Low-dose & High-sensitivity Detector


[INQ. NO. 2212E19] Rayence Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer that handles all vertical integrated processes from panel design to R&D and sales.

Rayence’s advanced low-dose and high-sensitivity detector ‘Green ON’ can obtain equivalent quality images while irradiating 40% less X-rays than conventional products. As the essential travel and visiting medical environment is spreading after Covid-19, there is also increasing demand for detectors that can obtain clear medical images even when used with portable X-ray during mobile diagnosis.

Green ON in the spotlight as a low-dose and high-sensitivity detector
Green ON has recently been attracting widespread interest as a low-dose and high-sensitivity detector that reflects trends well. It is evaluated as suitable for USA and European medical environments that pay special attention to patients’ radiation exposure.

A line-up of 14 x 17 inch and 17 x 17 inch models has been developed based on medical X-ray bed standards, providing customer convenience for use without equipment replacement, and image transmission by wireless, and simplifying movement between shielding rooms and improving medical staff’s work efficiency.

Rayence is currently entering various application markets such as medical, NDT, dental and veterinary, with over 10 years of experience.

Rayence also developed CMOS wafers with its own technology to introduce the ultra-high- resolution X-ray detector, and expanded its product line-up to develop large-area TFT and super IGZO TFT panels.

In addition, Rayence has established itself as a global company that provides X-ray integration solutions by launching its own console software.

Furthermore, Rayence is constantly researching and developing innovative technologies that take into account user-safety and the environment, beyond merely focusing on product performance.

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