Leading the Bathroom Culture with its Unique Bidets – Quoss

With an etymology “Quoss,” derived from the words “Ubiquitous” https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryand “Essence,” Quoss has been working hard for developing, producing and marketing of bidets for customers’ health with confi dence and understanding. All employees of Quoss are working with great pride for improving customers’ health and hygiene by continuously promoting the electronic bidets with accumulated technology and skills over the past 20 years.
With a lot of cooperating companies and partners, Quoss actively introduces its technology to the international market with its premium bidets to lead the bathroom culture. Quoss creates new technologies and designs for manufacturing the best bidet with endless R&D and technical improvement and exports its unique bidets to the USA, Europe, Japan, France, Russia, China and Australia.

Paperless Smart Toilet System – Q Series Bidets

Untitled-29.jpgMany people in Europe, Asia and America have been using the paperless toilet system over the past few years. In fact, over 80% of houses in Japan and Korea have bidets installed. One of the features that made the Q series essential bathroom accessories was that they fi t so easily into existing toilets.
Quoss bidets can be retrofi tt ed to any toilet seat within just 10-15 minutes without any modifi cation. Just by pushing a butt on, the bidet toilet will thoroughly clean and dry you with a gentle stream of warm air. It is a cleaner, healthier and more eco-friendly option than using toilet paper. This hands-free toilet experience alone can signifi cantly reduce germs and bacteria contamination from unwashed or improperly washed hands at home.
These premium electronic bidet seats, Q7000 series, for example, have many features. Their instant heating system enables a continuous supply of warm water for 24 hours without a change in its temperature. Automatic cleansing operates in sequence, providing cleansing, drying and deodorization. It is especially helpful for the disabled and elderly people.

Other features include nozzle self-cleansing, remote control, heated seat, deodorization and warm air drying. The Q6000 series also has many of the same features as the Q7000 series. These include instant heating for 24 hours, turbo for regular motions, bubble cleansing, nozzle cleaning, warm air drying, heated seat, occupied seat sensor, illumination, aroma and water purifying fi lter. There are also Q5000 series, which are quite aff ordable with still many functions, and the Q1000 series, which are not electronic bidet seats. They are manual with twin nozzles, solid die-cast lever and anti-slam lid.

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On the Way to Becoming a Global Leader in the Point-of-Care Diagnostic Device Field

NanoEnTek has key technology of nano scale Bio-MEMS that https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryorganizationally combined microelectromechanical system (MEMS) and biotechnology, which is called technology of the 21st century. Based on the technology, it is expanding its business to life science experiment equipment, medical in-vitro diagnostic device and related solution development. There are about 100 patents of nano convergence technology that were applied and registered.
Especially, one of the company’s key platforms is lab-on-achip, and it is a next generation technology that will contribute to medicine and life science areas. NanoEnTek recently released the world’s fi rst compact automatic cell analyzer named Countess. In 2009, it sold patent exclusive license of gene delivery Untitled-34.jpgsystem, MicroPorator, to a global company at US$13 million. It will advance its global targets through the world’s fi rst benchtop residual white blood cell counter ADAM-rWBC, pointof- care diagnostic devices FREND PSA Plus, and FREND TSH FDA 510(k) cleared in the United States.
Through active investment, NanoEnTek is now expanding its in-vitro diagnostic business with its existing life science business. In January 2016, it merged with Bio Focus which is a point of care diagnostic devices company based on rapid kit. Together, they have reinforced biology capability and presented customized products for each country because of diversifi cation in platform.

Representative Products for POCT (Pointof-Care-Testing)

The FREND system is a small, rapid and near-patient in-vitro diagnostic for quantitative measurement of biomarkers in patient samples. This quantitative immunoassay analyzer is fast, delivering results within three minutes after a simple three-step process.
And it is easy to use with touch screen GUI, which allows saving in USB drive. It is accurate by performing bett er than other diagnostic devices. It is also compact with 3kg of weight, requiring no restriction for installation space.
What’s more, it is FDA 510K certified. BioTracer is a rapid diagnostic test that is quick and easy to perform for qualitative measurement. It is capable of manufacturing gold-conjugates, recombinant antigen and antibodies. It markets products that satisfy WHO standards (Malaria, HIV), US FDA(hCG) and the CE mark. With accumulated know-how on manufacturing rapid test, its sales extend to over 40 countries.
BUDDI is an image analyzer that evaluates the line signal intensities of analyte and control line on the test device. It has smart connectivity (EMR/LIS & Wi-Fi) with easy and fast test procedures. It also has a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

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Proved and High-quality DC ground monitoring system for Power plant and Substation

Yousung was founded in 1989 with confi dence to contribute https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryto the future industrial engineering electricity through e-manufacturing of general switchgear, protection switchgear, monitoring controlling switchgear and R&D of digital protection relay, remote supervisory control system, electric power facility diagnosis and smart grid.
Also, it is exploring the global market, investment of regeneration energy, information and communications construction business and electrical works in buildings. It will keep satisfying its customers with its high-quality products through management innovation with valuecreation to achieve advanced electric power technologies and R&D based on its advanced management.


Representative Products of Yousung 

The DC ground processing system is a leakage current detection device with alarm output function per each channel and fault record function in cases where a ground fault occurs, as it is always monitoring the leakage current in DC power supply line (P/ N phase) at the power plant or the substation through CT with communication. Furthermore, it features digital protection relay based on real-time operation and measurement method by removing noise interference. It is possible to select fault detection method on each channel and to extend and select channels.
Solid control relay is a GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) control device, which is the fast programmable logic controller in LCP (Local Control Panel) function of 25.8kV GIS. This hybrid system is combined with sealed relay and power semiconductor devices to replace the existing relays used in gas-insulated switchgear. It features interlock logic function based on PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), remote control function, real-time monitoring function, convenient program upload, connector lock type and energy saving.
Interlock module device is the fast programmable logic controller of 154/345kV Interlock Panel controller. This hybrid system is combined with sealed relay and power semiconductor devices. It features an interlock logic function based on PLC, remote control function, constant monitoring system, connector lock type, convenient user interface and event record system.

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Specialized in Producing High-Effi ciency Permanent Magnet Generators

Suntech was established in 1996 by its president, https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySunhyoo Lee, in Suncheon, South Korea. The company specializes in manufacturing high-effi ciency generators and currently has 50 employees. Since its founding in 1996, Suntech has developed new technology for permanent magnet generators and as a result, it was awarded NEP (New Excellent Product) certifi cation by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, CE certifi cation, ISO9001, ISO14001 and defense quality from the defense agency for technology and quality.
Suntech has also acquired nine intellectual property rights in Korea and fi ve rights from overseas (USA, Japan, Europe and China) and its fl agship generator was certified as a world-class product by the Korean government in 2012.
With its outstanding technology, it won four gold prizes at international invention exhibitions in Nuremberg (Germany), Geneva (Switz erland) and Pitt sburgh (USA) for technology of high-effi ciency permanent magnet generators.

Patented Environment-friendly Highly Efficient Permanent Magnet Generator

Existing winding type revolving fi eld generators have a lot of coils and electric/electronic parts in them. And they need a winding mechanism and use a voltage controller, so they have some factors causing defects in operation.
Because of overload, moisture, momentary inrush current caused by load, and lightning, internal parts of such winding type generators can be damaged, which stops the operation of the generator. Suntech has solved these problems by developing a high-effi ciency generator and using a permanent magnet rotor of 3~2000kw. In designing the rotor for the permanent magnet generator, Suntech used a fi nite element method. It could improve waveforms, effectively arrange a permanent magnet, design an optimum rotor and insert a magnet. By doing this, it minimized leakage fl ux and improved effi ciency.
The characteristics of Suntech’s generator include the facts that it can be used permanently without any defect and harmonics are very minute, so clean voltage is generated with excellent quality. The size of the generator is two-thirds of that of the existing generators, so it is easy to handle without restriction in regard to working environment and space.
Especially, its generator shows 98.62% efficiency, which is over 6.72% higher than that of the existing generators (91.9%).
SMG (Suntech Permanent Magnet Generator) consists of a stator and a permanent magnet rotor. This simple structure helps to minimize output loss, which means SMG is highly effi cient. It has excellent safety because there is nearly no breakdown due to oil damage. Thanks to permanent magnet, SMG is not damaged by inrush current and short circuit.
What’s more, SMG is a reliable power generator for demanding military operations. SMG-1.5K is a power supply for Vulcan batt ery charger and a fi rst soundproof type of 1.5kw for military purposes. SMG-10K makes an ideal power supply for military bases and fi eld command posts. The company has already delivered 325 units to Army and Marine Corps. And the generator was selected as the best generator in 2011 by the Defense Acquisition Program Administration.

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Converting into Global Leader in Solar Energy Technology

Connex Electronics has been mainly supplying https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryautomotive connectors since its foundation in 2001. It strives to satisfy customers’ requirements with its accumulated experience and technology in the fi eld of automotive electrical component fi elds. Connex will do its best in the coming years to ensure continued growth of the Korean automotive industry.
It started conducting technological development in the field of solar energy from 2008 and developed several products such as junction box, connector, power maximizer and quick solar which is an independent portable solar system.
Connex has registered several patents and successfully executed technological development tasks for the Small and Medium Business Administration. Connex will keep striving to become a global leader in new and renewable energy industry in the coming years as well.
Untitled-44.jpgConnex is operating the quality management system for customer satisfaction and has acquired several certifi cations such as ISO9001, Venture Business, Inno-Biz and the company’s research center. It also has product performance certifi cations related to UL, TUV, CE, FCC, RoHS and KC.

Power Maximizer and Quick Solar 

Untitled-45.jpgPower maximizer maximizes PV system efficiency at the lowest cost. It increases energy efficiency by recapturing up to 50% of lost energy in shade conditions.
Depending on its conditions, energy production increases by 10~40% typ. With compensation for panel-to-panel mismatch, dirt, dust, debris and bird droppings will no longer signifi cantly degrade array performance. Also, panel aging eff ects are minimized.
Power maximizer has multiple orientations and tilts with diff erent module sizes and shapes. It is possible to mix and match string lengths for bett er look and to replace a failed module easily with ability to use shorter/longer strings than normal. Maintenance cost is reduced with real-time monitoring of each module with zigbee telecommunication.
Remote search through internet portal and mobile devices is available.
Untitled-46.jpgQuick solar supplies power fast to people in disaster zone and remote area. It features fast power supply with easy and fast installation and full batt ery charging. It carries excellent quality with certifi ed components. It is a readily made product without any errors in installation. It has suffi cient batt ery storage that lasts for three days without sunshine.
Maximum power is up to 3.4KWp with embedded power maximizer. PV module tiling is optional. It also has compact design with PV module sliding and folding. It utilizes space effi ciently with easy transportation to remote areas.

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Kuvings – a Global Brand for Small “Health” Appliances of NUC Electronics

NUC Electronics is one of the leading manufacturers of small https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryspecialized kitchen appliances for nutrition-conscious consumers. Since 1978, NUC has developed more than 20 “health” appliances including various models of juice extractors, juicers, blenders, yogurt makers, single and multifunctional food processors, food dehydrators and soymilk/soup makers, hand mixers, slow cookers and more.
The company markets its small appliances under the brand name Kuvings worldwide. Domestic and overseas customers choose NUC products for its excellent quality, innovative design and easy handling features. With numerous product patents for unique technologies and innovative designs, NUC’s global brand “Kuvings” is gaining more and more popularity in households worldwide.

Enjoy the Whole Taste and All of the Nutrition

Untitled-47.jpgThe whole slow juicer Chef CS600 is patented for low-speed extraction which makes this press juicer slowly press and squeeze ingredients rather than grind them. The model provides you more juice with improved screws, a linear drum and fi ne sieve, while with increased pulp amount and reduced staying amount in the air.
CS600 features a wide feeding chute for easy and fresh juicing. The wide mouth juicer takes in whole, uncut ingredients and leaves no juice behind to provide maximum nutrition for your body. It has an easy cleaning system with smart juice cap and external rotating easy brush. The red dot indications allow users to easily assemble and disassemble the juicer.
Its convenient and practical smart cap enables you to wash it with ease to prevent spilling and to make mixed juice. Whole slow juicer C7000 is for household use whereas the CS600 is for restaurants and cafes. C7000 is a three-inone multi-juicer, meaning that it can be widely used for making juice as well as ice cream and smoothies. Just replace the juice strainer with a blank strainer for ice cream, and with a smoothie strainer for soft smoothies. It operates quietly, using its built-in low noise design with a slowrotating, special deceleration motor, generating less noise and vibration. The smart cap enables easy cleansing after continuous juicing and prevents leaking.
Power blender KPB-351 is for household use as well, featuring power motor 3.2Hp, automatic blending, pre-set butt ons for pulses, juices and smoothies. It also comes with a BPA free jar and auto-stop function.


