Surface Acoustic Wave – AMT

What is so called “SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave)” travels as an acoustic wave on the surface of certain materials that show specific properties like elasticity. A device that uses this wave is easily found in many electrical gadgets such as mobile phones, radios, and even touch screens. By using SAWs in electronic components, SAW devices can be turned into several different functions like DC-to-DC converters, delay lines, filters, etc. Korea’s AMT (Advanced Microwave Technologies) gets to the bottom of what SAWs can do.

First built in 1998, AMT intends to develop and introduce Surface Acoustic Wave devices for the telecommunication stations. Since then, the firm has been providing a number of different SAW filters and the other electronic signal processing parts, and they are all going through AMT’s quality technology and manufacturing facilities. Main items include customizable high-performance bandpass SAW filter, resonators, delay lines, etc. They are applicable to digital wireless communication systems, wireless networks, internet, RF systems, satellite systems, etc.

AMT offers all types of IF SAW filters that ranges from 70MHz to 140MHz. For RF SAW filters, they are varied depending on which application: mobile phones, cordless phones, low power systems, and cellular BS phone systems. AMT produces four types such as One-Port, Two-Port, Front-End, and VCR RF-Modulator. The other SAW items are SAW delay lines and SAW devices for wireless LAN, wireless audio applications, and satellite receivers. You can find more information on Dielectric, Cavity, and Laser Diodes products at

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PC sheet – S polytech




Plastic sheets are a bit thicker than plastic films that are made of thin polymeric materials. They are used to separate places or hold goods, also as barriers or printable surfaces, and applications are as various as confectionery packaging, labels, construction, films, etc. Nearly all kinds of plastics can be formed into plastic sheets. Since they are relatively thin, their properties must show exceptional durability and flexibility for proper duty. Korea’s Spolytech since 1991 has been spotted on as a Korea’s leading plastic sheet maker in front. Over 15 years of plastic extruding technology is one big contributor to its growth.

Spolytech’s PC sheet (polycarbonate) makes a familiar scene with vending machines on the street. It is 250 times stronger than a conventional window glass and 50 times than acryl. Anti UV material is well resisting weather conditions. High transparency, low heat conductivity, and heat proof all add more values to this polycarbonate PC sheets. Applications are roofs, computer screens, bicycle helmets, and so on.

Being more transparent than any glass windows, PMMA sheets with their distinctive hues and colors never gives in to the sunlight due to its highly UV-resistant function. In particular, when they break, pieces do not spread, which means safety. PMMA sheets do not contain any toxic material and never become harmful to people. They are suitable for vending machines, microwave ovens, neon signs, etc. Light Guiding Panel (LGP) brags about its high brightness and transparency. Since its durability and heat-resistance are noticeable, it is used for TFT LCDs, lamps, display panels for electronic devices, etc.

Spolytech also provides the other items such as diffusion panels, specialty films, heat-resistant sheets, and more. You can find more at

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CO2 Module and Controller – SOHA TECH

Ever developing technology offers various options to people. One of them is a device that allows us to control and measure our environment so that we can manipulate it to our advantage. For example, carbon dioxide sensors are useful for air-conditioning applications; they can analyze and monitor the quality of air and decide how much fresh air is necessary. Such items can make life convenient and add a value to people’s quality of life.
And SOHA TECH with over 20 years has specialized in developing a number of controllers, modules, level sensors, power suppliers, etc. Also the firm has never been lazy when it comes to developing new products and providing technical design and its best services to customers. SOHA TECH’s product is ranging wide from CO2 Module and Controller to Surge Protector and Groundwater Level Measurer.

Co2 Module category has Co2 measurement modules and Co2 temperature and humidity measurement modules. They all have a dual sensor, and their Co2 measurement range stretches from 3.000ppm to 10,000ppm. Applications are ventilation controlling, air purifiers, and public facilities. For Co2 controllers and transmitters, SOHA TECH offers numerous devices. Models like SH-VT250 equipped with dual Co2 sensor and VT250TH with Auto Control can be useful for mushroom farming, the floricultural industry, thermo-hygrostat product test, etc. Plus, ventilation (remote) controllers are interesting gadgets that deserves a notice. Regarding wireless controllers, Wave Master wireless transmitter can covers about 3 km and is ideal for data communication and one-way transmission.

Water Level controllers have three different types : regular electric, solar, and battery type. For drinking and agricultural water tank, one may need SOHA TECH’s float-type level sensor that is made of a SUS 304 stainless steel pipe. There is also a surge protector for electric controller system protection from electrical surges. For more information, please visit

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