World IT Show 2023


This year’s World IT Show will be held at COEX in Seoul on April 19 to 21, hosted by six organizations including the Korea International
Trade Association (KITA), and the Korea Association for Information and Communication Promotion.
At this exhibition, a large number of technologies and new products in the field of software security and convergence fields will be exhibited and introduced — such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and extended reality (XR), self-driving, smart home, digital health, robot and mobility.

Meanwhile, as a concurrent event, the ‘2023 ICT Commercialization Festival’ will also be held along with the main exhibition.
In order to respond to the demand for digitization in all industries as well as ICT in accordance with the government’s digital innovation (digitization) strategy, the exhibition is being held in order to showcase the latest technologies and products in such various areas as ICT convergence, digital twin & metaverse, smart living and healthcare, robotics, intelligent mobility, blockchain, and security

Global ICT companies, major telecommunications companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and startups with innovative technologies are 40 scheduled to participate. Also, public R&D institutions and technology commercialization support organizations in the field of ICT and SW convergence are preparing to arrange their booths in the exhibition. It is expected that they will share their achievements accomplished to date, and build networks with enterprises that interest them. As a concurrent event, the ‘Global ICT Trend Insights Conference’ is planned to take place, sharing major next-generation ICT technologies and trends such as artificial intelligence, XR, metaverse, autonomous driving, and IT connectivity. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods


KK-HOSPITAL FAIR is your optimal business platform to lead innovation in the healthcare industry.

The health and medical industry has become as one of the leading areas in new digital business.

The future-oriented medical industry in the era of digital transformation focuses on building medical services based on merging the use of healthcare data and artificial intelligence.

The fair will showcase the convergence technologies of smart healthcare infrastructure based on the integration of medical data and lifelong data.

At K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022, you can meet up future medical services and new business models, and connect with hospitals, distributors, and new partners.

Renewed digital healthcare innovation will be highlighted, as the future vision of the medical industry and the core of future medicine. K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 is scheduled to be held from September 29 to October 1 at COEX in Seoul.

Smart Hospital Special Exhibition
K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 focuses on the best hospital solutions for patients and medical staffs, such as smart operating rooms, and intelligent work support.

SaMD Special Exhibition
K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 focuses on software medical devices integrated with information and communication technology.

Hospital Information Exhibition
K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 focuses on various technologies and services that promote the efficiency of hospital medical systems. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods


K-HOSPITAL FAIR held its first “Hospital Medical Industry Exhibition” in 2003, and successfully launched “K-HOSPITAL FAIR” in 2014. By hosting the annual exhibition, K-HOSPITAL FAIR enhances the competitiveness of the K-healthcare industry, and helps to promote the overall healthcare industry.

In line with the post-COVID era, the convergence of ICT and the medical industry became one of the major global trends. Most of the Korean companies planning to participate in the exhibition are wellequipped with ICT in order to swiftly and effectively respond to such global trends.
Many of the companies engaged in the related manufacturing areas and including medical imaging & diagnostics equipment are scheduled to exhibit their advanced items at this highly anticipated exhibition.

The BUY MEDICAL program, following the previous year, will also be held during K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022, to be held at COEX from September 29 to October 1. Efforts will be made to enhance the purchasing competitiveness of hospitals nationwide and to revitalize corporate businesses. It will consist of presentations, where representatives of the participating hospitals will explain their purchase plans, and 1:1 consultations will be held on purchases with respective hospital personnel.

Conferences and seminars will be organized by the Korean Hospital Association (KHA), as well as by associations of provincial and regional hospitals and of functional associations of hospitals.

A total of 17 seminars and 100 sessions were organized in 2021 to provide participants and visitors with opportunities to explore the future development of the hospital medical field.

