LED Solution

LED Solution - Viewtron


LED Rechargeable Light VTL-C5000:
Featuring small volume, 300mm length, the usage could be anytime and anyplace. It has function button at the end of the LED light. So the brightness of the lighting could be adjustable 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. It is a warning light by the flashing mode. The power supply is different from traditional mode; After charging more than 3hours, it can be used continuously in 4hours. It can be carried conveniently and charged in the car.


Premium LED Camping Light VTL-PL28B:
It is a new concept outdoor lighting and very easy to install onto tent, parasol, etc. It can be installed onto the shading net stanchion (or pole) like tent fly, tent or parasol. And it can provide light at night or dark place. Just give a certain press on the two sides of the parasol light, and adjust it. Anyone can install it easily. It is powered by battery, so does not need the electric wire. It is an illumination system with self-adjusting clamp, so it is easy to install or remove from the shading net stanchion. Using it can avoid fire when you use gas or oil lantern.



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