Electrolytic Capacitors


A Leading Manufacturer of Electrolytic Capacitors Drawing Attention in the Global Electronics Market
[INQ. NO. 2210E14] Samwha Electric Co., Ltd., a specialty manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors in Korea, is attracting in the global electronics market by launching a conductive polymer hybrid electrolytic capacitor built with advanced technology.

Samwha Electric has been providing the global market with its electric double-layer capacitor, ‘Green-Cap,’ used for eco-friendly high-value added products, such as 5G, eco-friendly vehicles, medical devices, LED, robots, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and energystorage systems (ESSs) for wind and solar power for many years.

Thanks to a long replacement cycle based on fast charge/discharge cycles for over one million times, green-cap is easy to maintain and it can be used in extreme temperatures. As it does not contain environmentally hazardous substances, it is also easy to treat after use.

With increasing demand in strategic markets including electric vehicles, communication, smart consumer electronics, renewable energies, UPS, automotive industry and electronic components, orders for the product are growing worldwide.

Through its five sales subsidiaries in Germany, the United States, China, Thailand, and India, as well as through 14 major regional offices in other countries, the company has built a stable international business infrastructure to lead the global market.

Expecting a brighter future in line with expansion in eco-friendly automotive infrastructure and increase in demand for eco-friendly power due to stricter environment regulation policies, Samwha Electric aims to meet demands for high-specification products by developing high-valued devices at its corporate R&D center and to take an advantageous position while transforming into a leading electronic component company by developing proprietary technologies.

“In order to grow into an integrated electronic parts maker through systematic quality control, we are implementing management systems in three stages, and effectively managing production processes with enterprise resource planning (ERP), a real-time data management system, and manufacturing execution system (MES),” explained a manager at Samwha Electric.

The current key products of the company are: EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor) for radial, snap-in, axial type & module; conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitor for radial, SMD type; and aluminum electrolytic capacitor for radial, SMD, snap-in, lug, screw type.

Samwha Electric’s electrolytic capacitors are selected to be used in household appliances for high ripple current, miniaturization and long fife.

The products are popular in solar power inverters for high voltage, high-capacitance and high ripple current. The field of power electronics is among their applications – for high capacitance, high ripple current and long life and power industry, plant business, and infrastructure business sector.

They are popular as LED lighting products for ultra-high temperature, long life and low impedance. They are also applied in automotives for powertrain (ECU, DC/DC converter), safety (breaking, airbag, ABS) and exterior (LED headlight).

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Eco-Friendly SES Smart Water Meter


[INQ. NO. 2209E19] ShinDongA Electronics Co., Ltd. is the first Korean manufacturer to produce fluid vibration electronic water meters and is taking the lead in making 21st-century smart meters based on outstanding performance of its own brand, the ‘SES water meter.’

Unlike the previous mechanical water meter that detects flows through the internal impeller’s rotation, the manufacturer’s SES smart water meter measures flows through the Coanda Effect: fluid vibration electronic system.

As there is no separate driving part inside, the smart water meter has relative advantages in improving durability degradation caused by component wear and tear, and increasing measurement accuracy and is safer as there is no degradation in comparison with the mechanical water meter.

There is a stark difference when looking at the material used for the new product. While the existing product is made of brass (low-leaded/unleaded) from which a certain amount of harmful substances are emitted, the SES water meter is an eco-friendly product that does not generate harmful substances such as lead, zinc and formaldehyde as it uses Polyketone that is an engineering plastic material developed by Hyosung Chemical.

Moreover, the water meter is equipped with NB-IoT, Bluetooth and LoRa modules, making it unnecessary to attach additional devices, and comes in a compact size for anyone to easily install even in a narrow space.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Automatic Meter Reading
Such modules work together to transmit flow data that is collected through wireless AMI/AMR methods and saved in the server. And the data can be checked through the website and mobile application to immediately uncover any abnormalities.

As the mobile application is divided for managers/officers and users, a user is able to directly ascertain the amount consumed in his/her home.

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No Power Wood Speaker

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryThe owl, the symbol of wealth and wisdom since ancient times, is an animal aff ecting our culture and lives closely − from old literatures, to works of art including pictures, folk paintings and ceramics, daily necessities, buildings and songs we enjoy singing.
STUDIO OLL has released a craf t item that can give an interior effect to a space by itself and be used with a smartphone, the essential requisite of modern people. It has an owl shape, which was cherished since ancient times, made of premium natural wood, walnut and maple.
Ollim Speaker of STUDIO OLL, which is a smartphone cradle and a no-power wood speaker as well, made by using the principle of the sound chamber of the traditional woodwind instrument.
Ollim Speaker is handicraft that easily cradles a smart phone, expanding the sound from a smartphone by 2~3 times without power and converting its sound quality to a more sentimental type.
Ollim Speaker is an eco-friendly sentimental design craft using walnut, natural wood used as premium instrument materials, and eco-friendly oil. The handmade craft technique is used for the entire process so it provides an excellent resonance of the sound. It is easy to cradle a smartphone. It can be also used for interior decoration since it off ers a good aesthetic impression.
Ollim Speaker is a sentimental design product with various shapes and designs including the quadrangle series, the basic shape, the round series, the character series, etc., so it is both visually and acoustically pleasing. You can even have a more pleasant experience if you use it in an outdoor campground.
Ollim Speaker is now sold in Beverly Hills, the upmarket area of LA, since it was finalized to be launched at Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business LA Beverly Hills Luxury Goods Store (K.Soho Store) on June 13 this year. The CEO of the company explained, “K.Soho Store sold excellent products of Korean s m a l l and medium companies besides our product. We introduced our product at the event inviting buyers in LA and received a lot of attention through introduction of Ollim Speaker and demonstrations.”
When STUDIO OLL participated in the 2017 Hong Kong Mega Show, the 2018 Tokyo Mega Show, etc., overseas buyers showed huge interest in its product and complimented the company on the design. Ollim Wood Speaker was selected in the excellent product idea sector at HI-SEOUL and won the gold prize (Korea Forest Service) in the Korea export promising item lumber sector in 2017. It is exported to Japan in 2016 and currently being sold by AU, a Japanese communication company. It is also being sold at a home deco specialized store in Shanghai, China. Ollim Wood Speaker, a no-power wood speaker, is an item that attracts high purchasing power of customers in their 20s~50s. It is also popular among children and senior citizens. The STUDIO OLL brand was launched by three artists to make living furniture and interior accessories. STUDIO OLL trying to make products with functions and taste necessary to living spaces using eco-friendly materials.

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Water-filter Vacuum Cleaner

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1708E03] There is an enterprise that successfully tried for several years to develop a new-concept water-filter cleaner using water of a new type as a filter in order to solve the problems of the existing filter-type vacuum cleaners such as filter clogging, motor overheating, life shortening, finedust emission, deterioration of suction force, etc.
The new-concept water-filter cleaners (TC-S20WF, TCS50WF, TC-S50WFW, TC-S70WF) that are being produced and sold by TECCOM after recent development and patent registration use water as a filter. It thus adopts the principle that it absorbs dust, foreign objects, and harmful substances by power of the motor when it is operated after filling a certain amount of water in the collecting container. It catches the fine dust, foreign objects, etc. by mixing them with water well by conducting bubbling in the water.
Water-filter cleaner has excellent function to remove ultrafine dust, foreign objects, harmful substances, etc., and as its filter is water, it is free from clogging, and is efficient. Strong suction force is maintained from beginning to end, and as there is no emission of secondary fine dust, the indoor space is comfortable and there is no harm to health. It has long motor life and superior durability, and as there is no filter consumption. Apart from being economical and ecofriendly, it is also notable that cleaning of the cleaner is easy and convenient as there is no filter.
Based on these characteristics, TECCOM water-filter cleaner is very effective in the following places – home, office, factory, hospital, electrical and electronic factory, food factory, chemical factory, and workplaces where large amounts of fine dust and mites are generated, as well as places where dust, mote, etc. are generated a lot such as industrial sites or building-construction sites, etc.

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More Convenience and Happiness in Daily Life with Lifestyle Brand REDBEAN

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1708E19] REDBEAN Corp. was founded under the “Maximizing Optimal Effective Value Project,” for overcoming inconveniences that consumers usually experience in daily life. REDBEAN has achieved more than 800% growth rate annually, and is a rapidly growing corporation which accomplished US$44.5 mil. in accumulated sales by the second quarter of 2017.
REDBEAN Corp’s flagship brand is “REDBEAN,” which is effective for eliminating toxins and wastes accumulated in the blood, helping to reduce swelling. REDBEAN maximizes value for consumers such as diversification of choice, reasonable price, better quality and so forth, by simplifying and optimizing overall sales processes with hands-on experience.
Before launching REDBEAN’s products, REDBEAN works in the field in person participating in the whole process from analyzing consumers, to product design and customer service, directly and indirectly. By attending domestic and foreign exhibitions, REDBEAN keeps up with consumer demands by discovering new products and founding various factories and related accounts.
REDBEAN researches and improves issues where consumers experience inconvenience in daily life, without ignoring anything. REDBEAN spares no investment in R&D for the products that meet customers’ individual needs and various patterns of consumption, even though it does not correspond to Pareto’s Law.
REDBEAN aims to provide consumers with optimal effective value through its respective products and has its own high brand value, as well as, various products lined up such as REDBEAN MAGENTIC SINGLE,” “REDBEAN MAGNETIC SCREEN PROTECTOR,” and so forth.


Charge your device with just one hand, within one second, enough for charging & data transferring of most smart devices(Magnetic Duo)

Magnetic duo is differentiated from previous inconvenient charging methods. With strong magnetic force that is superior to other companies’ magnetic cables, it has a detachable fast and efficient charging cable, so consumers can charge their devices easily. As it is compatible with most smart devices (Android, iPhone, Type-C), consumers can reduce expenses by purchasing the connector, instead of buying each charging cable separately, which is compatible with their devices. REDBEAN cable is the last cable consumers will ever need to buy. With its tangle-free anti winding nylon cable, it is very durable. Furthermore, consumers do not need to buy additional cable due to damage of the cable.
REDBEAN aims to enhance convenience for consumers, and through testing several lengths in daily life, the company concluded that 1.2M is the prefect length for freely using while charging. (In the near future, the maker will release 1.8M, and 0.2M length cable). Furthermore, as it features LED light consumers can easily identify whether it is charged, under various situations such as while driving or in dark places.
In this way, REDBEAN’s efforts to pursue innovation constantly are aimed at enhancing customer value, such as the “noiseless charging wireless REDBEAN mouse.”


Enjoy more convenience with the eco-friendly noiseless charging wireless REDBEAN mouse

With the eco-friendly REDBEAN mouse, customer can focus on their work in quiet public areas such as cafeterias, libraries, and so on. Without replacing a disposable battery, customer can always charge REDBEAN mouse with the Android Charging cable anytime and anywhere, as it adapts an internal battery.
With a three-minute charge, consumers can use the device all day. Once consumers charge it just one time, they can use it for two months. As it doesn’t use disposable batteries that are harmful to the environment, it is eco-friendly.
Moreover, consumers can reduce the inconvenience and cost of replacing disposable batteries, periodically. Moreover, for increasing duration of the consumer’s usage and minimizing charging time, it features three modes of sleep mode – save mode, auto on-off mode, and deep sleep mode.
Regarding MAGENETIC DUO, and REDBEAN MOUSE, they are due for release through various channels such as social media commerce stores and fancy malls, department stores, and duty free shops at airports, as well as via its official website ((http://redbean.shop), after official launching at “Makers with KAKAO.” Prior to this, REDBEAN mouse is scheduled for pre-release at KITAS 2017.

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