At K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022, the trends of the future medical industry will be showcased, in line with the “Korean New Deal.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

KPCAshow 2022

KPCAshow 2022 organized by Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, and sponsored by the World Electronic Circuits Council (WECC) and the Asian Federation of Electronic Circuits (AFEC) will be held concurrently from September 21 (Wed.) to 23 (Fri.), 2022 at Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Korea.
Entering the 21st century, the world’s PCB industry has experienced unprecedented changes in the marketplace and technologies

KPCAshow 2022 intends to provide an opportunity for people worldwide involved in the electronic industry to actively cope with the rapidly changing environment. The show will also contribute to the acceleration of technology advancement, and market expansion of the world’s electronic industry.
A spokesperson for the Korea Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association (KPCA) recently explained, “We are devoting our best efforts toward preparing for the KPCAshow 2022 that will be held in September 2022, with the full support of the Korean government. A large number of Korean corporations and buyers from all over the world have already informed us about their intended participation in the event. We guarantee that the KPCAshow 2022 will be a great opportunity for the participating corporations’ continuous growth.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Smart Tech Korea 2022

Smart Tech Korea, slated to be held from June 8 to June 10 at COEX, Seoul, is the only integrated professional technology trade show in Korea. Currently, Korea is leading the technology trends and the 4.0 industry revolution.
Smart Tech Korea is a leading technology show that presents the latest trends and innovations.
All the industry leaders and the most advanced technology all over the world come together in one place at the international Smart Tech Korea.
It is a networking plaza for the people who believe in technology’s power to change society, and it showcases today’s innovations and the exciting possibilities of tomorrow.

Smart Tech Korea is composed of five concurrently held shows — Smart Tech Show 2022; AI & Big Data Show 2022; Retail Tech Show 2022; Metaverse Show 2022; and Robot Tech Show 2022.
Smart Tech Show 2022 is your must-attend interactive technology event for the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies. Smart Tech Show gathers the industry key players for international business and global networking.

For the era where the production, circulation and consumption of goods and services are interconnected and intellectualized through artificial intelligence, it is essential to build your own networking for AI development solutions at the upcoming AI & Big Data Show 2022.
At Retail Tech Show 2022, offering everything from smart logistic systems to vending machines and payment systems, you can grasp the leading trends for future online/offline markets. It is recommended that visitors experience the diverse platforms specialized in the era of Retail 5.0.
Robot Tech Show, a newly launched event, will showcase the core technologies and companies of smart robots that are leading the digital transformation.
From various industries to daily life, the metaverse opens a new digital world.
The Metaverse Show will be a platform for creating a sustainable metaverse ecosystem and new business opportunities. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Korea Business Partnership Online Expo, a New Contactless Marketing Channel in the COVID-19 Era

In order to promote the exports of Korean small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which have been sluggish for some time due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, KOTRA is strengthening its online marketing efforts by focusing on contactless channels. As a government agency, KOTRA has always held economy-themed events involving overseas trips and official visits of high-ranking government officials ‒ but since 2020, it has established and is operating the “Korea Business Partnership Online Expo,” instead of the economic diplomacy programs that were suspended or delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Korea Business Partnership Online Expo, a New Contactless Marketing Channel in the COVID-19 Era

The Business Partnership Online Expo is an online virtual exhibition hall where foreign buyers can browse and trade products registered by Korean sellers. The channel is provided through “Buy Korea,” an online B2B platform provided by KOTRA. Korean companies may post comprehensive product information such as product photos, videos, product descriptions, catalogs, certifications, and patent information on the online exhibition hall; and potential buyers may send purchase offers and request video meetings. The Buy Korea platform supports a one-stop transaction process, so if a buyer wants to purchase any product displayed thereon, it can make the payment at the exhibition hall right away and receive the product.

Korea Business Partnership Online Expo, a New Contactless Marketing Channel in the COVID-19 Era

Currently, a total of 1,132 products of 270 companies that participated in KOTRA’s economic events involving trips and visits are registered on the Business Partnership Online Expo; and their categories range widely from beauty and personal care, to health and medical services, and to machinery and heavy equipment. KOTRA plans to expand its support and promotion so that more companies can easily utilize the Business Partnership Online Expo.
The online exhibition hall program is one of the representative contactless marketing programs of KOTRA that can be employed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are other online exhibition hall programs currently in service besides the Business Partnership Online Expo, including the Consumer Goods and the Anti COVID-19 Products.

Korea Business Partnership Online Expo, a New Contactless Marketing Channel in the COVID-19 Era

The participating companies are expected to benefit from the “Team Korea” brand, including increased credibility and awareness, thanks to the Korea brand power that has been recently strengthened by the Korean government’s successful efforts to counter the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, including through “K-Prevention.” It is hoped that that the online exhibition hall programs will help both foreign and domestic companies find successful business opportunities and eventually overcome the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Korea Business Partnership Online Expo, a New Contactless Marketing Channel in the COVID-19 Era | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Korea Electronics Show 2021

The Festival of Cutting-Edge Technologies
The Korea Electronics Show, which was first held in 1969, is Korea’s largest and leading professional brand exhibition for the electronics and ICT industry. It is expected to again be a business networking festival showcasing the present and future prospects for the related industries.
The core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution can be seen at the show. Exhibition items will include AI, IoT, robots, wearables, smart home appliances, home entertainments, vehicle technology, electronic parts & materials, health & wellness, VR/AR & 3D convergence, and startup & R&D.

