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Newly-Upgraded Air Purifier ‘Mam2’ to be Released on the Market
[INQ. NO. 2111E02] AIWANATECH Co., Ltd. is preparing to release Mam2, a newly-upgraded air purifier. This upgraded air purifier has acquired certification from FCC in the USA, as well as CE in Europe, PSE in Japan and ECAS in the UAE ‒ in order to advance into the global market.
Unlike previous products that require the use of costly exclusive filters, this air-cleaning product can be used in car air conditioner filters guaranteed by many global brands including 3M, Bosch, Hyundai MOBIS, Bullsone, etc., enhancing accessibility and cost-effectiveness for a user to easily and conveniently purchase anywhere.
As for the motor, one of the core components of an air purifier, the company has applied the BLDC motor used for Samsung Electronics’ premium home appliances to secure quality reliability. This motor not only has strong cleaning effect, but is also low-noise so as not to interrupt one’s reading or sleeping when in SLEEP mode.

Air Purifier

Efficient in Creating Luxurious Interior Design
Mam2 looks natural in any space and is also efficient in creating luxurious interior design. As it can be used in any indoor space, it is possible to utilize this product in various ways such as for cleaning air, removing odors, etc., in a number of places including one’s own space, small rooms, kitchens, dressing rooms, studios and small offices.

Compatibility with Global Brand Filters to Increase Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness
“Since not only the exclusive filter but also car air conditioner filters provided and guaranteed by a number of global brands can be used, Mam2 is the most cost-efficient product that is able to manage fine dust in our ordinary lives for the protection of your health and that of your family,” explained a spokesperson for the company.

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Air Purifier E&G Co., Ltd. is a professional HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning), enterprise which has produced and sold the clean room, FFU, etc,. for the past 41 years. Based on related HVAC technology, this company recently has developed two kinds of air purifier. At present, most notably, the company produces the hybrid air purifier and the ceiling air purifier with light.


Hybrid Air Purifier

This product is basically equipped with the function of a compact air purifier and it is the world’s first product offering the function of nail dust absorber and curing machine used in the nail shop. The nail shop is a space where air management is weak due to dust and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated during the nail art work. Air Nudge is the product that can solve these problems of the nail shop at one swoop with the dust absorber function of perfectly absorbing dusts generated during the nail work, the UVLED curing machine function that can cure the gel when treating the gel nail, and the air purifier function that can purify the air up to 5 pyeong (16.5m2). Due to its excellent performance and design, this product has received a favorable evaluation from nail shop specialists and experts in the market research.


Ceiling Air Purifier with Light

In order to improve the space issue and the air-purification efficiency of the existing stand-type air purifier, we have developed an air purifier that can be attached to the ceiling. This product is equipped with an air purifier and LED light and it can be easily installed by just replacing it with the existing light.


The general air purifier occupies the installation place as a stand type, and its air-purifying efficiency is lowered as air circulation occurs only in the area around the air purifier. However, its ceiling-type air purifier does not occupy actual space as it is located on the ceiling and helps clean not just the space around the air purifier but the wide area evenly. In addition, equipped with the LED light together, this product can be installed easily in a way of replacing the existing light in conventional dwellings. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Air Purifier Corp, a joint venture of Global Carrier and Autech, is improving its status as a leader in the field of air conditioners not only in Korea but also in foreign countries by providing eco-friendly, high-efficient products by collaborating capital and technology with Global Carrier.
CLK developed air purifiers by grafting the aforementioned high-level refrigerating and airconditioning technology of CLK Corp as it is. It now has a line-up of commercial products and household products. Especially, the purification capability of SLIM-Z, which is a commercial product, gained recognition at AHAM, U.S. air purifier certification, as the best.
CLK’s air purifier SLIM-Z delivers perfect air purification capability based on advanced filtration system. This has double filtration structure. It makes air intake space larger resulting in faster and more powerful air purification. The pre filter(washable&permanent) of the purifier traps large sized allergens, dust and particles as well as animal hairs & dander.
The installed True HEPA filter of it can capture air borne particles 0.3microns in size at 99.97% efficiency and reduce common allergens. This filter is of activated carbon deodorized filter. This filter absorbs odors, smoke and certain VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) with high performance.
CLK’s advanced air purifier can be backed up by aerospace technology and maximizes the indoor air circulation with optimally designed inside structure not interfering air flow. This purifier allows smart cleaning & easy monitoring. This can smartly adjust its cleaning power to keep the best indoor air quality while saving the energy cost. The featured display enabling to monitor pollutant level with color change visually shows the level of pollutant & clearness of the space. This purifier allows smart monitoring for filter replacement indicator. The efficient power consumption for this purifier is as low as 61W, lowering the cost burden of the users.

Air conditioners from Carrier have top-level technology that can maintain air-conditioning and heating at a high speed of 350 km/h or faster such as KTX, etc. so they are fitted to domestic and foreign high-speed trains. They also supply eco-friendly, high-efficient refrigerating and airconditioning systems to not only homes and business establishments but also commercial and industrial facilities including large buildings, hotels, high-tech industry facilities, ships and power plants. Furthermore, they are providing customers with better air-conditioning service by providing air-conditioning systems essential for domestic and overseas cutting-edge buildings based on excellent technology. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Air Purifier[INQ. NO. 1809E04] Nowadays, many households and offices use air purifiers for indoor air purification. However, a common problem with them has been the annoying motor noise when one has to concentrate on work or take care of a baby at home.
Dongyang S&T therefore developed ‘Air Clara,’ a quiet anion air purifier that creates wind without Motor.
The company’s CEO Kang Chang-whan received an anion as a gift from a close friend who bought it in Japan.
At that time the anion air purifier was not a common product and the CEO, after using the air purifier for a few days, was very impressed with the product as he felt his head clearing as well as the air purification effect.
After using the air purifier all day long for the first few days, Mr. Kang gradually used the product less as he found sound of the motor turning the fan too annoying, while he was constantly busy developing new business items stained contaminated with cigarette smoke.
It was noisy to use, but it seemed a pity not to use it. CEO Kang realized that an air purifier would be fit for use if it were operated with no motor.
At that time, it was a naturally accepted concept to put a fan on the motor and blow out the wind with the rotating power of the fan. He thus started to develop a new product as if he were doing basic science experiments.
First of all, he put an acrylic cylinder around the anion electrode brush to prevent scattering of the anion and then accelerated the brush. After one year of study, he changed the material of the cylinder from acrylic to ceramic in order to reduce the resistance and formed the air swirl by putting a tungsten spring in the front. As a result, a soft and silent anionic wind was emitted with the power strong enough to blow off a sheet of toilet paper although the wind was not as strong as the existing air purifier. There was neither motor noise, nor any electromagnetic wave at all, nor blowing back of the dust.
Unlike the existing air purifiers with a separate anionic emitter and windmaking motor, this product has an advantage that the user can immediately check any problem with the generation of anions.

When Air Clara is operated, it generates a large amount of anions and the amount of anions (Model DYS-8800 : more than 2 million per m3 and model DYS-8801R : more than 14 million per m3) and the amount of ozone is just onetenth of the international standard recommended level of 0.005ppm / m3. It generates negative ion wind without using a motor. Even if it is used 24 hours a day, monthly electricity charge is about 10 cents.
CEO Kang displayed his confidence, saying, “It is absolutely through the power of performance that the product of an unknown SME has become so widely known. And the reason is because Air Clara is a silent air purifier that generates a large amount of pure negative ion air without using a motor, and purifies the air by this anion effect.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Aqua air cleaner by electrostastic technology

[INQ. NO. 1412E13] ZiHOM is an air purifier manufacturer in Korea that has been focusing its research solely on air purification techniques ever since its establishment in 2003. Endless R&D, thorough product testing, together with passion to seek the best, led ZiHOM to the world’s first invention of aqua air cleaner.

Aqua-air-cleaner-by-electrostastic-technology Using water and semi-permanent eco-filter to collect various pollutants and wash them, ACE (Aqua Air Cleaner by Electrostastic) is a new technology in the world. AirMaster ACE-30 as an air purifier and humidifier does not need maintenance expenses to change filter and there is no filter garbage.

Based on its technology, it won the Gold Medal in Air Purification Technology at the 40th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland, held in Palexpo Convention Center.

To increase customer’s satisfaction, AirMaster ACE-30 features to be faithful to the restrained design and implementation. Neat and simple design is modern and luxurious, great for home decorating. Designed for easy operation with simple directions, eco-friendly AirMaster ACE-30 delivers clean air to all over the house, maintainning unmagnified naturalness. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods