Growing into a Global Hidden Champion of Materials and Parts

Ever since its establishment in 2019, JINYOUNG INNOTECH Co., Ltd. has been professionally engaged in manufacturing of materials and parts related to electricity, electronics, and information & communications, thereby growing into a global hidden champion.

Please tell us briefly about your company
JINYOUNG INNOTECH Co., Ltd. is a global hidden champion of materials and parts related to electricity, electronics, and information & communications.
As a leading die-cut company, we manufacture “products with perfect performance” in order to fully meet customers’ requirements – through utilizing our own independently developed design technologies in electricity, electronics, and information & communications.

Since our establishment in 2019, we recorded turnover of US$2.2 billion in 2020, followed by growth of 600% year-onyear recording turnover of US$12 billion in 2021. We are currently enlarging our India-based factory in line with the localization of our overseas business units.

What items are you mainly exporting?
At present, we process various industrial materials related to radiant heat, EMI, and waterproof protective films (roll type). We manufacture such materials to be applied in such diverse areas as portable phones, LCD modules, and ODD (Optical Disk Drive).
And also, we are currently engaged in processing tapes that meet higher levels of heat-resistance and insulation. We have recently started to consider exports of such products to India and Vietnam.

Which export markets are you currently focusing on, and what potential markets are you considering exploring in the future?
Currently, we are actively delivering our products to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. as a 2nd vendor and also planning to expand our client base through the establishment of foreign branches, and cooperation with overseas manufacturing partners.
Currently, we are considering the establishment of an India manufacturing corporation, and the management of a Vietnamese manufacturing partner. We also expect the supply of our products to be expanded after securing approval of mass-production models. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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