Expecting more than 500 companies
In 2021, more than 500 companies including Samsung and LG are expected to join the show; and over 62,000 buyers & visitors are also anticipated to see the current convergence platform of the ICT industry here at KES.

Korea Electronics Show 2021

Other events of note will include ”Biz Matching” between exhibitors and influential buyers, an “Opening Keynotes,” in which global leaders will share their strategies and visions, in addition to various conferences and seminars also scheduled.
Kim Ki-nam, chairman of the Korea Electronics Association, conveyed his best wishes for the success of the show, saying, “We would be grateful if you can participate in KES which will be a perfect opportunity to present your latest innovations. KES continues to be an important platform for engaging with the media and potential business partners.”

Korea Electronics Show 2021 | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods


Led by the Korea Measuring Instrument Research Association (KMIRA), a total of ten Korean companies engaged in manufacturing medical laboratories are currently participating in online MEDLAB ME 2021, as participations in the Export Consortium Business of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS), from May 23 through July 22.
Each of the exhibitors’ participation in MEDLAB ME 2021 was decided to be conducted only online due to the COVID-19. For two months, exhibits of participating Korean companies are to be promoted in global markets through exhibitions online.
MDLAB ME is a renowned global exhibition for governmental officials, experts, and instrument manufacturers in the areas of diagnostics, reagent instruments, etc. – especially in the UAE and neighboring countries.

MEDLAB ME 2021 | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

KIMES 2021 Featured Hybrid Exhibition Reflecting the Changing Business Environment Caused by COVID-19

The 36th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2021), considered Korea’s largest medical industry exhibition, recently successfully completed its four-day schedule.
It was remarkable that KIMES 2021 was the first to utilize the entire COEX halls since the COVID-19 outbreak last year.
Among the total number of visitors, the ratio of medical officials was most high, reflecting both the accumulated needs of medical information, and the growing interest in the changing medical environment affected by COVID-19.

KIMES 2021 Featured Hybrid Exhibition Reflecting the Changing Business Environment Caused by COVID-19

Presenting the desirable directions of the new medical environment and medical industry
KIMES 2021, with a theme of “Link to the New Era,” presented the new desirable directions of the new medical environment and the medical industry in the “new normal” era – unveiling various kinds of cutting-edge medical equipment such as artificial intelligence, VR, medical robots, smart healthcare, big data, etc. – all of which mirror the flow of convergence among different industries.

KIMES 2021 Featured Hybrid Exhibition Reflecting the Changing Business Environment Caused by COVID-19

Total of 1,208 companies exhibiting from 33 nations, with 52,362 visitors
KIMES 2021, with a scale of 40,000 sqm using the whole halls of COEX and Grand Ballroom, attracted a total of 1,208 companies exhibiting from 33 nations, with 52,362 visitors – positioning itself again as the most representative medical exhibition in Korea.
KIMES 2021, unlike previous editions of the exhibition, featured a configuration of hybrid exhibitions with ‘uncontact’ contents such as ‘uncontact’ video conference, online seminar (Webinar), online video export consultancy, online live channels, etc. – in line with the changing business environment caused by the spread of COVID-19.
The concurrent GMEP, a global medical device export consultancy, together with KOTRA, helped domestic manufacturers’ expansion into global markets with matching results in which 250 domestic companies were connected with 550 overseas enterprises – through online video export consultancy.
And Medical Korea 2021 took place both online and offline at the same time in the Grand Ballroom in COEX, forming conference, seminar and briefing sessions, exhibition hall, business export consultancy, etc.
In particular, ‘KIMES Live!’ – an official YouTube live channel of KIMES 2021 – was set up to support Korea’s companies’ pioneering the domestic and global market, and thus to introduce the advanced medical devices and equipment of exhibitors in both Korean and English on a real-time basis.

KIMES 2021 Featured Hybrid Exhibition Reflecting the Changing Business Environment Caused by COVID-19 | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Opening a 3D VR Cyber Permanent Exhibition Hall

For Promotion of Korea’s Smart Home Products

The cyber permanent exhibition hall, which introduces the smart home solutions and smart home appliances of Korea’s small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), was officially opened Feb. 17, 2021.
Smart home& smart home appliances industries are pioneering the overseas export markets that were becoming increasingly tougher due to the lasting effects of COVID-19 – through utilizing a cyber exhibition hall online. The cyber exhibition hall, constructed with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Enhergy (MOTIE), is designed for domestic enterprises that are experiencing difficulties both in participation in overseas exhibitions, and exporting.

Opening a 3D VR Cyber Permanent Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall, equipped with 3D VR, is expected to be an exhibition that surpasses the limitations of the existing online version of exhibition – through a series of competitive services such as hosting of video consultations, real-time buyer consultation programs, and overseas buyer matchings.
The smart home/appliances cyber permanent exhibition hall supplements the limitations of the existing offline-based exhibitions, which are held during a comparatively short period of days.

For Promotion of Korea’s Smart Home Products

Through interlocking with buyKorea, an online export support platform supported by MOTIE, the cyber exhibition hall effectively supports electronic payment, and product orders as well. In addition, buyKorea provides a so-called integrated-type support platform for online export marketing – as an exclusive e-market place for the overseas export support for Korea’s SMEs – through some roles such as export product registrations, discovering dealerships, and delivery support.

Opening a 3D VR Cyber Permanent Exhibition Hall

The premium cyber permanent exhibition hall comprises a total of seven fields – home IoT, smart appliances, smart interiors & furniture home control, home security, energy management, and home security. Moreover, it, based on 3D VR, displayed the nation’s various types of smart-related products in high-resolution.
Moreover, the service experience hall, through seven services scenarios, is anticipated to be an exhibition that boosts the sale of the nation’s products through online.
The greatest feature of the cyber exhibition hall is that it provides detailed descriptions of the products through applications of both 3D images and VR technology. The existing online exhibition frequently failed to enable the consultancy to consequently grow into the purchasing of Korean products – considering that the difficulty in making the detailed confirmation of the targeted products caused by the limitations in both time and space. This cyber permanent exhibition hall was made into a system in which potential buyers can confirm the targeted products while rotating them with 360-degree function, and it is being interlocked in both PCs and mobile devices. It provides a web-chatting function between Korean companies and overseas potential buyers, along with display of the detailed data introducing the products.

Opening a 3D VR Cyber Permanent Exhibition Hall

Potential buyers can confirm the actual locations and functions of the related products in the service experience hall. The experience hall consists of five categories – bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and garden – and buyers can easily confirm each product at a glance while looking around each home.
Presently, a total of 53 enterprises are participating in this cyber exhibition hall – with their top-quality products including doorway reading detectors, face recognition smart home door phones, air purification sterilizers, and smart beds.

The smart home cyber exhibition hall – officially supported by both MOTIE and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and operated by the Korea Association of Smart Home (KASH) – is expected to be developed into a B2B portal site bridging K-smart home products and global buyers.
Anyone who is using a PC or mobile device can visit this cyber exhibition hall, which is supposed to be operated all-year-round.

Outline of the Cyber Permanent Exhibition Hall
Period: To be continued from Feb. 17, 2021
Exhibition Place: Online Cyber Place
Major Exhibits: Smart Home Items (Home IoT, Home Appliances, Lightings/Furnitures/Interiors, Controls, Securities, Energy)

  The Features of K-Smarthome Virtual Exhibition

  • Supporting realtime-based business consultation through supplying functions of video conference and chatting – in order to supply smooth business consultation between sellers and buyers
  • Directly dispatching inquiries from potential buyers to a certain company’s person in charge of specific products – when receiving inquiries on certain products
  • Possible of sample buying and shipment by being interlocked with buyKorea buyKorea is an exclusive e-marketplace for overseas export support for Korea’s SMEs
    And it is an online one-stop process that supplies the functions necessary in the overall export fields of
    Korea’s exporters – matching service supply, transaction (from the beginning to completion)
  • Available regardless of restrictions in both time and place through being realized in English in both PC and mobile device versions
  • Supplying 3D VR service through which potential buyers can see the related product list while they are moving by themselves in offline space shaped similar to overseas housing environments | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods