Recycling Waste Cutter[INQ. NO. 1908M06] TOV KOREA, as an exclusive manufacturer and exporter of hydraulic attachments for excavators, started its business with production of ZHB hydraulic breakers in 2002. With initiating of development and production of recycling waste cutters in 2016, TOV KOREA changed its name to the current name, pursuing a new take off.
The company’s recycling waste cutter was developed for the 1st stage of the comminution of recycling large wastes and can be attached to all kinds of excavators. The cutter enables the complete 1st comminution of the needed large-sized wastes, regardless of shapes. More than ten times of output is approximately guaranteed compared to the existing similar kinds of products. The 360-degree hydraulic rotating cutter is designed with an emphasis on how to decrease worker’s fatigue while ensuring a certain level of efficiency and safety.
Moreover, the cutter has a significantly low-level of incidence of AS, has easily replaceable consumable parts, and has unrivalled high-durability over other products. The cutter shows high-performance in cutting rollers, large-sized wasted-tires, films, vinyls, wasted nets, etc. in a shorter operating time than other products. It is expected that the companies engaged in collecting and transporting of wastes will certainly see significant increased productivity by utilizing this innovative product. TOV KOREA hopes to grow into a bigger company with consistent sharing of the fruits of its growth with its valued partner companies. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Trellis[INQ. NO. 1908M05] CUBIZEN is engaged in designing, producing and selling of small-sized agricultural materials that help farmers conveniently cultivate crops, based on its experience in the agricultural field.
While the existing ordinary trellis needs to be additionally installed and replaced depending on the crop’s growth (width and height), CUBIZEN’s trellis can easily be adjusted in width and height. Once it is installed, the user can adjust it conveniently according to the growth of a certain crop, with no necessity for further installment or replacement of the trellis. Acccordingly, this trellis is especially recommended for farmers to grow perennial berry crops such as blueberry, aronia, blackcurrants, etc.
Usually farmers use a simple structure made by themselves that they need in farming by taking advantage of pipes, with the necessity of certain equipment and workmanship for handling clamp or joint which is used for connecting pipes. This product, however, allows farmers to conveniently connect pipes together for the structure they want. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Special Vehicle for High Places[INQ. NO. 1908M04] Jangbi Machinery Co., Ltd. has been professionally engaged in exporting various types of special vehicles including high place operation cars, cargo cranes, ladder cars, dump trucks, concrete pump cars, tank lorries, etc.
Among its various types of special vehicles, the most representative product is a special vehicle for high places, which currently lead its marketing and sales drives not only in the domestic market but also in overseas markets.
The special vehicle is being used in order to help the workers operating in places that are at least more than two meters above the ground by elevating a worktable to the necessary height, with the worker on board. It is a special vehicle that has systems for the worktable’s two major operations − ascending and descending.
Currently, it is being actively used for all operations necessary to all work performed in high places, which include construction sites where both the workers’ safety and convenience are highly important. Jangbi Machinery also has various kinds of equipment for various working heights (ranging from 18m to 75m). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Special Purpose Vehicles[INQ. NO. 1908M03] WOOLIM ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. is a global company with significant experience in exporting various parts, equipments of upper part, and complete vehicles such as Fire Pump Truck, Aircraft Refueler, and Rescue Truck to overseas markets.
Fire Pump Trucks (5 ~ 20 ton) are designed to extinguish fire. The maximum capacity for water tank and foam tank, according to truck models, can be fixed. Each model has high-performance with high-pressure pumps and tarpaulins.
Rescue Trucks (5 ~ 8.5 ton) are equipped with several proper rescue equipment for lifesavings in disaster area. These trucks can each be fitted with various types of equipment according to the specifications ordered by customers.
Aircraft Refuelers (2.5 ~ 25 ton) are trucks designed for refueling aircrafts. These trucks can be manufactured in a separate type suitable for various major functions including refueling, lift system, hose reels, etc. All of its products are being manufactured based on NEPA standard and are equipped with safety systems including interlocking brake, emergency point on refueling system, etc.
WOOLIM ENGINEERING aims to become a specialized company in the fields it is currently engaged in by pursuing continuous innovation, customer satisfaction, and perpetual challenge. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Filter Press & Filter Cloth & Filter Plate & Air Hybrid Unit[INQ. NO. 1908M02] Blu tec is a globally specialized water treatment company that started its business based on three major principles – honesty, challenge, and innovation.
As a globally competitive water treatment company, it pledges to its potential global customers to become respected as a reliable company based on customers’ satisfaction; it will do its best with swift A/S in order to resolve any difficulties experienced by customers in using its products; and it will give the highest level of satisfaction by introducing the optimal products with lower prices according to each customer’s needs.
Blu tec developed an eco-friendly filter press that requires no electricity and thus increases convenience and safety for customers. It directly managed to produce and do trial runs for various sizes of filter presses such as laboratory filter press, high-capacity filter press, etc.
Blu tec plans to lead the movement for supplying clear and clean water by supplying various sizes of filter cloths. By commercializing air hybrid unit, the company will apply them to hydraulic machinery, thereby saving energy and increasing customers’ safety and convenience.
Blu tec can supply and install pumps with accurate designs according to customers’ requests. Blu tec will reward its valued customers by contributing to a cleaner planet. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Electric Instant Water Heater[INQ. NO. 1908E11] RAONICS Co., Ltd. produces and sells heating products including an electric instant water heater by using a TCM heating element that can heat up to more than 500°Cwithin seconds.
The TCM heating technology is a patented technology and once received the presidential award at a competition in Korea for promoting a creative economy as a venture company in 2015.
The company’s electric instant water heater has approximately six percent higher heating-efficiency than a conventional metal heating element. By using the TCM heating element, the electric instant water heater can always provide clean warm water without rust caused by oxidation and corrosion. Also this can swiftly provide warm water within only five seconds after starting the operation for heating water, and it thus can minimize the power consumption.
And as the TCM heating element is shaped like a glass-tube, it is not exposed to the danger of oxidation and corrosion, and thus no maintenance costs are involved. This heating element’s lifespan is semi-permanent as it delivers a regular level of heating-efficiency, not affected by corrosion. All of its products are now being manufactured, based on the TCM heating element. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

3D Contents[INQ. NO. 1908E10] GODAM’s ghost town is an implemented 3D content that enables users to enjoy high immersion when watching contents. The company uses 3D sound effects that give one a realistic sound experience. The jump square element, which is staged according to scene conditions, will stimulate the five senses that create a greater sense of fear.

VR Adventure Game
‘1053’ is a VR adventure game in which the player needs to escape from the room. The player needs to get into the haunted house and then find a clue and solve each quest. One has to get the key to escape and get out of the haunted house.

GODAM Inc. is a company that strongly believes in producing and distributing contents reflecting the latest trends of VR, which will cause it to be formed as a notable VR culture leader in the near future. This company possesses the versatile potentiality and capability to grow the VR market by developing innovative contents and rapidly developing IT hardware. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods


Glass Cell Type 3D Filters[INQ. NO. 1907E22] The 3D filter from the PATTERNIA Co., Ltd. is a kind of glass-type product and is so optimized for industrial 3D display that there is no potential deformation of it in any external environments (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.).
The existing common type of 3D filter is easily affected by external temperature and humidity, so it is exposed to swelling and shrinking repeatedly, thereby leading to heavy cost burdens.
The company employs a cell production method for the 3D filter so that small quantity batch production is possible, resulting in superior production efficiency with no occurrence of inventory at all.
This strongly appeals to overseas buyers. The previous 3D filter production way by a unit of roll film was kind of mass production with a single type. If there is a suitable market for it, production efficiency is highly likely to fall to the poorest level, leading to great quantity of stock.
Established in 2015, PATTERNIA initiated production of special glass cell type 3D filters for areas of industrial-purposes, medical uses, and aerospace. Currently it is the only company globally to produce the glass cell type 3D filters with OEM according to customized demand. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Coffee Roaster[INQ. NO. 1907E21] Established in 1998, TaeGeuk Corp. Korea has been enjoying a good reputation among its many customers all over the world for its top-quality machinery products. TaeGeuk Corp. Korea has recently launched its COFFEEBOB ROASTER as a coffee roaster targeting promising global markets, which is expected to produce great quality coffee for its customers, featuring excellent performance and easy maintenance.
This product’s flexible convection & conduction heating control with 99% perfect combustion supports carbon-free roasting. For your specialty coffee roasting, this product aims at offering users a unique experience, with its double-layered handmade stainless steel drum for supreme heat conductivity that can be continued batch after batch. It also features a user-friendly control panel. Powerful exhausting is possible and a cooling system with a high-efficiency cooler and stirrer is available to ensure fast cooling. The installed metal fiber burner ensures 99% combusting with rapid temperature control to high and low.
With easy maintenance, the user can receive more operational benefits than existing models. In its initial stages, TaeGeuk Corp. Korea was fortunate to host visits from buyers from the Czech Republic, Cambodia and Vietnam who had heard of the company’s reputation for this the product. With its competiveness in price and quality, customers are happy to use this roaster with its unique roasting and stability for producing specialty coffee. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Gas Timers[INQ. NO. 1907E20] General Technology was established in 2002 with a slogan, “Keep Our Home Safe from Gas Risks” and has been professionally manufacturing gas timers since then. These gas timers are products designed and manufactured with an innovative function that automatically stops the flow of gas when gas needs to be turned off.
These gas timers are easy to use. And the company’s gas timer as a brand acquired global certifications such as ISO 9001, Chinese CQC, and European CE. And it obtained a safety certification from the Korea Gas Corporation.
New specifications are added to the gas timers: gas valves are turned off automatically when temperature exceeds 70 degrees for over three minutes; a back light is applied in order to help the user to check it in the dark; and voice function is supported to inform the status of the gas timer by voice.
These gas timers are strongly recommended for some unique cases: for the home in which users often experience burning food completely after forgetting to turn the gas off while sleeping, receiving calls, or watching TV; also useful for people who had an experience of returning to their own homes because of their concerns about whether they had turned off the gas or not; and for the homes occupied by young children, the elderly, or weak. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods