DoT (Data of Things)

[INQ. NO. 2210E23] The Coder is a software company specialized in data insertion on the surface of objects and sounds, cheaper than IoT chips, and it is seen as the nextgeneration technology.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology can be used in all forms of information communication applicable to various business fields.

The invisible and inaudible digital encoding technology (image and sound coding) can use smartphones to collect data and analyze it in order to expand the information communication markets.

The Coder continues to be innovative by using its adaptive developments creating new applications and the global security market, thus becoming a cutting-edge company leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Various business and profit models can be created depending on what information is displayed.

The Coder’s subsidiary branches are currently in Turkey and other remaining parts of the company are mainly business partners and agents (USA, Indonesia, Germany, Portugal).

The company’s technology can be adapted to any existing objects out there.

The advantage of this is that it can be easily adapted by just doing a simple print.

Clients can choose whether they would like to utilize its technology in the security field or in the marketing field.

Delivering a variety of contents
The Coder’s DoT (Data of Things) is a technology/service delivering a variety of contents by inserting data into different objects through coding technique (image coding, sound coding, digital coding).

Imaging coding techniques offer diverse information by applying dot pattern, color pattern, latent image, digital pattern on images.

Dot patterns can be recognized by consisting of more than 557 D.O.T (600dpi) in 1mm².

The company’s DoT codes are invisible to the eye. Therefore, adapting our technology will not harm your current design in any way. Also going forward, there is no need to purchase an additional machine or anything whatsoever to adapt The Coder’s technology. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Security Management Solutions

[INQ. NO. 2209E13] IGLOO Corporation founded in 1999, providing customers with its SIEM solution, SPiDER TM, has been leading the Korea market-share for over 20 years, pioneering and leading the Korea SIEM market. Security monitoring and security consulting services, based on many years of accumulated security experience, are also recording steady sales growth.

IGLOO has introduced various security management solutions and services through continuous R&D investment, expanded R&D investment for AI as a core growth engine, and security management areas including SIEM, CTI, SOAR, vulnerability diagnosis. IGLOO strives continuously to enhance its capacities to satisfy customers’needs.

Integrated security monitoring solution
IGLOO Corporation’s representative solution, SPiDER TM is an integrated security monitoring solution (SIEM-Security Information Event Management) that combines 22 years of security monitoring experience and big data utilization capabilities of IGLOO Corporation.

From the initial detection to log analysis, SPiDER TM increases the agility and efficiency of monitoring tasks and provides visibility across the infrastructure simultaneously.

By collecting and storing all log data in real-time and analyzing it, linked with the latest external threat information such as harmful IPs and malicious URLs, it is possible to detect, block and prevent various threats more quickly and effectively.

IGLOO Corporation provides such flexible license policies (e.g. Perpetual & Subscription), guaranteed technical support, solutions customization upon request and proven by the public sector in Korean domestic market with excellent feedback.

Real-time website monitoring software
WEBMON is real-time website-monitoring software that detects the occurrence of forgery or falsification of the operating website through 24/7 monitoring, which is always exposed to risks, and enables immediate response and reporting through real time monitoring. In addition, it is a solution that maximizes the efficiency of integrated website management that can check flexible detection policies and various detection histories.

Once you deploy WEBMON, you can improve monitoring efficiency with intuitive interface and reinforce analyzing function with many useful options. One of the strongest advantages is WEBMON provides easy analysis by utilizing raw data-based statistical data. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Text- and Speech-to-Video Service

[INQ. NO. 2208E25] Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. Co., Ltd. offers T.T.V. (Text-To-Video) service that automatically converts text into digital video content, and S.T.V. (Speech-To-Video) service that converts voice into digital video content.

The content-consumption landscape around the world is changing to video-oriented, and video content consumption is becoming a daily routine for the MZ (Millennial, Generation Z) generation who have been exposed to the digital environment since birth. In addition, when searching for knowledge, it has become more common to use video platforms such as YouTube, rather than existing portals.

The company’s sales focus is on B2B business through collaboration with companies with text such as securities firms, financial firms, global home appliances companies, publishers, and e-Book companies.

T.T.V. as A.I. software, automatically converts texts into digital video content
T.T.V., as A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) software, automatically converts and produces text/voice data into digital video content.

Automatic summary of text data through A.I. machine learning and natural language processing is possible.

T.T.V. is a platform that automatically finds analyzed images, videos, and sound sources by analyzing word keywords in a summary plot and automatically converts them into digital video content according to the story.

Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. is also preparing for B2C business through mobile apps in the second half of 2022.
Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. won the 2022 CES Innovation Award & registered as a Microsoft partner.

In the technical evaluation of the third organization, a “very good” grade, “TI-2”, was evaluated.

Currently, after successfully completing the investment series A (13.2 billion won in investment attraction), it is preparing for series B (18 billion won target). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

AI Vision System

[INQ. NO. 2208E23] Human ICT has developed AI software that watches out for people. You can use your current existing CCTV system by just adding the software that tells one what humans would do by detecting various events such as fire smoke.

It is able to detect what is happening and where in real time. Nowadays, there are facilities with two three hundred cameras, but the company’s AI vision system overcomes the limitations of visual monitoring by the monitoring personnel of the existing CCTV integrated control center, and prevents reduction in control efficiency due to frequent false alarms.

Human ICT’s AI vision system is an artificial intelligence video surveillance system that quickly and accurately detects alarm conditions through its video analysis platform and operating system.
The AI vision system overcomes the limitations of visual monitoring by the monitoring personnel of the existing CCTV integrated control center, and prevents reduction in control efficiency due to frequent false alarms.

Real-time Risk Analysis and Alarm
Fires, intrusions, work safety, and equipment abnormalities at the plant site are analyzed and detected in real time using deep learning algorithms to quickly and accurately notify the user.

Power Plant Specialized AI algorithm
By learning video big data in a special environment of a power plant, Human ICT has high reliability detection performance compared to its competitors.

Complex Event Detection
Depending on the user’s settings, abnormalities and dangerous situations such as fire, intrusion by unauthorized persons, non-compliance with safety activities, collapse of workers, and roaming of important facilities are detected and displayed on a real-time video screen.

System Customization
Addition of functions are based on experience in applying/operating power plant sites, and on-premise, cloud, and edge device methods all support the same performance. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Cybersecurity Solutions

[INQ. NO. 2208E11] NPCore is an AI-based new variant malware (APT) response solution provider offering optimal security solutions for defending the network and endpoints.

Today’s highly sophisticated cyberattacks use newly invented or transformed malware as attack tools, often circumventing existing signature-based security solutions that can only respond to known attacks ‒ thereby resulting in significant damage over a short period; the so-called ‘Zero-Day.’ The ZombieZERO product series, on the other hand, successfully prevents cyber-attacks by analyzing malware using sandbox technology.

ZombieZERO provides multi-analyses of unknown malware via signature, static, dynamic and reputation analyses. It therefore provides proactive detection and subsequent blocking of security threats before a system can be compromised.

There are two product lines in the ZombieZERO series: ‘ZombieZERO APT’ (Advanced Persistent Threat) for networks; file transfer and email defense; and the ‘ZombieZERO EDR’ (Endpoint Detection and Response), which provides defense for endpoints. These two product lines are integrated into a single system to enable as accurate a solution as possible.

ZombieZERO APT can also be deployed independently, depending on customer needs or environments among Network APT, File APT, and Email APT. And an integrated management interface is included.
Network APT is an innovative security solution that detects and blocks new malware and malware variants by collecting and analyzing valid data generated by network traffic.

File APT detects and blocks malicious codes in files transmitted between an external network and an internal network in connection with a network-linked solution in an environment where the networks are separated.

Email APT analyzes emails and removes malicious codes contained in emails before sending the email to the mail server.

ZombieZERO EDR is a security solution in the form of an agent that detects and blocks ransomware, new malware, and malware variants using AI-based behavioral analysis. It can be configured and operated in two ways: on-premises, or cloud.

ZombieZERO SECaaS is a cloud-based service and is installed in the form of an agent software through a dedicated website. It also provides full functions such as purchase/installation/central management on the website. This service is suitable for small businesses, and remote/home working environments.

With the increasing trend toward remote work due to COVID-19, the demand for cybersecurity solutions is also increasing down the line. ZombieZERO SECaaS can be conveniently used at an affordable price on a monthly subscription basis. Therefore, it is suitable for individuals as well as enterprises, government agencies and financial institutions. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Educational Robot for Software Coding in 2013, SAEON Co., Ltd. released an educational robot for software coding, called ALTINO. In 2016, SAEON obtained certifications for CE and FCC and exported its product to Malaysia.
SAEON accomplished the splendid feat of exporting to the United States in 2017 and to Australia in 2018. SAEON won the Award from the Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy in 2017 and won the Award from the Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Minister of Education this year.
SAEON’s ALTINO is steering-type automotive robot. This product is driven 20 ° to the left and 20 ° to the right respectively with two rear-wheel motors. It is equipped with two front lights, two rear lights, four turn signals, two brake lights, a buzzer (one octave to eight octaves), an 8×8 dot matrix, etc.
ALTINO has 6 distance sensors, and it is equipped with an illumination sensor, temperature sensor, acceleration sensor, gyro sensor, and a geomagnetic sensor. It also has a remote control receiver, steering torque, rear motor torque, etc., and can check the steering variable resistance and remaining battery level.
The operation app, which helps you control ALTINO like a toy, can be installed in an Android phone or iPhone. Textbooks are available from kindergarten level to university level (Unplugged Program Crayon, Scratch, Entry, Python, C Language, Arduino Sketch, and Image Processing Program at Raspberry Pie). ALTINO is made strong and sturdy. As the bootloader is embedded, the firmware can be upgraded with Bluetooth. SAEON has plenty of educational contents for coding training.

– Various applications and program contents for the trainees of each age group
– Assembly manual and operation app (5 years old and above)
– Self-made block coding crayon (kindergarten or higher) – Scratch program (3rd grade of elementary school or higher) – Entry program (3rd grade of elementary school or higher) – Python program (middle school or higher)
– Arduino sketch program (middle school or higher)
– C language program (high school or higher)
– Android app program (high school or higher)
– Raspberry Pi image processing program (university or higher) | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods