Wireless Auxiliary Battery-based Media Platform

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1806E25] Smart IoT Limited Co. registered a patent for the related technology and applied for PCT. It has since realized and is providing a media platform based on wireless auxiliary battery for the first time in the world based on unrivaled technological prowess. As for the business of Smart IoT Limited Co. the company is developing software designed to link the user’s smartphone with the wireless auxiliary battery based on ICT (information and communication technologies). This mobile application can provide corporate clients and customers with various media contents, such as all types of text, images, video, etc., and display the desired information. It is also possible to create customized applications offering the functions required by corporate clients.
Smart IoT Limited Co. has manufactured the product considering users’ safety and the environment. Its product emits less heat than other products and provides efficient wireless charging by enhancing its safety and the degree of completion. In order to improve users’ convenience and practicality of the product, the product provides stable wireless charging based on Smart IoT’s unique technological prowess that prevents the smart device from deteriorating.

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All Coated Film(HEAT PLUS)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1806E25] Seggi Century’s all coated film(HEAT PLUS) is made with precise application technology of less than 10 microns in process, characterized by the heat dissipation from carbon by applying carbon to the PET film. It is a high-tech heating film that can be used semi-permanently unless heat-treated at 70°C for 72 hours and cut with scissors.
The film is a special fabric laminated with exterior PET (double layer) and middle stiff material. It is specially waterproofed to prevent contact with air and moisture, so it can be used semi-permanently for future oriented wall, ceiling, floor, and heater. The film is being actively exported to all over the world with its excellent quality and outstanding performance.
Above all, it achieved recognition in Japan, which is particular about quality, and succeeded in export for the first time in the domestic all coated film industry. It is currently the only product that is being exported so far.
It is produced in high-tech process with almost no temperature deviation by using high-tech precision printing technology that can uniformly print nano size high purity carbon particles. In the production of heating films, silver electrodes are formed on the copper foil and carbon heating element to produce the best laminating method without sparks. It is the best film in Korea that enhances stability with the use of insulative and flame retardant films to the world-class quality.


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Forest Therapy Air Cleaner

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1806E24] W Co., Ltd., established in 1999, is a company distributing an eco-friendly cleaning agent not harmful to either humans or the environment, and a forest therapy air cleaner for cars that can be beneficial to people’s health. Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner is a small but effective forest therapy air cleaner that creates air cleaning effects with negative ions and makes the cleaned air healthy with the phytoncide once more. This product eliminates harmful substances and bad odors in cars and provides healthier air. It relieves your fatigue during long-distance driving and helps lessen runny nose, sneezing, etc. caused by rhinitis. You can move and use it freely anywhere, such as the office, rooms for your parents or children whose level of immunity might be weak, study rooms for students requiring concentration, as well as for automobiles.
The clear-cut distinctions between Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner and other phytoncide products are as follows: First, while other phytoncide products use the phytoncide extract from the retinispora, the phytoncide used in Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner is extracted from the trees containing phytoncide with efficacy far higher than that extracted from retinispora trees, thereby guaranteeing the efficacy and having no side effects to the extent that it is edible. This comparison is proved by the scientific research and journal. Second, other products use a compound of the phytoncide extract and the synthetic oil, but Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner uses pure natural phytoncide extract. In comparison with other products, the quality of natural phytoncide extract determines the high efficacy of Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner.

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Electric Timer Controlled by an App

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1706E21] Please tell us about your company’s growth engine along with a corporate introduction
Our company was established in March 2013, and I established it to develop ‘Internet of Things’ which reduces the use of electricity. I decided in 2012 to launch such a company when the power shortage problem was serious, and we have since been developing products grafting the IoT field with the purpose of reducing one nuclear power plant by reducing electricity.
We named our company “Insight Power,” which means a “Company having insight into electricity,” and began to develop “Wattdream,” which can reduce power consumption by using an app. We succeeded in developing it in 2015 and launched Wattdream, through which we are now marketing the app.

We want to know about your main products
‘Wattdream’ is small and light, weighing just 96g, with dimensions of 12 cm in width, and 4 cm in length.
However, cutting-edge technology operating smartphones and IoT is included in it. In particular, applying Bluetooth technology adds to the competitiveness of Insight Power.
Most of the existing products that control electric power by IoT use Wi-Fi. In this case, a wireless router is needed and a server is needed, too. However, in case of ‘Wattdream’ which was applied by Bluetooth, there is no need for a wireless router and there is almost no power consumption, plus it has advantage of easy installation and convenient use.
Wattdream is a product that can reduce standby power by freely turning on and off the power of household appliances at the desired time through a dedicated app. It can turn the power ON/OFF directly, or reservation setting can be used to operate it on a specific day of the week or in a specific time zone. Therefore, electricity charges can be saved if you use it, and furthermore, electric heating appliances can be used more safely, so it is very useful. By setting automatic power shut- off function every night for the water purifier or TV set-top box which is not used in the middle of the night, electricity charges can be saved, too. It also has advantage that no installation or maintenance cost is needed as it is operated using Bluetooth.
Wattdream is an electric timer controlled by an app and it is a convenient product that can adjust the usage times of home appliances at will. It can adjust ON/OFF schedules up to the minute unit freely, and it can be set to be operated only on a specific day of the week. Once it is set, it is operated independently according to the time and day of the week, even if a smartphone is not connected.

Please tell us about your major export markets and recently emerging promising markets
The more developed a country is, the more expensive the electricity charges are, so the advanced countries have an interest in saving power consumption. They have thus shown a lot of interest in Wattdream, which can easily reduce power consumption by using a smartphone app.
In the future, we are planning to develop overseas markets actively targeting advanced countries such as the USA, Germany, France, etc.

If you have any special management philosophy as CEO, please tell us about it
Wattdream is a product that enables individuals to save the energy to combat the effects of global warming. I think that the method led by the nation should be proceeded with macroscopically; on the other hand, we are planning to launch the products continuously to distribute them widely by producing the products easy to be operated in daily life by individuals. I think it is a way to contribute to society if an individual saves energy even by 10%.

Please tell us about your future vision, and give us a message for overseas buyers and customers
We have been getting good responses by launching energysaving products and have become widely known overseas, so we will develop and launch the products to be a robust enterprise related to energy. ‘Wattdream’ is an innovative product which can effectively reduce power consumption. Because of this, it has been gaining explosive popularity among domestic consumers as soon as it was released. We are looking forward to receiving even greater interest from overseas customers.

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Iris Recognition Security Systems

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1706E20] Please tell us about your company’s growth engines along with a corporate introduction
Our company, IRISYS (IRIS + SYSTEM) was established in 2012 as a company specializing in biotechnology which provides various products and solutions based on Iris technology as refl ected in the company’s name.
The biggest advantage our company possesses is IRISYS, which may be called the ultra-light SW algorithm applied by encryption/decryption technology of biometric Fuzzy Hash onto ultra-small iris authentication devices. In addition, we think it is the pride of our company that this method was applied that blocks the leakage of personal information. This is an issue that is being emphasized more and more, and it was developed as a method that does not store people’s personal bio information in the server, etc.