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The World Wide Leader in Wireless Network

Since its establishment in 2004, RF window has https://korean-electronics.com//inquirydeveloped and commercialized ICS (Interference Cancellation System) digital repeater solution for the fi rst time in the world. It has been providing many global wireless operators with dramatic CAPEX & OPEX reduction as well as cost-eff ective wireless solutions for coverage expansion and enhancement.
In addition, it has extended its business sector to supply total wireless solution such as antenna; outdoor sector & Indoor Omni, Passive solution; Hybrid combiner & POI(Point of Interface) and optical products; optical MUX.
RF Window plans to consolidate its existing business structure fi rst, actively develop new business in the ubiquitous fi eld and reinforce its global marketing to step up as a world-class IT company. It will also reinforce its R&D and discover talents to become the best IT company with core technologies. In short, it will make seamless eff orts to become a global leading wireless equipment solution vendor in the future.

Stretching Signal with Intelligent Digital Repeaters

Untitled-49.jpgThe ICS system is able to eff ectively eliminate all multipath signals including direct feedback from the coverage antenna, indirect feedback from predictable obstacles and can now even cancel indirect feedback from unpredictable obstacles despite changes in feedback signal timing and amplitude.
RF Window off ers a wide array of wireless coverage products ranging from very low power indoor products, which seamlessly bring the outdoor coverage indoors (and underground) to medium- and high-power open area products, capable of improving dense urban cellular network coverage and extending base station coverage to urban and suburban areas.
RF Window products are supplemented by auxiliary products including EMS (Equipment Management System), DM Tool (Diagnostic Monitoring Tool) and Modem providing the Mobile Network Operators with a complete last mile solution.
Untitled-50.jpgThe accelerating global demand for multi-band mobile services requires reliable and high
performance network equipment that supports various technologies such as WCDMA, LTE, as well as allowing each mobile operator to make increasingly effi cient use of their budget.
Hence, RF Window products have been providing solution with best performance & technology in a compact housing. Besides, we design systems that are easy to deploy and simple to manage via Web-UI and Android/IOS.
“Multi-band have been showing to install where shadow areas at indoor & outdoor for your convenience due to ICS(Interference Cancellation System) solution.” WINCO is a digital indoor repeater system that can help you extend your LTE-TDD service to the wireless dead zones of indoor applications such as homes, office buildings, shopping malls, etc. It is a simple plug and play operation with embedded donor and service antenna once the power is on. Its unique and advanced technology adaptation of T-Sync modem will enable more subscribers to enjoy their indoor mobile broadband life with more stable and superior performance of its WINCO.

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Expanding Service Infrastructure of Clinical Diagnosis Sequencing and Molecular Diagnosis

Founded in June 1997, Macrogen has been enhancing https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryits study and service infrastructure, building a global genome network, expanding the base of new growth business – clinical diagnosis sequencing, molecular diagnosis – and existing core business – capillary sequencing, next generation sequencing.
Macrogen’s global genome network has been established mainly in Europe, Japan, and Central and South America, with which Macrogen has been discussing large joint genome research programs.
About 70% of consolidated net sales are generated from more than 150 countries outside of Korea. Macrogen has expanded its business to various countries in Europe, as well as the USA and Japan, and so forth.
In Korea, the Genome Center for patient-specifi c medical service is in the course of establishment, which will contribute to the expansion of the service infrastructure of clinical diagnosis sequencing and molecular diagnosis.

Advancing Through Genomics

The company’s myPETGENE utilizes genetic testing services for preventive treatment of diseases, preventing loss and abandonment by owners, in order to promote both the well-being of pets and to establish a healthy culture regarding animal companions. Certifi cation of chromosomal identifi cation, including genetic disease markers, is becoming a standardized cultural procedure in adopting healthy animal companions. myPETGENE promises to regard your animal companions as family and will strive to establish a healthy pet culture by providing high-quality services through constant research and development.
DNA profi ling is a testing method which extracts DNA from a sample obtained from a pet, and analyzes the genetic patt ern. Through DNA profi ling, the company compares and analyzes genome sequence to determine whether the DNA is from the same species, or keeps the analysis results for future use. myPETGENE off ers analysis result based on ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics) standard.
First step into myPETGENE’s blood relationship is to express genotype of pets. Being genetically inherited DNA forms in pairs – inherited by each side of parents. Blood relationship can be scientifi cally proven by comparing the DNA pairs.
Genetic Testing for pets use extracted DNA to analyze any mutations in disease-related regions and structural abnormalities to check for genetic disease occurrence probability. DNA, which is an informational database, uses a special coded system which function is to make proteins. In the case of normal DNA, thousands of coded protein interactions allow and maintain normal physical activity. In other words, the coded proteins are the basis of how the maker is able to digest food, neutralize toxins, and react effi ciently against contagious germs. However, when a mutation occurs in the DNA due to various reasons, functional proteins are no longer produced and a disease occurs. Such mutations can be inherited from parents or can be a postnatal development, and inherited
mutations can be confi rmed through genetic disease testing.

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Specialization in Implant Systems with R&D center and Open Innovation System

A&B Biomedi Co., Ltd., which was established in September 2013, is a new fi rm specializing in implant systems that https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryhas been developing and supplying different types of implants. The sales have risen every year by 100% in the Korean market and recently, it has been concentrating on the international markets on the basis of its own unique technology development and high-quality products with reasonable pricing.
The company operates an R&D center while adopting an open innovation system that establishes a cooperation system with Korean universities and outside agencies for research and development. It has received recognition for its high technology and in April 2014, it received recognition as a venture company and has been designated as a recipient of the business start-up support from the Korean government through a university. Most recently, it was appointed as a Star company of 2016 that will play a major role in leading the new future of the local economy in Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea.

A&B Implant System – Fixture, Abutment and Surgical Kit

2016-09-13 11;07;56.PNGFixtures (Fix-S, Fix-I and Fix-E) feature strong initial fi xation power because of the special design technology of the screw parts. Each screw thread makes moves independent depending on its size and role and has excellent initial fi xation power, so it is possible to make implants more stable. It can make perfect bone incorporation in such a short time through an SLA-Type surface treatment method (RA: 2.7). A&B Implant is a high-tech system designed to be compatible with international implant system.
Abutment is a patented product that has been designed to prevent loosening of the implant after the procedure. The company has released various designs of diff erent types of abutment thereby widening customers’ choices.

When a screw head is seated on the top of the abutment and gets mastication pressure continuously, it disperses the pressure and reduces the sinking phenomenon. It is designed to be an all-in-one screw and abutment type after its connection. There is a hex on the bott om of the abutment, so it prevents abutment from being rotated by being linked to the implant connection part.
A surgical kit includes drill and countersink. The drill is designed to gather autogenous bone if needed. It has countersink to control the initial fi xation power. Each depth of a drill has stoppers making it possible to precisely drill.


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Exploring Global Circuit Breaker & Margnqetic Contactoqr Market With Long-Accumulated Technologies

Based on technology accumulated over 60 years, Dong-A Electrichttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Device Co. has maintained the leading position in the domestic circuit breaker and contactor field.
With ISO 9001 international certifi cation, the company has acquired foreign standards such as CE and TUV.
Operating its own research and development institute, it has ceaselessly released innovative products to bett er meet the changing demand from customers both at home and abroad.


Competitive Export Items to Expand Overseas Markets

The maker’s currently popular export items include molded case circuit breakers (MCCB), earth leakage circuit breakers (ELCB), magnetic contactors (MC) and magqnetic switches (MS).
The fi rm’s zero current transformer (ZCT)-embedded MCCBs and twin 4P type ELCBs are the world’s fi rst in its kind. These items have been designated as “New Excellent Products (NEP)” by the Public Procurement Service of Korea. Their cartridge-type structure ensures bett er user convenience. MCCBs, ELCBs, ZCT-embedded MCCBs come in the same sizes. They need minimized att achment space thanks to their compact sizes and light weight.
All-in-one type MCCBs bring about sharply reduced material and personnel costs.

Hot-selling DB and DBE Series models in the MCCB and ELCB sector are economic breakers which eff ectively protects from damages from a fi re danger and equipment damages caused by overload or short. Both complete electric and thermal electric types present excellent performance characteristics. With their standardized their sizes, they have great compatibility with other type products and accessories.
Meeting international quality standards, MCs and MSs from the maker feature simple wiring, stable movement and long mechanical/electronic life.
Pouring huge investments into research and development, the manufacture has been designated as “INNO-BIZ” company by Korean government. “We will fulfi ll our role and missions in this fi eld in Korea by constantly developing new technologies and focusing on transparent administration,” says company president Lee Man-woo.


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