Pet Wearable IOT Medical Device(VetKit)

[INQ. NO. 2206E13] HYUNDAI AIT presents a unique wearable Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) device for dogs that is available in two colors ‒ white and black. It fits comfortably on a dog’s chest and does not cause any inconvenience. Because of its location near the chest, PEMF magnetic fields work even more efficiently.
The device uses sound and motion sensors to analyze the dog’s emotional state in real time. Connect the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth and observe the condition of your dog. The sensitive microphone will transmit information to the application to determine the degree of anxiety of the dog, and the accelerometer will help to analyze movement activity throughout the day. The color changing LED indicators on the device also indicate changes in the dog’s emotional state.

The magnetic coil inside the device creates a magnetic field and, despite its small size and weight, can effectively act on the body through the chest. Apply the PEMF therapy via your smartphone and the device will replace the caring veterinarian at any time convenient for you.
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a non-invasive, non-thermal treatment that involves pulsing electromagnetic fields in tissue to promote healing. PEMF therapy is approved by the FDA as a treatment for anxiety in humans, and it has proven to be effective for treating anxiety in dogs, too. It is drug-free, and is entirely safe to use, and it begins working almost immediately.
PEMF therapy can improve your dog’s overall quality of life. PEMF therapy not only addresses the symptoms of anxiety, but also offers other health benefits. PEMF therapy promotes healing on the cellular level, and offers physical and mental health benefi ts.
Scientific research continues to show how PEMF therapy can benefit pets, which is why an increasing number of vets offer PEMF therapy. The HYUNDAI AIT device helps to carry out PEMF therapy at home, and for the first time the therapy can be controlled from your smartphone.
In cooperation with local governments, Hyundai AIT plans to launch an anxiety disorder treatment device that will give new life to abandoned dogs and keep foster parents safe in the first half of 2022.
HYUNDAI AIT is, with the completion of KSM registration last year, preparing for a technology special listing, and we are a technology company that has been awarded five times in the national technology contest, and selected for a number of government projects. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Aesthetics Lasers

 [INQ. NO. 2205E07] Lutronic Co., Ltd. is a leader in the medical aesthetics industry at home and abroad that has enhanced practitioner-friendliness and safety features of its devices by installing the ‘Intelligent Care System’ co-developed by researchers from the USA and Korea in its new products including ‘DermaV’ and ‘CoreLevee.’

Medical Device for Vascular Treatment
‘DermaV’ is a medical device for vascular treatment. While conventional vascular treatment devices had limitations in energy uniformity and accuracy, Lutronic has utilized ‘real-time dual calibration’ technology to address such problems related to low accuracy and unstable energy.
In addition, the company has introduced real-time detection technology of skin temperature, while enabling faster treatment involving less pain using its skin cooling technology. Lutronic has also incorporated ‘IntelliPulse’ technology in its DermaV device to reduce side effects while enhancing user satisfaction. Such technology enables the adjustment of vibration (pulse) width to ensure more delicate and safer treatment of vessels situated within the skin layer regardless of their thickness.

Dual Wavelength Long Pulse Laser
DermaV is a 532nm & 1064nm dual wavelength long pulse laser that has integrated all of the strengths of conventional vascular treatment devices. Equipped with IntelliPulse, a type of Intelligent Care technology, the device enables users to adjust the pulse width depending on the depth and thickness of vessels. Moreover, it is equipped with real-time dual calibration technology to address the drawbacks of conventional vascular treatment devices — energy accuracy and uniformity.

Non-invasive Medical Device
‘CoreLevee’ is a non-invasive medical device aimed at alleviating muscle pain through an applicator that uses medical electromagnetic field technology. Adjusting to the user’s lifestyle, it provides four types of programs to activate muscles, and is designed using customized smart technology that enables adjustment of intensity by area starting from soft and low-irritation care. It is a device that enables effective treatment by maximizing user-friendliness as its applicator that enables independent irritation control to tailor more detailed treatment for users.
Its latest product, ‘Hollywood Spectra,’ has gained enhanced recognition after being awarded in the medical aesthetics equipment category of the 2021 Korea Brand Hall of Fame. Hollywood Spectra is a device optimized to uniquely perform the popular Hollywood Laser Peel, which enables practitioners to brighten a patient’s damaged and aging skin complexion. It is a device gaining increasing popularity across the USA, as it has been well received among Hollywood stars and famous celebrities.
Moreover, the company presented wide-ranging globally leading products at KIMES 2022 including ‘Genius’ that delivers precise clinical effects, as well as ‘Clarity 2’ equipped with upgraded functions from its conventional ‘Clarity’ model that enables safe and fast treatment by measuring skin temperature real-time.
A spokesperson for Lutronic explains, “We continue to take great leaps forward toward becoming a total healthcare provider starting at the center of new trends in the post-pandemic beauty ecosystem.” He added that “Lutronic will be establishing a stronger brand power globally by showcasing innovative products aimed at addressing the skin concerns of medical practitioners and patients around the world.”
CEO Hwang Hae-lyung of Lutraonic noted further, “The collaboration with medical practitioners even amid the COVID-19 pandemic based on our ceaseless investment in R&D to materialize the best level of technology has contributed significantly to our product development.” He also stressed that “We will not remain complacent with having a global network across some 60 countries around the world, but will continue to increase its sales workforce, and establish overseas corporations to provide differentiated services that would contribute to enhancing satisfaction of medical practitioners and patients.”
After its founding in 1997, Lutronic has become a leading player in the domestic medical aesthetics laser equipment market with the largest market share (as of 2020). With its differentiated technological competitiveness, it is now being wellreceived by experts in the United States that is leading the global medical aesthetics market trends, and its new product line-ups are raising hopes in the market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Robot Rehabilitation Medical Devices

[INQ. NO. 2110E06] Man&tel Co., Ltd., established in 2000, is the world’s only rehabilitation medical device manufacturer that is coming up with a product roadmap for total rehab solutions ‒ including robot rehabilitation medical devices; rehabilitation medical devices used to rehabilitate arms & legs and cognitive ability; smart exercisers used to maintain weakened muscle strength; and cognitive ability of elderly people; plus other relevant devices.
Man&tel has started developing medical devices into which core technical prowess related with training devices and medical technologies since 2009 and is currently exporting to 16 countries.

3D Balance Training Device (3DBT-12)
Clinical experiments have proven that the three-dimensional balance trainer helps recover balancing ability early by adding vertical training that repeats knee bending and stretching to horizontally body-weight-moving muscle training adopted by almost all relevant products around the world.
The U.S.-patented 3D balance trainer that is the key to balance training and is equipped with the technology for which a patent has been registered in the USA is the core product of Man&tel’s rehabilitation medical devices.

3D Balance Training Device (3DBT-12)

Sliding Balance Training Device (MSBT-10)
The sliding balance trainer is a medical device used to help rehabilitate balance ability by strengthening muscles after performing surgeries on patients with early stroke or with musculoskeletal disorders from legs. And the product’s remedial effect on early rehabilitation has been confirmed through clinical experiments.
In addition, the sliding balance trainer has the advantage of stability while conducting training so that it can be used not only in rehabilitation hospitals but also in senior care centers.
As a medical device that is also the key to balance training, and is equipped with the technology on which a patent has been registered in the USA, this product is the core product of Man&tel’s rehabilitation medical devices.

Sliding Balance Training Device (MSBT-10) | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Patient Monitor

[INQ. NO. 2010E15] A patient monitor is a medical device to help medical workers by measuring vital signs of a patient such as ECG, SPO2, NIBP, TEMP, IBP, and so forth, and displaying the relevant parameters and numeric values on a monitor.
At present, VOTEM’s product lineups are a modular-type patient-monitoring system of VM15(15’’) and pre-configured-type patient-monitoring systems of VP1200(12.1’’), VP1000(10.4’’) and VP700(7’’).
Each of the products is provided with a module developed through VOTEM’s own technology and can be upgraded to MASIMO SPO2 and SUNTECH NIBP as an option. In addition, each of them can be integrated with RESPIRONICS ETCO2 and MASIMO MULTI-GAS MODULE to meet the varied needs of medical workers.

As for VP700, VOTEM provides minus options for a user to omit unnecessary functions and to purchase it at more rational prices.
At the same time, the company is enhancing the convenience for medical workers with a central monitoring system of VC2000 (1BED, 4BEDS, 9BEDS, 16BEDS, 32BEDS) that enables them to check all monitors installed around a hospital in one place, and a smart care system that enables them to see vital signs of patients through their mobile phones or tablets at any place and in real time.
VOTEM, established in 2007, is growing based on technologies it has developed and exports to nations around the world including those in Asia, Europe, Africa, the USA, Latin America, the Middle East, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

High-Frequency Liposuction Device[INQ. NO. 1802E12] Established in 2001, Chungwoo Medical is a medical device-specialized company, developing and producing various medical devices with new technology and concepts. All employees of the company are striving with an enterprising spirit and innovative thinking under the management objectives of securing advantages in terms of trust, technology and quality.
Their commitment is toward developing and producing only products that can satisfy the viewpoints of customers. As a result, the company is enjoying good responses and strong trust from customers while exporting to 60 countries overseas as well as selling them in the Korean market.
Chungwoo Medical launched new product APOLEX Tite which is the successor to APOLEX, a high-frequency liposuction device selected as a next-generation world-class product. APOLEX Tite is the latest equipment combined with technology and know-how accumulated by Chungwoo Medical. The elimination of a suction function made it possible to reduce the price and elevated the accessibility of hospitals with liposuction equipment. Its safety was further strengthened through an enhanced temperature control system and an immediate output control function based on impedance.

The special cannula of APOLEX Tite comes in three sizes — 0.8 Ø, 1.0 Ø and 3.0 Ø – so it can be used in both bodies and faces. Its LED changes in three steps depending on conditions. In addition, APOLEX Tite features a probe that can use RET on the labia and whole body and a probe for vaginal tightening, which enables the product to tap into the female healthcare market as well as the liposuction market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Pico-toning Laser System[INQ. NO. 1802E08] POICOCARE450, which is based on WonTech’s picosecond, is the first 450ps system in the nation with the approval of the Korea Food and Drug Administration.
POICOCARE450, a system specialized for pico-toning, can effectively remove the pigment legions including tattoos, dark spots, freckles, moles, and blemishes. In the case of tattoo removal treatment, POICOCARE450 can satisfactorily remove a multi-colored tattoo, which could not be easily done before, with just 2~3 sessions of treatments. For example, in the case of a freckle, three POICOCARE treatments can produce a similar result as six treatments of nano laser toning treatments. Before the system is used, Wontech confirms the pulse of Oscilloscope Pro 450 Picosecond that can ensure the pulse duration. The durability and safety of the system can be confirmed during the long demonstration period. The beam is soft on the skin without the short burning that the Q-switched Nano Laser would give, so the treatment can be conducted on sensitive and susceptible patients. It gives less discomfort to some patients thanks to less pain/burning sensations than the conventional nano laser. Currently, ‘POICOCARE450’ offers basically 1064nm, 532nm wavelengths, and a 595nm/660nm Dye hand-piece is added. When needed, an optional hand-piece can be used for various red/pigmented legions. Additional use of a Focused Fractional Laser will be effective for scars, lifting, and elasticity. ‘POICOCARE450,’ which can be variously utilized, will give much satisfaction to patients since it causes less pain and requires fewer effective treatment sessions.


How to Maximize Treatment Effect of POICOCARE450

When the strong 1064nm, 532nm treatment is done, it is essential to use a regenerative cream, and a sun block lotion should be generously applied. A prescription whitening cream can be prescribed, or a steroid cream can also be applied when the treatment is overdone.

Established in 1999, Wontech is a global medical device manufacturer specializing in R&D, production, and sales of lasers, ultrasounds, and high-frequency medical devices, which are based on its superior knowledge. Listed on KONEX in 2015, its sales and business profits increased to a great extent, and Wontech won the ‘Korea KONEX Award’ in May 2016. Its R&D employees comprise 50% of the entire workforce, and Wontech owns more than 170 cases of intellectual property rights. Its major product, POICOCARE450 is a cutting-edge laser, which is very effective in removing skin pigmentations like tattoos, freckles, dark spots, and moles. POICOCARE450 has competitive functions when compared with top global brands, so it gets huge support domestically and globally. Hairbeam, Wontech’s B2C product, is a personal hair-loss treatment device. It was first advertised in a home-shopping show and it ended tup being one of the company’s major products. Wontech is aiming to lead the home self-care market by launching Hairbeam in the Chinese market. In order to advance as a global anti-aging product company from the current medical laser specialty manufacturer, Wontech will reinforce its B2C business. In the long run, by developing laser systems related to the surgical field, ENT, urology, and neurological surgery, it will aim to become a global medical device manufacturer beyond being an aesthetic device company. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Smart Monitoring Thermometer[INQ. NO. 1802E06] ChoisTechnology launched the smart monitoring thermometer – Thermosher – in 2016. The existing thermometers commonly adopted a principle that measures continuously through the head or forehead. However, the measurer and the subject had to wake up at night, which may cause inconvenience.
In order to alleviate this inconvenience, ChoisTechnology created the Thermosher that attaches a thermometer to the body and confirms body temperature information on a smartphone in real time. According to the medical device approval standard, the contact thermometer should pass ±0.1°C in terms of the temperature measurement error.
Considering that the approval standard of non-contact thermometer, which is ±0.2°C, its product is performed more precisely than the non-contact thermometer. In addition, the non-contact thermometers may have different positions during the measured time, but one of the advantages is that the contact thermometer can constantly monitor temperature at the same location.

Currently, the contact and monitoring smart thermometers such as Thermosher are becoming increasingly popular on the global market. Temp Traq is a representative example in the United States, and there are similar products available in the Chinese and European markets. Temp Traq only operated once for 24 hours. On the other hand, Thermosher can be used semi-permanently by using the battery. And it designed to be attached to sensitive skin safely by using a small, slim silicon patch.
The market for home U-healthcare combined with IoT technology is increasing. In combination with IoT technology, ChoisTechnology is increasing the need for more convenient bio-information measuring devices in proportion to the need to constantly measure and manage an individual’s biometric information. Since then, ChoisTechnology has advanced into the medical device market by adopting wireless interface technology that it has accumulated since 2001, and now ChoisTechnology is developing products such as respiration monitoring device, wireless smart thermometer, wireless electrocardiogram monitor, wireless pulse oximeter (SpO2). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Endoscopic Vision System[INQ. NO. 1802E03] As a leading manufacturer of otolaryngology devices for the ear, nose and throat in Korea, Chammed has been manufacturing E.N.T. treatment unit, chair, medical endoscopic visual system, respiratory care devices, etc. and exporting to around 60 countries.
In particular, the China branch was established in 2009, in recognition of the steady marketing and high technology achieving the top share for imported products in the Chinese market.
Following the China branch, a Germany branch also established in 2015, on the basis of differentiated technologies and services trying to enter the European market.
Through intensive research and development on medical imaging field which is promising area for medical devices in Korea, the company became the first commercialized company for medical use Full HD camera system. Through this “CLARVION” series of products, Chamed enters a new era as one of Korea’s representative venture companies in its field and was selected “Korean World Class product”.
Furthermore, beyond the E.N.T. market, based on the accumulated technologies in medical camera, now extends its product range to nearly all departments of hospitals using medical cameras that are already dominated by global companies and bringing a new change of paradigm.
Since being established in 2005, Chammed has enjoyed a good reputation for its high-quality and professional services from all over the world. The company operates its business based on the core values which include first-class quality, technology and service. As a result of its continued efforts, it was selected by the Korean government as one of the promising exporters with high growth potential.
Chammed’s two attractive endoscopic vision system models FHD-C3, L3 are emerging as ones of representative endoscopic vision system in global markets, with built-in cutting-edge competitive capacities. The main features include direct transferring of image to USB memory, autoclavable camera, wireless foot sticks, heads, switches, up to four images of screen dividing function, transferring of network image to remote computer, and connectable with RCS-C3 or RCS-V1 and HD. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Medical Navigation and a Balloon Catheter[INQ. NO. 1709E01] Established in 1995, Megamedical Co., Ltd. is a venture company specialized in medical devices. Having started with the successful localization of an E.N.T. unit at the beginning of its establishment, it has been able to develop full-HD imaging systems and breathing treatment devices with continuous R&D on medical devices.
Lately, Megamedical has successfully developed medical navigation for the first time in Korea and a balloon catheter for interlocking with this navigation. The medical navigation is a cutting-edge medical device that provides detailed information on parts of the body where an endoscope cannot reach, which facilitates safe surgeries.
Naviloon, the balloon catheter, for interlocking with the navigation, is also a useful device in many fields. Namely, it is an expendable product effective for medical purposes such as ‘paranasal sinus balloon dilatation.’ A sensor is integrated on the interior of the balloon catheter to confirm an exact location with the navigation, which assists more convenient and safer surgeries. Based on the requests of surgeons, its design has been improved to reduce fatigue during surgeries. An LED-type balloon catheter that enables diphanoscopic surgeries in a form of transillumination and a balloon catheter for transfer purposes are now under development.


The patented navigation and balloon catheter have gone through GMP tests and been approved for manufacturing by KFDA. The company is expected to contribute to raising the status of Korea as a world-class medical device manufacturing country by utilizing the localization of the navigation and balloon catheter as the second take-off platform. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Ultrasonic implant bone surgery device

[INQ. NO. 1410E22] As INNO-BIZ company, DMETEC has released a series of innovative medical devices including the nation’s first released models of dental ultrasonic scalar and Gun-type LED curing lighter, etc. With advanced nations’ levels of design and quality,\ currently, this company exports such flagship items to more than 80nations including the U.S.A, EU member states, etc. amid fierce competition contributing to the increase of national exports. And of special note, after three years of R&D, this company has developed the nation first ultrasonic implant surgery device, which surpasses those of European advanced countries in terms of quality, performance.

Ultrasonic-implant-bone-surgery-device This very competitive item can cut through bone using ultrasonic vibration, so that it is currently popularly used for dental implant surgery. This technology makes it safer for dentists to carry out their task, shorten the recovery period. Globally, only 10 enterprises succeeded in commercializing such technology. This item is expected to generate an additional value, affected by the activated implant market.

The broader LCD window compared to competitors’ products reflects its consideration of users’ convenience in design. The strong power of the handpiece is also a highly advantageous merit over comparable items. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods