Automotive Headlight Halogen Bulbs

[INQ. NO. 2108E06] Since its establishment in 1993, BIOLIGHT Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and selling automobile headlight bulbs.
The company is mainly supplying halogen, HID, LED, and general bulbs. Since the establishment of halogen and LED production lines, they are all manufactured domestically.
In addition, the bulb maker is doing OEM deliveries for domestic companies and is also supplying such products to overseas buyers from Europe, the Middle East, Japan, and so forth. The company has acquired global certifications including the E1 Mark, ECE Regulation 37, DOT, etc.
As it is equipped with a number of halogen manufacturing facilities, the light product maker is able to provide products that can meet various customers’ needs.

Automotive Headlight Halogen Bulbs

In particular, the super ultra racing halogen bulb produced by BIOLIGHT is a high-end product that boasts the most powerful and brightest light within the tolerance limits set by ECE Regulation.
Emitting the brightest light within the allowable range of the international specifications, this product provides clear brightness and perfect visibility to prevent risks of accidents that can more easily occur during night driving.
This lighting product provides not only outstanding visibility but also unrivaled longevity compared to other standard products.

Automotive Headlight Halogen Bulbs

Lastly, BIOLIGHT’s halogen bulbs are made of fine quartz glass.
Fine quartz glass is more durable than general glass, thus preventing damage caused by thermal shocks. The fine glass material is also outstanding in blocking UV rays, preventing the lamp’s discoloration. By reducing the refraction rate, it provides night drivers with pleasant driving conditions.
Upgrade your driving environment with the super ultra racing halogen bulb! — a brighter high-end product manufactured for drivers’ safety.

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Straight Tube LED Lamp[INQ. NO. 1812E05] WOOREE Lighting has recently released a 12W straight tube LED lamp that is of the highest level in the industry. This product has brought luminous efficacy to the industry’s highest level of 185 lumens/W by applying the 2835 (2.8mm x 3.5mm) LED package technology of WOOREE Lighting. The highest luminous efficacy of 12W straight tube LED lamp currently available in the market is 170 lumens/h.
Luminous efficacy is a unit of brightness of light versus power. The higher the value, the less is the power used and the brighter is the light given off. The straight-tube LED lamp of WOOREE Lighting has a durability guarantee of more than 50,000 hours and can save about 30% of electric energy compared with the conventional fluorescent lamp, thus reducing power consumption and saving costs. The characteristics of this product are that it is an eco-friendly LED product with no heavy metals such as lead, mercury, etc. and has minimized visual damage by realizing homogeneous illumination and achieving high color rendering similar to the sunlight.
Also, this product has applied 5700K and 6500K color temperature that is easy on the eyes. According to a spokesperson for the company, this product is suitable for offices and factories where people work for a long time as it reduces eye fatigue. Straight-tube LED lamps can replace existing fluorescent lamps. By replacing the stabilizer, you can plug it directly into the fluorescent spot before using.
A spokesperson for the company remarked, “The highest luminous efficacy of 12W straight tube LED lamp currently available in the market is 170 lumens/W. Our product can guarantee durability of more than 50,000 hours and can save power energy by about 30% compared with existing fluorescent lamps. Recently, straight tube LED lamps have been rapidly replacing the conventional fluorescent lamps in factories, offices, and warehouses, and the demand for our product, which has realized the highest luminous efficiency in the industry, is expected to increase. We will carry on the tradition of the longevity lamp, which is representative brand of WOOREE Lighting.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Fluid Injection Status Information Device[INQ. NO. 1709E02] Mediucare has been pursuing the innovation of fluid controllers by improving simplicity and accuracy of the intravenous drip method, which has become popular worldwide, by improving the adjustment function of the fluid controller, customer satisfaction and medical management. Mediucare, is a newly established company based in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do.
The fluid injection status information device is a device that monitors injected amounts and fluid status by detecting drops of fluid inside a chamber with an LED sensor. This device can reduce costs of intravenous drip methods with it is relatively cost-effective, compared with infusion pumps.
It can also reduce any potential danger from over-speeding injection, any risk from stoppage and exhaustion of fluid and therefore relieve any anxiety of patients.
Having developed the fluid injection status information device in 2017, which is under KFDA’s certification process, the company plans to advance into the global market by releasing the product in the first half of 2018 and acquiring international medical device certification in the latter half. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Remote Lighting Lifter

