Pico-toning Laser System

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1802E08] POICOCARE450, which is based on WonTech’s picosecond, is the first 450ps system in the nation with the approval of the Korea Food and Drug Administration.
POICOCARE450, a system specialized for pico-toning, can effectively remove the pigment legions including tattoos, dark spots, freckles, moles, and blemishes. In the case of tattoo removal treatment, POICOCARE450 can satisfactorily remove a multi-colored tattoo, which could not be easily done before, with just 2~3 sessions of treatments. For example, in the case of a freckle, three POICOCARE treatments can produce a similar result as six treatments of nano laser toning treatments. Before the system is used, Wontech confirms the pulse of Oscilloscope Pro 450 Picosecond that can ensure the pulse duration. The durability and safety of the system can be confirmed during the long demonstration period. The beam is soft on the skin without the short burning that the Q-switched Nano Laser would give, so the treatment can be conducted on sensitive and susceptible patients. It gives less discomfort to some patients thanks to less pain/burning sensations than the conventional nano laser. Currently, ‘POICOCARE450’ offers basically 1064nm, 532nm wavelengths, and a 595nm/660nm Dye hand-piece is added. When needed, an optional hand-piece can be used for various red/pigmented legions. Additional use of a Focused Fractional Laser will be effective for scars, lifting, and elasticity. ‘POICOCARE450,’ which can be variously utilized, will give much satisfaction to patients since it causes less pain and requires fewer effective treatment sessions.


How to Maximize Treatment Effect of POICOCARE450

When the strong 1064nm, 532nm treatment is done, it is essential to use a regenerative cream, and a sun block lotion should be generously applied. A prescription whitening cream can be prescribed, or a steroid cream can also be applied when the treatment is overdone.

Established in 1999, Wontech is a global medical device manufacturer specializing in R&D, production, and sales of lasers, ultrasounds, and high-frequency medical devices, which are based on its superior knowledge. Listed on KONEX in 2015, its sales and business profits increased to a great extent, and Wontech won the ‘Korea KONEX Award’ in May 2016. Its R&D employees comprise 50% of the entire workforce, and Wontech owns more than 170 cases of intellectual property rights. Its major product, POICOCARE450 is a cutting-edge laser, which is very effective in removing skin pigmentations like tattoos, freckles, dark spots, and moles. POICOCARE450 has competitive functions when compared with top global brands, so it gets huge support domestically and globally. Hairbeam, Wontech’s B2C product, is a personal hair-loss treatment device. It was first advertised in a home-shopping show and it ended tup being one of the company’s major products. Wontech is aiming to lead the home self-care market by launching Hairbeam in the Chinese market. In order to advance as a global anti-aging product company from the current medical laser specialty manufacturer, Wontech will reinforce its B2C business. In the long run, by developing laser systems related to the surgical field, ENT, urology, and neurological surgery, it will aim to become a global medical device manufacturer beyond being an aesthetic device company.

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