Vibration Motors& Rectangular Linear Vibration Motor[INQ. NO. 1806E31] The vibration motor of YOUNG JIN HI-TECH is widely adopted in small devices requiring long-time vibration, such as smartphones, wearable devices, game machines, medical equipment, toys, etc. In order to enhance competitiveness of the vibration motor, the company applied the structural new technology at the development stage, securing price competitiveness by simplifying the manufacturing process, and retaining uniform quality by applying process automation.
Linear Vibration Motor generates resonant vibration by stimulation of the electromagnet force with the natural frequency of the moving assembly including weight (vibration by moving the spring within the elastic range). The electromagnetic force is formed by direct winding on the yoke, and the magnetic stop function speeds up the response and solves small vibrations.
The Brushless DC Vibration Motor adopts the method driven not by mechanical switching but by electric switching using IC (Integrated Circuit, a kind of semiconductor device). It can be used permanently and maintenance is easy. Precise speed control by the PWM method is also possible. Both electrical and mechanical noise can be minimized. It has a miniaturized structure.
The Rectangular Linear Vibration Motor is a vibration motor that has improved the vibration sensation by installing a weight inside and then vibrating it left and right. The electromagnetic force of symmetrical structure is formed. The fast-response characteristic is implemented through the relative magnetic structure. The square structure of the product is easy to handle and minimizes vibration noise.
Established in 1997, YOUNG JIN HI-TECH, has been maintaining its integrity and challenging spirit for 21 years as a local SME based on the corporate philosophy of “Do it right now,” “Be sure to do it,” and “Do it until you achieve.” We produce advanced automation equipment requiring cutting edge technological prowess, such as smartphone, semiconductor, LCD, etc., and have been striving to create added value of the local community. In addition, we export the automation facilities to China, Vietnam, etc.

In particular, YOUNG JIN HI-TECH has accumulated know-how through ceaseless research and development centered on the institute of technology and, as a result, developed and registered a patent for a small vibration motor. Based on this, YOUNG JIN HI-TECH succeeded in commercialization and mass-produced the products in Vietnam, exporting them to Japan, China, etc. YOUNG JIN HI-TECH started the small motor business in 2010, received a presidential citation on Trade Day in 2013, was appointed as a “global hidden champion,” and as an excellent creative and innovative enterprise, received the Industrial Technology Award from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, and was appointed as the Korean Master Technician in 2014, and was appointed as the enterprise of the month in 2015, thereby proving its technology and credibility. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

DC Power Supply Components Related to Lithium Ion Secondary Battery

REP (Register Embedded Protector) of the lithium ion battery

[INQ. NO. 1806E30] The battery REP is a fuse-type ceramic chip component that is equipped as the second protector to make up for the first PCM of the lithium ion battery applied to the wireless electronic equipment. In the event that it has a problem, it protects the battery and equipment by sensing the overvoltage or overcurrent and then disconnects the power physically, thereby preventing accidents caused by the battery for wireless electronic equipment. At present, it is expected that application of the battery REP will be expanded into all areas of life, such as the smartphone followed by Bluetooth speaker, wireless vacuum cleaner, robotic vacuum cleaner, E-bike, etc.
For this, RN2 Technologies completed the development of 18 kinds of products applicable to notebook PC, tablet PC, mobile, home appliances, etc., acquired Certifications of UL and TUV and have undertaken full-scale mass production, along with expansion of the second factory.


DC-DC Converter for E-bike (stepdown DC-DC converter)

DC-DC converter is a product that is applied to mobile devices using a battery and its function is to convert the constant battery voltage to the voltage fitting for the internal components having different rated voltage and distributing it. In line with the global trend of high efficiency and miniaturization, this product is in module form, having integrated the high-performance compound semiconductor three-dimensionally on the LTCC multi-layer ceramic PCB (MCP) and it is developing the converter in collaboration with the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) aiming at 94% of the power conversion efficiency that can output 12 volts for electronic devices and 5 volts for smartphones simultaneously out of the battery input power of 36~48 volts.
RN2 Technologies, a KOSDAQ-listed company established in 2002 and specializing in components and materials, owns unrivaled low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) materials high-frequency circuit design and precision multi-layered ceramic process technology that can treat the whole process ranging from raw material of the ceramic products to the final products. Based on such technological prowess, RN2 Technologies manufactures LTCC powder and the MCP for threedimensional high-integration packaging, and it produces and sells the related products.
RN2 Technologies has achieved compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.8% over the past 11 years and expanded its production facilities by additionally building the second factory to concentrate on production of REP (Resister Embedded Protector, which is a battery protection element) and multilayer ceramic printed circuit boards (MCP).

RN2 Technologies is the world’s only holder of the original technology concerning glass-free LTCC (low-temperature co-fired ceramic) materials. Based on such technology, we produces the multilayer ceramic chip components such as coupler and Termination, etc. for power amplifiers (PA) and low-noise power amplifiers (LNA) of the mobile communication base stations and repeaters. In addition, the company develops and produces the following components and modules that are the DC power supply components related to the lithium ion second battery applied to e-mobility as the next-generation flagshi item. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Far-Infrared Medical Superheater[INQ. NO. 1806E29] Myungshin Medical Co., Ltd has developed the dome-type far-infrared ray medical heating device with effi ciency and convenience using the patent technology of the plate-type heating element and is now mass producing and selling the product.
Myungshin Medical’s far-infrared medical superheater is an item that can grasp both health and beauty thanks to its fat reducing effects, blood circulation acceleration effect, and pain relieving effect. It is free from radiation endangerment by using carbon-based heating element.
It is an effective alternative substitution for accident sequela, stomach pains, joint pain, neuralgia, and other senile diseases. It is a device that will substitute drugs or lower your dependence. Currently, it is being used as a substitutional curer for cancer patients at the Seoul National University Hospital’s Cancer Treatment Center, Cha Hospital, Chinese medicine clinics, and other general hospitals in Korea, Japan, and Europe.
Zen Beam of streamline with its loud two-tone color symbolizes youth, health and beautiful body line. Far-infrared rays, as warm as the sunlight, boost blood circulation in the body and reduce body fat and waste matter, helping you keep the clear skin and shape up.
If the pain persists for a long time or the stimulus is too severe, your daily life could become stressful. As Zen Beam (a far-infrared ray medical heating device) is effective for various kinds of pain requiring the thermotherapy (backache, arthralgia, stomachache, etc.), it can be widely used for various diseases.
Sun Beam Capsule, an emitter of Nano carbon material, emits a far-infrared ray wavelength of 4~16um, boosting the metabolism and reducing visceral fat. It is expected that the percutaneous infrared-ray hyperthermia will be used for obese patients, especially for patients having accumulated a lot of visceral fat.
Since its establishment in 1999, Myungshin Medical has grown as Korea’s best enterprise in accomplishments as well as in name. As of 2015, the company successfully accomplished the one and only obesity treatment clinical trial in Korea and completed registration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The eff ectiveness and technology of its product has been recognized in such countries as the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Hong Kong, Australia, the USA, etc. and is exported to those countries. In 2015, Myungshin Medical strived for exporting the product to China.
Myungshin Medical will strive for continuous development of products by strengthening its world-leading technology, effectiveness, price competitiveness and ease of use. Myungshin Medical will advance as a more improved and innovative global enterprise as Korea’s proud medical leader, always considering customers’ health as a top priority. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

IoT Healthcare Device(Plasma Cleaning)[INQ. NO. 1806E28] Plasma Cleaning developed by IM Healthcare is a new-concept clothing care device that cares for clothes by eliminating harmful substances in the wardrobe. It is a product developed by adopting the ion module that acquired the elimination test result of a total of 15 kinds of harmful substances. This product can eliminate musty smells generated in a wardrobe, as well as eliminate harmful substances, such as various viruses and bacteria, volatile organic compounds, etc., existing in a wardrobe.
This product can be used for up to two weeks by charging once as it is equipped with a lithium ion battery and used semi-permanently just with regular cleaning. In addition, as a low power of less than 2 watts is used, you can use it without having any concerns about electric charges. It also can be used in various spaces requiring management of harmful substances, such as shoe closets, restrooms, etc.
IM Healthcare is growing as a leader of various digital healthcare suppliers in Korea by proceeding with the businesses of the next-generation bio-diagnosis technology, IoT smart healthcare, the plasma ionizer and the AMI/AMR (automatic meter reading/ advanced metering infrastructure). In the case of next-generation bio-diagnosis technology business, it developed a portable device that diagnoses various diseases promptly on the spot using a highly sensitive bio-sensor based on the semiconductor process. The company proceeded with research and development to make the portable system prompt and highly sensitive. In case of IoT smart healthcare business, it is establishing a healthcare platform managing the life-cycle healthcare service of children, youths and the elderly and, simultaneously, developing a healthcare device fit for their life-cycles.

Regarding the plasma ionizer business, IM Healthcare delivering its self-developed ion-generating module to major Korean companies for their air purifiers. Doctor USB, an ion-generator developed with its own brand, entered the duty-free shops in Korea and achieved the first place in sales in the category of small electronics, in recognition of its technological prowess. In the case of AMI/AMR business, the company is performing remote meter reading without replacing the existing mechanical water meter by developing the automatic water-meter reading system based on IoT, and establishing a convenient system enabling unmanned automatic meter reading. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Wireless Auxiliary Battery-based Media Platform[INQ. NO. 1806E25] Smart IoT Limited Co. registered a patent for the related technology and applied for PCT. It has since realized and is providing a media platform based on wireless auxiliary battery for the first time in the world based on unrivaled technological prowess. As for the business of Smart IoT Limited Co. the company is developing software designed to link the user’s smartphone with the wireless auxiliary battery based on ICT (information and communication technologies). This mobile application can provide corporate clients and customers with various media contents, such as all types of text, images, video, etc., and display the desired information. It is also possible to create customized applications offering the functions required by corporate clients.
Smart IoT Limited Co. has manufactured the product considering users’ safety and the environment. Its product emits less heat than other products and provides efficient wireless charging by enhancing its safety and the degree of completion. In order to improve users’ convenience and practicality of the product, the product provides stable wireless charging based on Smart IoT’s unique technological prowess that prevents the smart device from deteriorating. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

All Coated Film(HEAT PLUS)[INQ. NO. 1806E25] Seggi Century’s all coated film(HEAT PLUS) is made with precise application technology of less than 10 microns in process, characterized by the heat dissipation from carbon by applying carbon to the PET film. It is a high-tech heating film that can be used semi-permanently unless heat-treated at 70°C for 72 hours and cut with scissors.
The film is a special fabric laminated with exterior PET (double layer) and middle stiff material. It is specially waterproofed to prevent contact with air and moisture, so it can be used semi-permanently for future oriented wall, ceiling, floor, and heater. The film is being actively exported to all over the world with its excellent quality and outstanding performance.
Above all, it achieved recognition in Japan, which is particular about quality, and succeeded in export for the first time in the domestic all coated film industry. It is currently the only product that is being exported so far.
It is produced in high-tech process with almost no temperature deviation by using high-tech precision printing technology that can uniformly print nano size high purity carbon particles. In the production of heating films, silver electrodes are formed on the copper foil and carbon heating element to produce the best laminating method without sparks. It is the best film in Korea that enhances stability with the use of insulative and flame retardant films to the world-class quality. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Forest Therapy Air Cleaner[INQ. NO. 1806E24] W Co., Ltd., established in 1999, is a company distributing an eco-friendly cleaning agent not harmful to either humans or the environment, and a forest therapy air cleaner for cars that can be beneficial to people’s health. Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner is a small but effective forest therapy air cleaner that creates air cleaning effects with negative ions and makes the cleaned air healthy with the phytoncide once more. This product eliminates harmful substances and bad odors in cars and provides healthier air. It relieves your fatigue during long-distance driving and helps lessen runny nose, sneezing, etc. caused by rhinitis. You can move and use it freely anywhere, such as the office, rooms for your parents or children whose level of immunity might be weak, study rooms for students requiring concentration, as well as for automobiles.
The clear-cut distinctions between Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner and other phytoncide products are as follows: First, while other phytoncide products use the phytoncide extract from the retinispora, the phytoncide used in Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner is extracted from the trees containing phytoncide with efficacy far higher than that extracted from retinispora trees, thereby guaranteeing the efficacy and having no side effects to the extent that it is edible. This comparison is proved by the scientific research and journal. Second, other products use a compound of the phytoncide extract and the synthetic oil, but Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner uses pure natural phytoncide extract. In comparison with other products, the quality of natural phytoncide extract determines the high efficacy of Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Electric Timer Controlled by an App[INQ. NO. 1706E21] Please tell us about your company’s growth engine along with a corporate introduction
Our company was established in March 2013, and I established it to develop ‘Internet of Things’ which reduces the use of electricity. I decided in 2012 to launch such a company when the power shortage problem was serious, and we have since been developing products grafting the IoT field with the purpose of reducing one nuclear power plant by reducing electricity.
We named our company “Insight Power,” which means a “Company having insight into electricity,” and began to develop “Wattdream,” which can reduce power consumption by using an app. We succeeded in developing it in 2015 and launched Wattdream, through which we are now marketing the app.

