Special Vehicle for High Places

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1908M04] Jangbi Machinery Co., Ltd. has been professionally engaged in exporting various types of special vehicles including high place operation cars, cargo cranes, ladder cars, dump trucks, concrete pump cars, tank lorries, etc.
Among its various types of special vehicles, the most representative product is a special vehicle for high places, which currently lead its marketing and sales drives not only in the domestic market but also in overseas markets.
The special vehicle is being used in order to help the workers operating in places that are at least more than two meters above the ground by elevating a worktable to the necessary height, with the worker on board. It is a special vehicle that has systems for the worktable’s two major operations − ascending and descending.
Currently, it is being actively used for all operations necessary to all work performed in high places, which include construction sites where both the workers’ safety and convenience are highly important. Jangbi Machinery also has various kinds of equipment for various working heights (ranging from 18m to 75m).

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