KPCAshow 2020 to draw many people around the world involved in the electronics industry

KPCAshow 2020, organized by Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, and sponsored by the World Electronic Circuits Council (WECC) and the Asian Federation of Electronic Circuits (AFEC), will be held concurrently from July 21 (Tue.) to 23 (Thu.), 2020 in Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Korea. Entering the 21st century, the world’s PCB industry has experienced new changes in the market and technologies it has never seen before.
KPCA seeks to provide an opportunity for people around the world involved in the electronics industry to actively keep up with the rapidly changing environment, as well as to contribute to the acceleration of technology advancement and the expansion of the the world’s electronics industry market.
As many as 226 of the world’s most prominent corporations from 15 different countries participated in the KPCAshow 2019, and 9,725 visitors enjoyed the event. The organizer of the exhibition was pleased to hear that they were able to learn more about the most suitable technologies for the production of PCBs and find their best partners.
This year also many kinds of items including electronic components, manufacturing equipment, electronic boards, semiconductor packaging-related equipment, surface treatment & plating-related equipment, etc. are being lined up for display.

The president of the exhibition’s organizer remarked, “We are preparing for the KPCAshow 2020 that will be held in July 2020, with the full support of the Korean government. A large number of Korean corporations and buyers from all over the world have already informed us of their intention to participate in the event. We at KPCA are confident that the KPCAshow 2020 will be a great opportunity for the participating corporations’ continuous growth.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Ten Leading Korean SMEs Engaged in Diagnosis and Experimental Equipment to Participate in MEDLAB Middle East 2020 Korea Measuring Instruments Research Association (KMIRA) will, with the support of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS), participate in the forthcoming MEDLAB Middle East 2020, a diagnostic and experimental equipment exhibition to be held in the Dubai World Trade Centre in the UAE from February 3 ~ 6, with ten associated Korean companies by operating a Korean Pavilion.
It is expected that this exhibition will be visited by over 25,800 visitors and attracts participation by more than 600 companies from 35 nations. It is considered the greatest-scale exhibition for medical experimental equipment and analysis-related equipment in the region.
KMIRA is scheduled to make its second move for setting up a Korean Pavilion following its first one in 2017. The participating company members are comprised of Korean SMEs (small-and medium-sized enterprises) that are engaged in dealing with diagnosis and experimental equipment, which aim to meet with competitive buyers in the Middle East region and Europe and to promote their superior products.
KMIRA, through the management of promotional booths and support of Korean companies’ activities in exhibition center, will help the participating Korean companies to reap notable rewards.

A representative of KMIRA recently remarked, “We will continuously carry out productive projects in different ways – including participation of exhibitions, support of reliability certification, etc. – in order to help the associated Korean SMEs to expand overseas markets.

Exhibition Site and Period
Site: UAE DUBAI World Trade Centre
Period: February 3 ~ 6, 2020 | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Keen Attention to 5G Services and Foldable Phones Leading up to KITAS 2019 is growing rapidly among users of smart devices leading up to the nation’s largest smart device exhibition KITAS 2019, in line with the launch of 5G service and foldable phones.
Some companies based in South Korea and the United States have already released foldable cases even before the release of foldable phones. This shows how the market including the related manufactures are swiftly preparing for the potential growth of the foldable phones markets.
As the 9th Smart Device Trade Show (KITAS 2019) will be held from July 11 (Thursday) to 13 (Saturday) at COEX Hall C in Samseong-dong, Seoul, ordinary smart device users are anticipated to experience and enjoy viewing a variety of smart devices including foldable cases for foldable phones.
Last year’s KITAS 2018 took place on a scale of 229 booths for exhibitors from 155 companies, drawing a total of 26,027 visitors for three-days. Among them, 8,739 domestic buyers and 86 overseas buyers participated actively in the exhibition and greatly helped domestic medium-and small-sized enterprises and start-ups in their strides for pioneering new sales routes.
KITAS 2019 added 5G-related services such as smarthome devices, and smart pay as new exhibits.
As an accompanying event, KITAS Top-10 products are to be displayed at a specially designated site in the exhibition, and were originally chosen through a series of strict procedures, about a month ago by the exhibition organizer. The holders of the KITAS Top-10 have been enjoying profound promotional effects in both domestic and abroad markets.
Free admission for any buyers and visitors who want to visit KITAS 2019 is offered after they have registered and then shared the information in their respective SNS. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Gangwon-do Announces its Plans to Promote the Hydrogen Industry 2019 International Hydrogen Forum is to be held between May 9 and 10 in the 2018 Winter Olympics resort of Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, composed of three sections, with participation by leading best hydrogen experts from home and abroad.

Mun-sun Choi, Governor of the Province, stressed, “We will discuss the value chain of the hydrogen industry, focused on liquefied hydrogen.”

The first international forum is to be held for building infrastructure and accelerating industrialization for hydrogen energy, tailored to Gangwon-do. This forum is planned to take place annually with the name of ‘International Hydrogen Forum.’
The 2019 International Hydrogen Forum, hosted by Gangwon-do Province and also under the auspices of Gangwon Techno Park and Gangwon Convention & Visitors Bureau, is to be held between May 9 and 10 at Alpensia Resort, Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do.
In particular, this forum is to be held concurrently with the Advanced Fuel Cells Meeting of the International Energy Agency and also the 2019 Spring Conference of the Korean Hydrogen & New Energy Society (Chairman: Jung-hui Lee, Professor of Chonbuk National University).
IEA’s Advanced Fuel Cells Meeting will be held at the Intercontinental Pyeongchang over a three-day period from May 7 to 9, and will be attended by nearly 25 members of the international fuel cell subcommittee.
The spring conference of the Korean hydrogen & new energy society is to be held over a two-day period from May 9 to 10 at the convention center of Alpensia Resort, and is expected to feature 21 oral presentations and 60 poster presentations, and will be attended by nearly 300 experts from the industry and academia.
The primary objectives of the 1st International Hydrogen Forum are to vitalize the hydrogen industry in Gangwon-do Province, to activate exchanges of information within the hydrogen industry, and to grow into a major forum for the hydrogen energy field.
Gangwon-do plans to make this forum a sustainable and representative one, in which seeking ways in order to transform Gangwon-do into a hydrogenbased area could be fully discussable.
Gangwon-do is planning to transform Samcheok, where a nuclear facility is located, into a hydrogenbased
energy hub upon cancellation of the nuclear power plant designation. To that end, the Province is developing master plans for a series of related projects.
As a hydrogen-powered city pursuing a ‘hydrogen society,’ where hydrogen energy is consumed as a primary energy source through liquefied hydrogen storage and utilization, Gangwon-do is clearly signaling its strong commitment to becoming a hydrogen-based society and economy through the Forum.
The 2019 International Hydrogen Forum is composed of three sections: ‘Hydrogen Production and Liquefaction Technology’ (May 9); ‘Water Electrolysis Technology and P2G Demonstration’ (May 9); and ‘Future Hydrogen Technology’ (May 10).
During section 1, ‘Hydrogen Production and Liquefaction Technology’, Detlef Stolten, Director of IEK3 at the Juelich Research Center, Germany, and also Chairman of IEA’s Advanced Fuel Cells, will deliver a keynote address on ‘Global Trends in Hydrogen Energy and Prospects’ ; this will be followed by ‘Liquefied Hydrogen Supply Chain Solutions,’ an address delivered by Peter Gerstl, Head of Product Management, Linde Group; and ‘Liquefied Hydrogen Infrastructure Development in Korea,’ delivered by Byeong-il Choi, Researcher-In-Charge, the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials; and also ‘Nano Engineering for High-Efficiency Energy Conversion Systems,’ delivered by Gi-seok Nam, Professor of Chonbuk National University.
During section 2, ‘Water Electrolysis Technology and P2G Demonstration,’ Amgad Elgowainy, Team Leader/Principal Energy Systems Analyst, Argonne National Laboratory, USA, will deliver a keynote speech on ‘Water Electrolysis Prospects and P2G Energy Storage Technology’; this will be followed by ‘Renewable Energy in Europe and Studies on P2G Cases and Mobility’ delivered by Albert Van Den Noot, Senior Consultant of DNV GL, Norway; and ‘Mass-Production of Hydrogen through Water Electrolysis for Carbon Phase-Out,’ delivered by Everett Anders from Nel, a global water electrolysis expert from Norway.
Section 3 will focus on future technologies being developed in Korea. In particular, the progress of four major projects in a city, vessel, train, and P2G will be introduced in detail by the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (hydrogen city), Pusan National University (hydrogen powered vessel), Korea Railroad Research Institute (hydrogen powered train), and Korea Institute of Energy Research (P2G).
Moreover, a preliminary event on the theme of ‘Safe Hydrogen Society’ will be held on May 9 especially for the residents and students in Gangwon-do, together with additional events such as hydrogen industry public information, industrial tour, business agreement, and many more.
In particular, Gangwon-do will conclude three business agreements on May 9, including development of the hydrogen city, development of the hydrogen industry, and development of industry, and hydrogenpowered vessels ― in an effort to nurture the future drivers for growth in relation to the hydrogen industry.
“Recently, Korean President Moon Jae-in visited Gangwon-do and promised continued support for and attention to Samcheok’s transformation into a hydrogen city,” explained Mun-sun Choi, Governor of the Province. “Through the international Forum we will widely publicize our strong determination to promote hydrogen projects and gather valuable inputs from experts in the field.”
And he expressed his wishes as follows: “Especially we’d like to discuss various aspects of this initiative, ranging from hydrogen production to storage, transport, and utilization, in order to identify an optimized value chain for the industry.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

International Hydrogen Forum 2019

Highlighting Issues of Hydrogen Economy, Liquefaction
Date: 2019.5.9(Thu.) – 10(Fri.)
Place: Alpensia Resort Convention Center in Pyeong Chang | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

EV Trend Korea 2019 Trend Korea is the only EV exhibition taking place in Seoul where potential customers for EVs are expected to grow more rapidly than any other regions in the nation.
EV Trend Korea is being held in order to contribute to the expanding popularity of EVs among the public and to inform the citizens of EV culture, led by the government, in line with the global trend where demand for eco-friendly EVs is on the increase.
EV Trend Korea 2019 is supposed not only to unveil EVs that will lead this year’s trends, but also to present all aspects related to future vehicles including autonomous vehicles, connected services, AI technologies, car sharing, etc.
This exhibition is sure to be popular, based upon the fact that this is the most representative EV exhibition in South Korea and it is the only such exhibition to be professionally held in Seoul, with optimal timing for EV marketing among concerned parties.
This exhibition is to be held for the first time in South Korea this year, creating an expectation for potential numerous business outcomes.
And as the organizer is engaging in the swiftest, most effective marketing activities for the maximized effects for the exhibitors, any potential exhibitors are heavily likely to reap greater business result than ever. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

2018 Motion Control Show venue of a festival for the motion control engineering industry is opening its doors.
The 2018 Motion Control Show will be held at COEX located in Samseong-dong, Seoul, from October 24 to 26.
At the 2018 Motion Control Show, celebrating its 13th anniversary this year, you will be able to encounter Korea’s technology-intensive products in one place, as well as famous overseas motion control products. ‘Motion Control,’ the major field of the participating companies, is the technology that supports operation between automated instruments used in the production sites to be realized according to the characteristics of the product. It is considered to be an essential element in installation and operation of manufacturers’ automation systems and installation of ‘smart factories.’
Companies participating in the exhibition are expected to attract visitors’ attention by exhibiting various products and solutions such as motors, drivers and systems, motion controllers, motion sensors and measuring devices, HMI, etc. which realize the motion control technology.
Meanwhile, the global motion control market has been growing continuously, recording the average annual growth rate of 7.66% from 2013 to 2018. According to the experts, in keeping with this trend, motion control which controls motions through simple on/off, position control, speed control, etc. is currently leveling the technology fast and the market will become more fiercely competitive.
The 2018 Motion Control Show, which celebrates its 13th anniversary this year, will have exhibitions and other events according to this trend.
A spokesperson for the exhibition explained, “This exhibition has been arranged as a venue for the motion control technology supporting precise work in the advanced industrial sites as well as interacting closely with semiconductor engineering, which is the national basic industry, flexible display industry, various industries, etc. to become a new valueadded industry.”

He added, “As the 2018 Motion Control Show provides industry workers and visitors with information on technical interactions and trends, future prospects of technology and industry, etc., the number of exhibitors and visitors has been increasing every year. It is expected that there will be increase of booths and visitors this year, too.”
Meanwhile, the 2018 Motion Control Show will be organized by Sangeun Media which has been publishing Motion Control and Vision Systems, both of which are professional monthly publications relating to the motion and vision industry in Korea, and it will be held simultaneously with the ‘Semiconductor Exhibition,’ the ‘IMID 2018 Korea Display Exhibition’ and the ‘Korea Electronics Show.’ | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Looking Back on K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2018“K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2018,” a representative exhibition and conference in the field of domestic medical industry has been completed successfully. Every year, K-HOSPITAL FAIR has showcased the latest trends and solutions in the medical industry. Let’s trace back the main issues presented this year.


