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[INQ. NO. 1511E11] Insung Information is a total IT Infra solution & service provider specialized in up-to-date information technologies. Insung Information has provided the best IT solution and service to enhanc customers’ competitiveness and value. Insung Information emerged its strength to healthcare area and could provide best solution to telehealth and healthcare field. Now it is focusing on two business areas – IT solution, healthcare. There are products leading the company’s increased market presence with eminent quality of functions.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryA new type of home healthcare device “Hicare Home Doctor” enables you to easily accumulate and manage various vital sign measurements while allowing you to remotely and effectively obtain advice and support of medical practitioners.

Hicare Smart is a customized application that can be installed on smartphones and tablets and supplying telemedicine service, which can measure individual’s vital sign. It offers health consultation at home through oneon-one video chat function, integrates with various devices, and supports photo transfer to server, library, questionnaire, etc.

Home-healthcare-devicesSmart Medical Hub is a new type of home healthcare device integrating with smart devices like phones and tablets that enables users to easily accumulate and manage various vital sign measurements while allowing you to remotely and effectively obtain advice and support of medical practitioners. This is a total telehealth monitoring solution, which collects and saves vital sign measurement information from medical sensors and transfers to healthcare service server for professionals’ analyzing and monitoring.

HiCare-LADY is a period pain reliever using TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), which is emerging as a new way of relaxing period pain. It is specially using an optimized frequency and operating mechanism and demonstrated its excellent effect of relieving period pain. Designed with very small and light weight, it has nearly similar size to a lip balm. To attract female users, a new concept of unique fancy design is applied. It is rechargeable with USB cable and three hours of full charging ensures 11 hours of operation, unlike ordinary TENS devices that require frequent cycle of exchanging new batteries.

HiCare-uFace is a skincare medical device using iontophoresis technology to inject vitamin C into skin cells effectively, in order to help women’s successful skin control. As it is easy skincare system, all you must do is only to wear a mask pack and connect it to the main unit. Woman users can conveniently operate it with easy user interface. Now, B2B and B2C models are both available.

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Imaging and diagnostic solutions in women’s health

[INQ. NO. 1511E10] Samsung Medison, a global medical equipment company, recently unveiled its upgraded latest imaging and diagnostic solutions in women’s health. Samsung has the upgraded packages of premium ultrasound system WS80A with Elite, featuring various research functions and new visualization technology along with academic seminars on clinical values of key features.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySoo-in Cho, CEO of Samsung Medison, said Samsung makes its continuous efforts to develop technologies that enhance the user’s experience in women’s health and collaborate with professionals in the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology for academic breakthroughs.

WS80A with Elite generates nine standard fetal echocardiography views simultaneously in a single template with blood flow dynamics of fetal heart by using STIC (Spatio- Temporal Image Correlation) volume datasets. Moreover, it provides axial, sagitt al, and coronal views of the fetal brain in nine planes by automatic measurement of biometry, following the international screening guidelines by ISUOG for fetal brain. The applied advanced volume rendering technology which enables users to assess detailed information of internal and external structures of fetus by an intuitive 3D/4D visualization, providing increased diagnostic confidence. Samsung Medison, an affiliate of Samsung Electronics, is a global medical equipment company founded in 1985. With a mission to bring health and well-being to people’s lives, the company manufactures diagnostic ultrasound systems around the world across various medical fields.

Imaging-and-diagnostic-solutions-in-women’s-healthSamsung Medison has commercialized the Live 3D technology in 2001 and since being part of Samsung Electronics in 2011, it is integrating IT, image processing, semiconductor and communication technologies into ultrasound devices for efficient and confidence diagnosis.

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Disposable bladeless trocar

[INQ. NO. 1511E09] Vaxcon bladeless trocar has a one-touch release butt on and transparent fixation trocar assembly, and is available in various sleeves lengths: 5/10/12 mm standard (100mm), 5/10/12 mm medium (75mm), and 5 mm short (56mm).

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryThe Vaxcon bladeless trocar with transparent fixation trocar assembly and ‘bladeless tip’ allow optimal entry for visualization of the tissue layers during insertion.

The Vaxcon bladeless trocars are intended for use in a variety of gynecologic, general, thoracic and urologic endoscopic procedures to create and maintain a port of entry. The trocar may be used with or without visualization for primary and secondary insertions.


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Infusion pump & syringe pump

[INQ. NO. 1511E08] Daiwha’s Infusion and Syringe Pumps are used for continuous infusion of drugs in general wards, ICU or CCU. They can also be sued for infusion of anesthetics or anticancer agents.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryMoreover, they have compact design that considers the safety of the patients, and also include software that can create an infusion set list. For our vertical models, you can choose fro, either a single or dual channel.

The Electro Surgical Unit is a multipurpose system that can be used in all operating rooms for applications in general surgery, gynecology, dermatology, endoscopy, vascular surgery, urology, as well as for many other surgical applications.

Infusion-pump-&-syringe-pumpDaiwha Corporation, Ltd. was founded in 1979, and it specializes in manufacturing infusion pumps, electrosurgical units, and aesthetic equipment (DAVINCIDOULES), which are being exported to more than 70 countries, focusing on the life of our patients the most, Daiwha has tried to serve our customers with a better medical environment since its inception.

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Urine and urinary free radicals analyzer

[INQ. NO. 1511E07] BioDoctor BS401 was developed for mobile clinics and ambulances. The results from on-site urine analysis are display on the 7 inch touch screen LCD monitor and are saved in SD Memory within only 5 minutes of operating time.
It is compatible with PC software, and data can be processed and analyzed for more useful purposes. The report can be analyzed in the fields, such as health centers, public institutions, local governments or health-related businesses.

BioDoctor BS502 is a small, but eff ective health-check system that conveniently fi ts in your hand. This product is portable and user-friendly due to its ultra-light weight and mobile size. It can be linked to a smartphone app called “BioDoctor” via Bluetooth above Android 2.2.

Urine-and-urinary-free-radicals-analyzerAlso, it reports a quick examination and saves the data. The reports can be analyzed for individuals, phone carriers, and insurance companies.

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Ambulatory infusion pump

[INQ. NO. 1511E06] 

1AutoMed Pain Control Systemprovides a good solution to managingpain. It electronically delivers a constant, controlled infusion of local anesthetic directly into the operative site for a relatively pain-free recovery. The device can be connected to various reservoirs, I.V bags and syringes so users can have flexibility with their desired deliver volumes.



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Disposable balloon infuser

[INQ. NO. 1511E05] AutoFuser pump is used for continuous and intermittent infusion of medication for general infusion use, including antibiotic, chemotherapy and pain management therapies. It comes with a strap clip and a carrying pouch, allowing for ambulatory flexibility regardless of the catheter site location.

Unlike other elastomeric pumps, the AutoFuser pump is easy to prepare as the pump can lie flat during the filling process and filling device transfers.



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Immunoassay analyzer

[INQ. NO. 1511E04] FREND System is a rapid quantitative immunoassay analyzer that utilizes disposable cartridges to provide in vitro diagnostic results for PSA and TSH.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryIt is capable of quantifying single or multiple analytes by measuring laser induced fluorescence in a single-use disposable reagent cartridge. The system is accurate and quick, providing results with a simple 3-step operation.

BUDDI is a portable device that is used in direct diagnostic immunoassay analyzation. It provides fast and accurate results regarding multiple infectious diseases, such as Myocardial Infarction, Asthma, and Gastrointestinal Infection.

Immunoassay-analyzerBUDDI has a user-friendly interface, and it can be wirelessly connected to your phone or other devices for quick data transmission and timely decision-making.

NanoEnTek Inc. was founded in 2000 by experts from the laboratory of Seoul National University, and it has been specializing in the development of innovative products for life science research and point-of-care diagnostics. The core technology of NanoEnTek called “Lab-on-a-chip” products made real success in market. Based on our leading technology, we developed the world’s first personal cell counter.

After the product, we developed our next market leading product, JuLI, a live cell viewer that breaks the space restrictions and realizes lab-free life for bio researchers by WiFi remote control.

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Automatic balancing centrifuge

[INQ. NO. 1511E03] HANLAB Corporation is the Korea’s leading company which develops and manufactures health & medical instruments.We succeeded in developing the automatic balancing centrifuge for the first time in the world, based on our experience and know-how in laboratory medicine accumulated over the past 20 years.We are exporting the automatic balancing centrifuge to 16 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.The intelligent self-compensation mechanism of the automatic balancing centrifuge has patents in more than 10 countries, including the USA.

Centrifuges that are currently available allow users to weigh samples manually and place samples symmetrically whenever they insert samples.

Balancing of samples is very important due to rotation at a high speed.

But our automatic balancing centrifuge, labmaster ABCCB200R, can detect imbalance by itself, automatically compensate the weight diff erence and maintain the balance by itself, automatically compensate the weight difference and maintain the balance through the balancers in each rotor arm. Labmaster ABCCB200R can save time in the preparation process and improve the accuracy of separation. This is the unique technology which is the first of its kind, and we acquired many patents in more than 10 countries.

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Blood glucose monitoring system

[INQ. NO. 1511E02] CareSens blood glucose monitoring system line, through its small sample size and quick test time, has been receiving recognition from its users for its high quality and ease-of-use.



From the initial launch with CareSens 1 to its latest product CareSens N, CareSens has been taking its place as one of the top products in the world.

With patents and research power in the fi eld of biosensors, i-SENS manufactures blood glucose monitoring systems, electrolyte and gas analyzers, and HbA1c analyzers.

i-SEN supplied to more than 80 countries around the world, and (secured) production capacity for manufacturing over 2.8 billion strips per year.


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