Remote Lighting Lifter Reel Tech’s flagship remotely-controllable lighting lifter enables the lowering of luminaires, speakers, cameras,fire & smoke detectors, banners and items from the ceiling to the ground electronically via wireless remote control where they can be safely & easily maintained. The product is available in a range of models to suit a variety of applications with lifting capacities ranging from 2kg to 1,000kg.

The benefit of the lifter include savings in both time and money on maintenance, and avoids the costly interruptions associated with equipment such as scaffolding,ladders or cherry pickers, which are typically required to access these items on the ceiling. Growing calls for energy conversation the world overare fuelling the increasing popularity in LED lighting which promises bright prospects for the maker. It has developed commercial and industrial LED lighting with outstanding low energy consumption, five phase dimming control, and more.

As a locally recognized INNO-BIZ company, Reel Tech professionally manufactures lighting equipment. After more than 10 years of intensive efforts, it succeeded in releasing an LED light and remote controlled lifting system. This promising maker has been so far expanding overseas business with reliable partners and also it keeps exploring such avenues to achieve further success.

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High Power Lamps

High Power Lamps is the world’s first manufacturer of high output and ultra lightweight LED lamps. ICEPIPE incorporates its patented FDP(Fluid Dynamic Pressure) cooling technology to produce high output lamps with as low as
1/5 weight and 1/4 volume of conventional lighting fixtures. This highefficient cooling solution significantly lowers the LED chip’s temperature as well, maximizing the lifespan while minimizing maintenance costs.

Its 700W LED lamp is especially noted for its lightweight of 17kg and the compactness in spite of its high power wattage.For this reason, it has been widely applied to major international airports such as Incheon International airport and Malpensa international in Italy.

In addition, the new high bay CR2000 features socket type(39E), ensuring the convenience in installation and replacement. This range from 80W to 150Wand is getting a lot of attention because of its compactness and the lightweight of 1.7kg only. Above all, ICEPIPE holds unrivaled price competitiveness in the industry and is expected to lead the market making great progress and growing rapidly in the half of this year.

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Lighting Apparatus Using LED & Secondary Battery Packs

Battery Packs[INQ. NO. 1310C41] With an ambition to enter the global green energy markets, N.L.TEK started business with manufacturing bicycle light, the very beginning of carbon-free energy. Now, the company has grown as the developer and manufacturer of lighting apparatus using LED and secondary battery packs, and it produces various lighting apparatus for both leisure and industrial purposes, such as those for MTB, daily bicycles, mountaineering, industrial sites and battery packs for electric bicycles using secondary battery.

Battery Packs_2
The company has successfully entered international market by exporting the lights for MTB and daily bicycle in 2010 for the first time in Korea and is currently aggressively involved in LED markets for industrial sites and outdoor purposes home and abroad. Starting with export of battery packs for electric bicycles to Japan in 2011, the company is expanding its markets for secondary battery pack for electric bicycles to the world.

N.L.TEK has been investing heavily into R&D activities to lead the fields of LED lighting and eco-friendly secondary battery in the 21st Century and putting its efforts into the area of new product developments and stable manufacturing system. Best intention from all of N.L.TEK members is assured at all times to realize ultimate customer satisfaction from product development to delivery to the customers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

LED Lamps

LED Lamps - Hansung ElcomtecFeaturing high efficiency and long life, the LED lamp has low maintenance cost. LEDs are not only the most energy efficient but also the most natural and comfortable artificial illumination that is similar to sunlight. It provides evenness of illumination with no glare. And with the use of high-frequency power supply, the LEDs have no flicker, thus causing no eye fatigue. Designed for humans’ vision response, the LEDs also provide optimal spectrum fit for the night sight environment. Features like the brightness in the dark and detection of moving objects are much better than any other illuminations. The LED light offers a versatile solution to many applications, including landscape, road and warehouse lighting.