We want to know about your main products
‘Wattdream’ is small and light, weighing just 96g, with dimensions of 12 cm in width, and 4 cm in length.
However, cutting-edge technology operating smartphones and IoT is included in it. In particular, applying Bluetooth technology adds to the competitiveness of Insight Power.
Most of the existing products that control electric power by IoT use Wi-Fi. In this case, a wireless router is needed and a server is needed, too. However, in case of ‘Wattdream’ which was applied by Bluetooth, there is no need for a wireless router and there is almost no power consumption, plus it has advantage of easy installation and convenient use.
Wattdream is a product that can reduce standby power by freely turning on and off the power of household appliances at the desired time through a dedicated app. It can turn the power ON/OFF directly, or reservation setting can be used to operate it on a specific day of the week or in a specific time zone. Therefore, electricity charges can be saved if you use it, and furthermore, electric heating appliances can be used more safely, so it is very useful. By setting automatic power shut- off function every night for the water purifier or TV set-top box which is not used in the middle of the night, electricity charges can be saved, too. It also has advantage that no installation or maintenance cost is needed as it is operated using Bluetooth.
Wattdream is an electric timer controlled by an app and it is a convenient product that can adjust the usage times of home appliances at will. It can adjust ON/OFF schedules up to the minute unit freely, and it can be set to be operated only on a specific day of the week. Once it is set, it is operated independently according to the time and day of the week, even if a smartphone is not connected.

Please tell us about your major export markets and recently emerging promising markets
The more developed a country is, the more expensive the electricity charges are, so the advanced countries have an interest in saving power consumption. They have thus shown a lot of interest in Wattdream, which can easily reduce power consumption by using a smartphone app.
In the future, we are planning to develop overseas markets actively targeting advanced countries such as the USA, Germany, France, etc.

If you have any special management philosophy as CEO, please tell us about it
Wattdream is a product that enables individuals to save the energy to combat the effects of global warming. I think that the method led by the nation should be proceeded with macroscopically; on the other hand, we are planning to launch the products continuously to distribute them widely by producing the products easy to be operated in daily life by individuals. I think it is a way to contribute to society if an individual saves energy even by 10%.

Please tell us about your future vision, and give us a message for overseas buyers and customers
We have been getting good responses by launching energysaving products and have become widely known overseas, so we will develop and launch the products to be a robust enterprise related to energy. ‘Wattdream’ is an innovative product which can effectively reduce power consumption. Because of this, it has been gaining explosive popularity among domestic consumers as soon as it was released. We are looking forward to receiving even greater interest from overseas customers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Iris Recognition Security Systems[INQ. NO. 1706E20] Please tell us about your company’s growth engines along with a corporate introduction
Our company, IRISYS (IRIS + SYSTEM) was established in 2012 as a company specializing in biotechnology which provides various products and solutions based on Iris technology as refl ected in the company’s name.
The biggest advantage our company possesses is IRISYS, which may be called the ultra-light SW algorithm applied by encryption/decryption technology of biometric Fuzzy Hash onto ultra-small iris authentication devices. In addition, we think it is the pride of our company that this method was applied that blocks the leakage of personal information. This is an issue that is being emphasized more and more, and it was developed as a method that does not store people’s personal bio information in the server, etc.


We want to know about your main products
We have perceived that the existing bio information is based on the image-contrasting method, so there exists a gap between the perfect security area – therefore, we started to research the ways by which can go beyond the gap. Thus, the iris authentication algorithm created by the above background has acquired international standard certifi cation, FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) and UAF (Universal Authentication Framework) authentication already. The physical security products such as the personal safety boxes, door-lock and access control device which are launched by our company at this time are the products applied by the optimized iris recognition technology like this.
Currently, we have contracted a supply agreement of iris authentication door-lock products with global customers in the industrial material fi eld in Europe and entered into the completion stage of development of the iris authentication module, and its fi eld test is scheduled in the near future. Once the fi eld test has been successfully completed, it will be switched to a mass-production system immediately, and it is expected that the iris authentication door-lock will be commercialized fi rst in the global markets.
Recently, a lot of enterprises have been launching products applying IoT in the smart home fi eld, and our company, IRISYS, has plans to launch the products by applying iris authentication into the access controlling device and personal safety box, too. Such physical security products will be presented through domestic and overseas exhibitions. Many security experts have gathered opinions that the next-generation security fi eld, which will replace fi ngerprint recognition, is iris recognition, and it is noted that a lot of global enterprises are spurring research and development to launch the optimal solutions.
As we mentioned earlier, our company, IRISYS, can collaborate with any enterprise in relation to irisauthentication software algorithm we have self-developed, and the number of competent SW engineers enabling it exceeds 50% of total R&D personnel.
The marketing method of our company, IRYSIS, has mainly used domestic and overseas exhibitions to display our technical skills, and we have a plan to utilize this method continuously. And especially in the case of physical security products that can be used by consumers directly such as door-locks, access-control devices, payment systems, etc., we will utilize it actively according to the fi eld demonstration plan of IoT by the city government and listen to the opinions of actual customers, and we are planning to conduct viral marketing, too. We will make every possible eff ort to introduce a marketing approach that refl ects the various tastes of customers in the future.


Please tell us about your major export markets and recent emerging promising markets
At present, we are expecting to export our products mainly to the European market where our global customers are located. Furthermore, we are expecting to expand our market to the Middle East including the UAE and all other Asian countries such as China, etc. In fact, we think that the fi eld to apply smart home and IoT technology is infi nite, globally.


If you have any special management philosophy as CEO, please tell us about it
I think that the core thought I keep in mind is “Never give up until you succeed.” I established the company in 2012 and now fi ve years have passed, during which I have overcome a lot of diffi culties till now and I personally think I have a big jump ahead in 2017. I will confront a lot of challenges in the future, too − however, I am confi dent that I can overcome them with my colleagues.


Please tell us about your future vision, and give a message to the overseas buyers and customers
Beginning from iris recognition, we have a dream to become a professional enterprise that stands out in the biometric authentication fi eld. To realize this, we will do our utmost in the R&D fi eld, and we will create a virtuous-cycle structure in which the output of our eff orts is linked to the best products that are convenient to use in the real lives of consumers and always reliable.
Thank you very much! | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

New Concept Smartphone Case for Self-defense[INQ. NO. 1706E19] Please introduce your company and tell our readers about the driving force of your company’s growth
We are a female-run enterprise providing security service that ensures the safety and happiness of customers 24hours a day. We plan to soon release a smartphone case for women’s self-defense with advantages that you can report an emergency situation most quickly and easily and deal with it immediately when an unpredictable crime or incident occurs.

We would like to know more about your company’s main products
247 Korea, following the completion of intensive idea gathering and R&D, recently released “Volt Case,” a newconcept smartphone case for self-defense that in case of emergencies is operated while automatically reporting only with a fingerprint with a fitted electric shock machine. Major product models, being updated continuously, are I Phone 6/6S and Galaxy S6.
In daily life, it can be used as a case protecting a smartphone. In case of emergencies, it can be a case for self-defense protecting oneself. It can help users to deal with unpredictable crimes and incidents in advance and deal with an emergency immediately.
It can be used right away merely by scanning a preselected fingerprint in case of emergencies after installing 247SOS. The outstanding features are its dual-service functions, electric shock and automatic report, working simultaneously as soon as a fingerprint is scanned. Therefore, by scanning a fingerprint, a report is sent to a related security company at the same time that electric shock is working against a subject causing an emergency. After reporting an event, a scene is recorded and a recorded video is sent. Then, a location that an electric shock machine is operated is sent. Lastly, an event is reported to a police station based on a sent location and a security company calls a designated number and informs of an emergency situation.
The 247 SOS App service can be used independently. There are two methods to report in case of emergencies: One is to report by scanning a fingerprint on a mobile phone; and the other is to report by using a passport and a pattern. It is a system to prevent other people or children besides the owner from using it by applying a method of being operated only when a fingerprint is matched. Volt Case is safe. A slide structure of a shock terminal is made with a dual lock system to prevent malfunction. If a shock terminal is not removed, it is not operating. You can easily report automatically as Volt Case and App work together. User information, a location and a video are sent to a designated number and a police station, respectively. With bodyguard dispatching service under a monthly payment, your own bodyguard can continuously be put on standby.

Can you tell us about major export markets and recently rising promising markets?
Security products have been rapidly rising in popularity over recent years. Its market reached 1 trillion won in Korea and more than that in foreign countries. Our company, 247 Korea, aims to advance into global markets by leading the way as a new brand for self-defense products.

If you have a special management philosophy as a CEO, could you please tell us about it?
Our products are developed to protect marginalized citizens. By providing service by need and for the weak and underprivileged, we seek to help create a world where less-fortunate citizens can live with an untroubled mind in a safer world. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods