Growing into a Global Hidden Champion of Materials and Parts

Ever since its establishment in 2019, JINYOUNG INNOTECH Co., Ltd. has been professionally engaged in manufacturing of materials and parts related to electricity, electronics, and information & communications, thereby growing into a global hidden champion.

Please tell us briefly about your company
JINYOUNG INNOTECH Co., Ltd. is a global hidden champion of materials and parts related to electricity, electronics, and information & communications.
As a leading die-cut company, we manufacture “products with perfect performance” in order to fully meet customers’ requirements – through utilizing our own independently developed design technologies in electricity, electronics, and information & communications.

Since our establishment in 2019, we recorded turnover of US$2.2 billion in 2020, followed by growth of 600% year-onyear recording turnover of US$12 billion in 2021. We are currently enlarging our India-based factory in line with the localization of our overseas business units.

What items are you mainly exporting?
At present, we process various industrial materials related to radiant heat, EMI, and waterproof protective films (roll type). We manufacture such materials to be applied in such diverse areas as portable phones, LCD modules, and ODD (Optical Disk Drive).
And also, we are currently engaged in processing tapes that meet higher levels of heat-resistance and insulation. We have recently started to consider exports of such products to India and Vietnam.

Which export markets are you currently focusing on, and what potential markets are you considering exploring in the future?
Currently, we are actively delivering our products to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. as a 2nd vendor and also planning to expand our client base through the establishment of foreign branches, and cooperation with overseas manufacturing partners.
Currently, we are considering the establishment of an India manufacturing corporation, and the management of a Vietnamese manufacturing partner. We also expect the supply of our products to be expanded after securing approval of mass-production models. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Samsung leading in the U.S. premium super-large TV market, with 57% of market share for 75-inch or larger Electronics established its ‘sole leading position’ in the U.S. TV market. In the super-large premium TV market, especially, the company extended its lead ahead of 2nd and 3rd runners. The company aims to strengthen its lead by launching QLED 8K TV in the U.S. market in this month.
According to the U.S. market investigation agency’s recent report, Samsung Electronics recorded a 34% share in the U.S. TV market by this August. This figure is more than twice of runners-up LG Electronics (15%), Visio, and Sony (11% for each).
Samsung Electronics widened the gap more, taking almost half of market share in US$2,500 or higher premium TVs.
Samsung Electronics recorded 44% from January to August in this year for 75-inch or larger TV market, which is way above Sony who recorded 33% and LG Electronics who recorded 23%.
Compared to the market share of the same period last year of 27%, the figure was increased by 17% within just a year. More recently, this upward trend of market share has grown higher.
The US$2,500 or higher TV market share was 56%, more than half, in the 3rd week (16~22) of September. The company recorded 57% market share from January to August in this year for the 75-inch or larger TV market. This leads runner-up Sony (25%) by more than double. Compared to the market share of the same period last year of 43%, the figure was increased by 14%. The share for the 3rd week of September this year was 69%, which showed a bigger gap with Sony who took 17%. The company’s market share is upwardly trending in the North American super-large TV market.
Samsung Electronics pointed out that dramatically improving the awareness of QLED TV through various online and offline marketing activities with distribution channels contributed to its market share expansion in the U.S. TV market. It is considered that strategic expansion of its super-large highdefinition lineup had a noticeable effect.
Samsung Electronics expects to compete strongly in the U.S. market for the 4th quarter of this year as well, focusing on premium super larger TV. From October, the company will also launch QLED 8K TV in the USA. Samsung Electronics’ QLED 8K TV features converting even low resolution contents to 8K level high-definition by adopting artificial intelligence (AI) upscaling technology. Because the product lineup is composed of 65-inch up to 85-inch, it is expected that targeting the super-large TV market would be expanded.
A spokesperson for Samsung Electronics declared that “Due to the good publicity in the premium super-large TV market, market share is expanding in the U.S. market.” He added, “We may also expand into the 8K market early while launching QLED 8K TV in the USA.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

PCB – SM Powertech

A printed circuit board known as PCB uses conductive means to connect electronic components. The board is widely used for most of electronic devices. Good examples are quite near us, and they are found in a computer main board and a computer mouse. And for a PCB’s stability and performance, it must go through a testing process which involves many different types of PCB testers. SM POWERTECH, knowing what consequences the testers can bring to finished products, introduces auto PCB testers that customers can rely on.

The year 2004 greeted the birth of SM POWERTECH. Since them, the company has been manufacturing a wide range of precision and measurement instruments including automation system machines. Its quality products are credited by such certificates as ISO 9001 and 14001 from ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board).

SM POWERTECH product lineup is divided into three big categories: Tester JIG, Reliability Tester, and Customizer Automation Machine. For tester jigs, air-press type jigs as auto PCB tester can measure voltage and current and its Pin Board is easy to operate by using air pressure. Equipment air press and general air press type is a function tester for mobile systems like battery protection modules and battery packs. Manual type jigs have height control lever type which is portable and has adjustable lower board height, lock guide type that use a lock guide for operation and is suitable for sampling tests, and level type that uses a level handle to operate the Pin Board. Taking a look at SM POWERTECH’s reliability testers, you can find Cell Grading Tester, Tension Force Tester, Bending Strength Tester, Drop and Peel Tester. And Customizer Automation has Solar Systems and Develop Automation System. You can find more information at

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Electronic Blackboard – Triple Color OD

In old days, students and teachers suffered in classrooms where pieces of chalks fanned dust. Especially, teachers had to use them on a blackboard for teaching. When powder-like pollutants were floating in the air, everyone used to either hold up their breath or cover their noses and mouths with a handkerchief. But that was then, and this is now: Triple Color OD’s Electronic Blackboard.

You can say it is magic when Triple Color OD’s built-in infrared camera type sensor does its job seamlessly, and a teacher seems to behave like a magician as he or she interacts with Magic Board. Students wow with awe. Here is why. By simply touching its screen, it is on and ready. Up to 100 units can connect wirelessly to the system with its vividly featuring screen, which also can share lots of information with students for years to come. All this realization is enabled by its wide screen, the infrared sensor, non-reflective glass display, semi-permanent lifespan, etc. Magic Board is for three-way uses: electronic blackboard, blackboard, and screen.

If compared to the other electronic blackboards, Triple Color OD’s electronic blackboard is proud of its cost-effectiveness, compatibility, a larger screen, extended usage, the no glaring and non-reflection display screen, and a simple design that can maximize space. Another item to dig is its screen and writing board with a wide screen, people can write by touching their fingers or using any mediums on it.

Triple Color OD since 1998 has brought a new scene into classrooms with its educational equipment. The electronic blackboard maker contributed to the growth of the educational industry by fixing deep-seated problems and offered solutions, and one of them is Magic Board. You can visit for more information.

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PA Amplifier PRODIGI Series – Karak Electronics Co., Ltd.

Karak Electronics was founded in 1977 as a manufacturer of electronic components. After adopting its current corporate name in 1997, Karak Electronics currently maintains its core competence in audio-video systems and safety/security systems.
The company develops and sells total PA system solutions including hardware such as amps, digital network devices, and speaker systems as well as software. The company also makes digital and analog amplifiers and peripherals such as microphones, accessories, source devices such as CD players and decks, and mixers.


PA Amplifier PRODIGI Series

With over 35 years of experience in the PA system industry, Karak offers an extensive line of popular products including the class-D PA amplifier system. This unit operates not only on IP-based networks but feature appealing designs and efficient interfaces. There are over 10 specific models, or the user can send in custom specifications which can be used to create a one-of-a-kind system. The 70/100V class-DPA amp with not output transformer is available with one, two or four channels, and features SMPS with PFC. The unit is slim and lightweight, and every Karak amplifier undergoes give stringent quality control evaluations to maintain the highest level of quality.

Exporting to markets in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Karak Electronics is currently expanding into the lucrative North American market. The company has received ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications as well as the CE and CB marks.

Karak Electronics has unveiled the nation’s first digital power amp ‘Prodigi S-Series’ at the 22nd Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Light Equipment Show (KOBA 2012) that took place from May 29 through June 1 at COEX in Seoul this year drawing keen attention from visitors.

This product actually made its first debut at ‘Prolight + Sound 2012 in Germany in March this year. After that, 300 units of the product were delivered to France and some units were shipped to Germany’s NOVA, broadening their presence in the home of sound equipment.

Featuring a stylish appearance that is harmonized with red color, unlike the conventional power amp, the product is fully meeting the international environmental standards.

Company president Jang Byung-hwa said “We recently saw that the Ministry of Knowledge Economy has started showing a great interest in our broadcast equipment and related technology for localization of more cutting-edge broadcast equipment while also confirming the position of our company as a leading broadcast equipment manufacturer in Korea.



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