Bidet Integrated Toilet

[INQ. NO. 2208E28] Daelim B&Co Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in the Korean sanitary ware industry specializing in sanitary ware, electronic bidets, faucets, home interior, and rental services.

Daelim B&Co provides total solutions to its valued partners around the world, from product development to production, and after-sales service. Three keywords — “The Best,” “The Largest,” and the “Most Diverse” — describe its capability to satisfy its partner’s requirements for product development and localization catering to various global markets.

Bidet integrated toilet with smart functions
SMARTLET is a bidet integrated toilet, which is a combination of an electronic bidet seat and a water closet. The product includes various high-tech functions that can provide user convenience and hygienic use. With its unique design that resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it can make your bathroom space more special.

Smart functions mainly allow users to avoid direct contact with the product for more hygienic use, which includes automatic seat and cover opening, automatic flushing, and sensor operated cleansing.

The product is clean, as electrolyzed water periodically sterilizes the water path, the nozzle, and the toilet bowl surface. Daelim B&Co uses a stainless nozzle with a nozzle tip that can easily be replaced by users for more hygienic use. Rimless design also helps the user to easily clean the toilet bowl and prevent the surface from being contaminated. Daelim B&Co’s flushing system can ensure perfect removal of wastes without any remaining on the surface.

The beauty of this product comes from its slim and unique design. Daelim B&Co firstly developed and designed the slimmest 90mm bidet in Korea. Its extraordinary diagonal shape makes it possible to design the bathroom space in a more special way — and its white, blue guidance light gives an additional effect.
SMARTLET is thus a smart choice for your bathroom. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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