keep playing a leading role in the LED lighting business with research and development and quality control and we aim to be a global company in the near future.


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High power lamps

Established in 2010, ICEPIPE is the world’s first company to incorporate ICEPIPE HEATSINK and to develop high-efficiency, high power, and lightweight LED lamps. Especially, high power LED lamps of over 700W are noted for their global competitiveness in terms of performance, reasonable prices. And efforts are being stepped up for the release of higher performance next-generation LED products that will be strong players in leading global markets.

High-power-lamps With the patented radiant heat system, ICEPIPE manufactures high-efficiency, lightweight LED lamps. The system can significantly lower the temperature of LED chips, compared to that of general LED lamps, so it ensures over 10 years of lifespan. And they have superior price-competiveness as they require small amounts of raw materials.

Currently, two representative models – CH2000, CT2000 – are the most eye-catching. For the former, especially protection circuit, an automatic power shutdown and returning circuit (incorporating a sensor switch that turns off power in case of a fire, abnormal high temperature, overcurrent or overvoltage) is added. That prevents secondary fire and self-damage to the product. CH2000 has ingress protection rating IP67 and its copper based heat sink makes it strong against corrosion. CH2000 delivers an ultra-slim and light weight design with a long lifespan thanks to the innovative cooling technology. The latter is also highly impressive. The applied ICEPIPE HEATSINK technology significantly reduced the weight of the model, and thus resulting in smarter and realization of safe installation. The 360’ rotable feature allows itself flexibility in the usage of various places.

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