We want to know about your main products
We have perceived that the existing bio information is based on the image-contrasting method, so there exists a gap between the perfect security area – therefore, we started to research the ways by which can go beyond the gap. Thus, the iris authentication algorithm created by the above background has acquired international standard certifi cation, FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) and UAF (Universal Authentication Framework) authentication already. The physical security products such as the personal safety boxes, door-lock and access control device which are launched by our company at this time are the products applied by the optimized iris recognition technology like this.
Currently, we have contracted a supply agreement of iris authentication door-lock products with global customers in the industrial material fi eld in Europe and entered into the completion stage of development of the iris authentication module, and its fi eld test is scheduled in the near future. Once the fi eld test has been successfully completed, it will be switched to a mass-production system immediately, and it is expected that the iris authentication door-lock will be commercialized fi rst in the global markets.
Recently, a lot of enterprises have been launching products applying IoT in the smart home fi eld, and our company, IRISYS, has plans to launch the products by applying iris authentication into the access controlling device and personal safety box, too. Such physical security products will be presented through domestic and overseas exhibitions. Many security experts have gathered opinions that the next-generation security fi eld, which will replace fi ngerprint recognition, is iris recognition, and it is noted that a lot of global enterprises are spurring research and development to launch the optimal solutions.
As we mentioned earlier, our company, IRISYS, can collaborate with any enterprise in relation to irisauthentication software algorithm we have self-developed, and the number of competent SW engineers enabling it exceeds 50% of total R&D personnel.
The marketing method of our company, IRYSIS, has mainly used domestic and overseas exhibitions to display our technical skills, and we have a plan to utilize this method continuously. And especially in the case of physical security products that can be used by consumers directly such as door-locks, access-control devices, payment systems, etc., we will utilize it actively according to the fi eld demonstration plan of IoT by the city government and listen to the opinions of actual customers, and we are planning to conduct viral marketing, too. We will make every possible eff ort to introduce a marketing approach that refl ects the various tastes of customers in the future.


Please tell us about your major export markets and recent emerging promising markets
At present, we are expecting to export our products mainly to the European market where our global customers are located. Furthermore, we are expecting to expand our market to the Middle East including the UAE and all other Asian countries such as China, etc. In fact, we think that the fi eld to apply smart home and IoT technology is infi nite, globally.


If you have any special management philosophy as CEO, please tell us about it
I think that the core thought I keep in mind is “Never give up until you succeed.” I established the company in 2012 and now fi ve years have passed, during which I have overcome a lot of diffi culties till now and I personally think I have a big jump ahead in 2017. I will confront a lot of challenges in the future, too − however, I am confi dent that I can overcome them with my colleagues.


Please tell us about your future vision, and give a message to the overseas buyers and customers
Beginning from iris recognition, we have a dream to become a professional enterprise that stands out in the biometric authentication fi eld. To realize this, we will do our utmost in the R&D fi eld, and we will create a virtuous-cycle structure in which the output of our eff orts is linked to the best products that are convenient to use in the real lives of consumers and always reliable.
Thank you very much!


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New Concept Smartphone Case for Self-defense

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1706E19] Please introduce your company and tell our readers about the driving force of your company’s growth
We are a female-run enterprise providing security service that ensures the safety and happiness of customers 24hours a day. We plan to soon release a smartphone case for women’s self-defense with advantages that you can report an emergency situation most quickly and easily and deal with it immediately when an unpredictable crime or incident occurs.

We would like to know more about your company’s main products
247 Korea, following the completion of intensive idea gathering and R&D, recently released “Volt Case,” a newconcept smartphone case for self-defense that in case of emergencies is operated while automatically reporting only with a fingerprint with a fitted electric shock machine. Major product models, being updated continuously, are I Phone 6/6S and Galaxy S6.
In daily life, it can be used as a case protecting a smartphone. In case of emergencies, it can be a case for self-defense protecting oneself. It can help users to deal with unpredictable crimes and incidents in advance and deal with an emergency immediately.
It can be used right away merely by scanning a preselected fingerprint in case of emergencies after installing 247SOS. The outstanding features are its dual-service functions, electric shock and automatic report, working simultaneously as soon as a fingerprint is scanned. Therefore, by scanning a fingerprint, a report is sent to a related security company at the same time that electric shock is working against a subject causing an emergency. After reporting an event, a scene is recorded and a recorded video is sent. Then, a location that an electric shock machine is operated is sent. Lastly, an event is reported to a police station based on a sent location and a security company calls a designated number and informs of an emergency situation.
The 247 SOS App service can be used independently. There are two methods to report in case of emergencies: One is to report by scanning a fingerprint on a mobile phone; and the other is to report by using a passport and a pattern. It is a system to prevent other people or children besides the owner from using it by applying a method of being operated only when a fingerprint is matched. Volt Case is safe. A slide structure of a shock terminal is made with a dual lock system to prevent malfunction. If a shock terminal is not removed, it is not operating. You can easily report automatically as Volt Case and App work together. User information, a location and a video are sent to a designated number and a police station, respectively. With bodyguard dispatching service under a monthly payment, your own bodyguard can continuously be put on standby.

Can you tell us about major export markets and recently rising promising markets?
Security products have been rapidly rising in popularity over recent years. Its market reached 1 trillion won in Korea and more than that in foreign countries. Our company, 247 Korea, aims to advance into global markets by leading the way as a new brand for self-defense products.

If you have a special management philosophy as a CEO, could you please tell us about it?
Our products are developed to protect marginalized citizens. By providing service by need and for the weak and underprivileged, we seek to help create a world where less-fortunate citizens can live with an untroubled mind in a safer world.

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Water-resistance Bluetooth Keyboard

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1706E18] Please introduce your company and tell us about the driving force of its growth
Woorin is a corporate established with a goal to realize new technology integrating high-tech nano materials and semiconductors and come up with creative and innovative products.
Since 2013, we have possessed elastic wearable PCB, as well as interface matching architecture recognizing changes in the body, in preparation for FSR (force sensing register) film and the era of wearable devices, for which we have been depending on foreign technology. We strived to pursue innovative HID (Human Interactive Device) based on this.

We would like to know more about your company’s main products
First let me tell you about my personal experience. While engaged in semiconductor sales for 12 years, I found that tables were very useful innovative products, but typing keys was inconvenient. I thus started the keyboard business while thinking about why there is no keyboard that is easy to carry. Looking at the market trend where portability is emphasized more and more, keyboards were not innovative. This was because it was not easy for other countries to develop and mass-manufacture since it was advantageous to China where labor costs are cheap due to the mechanical characteristics of keyboards requiring a lot of manual labor.
We set the initial developmental goal very inordinately. We set the goal of making portable keyboards lighter and thinner than any other keyboards in the world. After much trial and error, we finally succeeded in developing a keyboard with pressure recognition type based on nano materials. At present, we are mass-manufacturing and exporting our products. It might be considered boring to say it is the world’s best or world’s No. 1, but the fact that we made it really thin and light with domestic technology is meaningful in terms of the product trend toward focusing on portability.
We cannot advertise widely as a venture entrepreneur right now. However, orders from the USA, Japan and Korea are rapidly increasing by word of mouth and through acquaintances. Demand for our products is expected to increase with the launch of phablets, an intermediate form of smartphones and tablets (a portmanteau of the words “phone” and “tablet,” Galaxy Note 8, Iphone 8, etc.) in the future.

Can you tell us about your major export markets and recently emerging markets?
At present, Japan has the largest market-share comprising 80% of the major export markets. However, we regard East Asia and Russia, where IT levels are rapidly rising, as promising markets.

Please tell us about your special management philosophy, if any, as a CEO
It is embarrassing to admit, but I do not really have a special management philosophy. If you want me to tell you something, though, I will tell you my philosophy of life. It is “Positive passion without giving up.”
Our company’s logo is white letters on the red background. Red means passion and white means positive creativity.
My second philosophy of life is
“Never give up.”
It seems not related, but do you know the movie
“The Hurt Locker (Explosive Disposal Unit)?” I watched it on the weekend for the first time in many days. Lines touching my heart…!
– Commander: “How could you deactivate 867 bombs?”
– Main Character: “If you don’t die…!”
Honestly, it seems like a lame old joke. However, it was the line encouraging me not to give up when I was terrified and desperate.
Winston Churchill taught me three secrets to success.
First, do not give up.
Second, never give up.
Third, never, ever give up.
Even though it is the typical word that many students posted on the wall and ruminated over, it is really a wise saying. I have been just intimating it and now it has become my philosophy, consciously and unconsciously.

Please tell us about your future vision and perhaps a few words for overseas buyers and customers
When I named our company, “Woorin,” everyone around me told me to change it because it sounds old-fashioned. However, I did not change because it actually means, “We all are of a singular mind” and it is pure Korean. And I also think that for brand, a name is not important but its reputation is built on products that customers can trust. However, most people still think of our company as one merely making keyboards, so to realize our vision to create wearable-related innovative products by integrating new materials and semiconductors, we are firmly preparing basic technology, while still producing keyboards.
We have already developed the basic technology for wearable keyboards and virtual reality input devices.
The reason why I insist on focusing on this innovative technology, even though our company is a small venture entrepreneur, is that this is essential technology that someone should be working on perfecting, even though it is not me. I truly believe that Korean manufacturing industry should be recognized globally, and can survive only by developing such technology.
For this, we want to hear, “Expectably, made in Korea,” from our foreign customers. And on our introduction of Wekey Pocket, we proudly wrote “my name is Wekey Pocket! I am from Korea.” Thank you.

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Real-time 360VR Camera

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1706E17] Please tell us about the driving forces of growth, along with a company introduction
Seesaw Vision is a company that specializes in providing realtime 360VR camera and 360VR solution and 30 reconstruction, 3D Display, 3D confi guration technology and other services. With a passion for creating new products that do not exist anywhere else in the world we are advancing into the global market with fresh insights.

What is your company’s main product?
While studying 3D virtual reality, I developed the Seesaw realtime 360VR camera, a technology that can impress people with its amazing visual information.
The main advantage of the Seesaw realtime 360VR camera is its versatility. The high-resolution images (1440p) are produced in real-time over 20 frames by using the PC in general instead of the expensive CUDA-enabled GPUs. As a pilot product, we broadcasted live 360VR on YouTube in real time, and visitors showed great interest in it.
Through the exhibition, we shared our earnest opinions with companies from the USA, China, Germany and the Middle East, and specifi c consultations are now being made. It is a device that combines with indoor 3D scanner solutions to enable you to feel actual reality. The research that we are conducting is related to upgrading of the 360VR camera and the 3D scanner solution. We are aiming to develop the hardware and software of 3D vision solutions simultaneously.

Please tell us about your major export markets and emerging promising markets
We are making eff orts to introduce our products in the domestic VR market. We are also securing the business networks to enter the China market after the product’s launch. Recently, virtual reality and augmented reality have become a hot topic in the advanced information technology industry. The hardware vendors are launching new VR devices while the game industry is increasingly applying advanced technologies of VR and AR in the industry. In addition, the broadcasting industry also is trying to combine various related-technologies. Therefore, to keep pace with this trend, Seesaw Vision Co., Ltd. is upgrading the existing 360VR technology and securing the best technical skills to become a leading company in the VR industry.

Do you have a management philosophy as CEO?
While working together at the Korea Electronics Technology Institute, we gathered the will we needed. We shared a common goal of wanting to develop the technologies people needed and manufacture products that could be used immediately. That is why we established Seesaw Vision Co., Ltd. We determined to make products that could allure consumers, with best technologies and services.

Please tell us about your vision your message to the company’s overseas buyers and customers
We believed that real-time 360VR CCTV cameras without blind spots could be developed in the CCTV fi eld. We also realized that this surveillance system could be used to remotely identify and obtain related information regarding dangerous places where people cannot be observed continuously. Starting with our real-time 360VR camera, we aim to lead the broadcasting and CCTV market and become the leading company in the 3D VR market.


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Smart Monitoring Thermometer

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1706E16] Please tell us about the driving forces of growth along with the company introduction
ChoisTechnology has focused on developing Radio Frequency (RF) interface devices such as RF Presenter and RF PC remote controller. We first introduced the “X-Pointer,” a device that can be used to control PCs and to make presentations without any external hardware or assistance in 2002. X-Pointer has evolved into a brand or product that can represent wireless presentation tools, and also has grown to become the market leader in Korea.
We released the XPM series, which includes the Magic Key function that allows the user to set and use the buttons as desired. X-pointer Mobile by smartphone was introduced in 2012, which was the first in the world.
In recent years, we have entered the next-generation U-Healthcare field based on the wireless interface technology we have accumulated over the past 16 years, and have developed a wireless patient monitoring system that can monitor the patient’s condition in pulse oximeter (SpO2), and electrocardiogram monitor. The Thermosher, a smart thermometer that can be real-time monitored, was developed last year as part of the U-Healthcare technology development.

What is your company’s main products?
As the world’s first wireless presentation tools developer, ChoisTechnology has been marketing X-pointer, which is popular both at home and abroad. Based on our 16 yearexperience in wireless interface technology, we have developed a wide range of products to enter the U-healthcare field. In 2016, we launched the smart monitoring thermometer – Thermosher. The existing thermometers commonly adopted a principle that measures continuously through the head or forehead. However, the measurer and the subject had to wake up at night, which may cause inconvenience.
In order to alleviate this inconvenience, we created the Thermosher that attaches a thermometer to the body and confirms body temperature information on a smartphone in real time. According to the medical device approval standard, the contact thermometer should pass ±0.1°C in terms of the temperature measurement error. Considering that the approval standard of non-contact thermometer, which is ±0.2°C, our product is performed more precisely than the non-contact thermometer. In addition, the non-contact thermometers may have different positions during the measured time, but one of the advantages is that the contact thermometer can constantly monitor temperature at the same location.
Currently, the contact and monitoring smart thermometers such as Thermosher are becoming increasingly popular on the global market. Temptraq is a representative example in the United States, and there are similar products available in the Chinese and European markets. Temptraq only operated once for 24 hours. On the other hand, Thermosher can be used semi-permanently by using the battery. And it designed to be attached to sensitive skin safely by using a small, slim silicon patch.
As mentioned earlier, the contact and monitoring smart thermometers are still unfamiliar among the general public, and are not yet exposed to the market. Thus, we are promoting our products via SNS, and online child-rearing communities. In addition, we launched an online store and participated in a maternity classroom. As a result, the sales trend in the domestic market has shown a steady increase.
In the case of overseas markets, it is not easy to export the medical devices to different countries due to the approval requirements for medical devices. We received inquiries from various countries including Europe, Southeast Asia, and the United States, but the export process is unlikely until the authentication problem is solved. So, we are currently preparing for the CE medical and will be certified by the end of September this year.

Please tell us about major export markets and emerging promising markets
The most notable market for medical devices is China. Due to the one-child policy that was introduced in China, the middle-class families pay attention to investment in their children. The sales trend of health and beauty related products is also growing steadily in China. However, since the standard of medical devices approval varies among different countries, they must obtain certification in order to export their products. Therefore, in order to enter China’s market, we must obtain the CFDA certification and that could possibly be a long time away. If we able to overcome these obstacles, China’s market would be the most attractive consumer market.

Do you have a particular management philosophy as CEO?
We emphasize autonomy and accountability of employees. We currently hired 13 employees, so we lack the human resources that possess by the large-scale enterprises. Therefore, in order to achieve the principle of “constant innovation,” all members of the company possess the autonomy, and understand what the company needs and what it lacks. So, I think ChoisTechnology could even survive basically based on the autonomy developed by our employees over the past 16 years.
However, autonomy is not alone enough to operate a company. Obviously, responsibility is essential as well . If each member can judge what is necessary for the company, I think autonomy will be responsible for the results. Autonomy without accountability is considered indulgence. When a person who can take accountability for his or her work and the results and follow-up, the company be able to operate well. So, that’s why we emphasize autonomy and accountability.

Please tell us about your vision and some message to the company’s overseas buyers and customers
The market for home U-healthcare combined with IoT technology is increasing. In combination with IoT technology, we are increasing the need for more convenient bio-information measuring devices in proportion to the need to constantly measure and manage an individual’s biometric information. Since then, we have advanced into the medical device market by adopting wireless interface technology that we have accumulated since 2001, and now we are developing products such as respiration monitoring device, wireless smart thermometer, wireless electrocardiogram monitor, wireless pulse oximeter (SpO2).
In addition, we are striving for innovation and development. We developed the Thermosafer as a disposable device that can be used in hospitals and clinics, without worrying about infections. We have developed technology for medical devices that has been accumulated over the past number of years. We are also constantly seeking ways to integrate our specialized wireless interface technology and medical device development technology.
We will develop a variety of medical devices that incorporate the next-generation wireless technology and IoT technology, and will lead the changing next-generation medical device market through the development of popularized products that can easily be accessed in medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics and even in people’s own homes.

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The World’s Smallest Projector

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1706E15] Please introduce your company to our readers, and tell us about the driving force of its growth
EFIC is a start-up company aiming to show how ideology and ideas that are different from others can change the world. Mini Ray by EFIC is the world’s smallest projector, which differentiates it from other products in this category.
Mini Ray, which is quite unique compared with similar products, is based on the special ideology of EFIC, a company that truly believes in thinking differently from others.

We would like to hear more about your company’s main products
Mini Ray, an ultralight, sub-miniature mini-beam projector (27g, 4.4cm) is a product developed with the intention to focus on portability and simplicity that only mini-beams can have, ignoring the idea that it should exceed the limit of the mini beam.
Mini Ray is acknowledged for its excellent costeffectiveness due to its simple operation by adopting a simple USB connecting method, unlike models of other similar product groups pursuing multi functions that cannot be realized properly.
By overcoming the issue of portability and simple operation that mini-beam projects should have, it is turned on when it is inserted and turned off when it is removed like other USB products, due to its advantage that it can be carried anytime and anywhere. It is surprisingly small and light and has a distinctive characteristics that it is a product realizing small but clear images.
At present, this amazing product is sold at Hi-Mart and through various online distribution channels in Korea and exported to 12 countries. Accordingly, its accumulated sales in excess of 10,000 units. Also, with its distinctive characteristics, it became a steady seller exceeding the limit of commercial life expectancy that is often unavoidable due to the characteristics of electronic devices. It is thus expected that sales will grow continue to grow for quite some time.

Please tell us about your major export markets and recently rising promising markets
The size of the mini-beam projector market, unlike the decreasing trend of the tablet market in the mobile market due to development of mobile phones’ performance and enlargement of mobile phones’ screens, tends to increase continuously due to the characteristics that large-screen can be realized by connecting to a mobile device.
Furthermore, we have been constantly collaborating with mobile phone manufacturers providing Mini Ray as a free gift in marketing competition among manufacturers due to upward standardization of mobile phone technology.
In Korea, it is prohibited to provide Mini Ray as a free gift due to the law on restricting phone subsidies, but this is still considered as an effective marketing strategy in foreign markets.

If you have a special management philosophy as a CEO, could you please share it with us?
To survive in the market, starting from a small company, I always thought that I should find answers where others have not thought of and explored yet.
There are surely enough areas where people have given a thought while considering business value but haven’t tried yet. If you can find an answer there, I think that it is possible to secure a successful market even though a company is small.
Never miss things that others think are maybe absurd or parts where others suspect there are a possibility. That is what our employees think about.

Please tell us about your future vision and give us a few words for overseas buyers and customers
Mini Ray has a small size but features strong image. I think that you can understand this sufficiently if you see the real products. All concepts of the product are focused on portability and simple operation of the mini beam, drastically removing multi-functional parts of other similar product groups.
It is true that a lot of parts should be considered and pondered on due to the characteristics of the trade business, but companies that imported Mini Ray in earnest requested additional orders and their satisfaction with sales is quite high. Please, therefore, show us lots of support.

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