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Phone cases[INQ. NO. 1610E04] These days, there are so many companies in the phone case business. However, AS4US is maintaining its brand name D’parks as ‘Best Selling Brand’ among them in Korea, even though AS4US is not just selling phone cases. AS4US has been doing proper research and analyzing trends, also producing good quality products for what people want. All D’parks cases offer a kind of attention to style, detail and quality that you don’t often find at its price point. It cares a lot about its cases, but it cares even more about its customers. All of its product patterns are designed and printed in Korea and assembled in its factory to ensure every product is individually inspected before packaging and shipping.

201610e_page_15_03AS4US selects high quality materials that allow for products that are both well-made and beautiful. Everything that the company create is thought through, tested and inspected to ensure that it ends up with a collection of products that it would not only use itself but is incredibly proud to share.

There are four kinds of phone cases by the company under the brand of D’parks – soft case, tough case, black case, and shift case. Soft case uses TPU, so users can squeeze and fold the case. Tough case delivers high performance as its double layer case absorbs impacts. It is made with silicon +PC. It uses thermal transfer print with quality. Using polycarbonate, the SF-coated case keeps it safely from damage. The port openings are large enough to use for any accessories. Shift case also uses PC + TPU as material. The SF-coated case keeps it safely from damage.

The port openings are large enough to use for any accessories.



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Field Installable Connector

Field Installable Connector

QACTM – Quick Assembly Connector Network Cable Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in passive optical network components and solutions since its establishiment in 1999.
NWC has offered differentiated products for Passive Components, Optical Distribution Systems, and Passive & Active Devices out performing FTTH.

Products : Quick Assembly Connector
NWC QAC provide quick and easy termination of optical fibers in the field.
Both SC single mode and multi mode connectors are available for 900 micron and 3mm drop cable application which allow the installer to terminate and make connection in 3 minutes in the field. This connector system doesn’t need any requirement such as epoxy, adhesive and costly curing ovens.

  • Real APC connection
  • Quick and Easy Fiber Termination
  • Field Installable, Cost effective
  • Reliable Optical Performance
  • No epoxy and polishing required
  • Variable types available : SF, NS, S, L, W, SW, C




Strengths of Products : Real APC Connection
Cutting the surface with Angle to minimize Return Loss of QAC

Temperature cycle -40°C ~ 75°C →  Return Loss < 60dB




Network Cable Co., Ltd.
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Competitive X-ray Equipment Expanding Technological Horizons on the Global Market

Based on technology accumulated over 27 years, Won Solution Co. has distinguished itself by specializing in the X-ray fi eld. With ISO 9001 and 13485 certifi cations, the manufacturer has acquired the CE mark for its products, in an eff ort to expedite overseas marketing.
The fi rm’s WSR-40 HF diagnostic radiographic system has a tube unit of max. 500mA (300mA and 600mA are also available) at 125kVp. Equipped with a 40kW HF generator, the
model employs the high frequency inverter method, thereby reducing the shooting time by about 50% compared with ordinary products. Its compact control console permits wall-mounted operation and can be remote-controlled for more user convenience.
Notably, the company’s WSR-40 2Plus has almost the same structure as WSR-40, except for its two fl at panel detector (FPD) digital radiography.
The fi rm’s popular models include WSRF-50 radiographic & fl uoroscopic system with a tube unit featuring max. 650mA at 150kVp. The model comes with a 50kW HF generator.
Employing the high frequency inverter method, it allows the user to freely choose ordinary radiographic mode or special fl uoroscopic mode. Another popular WSM-300 HF & mobile
radiographic system is equipped with a control unit featuring 300mA at 125kVp. The model comes with a 30kW HF generator.

Measuring 210(W) x 970(L) x 1,910(H)mm, its tube support unit permits vertical travel of 770~1,770mm and transverse travel of 700~870mm. Its mobile cart measures 600 x 1,065 x 1040mm and it has a locking system with a cassett e box. The WSM-300P model has the same structure as the WSM-300 except for a power supply unit.

Focusing on R&D Activities and Market Exploration

Untitled-9.jpgSince its foundation, the company has made ceaseless investment in research and development. It has acquired the Korea Good Manufacturing Practice (KGMP) authentication and has also been designated as a Promising Small and Medium Enterprise by the Korean government.
Its products have already gained a high reputation overseas, especially from China and Vietnam. Its product line-up also include HF generators, digital X-ray systems, X-ray collimators and X-ray grids. Aiming to become one of the global leaders in this field, the company puts prime emphasis on customer satisfaction.
For this purpose, it plans to do its utmost for technology development and perfect after-sales activities. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Two-Level Protection Solution against APT Attacks Set to Advance into Global Markets

Recently, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) has rapidly emerged as a new hacking technique used by cyber criminals to tenaciously att ack targets using various methods (e.g., e-mail and the Web) their objectives are achieved.
Notably, NPCore has successfully developed a two-level APT defense solution “Zombie ZERO” and provided it to governments, fi nancial bodies, universities and enterprises. The fi rm is a specialized company for APT and ransomware defense solutions and provides network and end-point security. It has gained fame in the anti-virus centric security market by constantly developing specialized malware detection/response solutions.


A New Security System to Defend APT Attacks

Zombie ZERO uses an agent-based behavioral detection system installed on PCs and a network-based behavioral detecting system analyzing fi les from network traffi c through virtual machines. A new security solution designed to defend against APT att acks and detect malware, Zombie ZERO provides robust information security to prevent data exfi ltration and network damages.
Zombie ZERO’s agent detects the increase of malicious entropy by classifying with behavior detection categories, including encrypting application program interface (API), fi le manipulating API and existence of signs. So, when higher fi gures of entropy appear, it judges the process as a malware such as ransomware and isolates and uploads the patt ern data to enterprise security management (ESM). Then, Zombie ZERO ESM shares the patt ern data with other Zombie ZERO agents to prevent infection and spread. The agent detects and prevents specifi c unauthorized programs from modifying or manipulating the possessing fi les. The external confl icts are prevented by the installation in I/O driver level.

For enterprises, Zombie ZERO eff ectively detects, blocks, and quarantines malware code for network and end-point. It is capable of detecting, blocking and quarantining through a behavior-based system. So, it can strongly protect vulnerable anti-virus software.
NPCore established a limited liability company (LLC) and branch offi ce in the USA and Vietnam in 2014 and is operating distributors in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia. The company has already exported $200,000 worth of solutions to Japan. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Eco-Friendly Baby Bottle Sterilizers to Test Global Markets

Armed with technology accumulated over 16 years in the sterilizer field, NEOCO has rapidly emerged as one of the top suppliers in Korea. With international certifi cations
like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the company is currently equipped with a streamlined one-stop system ranging from research and development to production.
Based on its experienced and skilled R&D team, the manufacturer has expanded business areas to include kitchen items, electric home appliances, hair/beauty items and sanitary fi xtures. Recently, it has captured the limelight by introducing “ecomon” eco-friendly baby bott le sterilizers.
Untitled-12.jpgThe product emits anions to sterilize baby bott les and remove the UV smell and unique odor of the bott les. By using the built-in UV (ultraviolet) lamp, it eff ectively sterilizes and disinfects baby bott les. Incorporating a heater and a fan, it can perform air-heating and drying functions.
Its interior refl ection plate maximizes the refl ection angle by using high-gloss stainless steel and applying embossing treatment on the surface. For more user convenience, the product applies an easy-to-use touch switch.
The product features elegant design and compactness. Measuring 325mm x 403mm x 340mm, it weighs only 5kg. When packed, it uses a color box for gift size (375 x 450 x 390mm). With a power consumption of 80W, it operates at AC220V (60Hz). It sterilizes not only nursing bott les but also other baby goods, kitchen products and other items of daily necessity. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

Three Baby Bottle Sterilizer Models to Meet Customers’ Diverse Needs

The products are classifi ed into ECO-70KA (deluxe), ECO-22 (standard) and ECO-33 (popular) models. Equipped with dual UV lamps, ECO-70KA comes in black or red color and features an anion-emitt ing function as well. The surface of its front side is fi nished with the painting method, thus off ering the feeling of luxurious natural texture.
Coming in blue, pink or lime color, ECO-22 off ers is equipped with a single UV lamp and off ers anion function. Incorporating a single UV lamp, ECO-33 is available in white or hot pick color. Without the anion module, the model does not have the anion function.
“Under the mott o ‘Baby’s Health and Mother’s Happiness,’ we produce baby bott le sterilizers with sincere care for babies’ health. Eff orts are constantly being made to provide babies and mothers with eco-friendly life in the ever-worsening environment of the modern age. We promise to off er products with best quality,” said the company’s president Ju-Tae, Kim.

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Innovative Battery Regenerator to Create Huge Demand from a Vast Range of Industries

For the past decade, Renergy has caught strong att ention both home and abroad by supplying the world’s first batt ery regenerators that employ special electric pulses. The company’s products are made with CPU-installed ASIC (application-specifi c integrated circuit), which is an electronic energy control customized semiconductor, and energy-controlling software.
They are the world’s fastest and safest ones of their kind, in striking comparison with existing models from Europe and Japan which utilize the transformer low-frequency pulse method and high-frequency pulse method, respectively. They are made from the convergence of electronics, communications, chemicals and other fields.
2016-09-13 10;50;58.PNGThe product sets batt ery function recovery standard by three steps before use. It changes direct current energy into micro pulses in each charging step. It removes foreign objects from the surface of the poles and provides electronic energy to the batt eries. Its feedback system allows users to check transmitt ed energy on live status to recover lacking energy. Its energy effi ciency rate is above 90% and it weighs only 7kg, with the size of a normal desktop computer.
The product costs just one-tenth the price of similar products and has high credibility and quality level.
It also permits the user to perform international standard discharge testing after recovering the batt eries. It can prevent and improve aging of lead sulfate batt eries as well
as nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydrogen batt eries and lithium batt eries. It is eff ective in lengthening the lifespan of batt eries and improving batt ery function. It is also benefi cial in reducing CO2 emissions and improving the recycle rate of used batt eries.