Special Exhibition For Medical Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence was a hot issue this year. Public attention was focused because the AI Based Precision Medical Solution (Doctor Answer) Bureau attended as a special representative of medical artificial intelligence and held the conference. Artificial intelligence solutions were presented for three big diseases: cardiovascular & cerebrovascular diseases, dementia, and prostate cancer.
Hospitals involved in this business including Kyungpook National University Hospital, Seoul National Univ. Bundang Hospital, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, and ASAN Medical Center and companies including JLK INSPECTION, LifeSemantics, LINE WORKS, and VUNO participated in the exhibition and presented development directions for Koreanstyle artificial intelligence.


Special Exhibition For Hospital Facilities Management

Successive fire accidents in hospitals led to recognition of the importance of hospital facilities management. Korea Institute of Healthcare Architecture and Korean Hospital Facilities Management Association covered ‘Hospital Safety’ as a main theme through the Hospital Architecture Forum and the Facilities Management Seminar, respectively. Safety management and fire preventive system related hardware companies presented the latest products and technologies, and drew keen attention from the team managers of hospital facilities management.


Patient Safety

Patient safety is an utmost priority in hospitals. In this event, many associations and companies including the Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation, Korea Medical Engineering Association, Korea Institute of Healthcare Architecture, Quality Improvement Nurse Society, and RENOSEM (a sterilizer manufacturer) held seminars under the topic of patient safety. From the participation of many medical workers, it became clear that hospitals have a strong interest in and undiminished enthusiasm in patient safety issues.


Hospital Marketing Promotion

As seminars with the topic of ‘Hospital Marketing’ were closed early, they were highly anticipated even before starting. Dailymedi held a seminar, ‘2018 Hospital Promotion And Marketing Forum: Crisis Management Hospital Promotion Strategy,’ while Google Korea and goodoc held ‘Hospital Marketing, It Is Youtube Now,’ and ‘Medical Market Changes According To Mobile Trends: From Services to Marketing’, respectively. There were so many attendees that there were many standing in the audience due to insufficient seating.
It reflected hospital managers’ troubles who want to resolve current difficulties hospital management. It is already expected what kinds of new contents will be presented next year in K-HOSPITAL FAIR that has revealed trends in the medical industry every year. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Inno Tech Show 19th Inno Tech Show will be held for three days from August 30 to September 1 at COEX, Seoul. Its purpose is to disseminate excellent technologies of domestic SMEs and to raise the status of SMEs through spreading and sharing of innovation cases by discovering and honoring people of merit who have contributed to technological innovation.
This exhibition contributes to establishing goals for SMEs to advance, and to providing a venue for information exchange that can materialize such goals. Meanwhile, the exhibition also plays an important role in alleviating youth unemployment and the labor shortages of SMEs through revitalization of vocational education, as well as creating a social climate in which technical talents such as field workers are treated fairly.
For this exhibition sponsored by the Small & Medium Business Corporation, Korea Association of University, Research Institute and Industry, Agriculture and Fisheries Cooperation Foundation, etc., more than 300 booths plan to show various outstanding products of SMEs.
Technologies and products which participated in government R&D projects or were developed in-house as well as those excellent innovation technologies and products developed through cooperation among universities, research institutes, and industry will be displayed. The exhibition will also prepare an event space where you can experience the cutting-edge technology of SMEs. Relating to technology protection, the promotion of support projects provided by related institutions and on-site expert consultations are scheduled. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

IoT Korea Exhibition 2018 Korea Exhibition 2018 will be held from September 12 to 14 in COEX, Seoul, where products of the service field linked to IoT technology will mainly be exhibited.
In the consumer electronics field, smart home services, intelligent housing management services, smart bathroom services, and smart lighting services will be introduced. In the energy field, a building energy management system, a smart temperature control system, smart grid, a high-voltage power telemetering service, and air-conditioning system including heating and cooling will be displayed.
In the manufacturing field, smart manufacturing platform solutions, manufacturing process automation systems, and industrial safety solutions will be on display. In the automobile/ transportation sector, intelligent autonomous vehicles, emergency rescue/road information systems, car sharing systems, and intelligent traffic management services are planned.
In the city/safety field, smart city/building, remote management services for buildings/bridges, and safety management services for facilities will be included. In the environmental field, water quality and reservoir management systems, meteorological observation systems, and air pollution monitoring services are ready for display.
In the health/medical services, smart health care, smart wellness, smart after-care services, and personalized health care services are planned to attract attention. And, in the field of agriculture, stockbreeding and fisheries field, livestock management services and a farm environment monitoring system will be included. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods