Bidet Integrated Toilet

[INQ. NO. 2208E28] Daelim B&Co Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in the Korean sanitary ware industry specializing in sanitary ware, electronic bidets, faucets, home interior, and rental services.

Daelim B&Co provides total solutions to its valued partners around the world, from product development to production, and after-sales service. Three keywords — “The Best,” “The Largest,” and the “Most Diverse” — describe its capability to satisfy its partner’s requirements for product development and localization catering to various global markets.

Bidet integrated toilet with smart functions
SMARTLET is a bidet integrated toilet, which is a combination of an electronic bidet seat and a water closet. The product includes various high-tech functions that can provide user convenience and hygienic use. With its unique design that resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it can make your bathroom space more special.

Smart functions mainly allow users to avoid direct contact with the product for more hygienic use, which includes automatic seat and cover opening, automatic flushing, and sensor operated cleansing.

The product is clean, as electrolyzed water periodically sterilizes the water path, the nozzle, and the toilet bowl surface. Daelim B&Co uses a stainless nozzle with a nozzle tip that can easily be replaced by users for more hygienic use. Rimless design also helps the user to easily clean the toilet bowl and prevent the surface from being contaminated. Daelim B&Co’s flushing system can ensure perfect removal of wastes without any remaining on the surface.

The beauty of this product comes from its slim and unique design. Daelim B&Co firstly developed and designed the slimmest 90mm bidet in Korea. Its extraordinary diagonal shape makes it possible to design the bathroom space in a more special way — and its white, blue guidance light gives an additional effect.
SMARTLET is thus a smart choice for your bathroom. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Living Appliances

[INQ. NO. 2208E22] CUCKOO Homesys Co., Ltd. is one of the fastest growing living appliance manufacturer in Korea. CUCKOO provides healthy and clean living environments with high quality water purifier, air purifier, bidet and many more.

Water Purifier
CUCKOO’s water purifiers have been recognized for their best-tasting water for 3 consecutive years by Korea’s national water sommeliers, and awarded the ‘Grand Gold’, an exclusive award that is given to companies that receive the Gold Award for 3 consecutive years.

The ‘100°C Boiling Water Purifier’ lineup has been introduced for the first time in the water purifier industry, and provides unrivalled taste for dishes that need to be cooked with hot water such as cup noodles and coffee. Also, it allows users to sterilize objects such as baby bottles with boling water.

The ‘In-N-Out Sterilization System’ directly sterilize all pipes and faucets with sterilized water, making product use convenient and hygenic.

Air Purifier
CUCKOO’s newest air purifier(AC-12R10FNW) has won the 2022 Red Dot Design Award-Product Design field. The minimalistic vent design not only provides an elegant feel, but also adds functional advantages to maximize the air-coverage area. Additionally, vivid LED lights indicate air cleanliness in an intuitive, aesthtically pleasing manner.

Bubble 8 Bidet’ with a automatic bubble cleanning function has won the 2022 Korea Energy Winner Award.

The Bubble 8 Bidet minimize power waste by using the ‘Instant Heater Method(heating the water when needed)’ and the ‘Energy Eye(automatically switches the product to power saving mode by detecting light)’.

The ‘Bubble System’ mixes water and detergent, and sprays the resulting the bubbles into every inch of the toilet to keep everything clean.

In addition, the multi-directional nozzle can fine-tune the direction of the water flow, and users can easily self-install the filter without concerns of water leakage or splashes. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Bidet & Tech Co., Ltd., established in June 17, 2017 by bidet-technology developers of leading bidet companies (developing and selling bidet technology) and people having great sales experience in the business sites, is developing, launching and producing the bidet with next-generation advanced nozzle technology.
The key function of New Miracle, a bidet of Clean & Tech, includes the waterjet which can wash the inside of the anal area (in the rectum) cleanly using drinkable tap water. The company developed this technology, registered the patent and now sells the product equipped with the technology. New Miracle, when sprayed into the anal area, opens the anal sphincter while the bubble-forming waterjet rotates, makes the rectum gets an enema smoothly. Then, the users hold in their lower abdomen to discharge any stool and gas when the rectum is filled with water, and the product helps the users relieve constipation by making the hard stool that was stuck in the rectum comes out bit by bit.
In addition, even without any inclination to defecation, you will feel refreshed in the morning if you empty the rectum after drinking or before sleeping. If you use New Miracle like brushing teeth after a meal, wastes and bloody pus stuck in the wound of hemorrhoids are discharged and the scab peels away. Then, proud flesh is produced and the sphincter is not damaged, helping maintain a normal anal area.
Unlike general bidets, New Miracle is made for removing wastes remaining around the anus after defecating and thus it also can be used for removing wastes and gas in the rectum.


The company is confident that, when it gets well known, New Miracle will become anal health care equipment which can prevent probable diseases likely caused by the gas remaining in the rectum, such as constipation, hemorrhoids, etc.
Clean & Tech believes that New Miracle will be known in a very short time so that there can be no one suffering from a disease of the anus. In addition, New Miracle is equipped with a water purifier that can save tap water, and this product has the function of using the vagina cleaner or medicine for the disease of the anus by putting them inside the bidet. This product includes a device that adjusts the intensity of water injected into the bidet.
Thus, if water with too high pressure comes into a bidet that uses eco-friendly direct tap water, this device adjusts the intensity of water in order to prevent damages to the nozzle and the product. Besides, it added the instant water heating function to the product so that the water can promptly reach the water temperature required by the customers when they use the bidet and maintain constant temperature. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Korea’s Largest Bidets Maker

Bidet - Woongjin CowayEstablished in 1989, Woongjin Coway has grown into Korea’s largest homewellness appliance company, manufacturing water filtration appliances, air purifiers and bidets. The company’s steady growth has made Woongjin Coway’s name synonymous with water filtration and bathroom appliance systems in Korea.

The company has created a number of brands to establish clear identities for its core products, including ‘Coway’, the main brand for the highest-quality water filtration, ‘CAIRS’, for air filtration and purification systems, ‘LooLoo’ for the company’s innovative bidet and bathroom fixture products, and ‘Clive’, a food waste treatment system.

One of the core products among Woongjin’s bidet offerings is the BAS-14, the first bidet to receive the “New Excellent Product” certification in Korea. The BAS-14 is the world’s first self-disinfecting bidet system. At the push of a dedicated button, the bidet releases a spray of water that disinfects the nozzle or the entire toilet bowl. Rather than drawing on a fixed reservoir of disinfectant solution, the system produces its own supply of disinfecting solution using electrolysis that enables the bidet to disinfect the entire nozzle assembly as well as the bowl surface.

Separate control buttons for nozzle and bowl cleaning provides an extra level of control and convenience. In addition to this innovation, the BAS-14 includes the full range of features that has enabled LooLoo to become Korea’s top bidet brand. Two-axis stainless steel nozzles provide greater washing capability as well as cleanliness, and large oval water sprays allow for better spray control. Air bubbles are added to the stream of water that reduces contact pressure but provides a high level of cleaning.



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