Hanwha Techwin launches Wisenet P series AI cameras

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryWisenet P series AI cameras detect and classify people and vehicles, and accurately capture the unique attributes of objects.

[INQ. NO. 2005E18] Global security company Hanwha Techwin recently announced the launch of its new Wisenet P series AI cameras, ushering in a new era of smarter video surveillance.
With “AI technology” establishing an indispensable role in the video surveillance industry, Hanwha Techwin presented its newest core lineup of state-of-the-art AI solutions including Wisenet P series AI cameras, which can be combined with Wisenet SSM and Wisenet Retail Insight v2.0, to complete the perfect security package.
Equipped with a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) engine that detects and classifies people and vehicles in real time, Wisenet P series AI cameras are designed to accurately capture the unique attributes of objects such as faces and license plates, whilst reducing false alarms caused by waving trees, video noise, and even shadows.
Wisenet P series AI cameras are fully supported by Wisenet’s SSM Video Management Software (VMS), which guarantees reliable AI solutions that have been optimized with the help of a robust AI smart search feature. For example, when the camera detects someone, it captures that person’s distinctive attributes, such as gender, age, color of clothing, and whether that person is wearing glasses, or holding a bag. This information is then saved as metadata alongside the captured footage, allowing operators to streamline searches via specific events or objects. This also applies to vehicles, which can be categorized into various types such as cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles, and their colors. And the BestShot feature captures the best still cuts of the classified objects that can be exported in maximum 4K resolutions.

These still cuts also contain metadata of the objects’ distinctive attributes, therefore, allowing operators to easily find specific objects in the video. Operators have the option to set the image resolution in 2MP for full video streaming or use the BestShot feature to minimize bandwidth and save storage space. Furthermore, when combined with third-party systems, the AI functionality can be further customized and expanded.
“We’re very proud to begin this new era by presenting to the world Hanwha Techwin’s state-of-the-art technologies that have been carefully developed to match the constantly evolving security and surveillance landscapes,” said a Hanwha Techwin representative. “Based on our firm belief that trust remains an essential aspect of the industry, we will continue to improve our world-renowned core technologies, while simultaneously introducing new revolutionary AI solutions and reinforcing our cybersecurity.”

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Medical Goods

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryCeiling Pendant System
[INQ. NO. 2004E13] The Ceiling Pendant System is a state-of-the-art, future-oriented device that includes all equipment needed in hospitals.
Spacewing is the first Korean Ceiling Pendant System and is exported worldwide. The system can be installed in various places such as operating rooms, recovery rooms, intensive care rooms and emergency rooms and it can be produced as a product with customized specifications.

OVC (Oxygen Vacuum Controller) for Gastric Endoscopy
For endoscopy, oxygen supply and respiration monitoring are available. Suction allows the saliva and contaminated air to be released to prevent contamination in the laboratory. No headband and Nasa ltube are needed.

Multiple Function Endomouthpiece
The multiple function endomouthpiece has a saliva outlet on the front, and automatically discharges saliva from inside the mouth. The product has an affixed protrusion so that it does not fall from the mouth without a headband.

Filter Mask
A bacteria/virus filter is built into this mask for the first time in the world to prevent cross-infection and secondary infection.
This filter mask can be used for various purposes such as ventilators, Ambu bags and CPR.

Anesthesia / Ventilator / Ambu bag / PFT Filter
This filter is an eco-friendly product that is easy to transport and handle, saving resources due to its strong energy efficiency. The pulmonary function test filter is comfortable to wear and offers strong visibility, while protecting lips from external shock. Its radial duct structure for excellent fluid diffusion maximizes purifying capacities.
A handle makes the filter easy to attach and detach.
The president of Handokmedical has been involved in research and development of medical devices since 1983 and founded the company in 1997. Since then, the company’s president has accumulated leading technologies and experience at home and abroad through ceaseless efforts and innovation.

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A New Leader in Interactive Virtual Reality Content and Platforms

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry4THEVISION is an interactive virtual reality content and platform producer that provides total solutions such as planning, building, developing, and management to industry, education, culture, and entertainment sectors.
4THEVISION leads people into an immersive experience in media technology, exploring various & new media fields such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality ― all of which have enormous applicability in multiple business fields ranging from entertainment (such as games, films, soap operas and attraction devices for theme parks) to medical, education, and commerce sectors.
4THEVISION wants to build a meta-immersive media world and provide new and fun experiences to everyone around the globe by combining user-oriented creative ideas, boundless imagination and state-of-the-art technology, transcending the boundaries between reality and the virtual world. The company has more than 10 years of experience in Korea.

Digital Twin ‘VFACT’
Digital smart factory represents a significant further step in VR Simulation
As a matter of fact, 4THEVISION provides virtual reality solutions also for education, training, operation and simulation fields for industrial enterprises.
With digital twin contents, you can utilize actual data, thanks to the development of a real-time communication system that uses a virtual twist simulator and virtual reality contents. That’s why its project lets you experience a VR monitoring system (using IOT sensors and a real-time getaway), a new maintenance training system and a new VR simulation system for safety (both using an industrial equipment simulator).
Moreover, the company is now working in the Gobi desert in Mongolia with Oyu Tolgoi, which is the world’s fifth largest mine, in order to develop safety training contents useful both for employees and visitors.

W.A.V: a new paradigm of music
Among its various projects, 4THEVISION created W.A.V which is a VR entertainment Karaoke contents platform. Through W.A.V, you can experience new and awesome performance stages with K-Pop stars. Moreover, you can make your own stage anywhere you want.
There are also different modes you can choose from: like the Unlimited Singing Stage, the Duet and the Immersive Concerts. W.A.V allows anyone to be a K-Pop star.

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