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Plastic sheets are a bit thicker than plastic films that are made of thin polymeric materials. They are used to separate places or hold goods, also as barriers or printable surfaces, and applications are as various as confectionery packaging, labels, construction, films, etc. Nearly all kinds of plastics can be formed into plastic sheets. Since they are relatively thin, their properties must show exceptional durability and flexibility for proper duty. Korea’s Spolytech since 1991 has been spotted on as a Korea’s leading plastic sheet maker in front. Over 15 years of plastic extruding technology is one big contributor to its growth.

Spolytech’s PC sheet (polycarbonate) makes a familiar scene with vending machines on the street. It is 250 times stronger than a conventional window glass and 50 times than acryl. Anti UV material is well resisting weather conditions. High transparency, low heat conductivity, and heat proof all add more values to this polycarbonate PC sheets. Applications are roofs, computer screens, bicycle helmets, and so on.

Being more transparent than any glass windows, PMMA sheets with their distinctive hues and colors never gives in to the sunlight due to its highly UV-resistant function. In particular, when they break, pieces do not spread, which means safety. PMMA sheets do not contain any toxic material and never become harmful to people. They are suitable for vending machines, microwave ovens, neon signs, etc. Light Guiding Panel (LGP) brags about its high brightness and transparency. Since its durability and heat-resistance are noticeable, it is used for TFT LCDs, lamps, display panels for electronic devices, etc.

Spolytech also provides the other items such as diffusion panels, specialty films, heat-resistant sheets, and more. You can find more at spolytech.com/eng.

If you want more information about ‘PC sheet’, please contact us.

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