Specifications for HFA 250G90-45LE39 (130/50K)-003 are as follows.
Power consumption: 130W | Output current: Typ.6.3A
Total velocity of light: Typ. 11,000lm | Luminous efficacy: Typ. 85lm/W
Color temperature: Typ. 5,000K | Lighting angle: Typ. 45°
CRI: more than Ra70 | Operating temperature: -20°C~45°C
Storage temperature: -40°C~80°C | Weight: Typ. 2.70Kg
Life time (@25°C): 40,000hr | Base type: E39

110-1Galgot-ri, Jinwi-myeon, Pyeongtaek, Gyeoggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82-31)372-6740
Fax: (82-31)379-5377

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LED Solution

LED Solution - Viewtron


LED Rechargeable Light VTL-C5000:
Featuring small volume, 300mm length, the usage could be anytime and anyplace. It has function button at the end of the LED light. So the brightness of the lighting could be adjustable 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. It is a warning light by the flashing mode. The power supply is different from traditional mode; After charging more than 3hours, it can be used continuously in 4hours. It can be carried conveniently and charged in the car.


Premium LED Camping Light VTL-PL28B:
It is a new concept outdoor lighting and very easy to install onto tent, parasol, etc. It can be installed onto the shading net stanchion (or pole) like tent fly, tent or parasol. And it can provide light at night or dark place. Just give a certain press on the two sides of the parasol light, and adjust it. Anyone can install it easily. It is powered by battery, so does not need the electric wire. It is an illumination system with self-adjusting clamp, so it is easy to install or remove from the shading net stanchion. Using it can avoid fire when you use gas or oil lantern.



NamKwang Centlex 918-1, Cheong cheon-dong, 301 Bupyeong-ro, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Korea
Tel: (82-32)363-3571
Fax: (82-32)363-3574

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LED Advertising

•Halogen luminaries due to the high temperature deformation
•No risk of fire
•Long life span and various color renderings
•Suitable for museum use since there is no UV rays.

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LED Street Light

LED Street Light - Vision TechVision Tech specializes in LED lighting systems and solutions. LED lighting has become the de facto lighting of choice for an extremely wide range of lighting applications thanks to its high efficiency and environmentally friendly features. Vision Tech manufactures a full range of lighting products including LED streetlights, security lights, indoor lights, and tunnel illumination.

Vision Tech’s LED lighting can replace existing low-efficiency fluorescent or incandescent lights for longer life and higher efficiency. In addition, LED lights do not use harmful gases such as mercury vapors. Vision Tech’s LED lamps use graphite paper heat sinks that considerable reduce product weight, cut production costs, and create a more eco-friendly product.

Vision Tech’s street lights use aluminum reflectors that are finely machined for optimal light distribution as well as the housing and heat sink assembly. The light cover is made from semi-opaque thermal glass. The durability, costeffectiveness and energy-efficiency of Vision Tech’s LED streetlights make them ideal for installation along roadways, pedestrian and bicycle paths, parks, schools, reservoirs, factories and other locations that require outdoor lighting.

As one of Korea’s newest LED manufacturers, Vision Tech’s core capability lies in its technological prowess. The company has received the NET (New Excellent Technology) and the NEP (New Excellent Product) certifications, as well as certifications for high-efficiency energy materials, green technology, and green management.


• Vision Tech Co., Ltd.

293-4, Allak 2-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan, Korea
Tel: (82-51)529-7001
E-mail: Here
Website: Click

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