Water-filter Vacuum Cleaner

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1708E03] There is an enterprise that successfully tried for several years to develop a new-concept water-filter cleaner using water of a new type as a filter in order to solve the problems of the existing filter-type vacuum cleaners such as filter clogging, motor overheating, life shortening, finedust emission, deterioration of suction force, etc.
The new-concept water-filter cleaners (TC-S20WF, TCS50WF, TC-S50WFW, TC-S70WF) that are being produced and sold by TECCOM after recent development and patent registration use water as a filter. It thus adopts the principle that it absorbs dust, foreign objects, and harmful substances by power of the motor when it is operated after filling a certain amount of water in the collecting container. It catches the fine dust, foreign objects, etc. by mixing them with water well by conducting bubbling in the water.
Water-filter cleaner has excellent function to remove ultrafine dust, foreign objects, harmful substances, etc., and as its filter is water, it is free from clogging, and is efficient. Strong suction force is maintained from beginning to end, and as there is no emission of secondary fine dust, the indoor space is comfortable and there is no harm to health. It has long motor life and superior durability, and as there is no filter consumption. Apart from being economical and ecofriendly, it is also notable that cleaning of the cleaner is easy and convenient as there is no filter.
Based on these characteristics, TECCOM water-filter cleaner is very effective in the following places – home, office, factory, hospital, electrical and electronic factory, food factory, chemical factory, and workplaces where large amounts of fine dust and mites are generated, as well as places where dust, mote, etc. are generated a lot such as industrial sites or building-construction sites, etc.

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