A Fine Chemistry Company Leading the Semiconductor, LCD, and TSP Markets

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryThe price of a single semiconductor wafer the size of two hand palms is extremely costly for the surface is coated with gold. A wafer of 750 micrometer thickness is polished to thinner than one-third through ultra-high-speed back grinding. In this process, even a slight difference in thickness may cause a problem in which electricity does not travel across chips. This is why the role of the back grinding tape holding the wafer is critical in the process of grinding.
Since its establishment in 2006, BECS Co., Ltd. has developed a liquid masking coating agent by utilizing the know-how gained through its clearing business in the semiconductor and fl at panel display (FPD) fields in the early stage. The company further transformed itself from a total cleaning solution provider to a fine chemistry company and successfully sett led the masking coating business, a core process of semiconductors, LCDs, and TSPs in the market.

PRM 1100; Wafer Back Grinding Lamination Film

BECS has developed a liquid-type coating for wafer back grinding that can replace the existing lamination film type. The wafer back grinding is a process to reduce resistance and improve heat conductivity by removing needless films and grinding the thick reverse side. Consisting of film type and liquid type, it reduces over 70% material costs compared with BG tape. The wafer back grinding can be applied to the process of dicing before grinding (DBG) and stealth dicing before grinding (SDBG). Back grinding is easy for the sawing process and minimizes the package thickness as well as exhales working heat. The liquid coating reduces over 70% material costs compared with BG tape. The process is as simple as four to six steps.

Dicing Before Grinding (DBG)

If the wheel keeps rotating with die separated, faults may occur due to the collision among chips and mixed dust. As kerf width is maintained between dies, chips are fixed during back grounding. It is easy to release with no residue.

Stealth Dicing Before Grinding (SDBG)

In the process of laser sawing, it forms a protective film on the surface of the wafer to be cut, which protects the wafer from debris and particles generated while dicing. The coating agent is released in the shape of film when it is dipped into water after use. The amount of yielding wafer dicing increases by preventing cracks on the wafer that may be created during the sawing process. It is also easy to release in the shape of film or tape in the water and dries quickly.

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Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Established in 1980, Hanmi Semiconductor has grown into one of the leading companies manufacturing equipment in the fields of semiconductor, PV, LEDs and PCBs. Hanmi Semiconductor is handling all processes such as design, development, fabrication, assembly, installation, training and after sales services with only its own technology and experience to ensure the best quality.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Hanmi Semiconductor carries out a series of semiconductor manufacturing-related process of cutting, delivering, inspecting, and loading the CSP line of QFN, MLF, BGA, CABGA, BOC, FLIPCHIP and some memory card packages, and consequently it innovatively simplifies the manufacturing process of the semiconductors. Now it is considered to be the most advanced semiconductor equipment maker worldwide equipped with the world’s highest-level technology, with global market share of 80 percent.

Semiconductor-manufacturing-equipment With efforts to meet customer satisfaction, Hanmi Semiconductor has won ‘10 best’ and ‘the best’ awards from the VLSI research following winning recognition as “one of Asia’s best Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Hanmi semiconductor’s global network for sales and after-sale service enable the solution provider to take a quick action and gather the opinions from its customers. For this year’s Hanmi Semiconductor’s global market targets include China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, Germany, the United States, etc., positioning semiconductor manufacturing equipment Vision Placement as a market leader.

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DRAM Prices Grow Rapidly

dpgr1Fixed prices of dynamic random access memory(DRAM) chips have grown at the most rapid pace this year.

Market research firm DRAMeXchange set a fixed price of DDR32 gigabits(Gb) 256Mx8 1333MHz chip at $1.28 in the fixed half(H1) of March this year, said sources in the semiconductor industry. The price jumped 18.52 percent from $1.08 in the H2 of February, and is the highest since $1.31of early August in 2011.

The DRAM price fell to a record-low $0.80 in late November last year, but swung to modest growth since late last year. The price growth accelerated since the beginning of this year.

DRAM prices are rising, backed by the industry’s forecast that semiconductor manufacturers are cutting production, which will lead to a shortage of supply. In other words, major DRAM makers including Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are reducing the production of DRAM for PCs, so PC manufacturers are stockpiling DRAM in case its supply runs low.

DRAM prices are rising, backed by the industry’s forecast that semiconductor manufacturers are cutting production, which will lead to a shortage of supply. In other words, major DRAM makers including Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are reducing the production of DRAM for PCs, so PC manufacturers are stockpiling DRAM in case its supply runs low.

Meanwhile, prices of NAND flash that are embedded in smartphones continued to rise. The fixed price of 64Gb 8Gx8 MLC jumped 6.80 percent to $5.34 from that of late February, and the fixed price of 32Gb 4Gx8MLC also rose 9.51 percent to $2.88.

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MyChipThe progress of electronic systems may start from designing. Engineers are very aware of it and use software tools at the initial stage of production. One of the most useful tools is MyCAD, a widely popular electronic design automation software. Recognizing all of these conditions, Korea’s SELOCO is taking responsibility when it comes to providing cost-effective and innovative design tools.

As a leading company in the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) market, SELOCO has been offering EDA and ESL (Electronic System Level) tools like MyCAD and Jasper to a number of companies and research organizations at home and abroad since 2004. SELOCO offers security solutions such as DVR & Digital X-Ray detectors as well. As a professional semiconductor company, it provides total services such as MPW service and ASIC design service.

MyCAD developed by MyCAD, Inc. can effectively meet many extreme demands that today’s technology requires. This EDA tool is fully supported by MyCAD with years of experience and expertise in providing Windows design automation solutions, and offer complete solutions for IC/System Design on Windows platform: Full Custom Layout. MEMS Layout, Photo Mask Layout, LCD Layout, DRC LVS Verification, GDSDXF Conversion, VHDL Simulation, Logic Design, FPGA Prototype.


SanteView-3001In cooperation with a few major global foundries, SELOCO is involved in ASIC & SOC business in order to develop the non-memory semiconductor business, and offer MPW (Multi-Project Wafer) service and various foundry services. Main foundry companies are EPISIL, HHNEC, VIS, UMC, SMIC, and ASMC. Regarding ASIC service, SELOCO works closely with your staff to offer full-custom chip design implementation from design proposal, IP design, configuration, chip level integration, FPGA validation, etc. For more information, you can find at seloco.net/main/intro.html.

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Semiconductor Equipment

Founded in 1980, HANMI Semiconductor is one of the largest semiconductor equipment manufacturers in the world. HANMI Semiconductor’s constant R&D endeavors led to making the company a global leader in providing semiconductor equipment to Korea as well as to 22 different countries such as Taiwan, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, the U.S.A, Japan, Germany, Mexico, India, Ireland and so on.

Especially, HANMI’s ‘Sawing &Placement’ & ‘Trim/Form/Singulation’ has ranked the first in the global market, thereby making it possible to be designated as “Korea World-Class Product” by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in recognition of their top quality and marketability. HANMI Semiconductor has been selected at the top 10 semiconductor equipment manufacturers by annual VLSI Research for 3 consecutive years.


Semiconductor Equipment - Hanmi Semiconductor


The company manufactures four categories of products: semiconductor equipment such as ‘Sawing and Placement,’ ‘Trim/Form/Singulation’ and ‘Pick & Place’, ‘Photovoltaic(PV) equipment,’ including ‘Ingot inspectionm,’ ‘Wafer inspection’ and ‘Sorting system,’ ‘LED equipment,’ ‘Packaging equipment,’ and ‘Laser marking/cutting/drilling.’

Its high-end equipment is being exported to 240 customers around the world. The ‘Sawing and Placement’ ensures high productivity of 20,000 UPH through individually operating a dual chuck sawing process form the two separate cutting chuck tables, drastically reducing sawing delay time.

The spokesperson said “We are witnessing growing demand for our semiconductor equipment in global markets driven by the increased facility investments of Taiwan packaging enterprises from the second half (H2) of this year. Setting up the sales target of 150 billion won, up 12 % from last year, for this year, the company is expecting the successful promotion of its LED equipment in global markets. It plans to increase the ratio of its LED equipment business to roughly 5 % level of total sales.

Another strategic move includes developing next-generation semiconductor equipment including 3D packaging technology in cooperation with domestic leading semiconductor makers.

In spite of the global concern over Eurozone crises and a possible U.S. double dip still maintaining its growing pace, the company forecasts that there will be steady growth of demand for its flagship semiconductor equipment, partly backed by the consistent demand for IT semiconductor due to the global makers’ steady releases of new smartphones, tablet PCs, etc.



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