SoftForum Wins 2023 CybersecurityExcellence Awards

Recognized as the Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company of Asia, Honored with Five Excellence Awards in Products Category

[INQ. NO. 2304E11] Softforum Co., Ltd., a company specializing in quantum security, announced that it has been recognized as the
‘Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company’ at the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.
Cybersecurity Excellence Awards is an international event that honors companies, products, services, and professionals that
demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in information security worldwide. The event is produced in partnership with the
300,000-member Information Security Community, and recognizes the leading companies in the

Softforum has received public attention for its contribution to information security, and has been honored as the Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company of Asia with its information security solutions based on Quantum-Resistant-Cryptography (PQC). The company has received awards in five Cybersecurity Product/Service categories, including Quantum-resi stant verified cryptography, Hybrid PQC-based network section encryption, Hybrid PQC-based storage encryption, Hybrid PQC-based de-identification of privacy data, and Hybrid PQC-based biometric authentication.
PQC, which gained the spotlight in the event through Softforum solutions, has seen increasing interest with the recent development of Quantum Computing Technology.

In particular, it has been revealed that the safety of Public Key Cryptography, the core of electronic transition securities such as Internet banking, electronic stock trading, and Internet shopping, is being threatened by quantum computers. As the migration to quantum computing is increasing the risk to information security, preventive action to solve the problems has emerged.
Jeong Jong-kap, CEO of Softforum, emphasized that “PQC is an effective countermeasure to cope with the incapacitation of existing public key cryptography (RSA, ECC, etc.) algorithms, and is thus a security solution that organizations should implement. As quantum security is still in the early stages
of market penetration, Softforum will preempt the future of the security market through systematic preparation and quick response to greater risks.” Softforum is a company specializing in next-generation information security solutions in the PQC field, and is rapidly emerging and highly evaluated in the global security market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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