TransBeam (A Smartphone Accessory)

Maximizing and Diversifying Smartphone Flashlight Functions

[INQ. NO. 1708E21] TORAN is a hardware startup designing and manufacturing innovative products that are useful in everyday lives. TORAN’s main item categories are “Tech” and “Life.” Items in the “Tech” category are relative to IT devices and items in the “Life” category are things that can be used on a daily basis in a more convenient way.
TORAN’s first product to be exhibited on KITAS 2017 is “TransBeam,” a smartphone accessory that maximizes and diversifies functions of the flashlight in a smartphone.
TORAN plans to launch more innovative items in various categories to improve people’s convenience in their daily lives. TORAN’s vision is to bring convenience, happiness, and fun to everyday lives of people by developing innovative products. TORAN turns valuable ideas into reality, thereby making meaningful changes in people’s lives.
TransBeam makes the flashlight in a smartphone a multi-functional flashlight device. TransBeam’s full package consists of five modules including “base clamp,” “zoom lens,” “color filter,” “mood lamp cover,” and “projection film.” The function varies depending on the combination of modules.
Normally, illuminance of smartphone from 3M distance is 1~5Lux and beam distance is about 10M. Using “Base Clamp,” illuminance increases to 10~34Lux and beam distance increases to 80M. You can use it in daily life such as when going back home at night or fixing a car in the garage. Using the base clamp and zoom lens, illuminance increases to 320~1,100Lux and beam distance increases to 200M.
You can use it when engaging in outdoor activities like camping, backpacking, hiking, etc. Using base clamp and color filter, the color filter turn the flashlight into red (emergency signals), green (protecting animals), blue (fishing), amber (in the fog). When you cover the color filter with the mood lamp cover, colorful lights become less dazzling – so you can use it as a cheering tool at a concert orwhile watching sport.
When you use the base clamp, zoom lens and projection film together, you can project lett ers or images on the wall up to 30~40m distance, so it is useful when you have special events. It goes with any smartphone model regardless of size and LED flashlight position. Patent in Republic of Korea and PCT is pending. TORAN’s main target markets are North America, Europe and Japan. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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