World IT Show 2023


This year’s World IT Show will be held at COEX in Seoul on April 19 to 21, hosted by six organizations including the Korea International
Trade Association (KITA), and the Korea Association for Information and Communication Promotion.
At this exhibition, a large number of technologies and new products in the field of software security and convergence fields will be exhibited and introduced — such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and extended reality (XR), self-driving, smart home, digital health, robot and mobility.

Meanwhile, as a concurrent event, the ‘2023 ICT Commercialization Festival’ will also be held along with the main exhibition.
In order to respond to the demand for digitization in all industries as well as ICT in accordance with the government’s digital innovation (digitization) strategy, the exhibition is being held in order to showcase the latest technologies and products in such various areas as ICT convergence, digital twin & metaverse, smart living and healthcare, robotics, intelligent mobility, blockchain, and security

Global ICT companies, major telecommunications companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and startups with innovative technologies are 40 scheduled to participate. Also, public R&D institutions and technology commercialization support organizations in the field of ICT and SW convergence are preparing to arrange their booths in the exhibition. It is expected that they will share their achievements accomplished to date, and build networks with enterprises that interest them. As a concurrent event, the ‘Global ICT Trend Insights Conference’ is planned to take place, sharing major next-generation ICT technologies and trends such as artificial intelligence, XR, metaverse, autonomous driving, and IT connectivity. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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