Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

[INQ. NO. 2208E17] TOBE Co., Ltd. is an O&M company specializing in panel cleaning and weeding robots, with three master’s and doctoral level personnel and field experts in energy systems, mechatronics, and power electronics.

TOBE has brush-type and rotary cleaning mechanisms, weeding technology, monitoring and joint purchase BM patents.

TOBE has a large volume of products through KEPCO KTP and KC certification, registration of procurement priority products, and pioneering overseas markets in the UAE, USA, China, and Vietnam. It is about to go into production.

The solar panel cleaning robot is essential to clean the panel surface evenly. TOBE satisfies the cleaning performance and improved mobility by lowering the weight of the robot.

Cleaning Robots
T-1000SA/RSA is a cleaning robot that runs left and right. It is modularized in units of 1m and 2m, so it can be applied up to a maximum length of 6m. It is operated by a team of two persons using a wired/wireless remote control without a guide, and cleaning is possible in dry and wet modes.

T-4000SA/RSA is a left/right moving, up/down cleaning robot. It can be applied up to a maximum length of 20m and is operated by a team of three persons using a wireless remote control without a guide, and cleaning is possible in dry and wet modes.

T-1004SA/RSA is a track-type cleaning robot operated by one or two persons, and is suitable for places where the panel installation angle is 10 degrees or less. Dry and clean the panel surface. Wet/dry operation is possible with wireless remote control. The rotating brush RSA is suitable for cleaning panels with a lot of organic dust.

T-1004W is an orbital weeding robot. It is a hybrid type consisting of an engine for weeding and a battery for driving. It is operated by one or two persons and controlled by a wireless remote control. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

YujinRobot Launches AI Cleaning Robot ‘iCLEBO O5’[INQ. NO. 1812E06] YujinRobot launched ‘iCLEBO O5’, a premium cleaning robot equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). iCLEBO O5 is a top-class new cleaning robot being introduced two years after iCLEBO Omega. It memorizes, “learns” and saves positions, equipped with AI for the first time of iCLEBO products. Also you can set your smartphone for remote cleaning and cleaning areas. It determines the cleaning environment by itself to enhance the user convenience.
You can operate iCLEBO O5 with a smartphone remotely anywhere anytime for cleaning. With dedicated application, you can control cleaning command in or out of doors, and check the cleaning robot status in real time.
In addition, you can set cleaning areas with the ‘AI Smart Map Editor.’ Users’ requirements were reflected regarding limited serviceable space or cleaning specific areas only due to household pets. Real time cleaning progress checking is also available.
iCLEBO O5 memorizes and learns positions by itself. When the operation stops due to any error or battery discharge, it memorizes the position it stops without completing cleaning and continues cleaning from that area after the problem is solved.
‘Flexible suction mode’ is available allowing adjusting the suction force from level 1 to 3, so that you can clean quietly even at night time when noise complaints would be a concern for neighbors or while your baby is sleeping. An AI sensor is fitted that increases the suction force by itself, detecting dust quantity and the material of floor.
AI voice recognition is also implemented. You can command cleaning operation conveniently with AI speaker (Alexa) and Google Assistant. This function will be applied to models for export, and supporting Korean will start within this year.
Strong suction power is ready with built-in BLDC motor. Precise operation is implemented with camera based navigation where the upper camera can take 20 frames per second with 130 degree of anterior angle. Any edge or corner can be cleaned without exception with dual side brush that rotates 150 times per minute and deep corner algorism.
Gyeongcheol Shin, chairman of YujinRobot said that “Based on YujinRobot’s technical skills from 30 years of robot researches, cutting edge functions required for users are incorporated in the new product thoroughly so that this cleaning robot can enhance quality of life in various homes.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Various Home Kitchen Appliances its establishment in 1987, Jinsung Hitech Co., Ltd. began to manufacture and sell various home kitchen appliances. And now, Jinsung Hitech has six patents, two utility models and many design registrations under its name. It has continually developed new products every year and the product lines include halogen ovens, air fryers, cook robots, bread makers, roti robots, smart cooks and baby food makers.
Halogen ovens and bread makers are relatively well known with TV home shopping in Korea and abroad. Baby food makers have been introduced in 2017. Cook robots are a kind of air fryer with an automatic rotating blade in the grill, which makes it unnecessary to stir food while cooking. In addition, smart cook is an all-in-one cooker that can easily perform over 12 functions such as grinding, chopping, making juice, soup and baby food, frying, kneading, steaming, weighing with built-in electronic scale, etc.


Roti Robot & Halogen Oven

Roti robot can automatically make roti, the popular unleavened Indian fl at bread. Simply place fl our and water in the top containers and press the butt on The entire process from making the dough to shaping, baking and finally taking roti out can be easily done automatically. Once loaded, it makes up to 15 pieces of roti.
Halogen oven uses far-infrared radiation of carbon heater and fast circulation of heated air. It prevents the loss of taste and nutrients and removes fats. The glass container allows you to see the entire cooking process. Easy to use, clean and move, it is a bestseller in Korea.
It is convenient as it is unnecessary to stir food when cooking with the convection method of high temperature and heated air circulation. It simply cooks various vegetables, eggs, yam, fish, shrimp and meat without water. It is quick to cook with far-infrared heated air circulating in high temperature. It removes fat of food and maintains chewy gravy for dietary health food. It also prevents the loss of taste and nutrition by emitting strong far-infrared of the carbon heater. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Home Service Robot

Have you ever imagined an item making your life more interesting and creative than now?

If so, how about paying attention to Roboware’s toy-shaped but works as full-fledged home service robot?

home service robot

Under the brand name of “KIMI”, Roboware’s toy-shaped full-fledged home service robot made its first global-scale appearance through this year’s global largest home appliance exhibition CES2013 creating fresh enthusiasm among visitors.

KIMI operates not only by various sensors ? camera, mike, touch sensor, acceleration sensor, buttons, etc., but by smart devices backed by the Internet environment such as smartphones, tablet PCs, etc.

In such an operating environment supported by the Internet, users can reproduce the very contents on KIMI depending on the user-defined type scheduler.
Are you very familiar with smart devices? Users can communicatein many ways with smart devices and can create various contents they want depending on KIMI solution.

Especially for the students, engineers, and content providers who manipulate robot, Roboware provides contents builder tools(KIMI motion and scenario editor) so that they can create their own contents such as educational curriculums and experimental engineering missions.

KIMI is a kind of software program that can create motion animation with the robotics functions playing as actuators and the LEDs. With such supported function of robot animations, users can control the robot’s motions readily.

Holding original technologies such specific areas as hardware-based design and development, software-based design and development, and service design and development, Roboware exerts its comparative competitiveness over other makers. Such robot platform-related technologies are being briskly applied to educational robot and health robot gathering excellent praise from users.


“We have carried out numerous space robot projects over the past 10 years including NASA project and recently developed a robot applying robotics technology.For release of more competitive robots, we now make furtherefforts focusing on maintaining current technology as superb level as now”, remarked a spokesperson of the company confidently.

“The simple but valuable aspiration of contributing to the creation of atmospherecentering on enhancing people’s lives is a driving force for us to maintain our current aggressive move.”

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Robot, Sensor Modules- HISENSOR & ROBOT

Sensor Module - HISENSOR & ROBOTPeople used to imagine how their home would look like in the future. The most common thing that everyone expects to see is the scene where everything functions seamlessly with only one finger touch. Now, it turns into reality. With help from HISENSOR & ROBOT, we do not dream about it any longer. Even, it gets better with more intelligent options and accessories.

First began its operation in 2007, this relatively young and vibrant future-oriented tech firm is all about scientific breakthroughs in the robot and home automation industry. Riding on the back of its sound management capability and authentic ideas, HISENSOR & ROBOT has made progress in building robots for many uses, developing sensor modules and control systems for our homes, and introducing diversified tools for scientific use. Taking on technology, the company possesses numerous patents and quality certificates like KCC and CE.

HiSensor-100 Motion Sensor is already in use at venues such as government offices, cultural centers, theme parks, etc. By using its microwave sensor, the device monitors and detects moving objects and the amount of light to control home-based items and electronic systems. This remotely-controlled device can efficiently calculate and consume the ideal amount of energy. Auto Blind is a window blind system that automatically operates in a few directions controlled by a remote. There are also Feel Touch Switch and Solar Module. For educational purpose, HISENSOR&ROBOT offers sensors that can measure voltage, magnetic field, electric current, etc. The company sells educational robot units as well. You can find more at

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