In Preparation for the Age of Energy Recycling and Electric Energy

“Fast and safe recovery of secondary batt eries may be applied in various areas such as UPS, transportation (airplanes, subway, trains, automobiles and ships), military uses, medical devices and other areas. We anticipate the application of our products in electronic cars and new regeneration energies as well,” the company’s president Lee Heung-woo revealed.
The company has actively explored overseas markets, especially in Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and India. The manufacturer’s popular export models include Renew Cell RCR-600. The model eff ectively extends the lifespan of batt eries by supplying specialized electric pulses. It is applicable for all kinds of lead acid (AGM & GEL), NiCd and NiMH batt eries. It enables users to check the energy status of batt eries in real time and shows error status quickly (open, short and help). It can operate multiunits in series and works in one to four steps, each of which is programmable. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Producing Innovative Products beyond the Housing-Related Field

Established in 2002, EuroHousing Corporation started its by producing bathroom accessories as its representative product. However, since 2004, it has been putt ing its eff orts and investment into various innovative concept products such as aqua bed warmer. Now, its product lines range from Sliding roof and Blackcan, heating system for campers, to Smartcup, water heating cup for vehicles.
EuroHousing Corporation changed its name to Euro Corporation in 2014 as its products were no longer limited to housing products and it wanted to advance into various fi elds. Euro wants to grow as a promising company with each employee coming up with bright ideas and confi dence in its products.

Brilliant Products that Outsmart Even Users

Untitled-16.jpgAqua bed warmer has a water heating system that generates heat by circulating heated water through small hoses inside the pad.
Unlike general electric heating pads that use heating wires, it is safe from electromagnetic waves and fi res. The controller of Aqua bed warmer is a high-end digital controller which has water level sensor, tilt sensor, overheating prevention sensor so that it alarms and stops working in case of any abnormal situation. Also, Aqua bed warmer is more economical than any other general electric heating pads in terms of energy saving.
Blackcan is a heating system that provides comfortable and warm sleep for campers with more than 30 degrees of temperature. The temperature is adjustable from 25 degrees to 45 degrees. As for fuel, it uses butane gas without any electricity, which lasts more than 10 hours with 230g of gas cartridge.

If the main body is tilted more than 45 degrees or tipped over, it automatically shuts off . And it adjusts the temperature of a mat by controlling gas combustion. The whole thing weighs only 2.9kg so it is portable and easy to handle, making it ideal for fi shing and camping.
Smartcup comes very handy whenever hot water is needed for coff ee or ramen. Just by plugging into cigar jack, it can heat up from 20 to 90 degrees. The inner cup is stainless and separable so it is easy to wash. It also keeps water warm with automatic temperature maintenance system. Smartcup weighs only 320g so it is very portable and comes in various colors. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Innovative High-Powered LED Lighting Systems

Since its establishment in 2000, DooYoung T&S has specialized in high-powered LED lighting systems featuring low power consumption, high optic efficiency, optimum radiation design, uniform intensity of illumination and a long lifespan of over 50,000 hours. company’s “DYSL” series LED lighting systems employ four kinds of radiation technologies as well as LED multi-chip package, high radiation ceramic & adhesive, ceramic coating heat plate and heat sink (radiator panel) and high illumination refl ectors.
The combination of high illumination reflector technology and chip on board (COB) surface eff ectively solves the problems of eye strain, including severe luminance diff erence between the LED and the surrounding areas, dark shadows and glare. Thanks to the
fi rm’s special technology concerning heat dissipation, the temperature of heat sink can be controlled not to rise high and power LEDs can be applied to the lighting systems.
Considering optimum ratio of heat dissipation, an aluminum heat sink was specially designed. Heat pipe was developed to dissipate high-temperature inner heat of fl oodlighting. It consists of sealed 16-angle pipes made of aluminum. The pipe is covered by ceramic with good isolation eff ect and heat conductivity as well as inorganic adhesive. Optimum radiation technology & materials and AC power technology are being applied to lighting devices with high output. Optic effi ciency and life span can be maximized with a parallel arrangement of LED.

The fi rm’s high illumination refl ectors are specially designed in a dual layer with 16 angles substantially increasing light concentration and refl ection efficiency.
Multiple angles on the refl ector plane widen the radiation fi eld far from the light source and enhance radiation.

Making Perfect Replacement for Previous LED Lightings

The maker’s highpowered LED lighting systems with high illumination refl ectors are widely applicable for hangars, maintenance shops for planes, as well as all kinds of industrial and sports purposes, including street lighting, plants with high ceilings, parking lots, terminals, parks, squares, stations, performance halls, large exhibition halls, playgrounds (night lighting), fl ood lighting, harbors and factories.
Featuring soft and comfortable lighting no glare and shadow, indirect LED lighting systems from the company are suitable especially for supplemental lighting for greenhouse crops.
The DYSL series LED lighting products are very light: DYSL 300W and DYSL 600W weigh 8kg and 10kg per set, respectively. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Making the Best Thermal Links in the World

Founded in 1987, Dong-Yang Electronics has become one of major brands in the Thermal Links industry through close collaboration with their partners and the customers around the world.
From the beginning, DYE has maintained one primary focus: “Making the best and the safest Thermal Links in the world.” Specializing only in Thermal Links, backed by their own unique technology, and using a strategic market approach with constant eff orts to produce a top-notch product have led to exporting to over 50 countries and expanding Untitled-23.jpgits market share. Their revolutionary “know-how” skills also have led to the top quality automated production lines in most of producing stages.
They are committ ed to satisfy various needs of the market. They are constantly striving to improve product quality further through innovative management approaches, upgrading production lines and adapting to fast changing markets.
With the most advanced technology, short lead time and great communication with each customer will keep this company in the market as a major player.

Highly Reliable Safety Devices – Thermal Links & Thermojoiner

Thermal links (Thermal fused) are designed to provide utmost protection against overheating of all electric and electronic products, therefore, protecting valuable lives and properties as well as a product itself from unexpected fires at the most cost-effi cient way. There are two major heat sources from operating a fuse include external heat Untitled-24.jpgfrom the surrounding of a fuse and self-heating due to electric current.
DYE thermal fuses (organic thermal element type) are to prevent fires caused by abnormal heat generation from circuits and other heat producing electric and electronic products, these are one shot (non-resettable) devices.
Two major applications are automobiles and home appliances including heating devices, coil-winding products, power supplies, offi ce equipment, telecommunication devices and other most electronic deviced, ranging from toasters to ovens, gas ranges and electric humidifi ers. DYE thermal fuses are exported to over 50 countries with all the certifi cation approvals such as UL, VDE, PSE, CCC and KE.
Thermojoiners are the product originally invented by DYE. Its concept is opposite to that of Thermal Links. When the temperature exceeds the rated Teurperatare, thermojoiner closes the circuit and operates the specific apparatus. It applies to signal transmitt er, guidance lamp system, emergency lighting system, fi re alarm system, thermal sensing devices, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

VINATech, Leading the Carbon Based Technology Market for Green Future

VINATech was formed in 1999 with a view to develop specialize in EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor) super capacitors. Its mass production started in 2003. In the year of 2011, it moved the headquarter to Jeonju city with a purpose to build a factory and support growing demand for VINATech Hy-Cap products.
Right after its move to Jeonju, VINATech received Presidential awards for innovation and continued to expand its R&D team and improve production techniques and material development. It is following a demanding road map to produce true alternatives to batt eries. There are now over 150 patents for material development in place with many more in the pipeline.

VINATech now employs 180 staff s in Korea, of which 65 are involved with R&D. The production capacity is now the largest of all similar manufacturers with further expansion planned.

Technology for a Sustainable Future

VINATech’s super capacitor technology off ers many benefi ts over batt ery with longer life, faster charge and discharge, improved effi ciency, RoHS & WEEE compliance and has a wider temperature range especially with its advanced technology and introduction of the 3v series which leads the market. This 3v series gives 300% longer life than similar products or can be used at 85c if de-rated to 2.4vdc.
In 2009, VINATech launched its patented hybrid (P-EDLC) product, a high density technology, off ering an ideal solution for fast charging in renewable energy type applications such as solar powered products, cordless tools, emergency lighting and a growing number of IoT applications.

VINATech’s highly automated production site swiftly achieved ISO 9001/ ISO14001 in 2004 and acquired TS16949 accreditation along with numerous blue chip manufacturers’ approvals including major automotive and metering manufacturers in 2013.
VINATech will be att ending major exhibitions across the globe to launch a number of new exciting innovative super capacitors to meet the growing demands to replace batt ery technology which has fueled the demand from all market sectors including automotive as the world moves from fossil based fuel to EVS and HFC types. The uncertainty for stable power supplies has led to a demand for back up in many industrial and medical sectors to ensure continuity of service. These new products will also support communications systems using GSM/GPRS and IoT technologies. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods