Smart Derma Images Management System

Based on A.I

[INQ. NO. 2104E13] Among skin cancers, Melanoma, which has a very similar appearance to a mole, is not easy to distinguish with the naked eye. Currently, medical circles are using diagnostic tools together with either analog or digital dermoscopy.
However, most of them have only the function to simply expand the skin image.
‘MEDISCOPE’ provides various images of the skin by using multi-wavelength lights with a different skin penetration rate by a wave-length, in contrast with the existing method of diagnosing with the naked eye and a portable microsope.

Smart Derma Images Management System

It helps dermatologists diagnose skin cancer quickly and conveniently for the promptest treatment possible through the self-developed artificial intelligence module ‘DermaAI’ that uses the vast skin lesion data.
Currently the dermatology teams are managing images by the manual method for requesting reimbursement and photographing images by requesting data to store in the computer room by preparing a finding report after moving a memory of a skin disease picture taken with DSLR camera to the diagnosis PC.
F&D PARTNERS Inc. has developed this system to improve convenience in the handling professionalism of the medical team.
It enhances recyclability by simplifying management with standardization of images introducing PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) into the skin images, whose application has been imited only to radiographic images such as CT, X-ray.

Smart Derma Images Management System

It will be helpful to improve diagnosis efficiency of dermatologists and convenience of the medical team’s management by linking with EMR and CRM, which are commonly used in hospitals. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Digital Radiography

Total Solution Provider for Digital Radiography

[INQ. NO. 2012E12] Founded in 2009, SG HealthCare Co., Ltd. supplies X-ray and CT machines.
SG Healthcare works with many specialized clinics and hospitals in over 65 countries worldwide.
The president of the company, Jason Jungsoo Kim, is an electronic engineer from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KASIT), South Korea.
He has over 20 years of experience in AI-based CT scanners, digital X-ray, and digital fluoroscopy. He and the staffs are available anytime to discuss your X-ray imaging diagnostic issues.

The Benefits of Digital Radiography
Long-term costs of equipment can work out to less when compared to film processing chemicals, purchasing film, and maintenance.
View images are instantly on your operatory computer, saving staffs’ and patients’ time.
Faster digital processing allows for increased productivity, allowing more flexibility in your schedule.
No more film processing-time means your per-patient visit time decreases, making room for new patients.
The reduced exposure to radiation is about 50 to 90% less than that required for film used in conventional radiography.

Core Competencies of SG HealthCare
SG HealthCare received international tender awards, has experience of product modification and development. Currently, it has global sales networks with 65 partners worldwide. It has been steadily making strides to participate in globally renowned exhibitions in the field. Over more than 10 years, it has successfully accumulated expertise of engineering in the industry.
SG HealthCare, operating its diversified manufacturing plants, is maintaining an extensive partnership with MNC. To successfully cope with demand, both from domestic and overseas buyers, SG HealthCare has established an advanced fast production and delivery system (pre-manufactured system). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

X-ray System – Dong Mun

Discovered by Röntgen, X-radiation or X-rays is simply a type of electromagnetic radiation. For medical imaging, an X-ray machine is commonly used, mainly because the machine can identify and project a patient’s bone or tissue onto images. However, it also works as a scanner and detector at places for security reasons. And this X-ray system has been evolving; its design and functions have improved to offer better services. Dong Mun as a Korean manufacturer of X-ray systems is willing to go the extra mile to contribute to the evolution.

Established in 1994, Dong Mun has been showing its versatility in manufacturing numerous different X-ray machines. Built upon its excellent technology and design, the systems are notably preferred over others due to its quality that has been recognized by a slew of international certificates. With its ultimate goal of making the human race prosper, Dong Mun is determined to continue to make efforts in promoting people’s health and developing technology and products.

Dong Mun can justly be bragging about something; the X-ray manufacturer is covering a wide variety of products such as mobile x-ray systems, portable x-ray systems, dental x-ray unit, mammography x-ray system, portable x-ray unit DIG-generator, x-ray chemicals & accessories, etc.

The user-friendly mobile x-ray system features some outstanding points. For example, it offers a calibration program for various x-ray tubes and cable lengths, self-diagnostic mode with error detection, anatomical mode, ion chamber, etc. Plus, its power storage unit (PSU) is available upon request. Portable x-ray system is Dong Mun’s prideful innovation with digital technology and high frequency inverter; it has a digital LED display, six different anatomical memory modes, remote control hand switch, etc. You can find more information by visiting

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