KK-HOSPITAL FAIR is your optimal business platform to lead innovation in the healthcare industry.

The health and medical industry has become as one of the leading areas in new digital business.

The future-oriented medical industry in the era of digital transformation focuses on building medical services based on merging the use of healthcare data and artificial intelligence.

The fair will showcase the convergence technologies of smart healthcare infrastructure based on the integration of medical data and lifelong data.

At K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022, you can meet up future medical services and new business models, and connect with hospitals, distributors, and new partners.

Renewed digital healthcare innovation will be highlighted, as the future vision of the medical industry and the core of future medicine. K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 is scheduled to be held from September 29 to October 1 at COEX in Seoul.

Smart Hospital Special Exhibition
K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 focuses on the best hospital solutions for patients and medical staffs, such as smart operating rooms, and intelligent work support.

SaMD Special Exhibition
K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 focuses on software medical devices integrated with information and communication technology.

Hospital Information Exhibition
K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 focuses on various technologies and services that promote the efficiency of hospital medical systems.

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Personal Urine Analyzer


[INQ. NO. 2205E02] Smart home healthcare IVD device Licote, developed by Braintech Co.,Ltd., is a combination of analyzer and application.
By harmonization of the device and app., it is possible to read color changes of various chemical components in urine such as nitrite, ketone, protein, and to analyze the color changes for detection of adult diseases such as kidney diseases, liver diseases, UTI, diabetes, etc.
Licote is a multi-purpose smart home healthcare IVD device that the whole family can use, and it is also available to test for pets’ health, water quality, free radicals, UTI, etc.
In addition, when telemedicine systems become part of our daily life, Licote could be the best medical device for a patient’s health checkup. This is because it is possible to do self-urinalysis test with this medical device at home and get a medical counseling from medical specialists through the telemedicine systems.

Only weighing 130g, it offers IP68 grade waterproof.
Braintech was established in May 2002 and is headquartered in Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. It is a company that leads tech-innovation, eco-friendly management, and customer satisfaction with competitiveness in the PBA business that applies electric/electronic technology and self-diagnostic medical devices that meet global standards based on advanced quality management.
Braintech’s main products are a control board, a telegraphic repeater through ODM design as well as OEM manufacturing, and an easy-to-use smart home healthcare IVD device. In addition, it is currently developing personalized smart pillows and portable isothermal nucleic acid amplifying molecular diagnostic devices.

Braintech has gained recognition as an excellent production and quality-control company by obtaining various certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, GMP, CE, and KFDA (MFDS), and FDA approval. It also obtained patent licenses for urine analyzer and urine analyzing methods.
Braintech has been popular among its many customers for a long period of time due to its reliability and customer satisfaction based on its electronics manufacturing services (EMS) business, production technology and extensive experience in QC.

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Accelerating Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare


The Korea International Medical and Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2022) is currently considered the world’s 7th-leading medical equipment exhibition, and recognized as an exhibition that leads the global advance of Korea’s healthcare industry. It has recently taken place with a bigger exhibition scale than previous years thanks to the widespread attention and responses from related industries — in spite of the global Corona-virus pandemic.
In particular, apart from large companies, various types of companies including big-tech companies, start-ups, etc., participated in this exhibition in order to unveil advanced, innovative technologies and equipment. This gave visitors opportunities to grasp the changes in the healthcare market that is growing exponentially, and catch up with the latest trends in medical industry advances at a glance.

KIMES 2022 revealed some important medical industry trends – “From Pandemic to Endemic,” “Big Data & Metaverse,” “Untact Medical,” “Relax Science,” “Daily Touchcare & Expansion of Medical Home Appliance Market,” etc.
Meanwhile, visitors witnessed how the design trends of biomedical devices in 2022 would be with “sustainable design” facing the future that came 10 years earlier in a huge acceleration.
At KIMES 2022, visitors also could see how the digital transformation trend in healthcare areas is rapidly growing. For this year, some leading technologies including AI, big data, and personalized genetic testing, etc. are expected to lead the digital healthcare sectors.
The advancement of medical services based upon virtual reality and the metaverse is expected to be one of the strongest features from 2022 to 2023.

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AI-based Body-Composition Analyzer

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1802E07] SELVAS Healthcare has launched a next-generation body-composition analyzer ACCUNIQ BC380.
ACCUNIQ BC380 is a next-generation intelligent body-composition analyzer, which reflects the digital healthcare company’s accumulated product development know-how, cutting-edge information technology and the findings of consumer researches conducted in step with market trends and U.S. clinical test results.
The new analyzer has further raised the accuracy of body composition measurement through its high correlation with Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) at a U.S. clinical trial center IHT. It also applied innovative software technologies to product design, UI screens and result sheets.
The company’s first after-sales service ‘ACCUNIQ Remote Support’ connects users to the customer service department of SELVAS Healthcare remotely from anywhere around the world. As a result, ACCUNIQ BC380 can be diagnosed, repaired and upgraded more easily.
The new product also offers personalized diet and exercise prescriptions personalized on the basis of measurement data in conjunction with ACCUNIQ Manager, proprietary software to manage the individual user’s body composition data. It can be linked with a series of ACCUNIQ ultrasound height meter and fully automatic blood pressure monitors.
“By launching ACCUNIQ BC380, we plan to set a new industry standard for body composition analyzers in the global market,” explains SELVAS Healthcare CEO Ken B. Yoo. “Our goal is to become a leading digital healthcare company by integrating our expertise in body composition analysis, artificial intelligence and IoT technologies.”
SELVAS Healthcare, Inc. was listed on the KOSDAQ in September 2016 after it was renamed from Jawon Medical Co., a leading medical device manufacturer since 1993. SELVAS Healthcare has been solidifying its position in the global medical device market by releasing innovative products based on the AI technology of its subsidiary SELVAS AI. Its major products include ACCUNIQ BP850 (a.k.a. EX PLUS 1300), the world’s first dual-arm blood pressure monitor which can measure the blood pressures difference between both arms, body composition analyzers, braille terminals, video magnifiers and text-to-speech voice readers.

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