Skincare massagers

[INQ. NO. 1412E06] Since its establishment in 1998, Ahrong Eltech has been developing and exporting a variety of skincare devices. The company has acquired a number of patents and utility models based on innovative ideas and technology. Also, it obtained such international standard certificates as ISO9001, CE, GOST, PSE, etc.

“We won’t stop our unremitting efforts to develop new products. We will always strive to produce the best products to hold a competitive advantage in the global market,” said a spokesperson of the company.

Skincare-massagers The flagship product of the company is skincare massagers using ultrasound. The massagers can be used for face and body. And the massagers have an effect of deep cleansing, anti-wrinkle, elasticity and fat burning (dietary effect).

Also the company’s massagers have functions of Ion, far-infrared ray, germanium and color therapy. It has been exporting its products to the USA, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany, Thailand, etc.

Recently the company launched a smart skin analyzer called “Epi,” a battery-free beauty product that can be plugged into the earphone console of a smartphone. It is a device that measures the skin moisture level that affects wrinkles and aging. Its application provides feedback that is age appropriate and relevant to various skin conditions. Most importantly, it is a portable item.

“We have three mottos as our management philosophy: “Devoting human resources,” “Developing technology,” and “Establishing a challenging and flexible corporate culture of the 21st century.” Since 1998, we have been growing as a venture company with a solid foundation for growth,” the spokesperson added.

“We have managed to expand our business with wide coverage from domestic to overseas markets amidst stiff competition with other companies during the rapidly changing domestic and international economic conditions over the past 10 years,” said Kim Jin-gug, head of the company when he was asked what kinds of driving forces existed behind such an impressive business performance within a comparatively short time.

Skincare-massagers_1“Currently our globally competitive items are being delivered to more than 30 foreign nations including France, Germany, Malaysia, etc. This means our products’ technology is worthy enough to be highly esteemed among customers in those areas. Now, 70% of our entire sales are generated from exports,” he explained.

The maker has been awarded prizes over 10 times in the various inventions fairs and obtained two patents and several utility models as an alumni company of the KAIST AVM. Also, it has been expanding the business scope as a technology-intensive venture company by acquiring the international standards certificates such as ISO9001/14001, CE, GOST, and PSE.

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Korea’s First Company to Export a Uhealth Software Package to the USA

INSUNG[INQ. NO. 1404E44] Korea’s leading company in the field of u-healthcare (telemedicine), Insung Information Co., Ltd., is accelerating its global exports with new momentum.

Following its recent contract worth US$4 million with a French company supplying telemedicine systems (product name: Hicare Home Doctor), Insung Information signed a contract on supplying its telehealth software package (product name: Hicare Smart) to AMC Healthcare.

While the existing Hicare Home Doctor was to provide service through its device, Hicare Smart is a Hicare software solution customized for smartphones and tablets. The ubiquitous healthcare service of Hicare Smart can be accessed by installing it on smartphones and tablets supplied by Verizon Communications in the United States.

U-Health services are designed to measure an individual’s health status such as blood pressure, blood glucose, body fat, oxygen saturation, electronic stethoscope, etc. by using smart devices so as to manage and prevent chronic disease like diabetes and hypertension, and it allows one to have a health consultation at home through a one-on-one video medical consultation without having to go to hospital to get health advice.

Besides blood pressure and blood glucose, it integrates with various medical devices, and supports many features considered essential for users such as voice guidance, measuring/medication alarm, blutooth/USB, wired and wireless Internet.

This is a case where the u-Healthcare service model is expanded to mobile platforms, and it is expected to be adopted to various OS of smart devices (android, iOS). Insung Information is self-developing a uhealthcare solution for smart devices and this time it is not a hardware gateway device, but software to supply what is the first case study in Korea.

In particular, U.S. telecommunications companies like Verizon have recently been launching smart healthcare products and so as the business is based on progress connected to the program, this case of supplying software package to a telecommunication company could be very meaningful. Next year, there would be a new product launch of Hicare Smart Hub (TBD) allowing for u-Healthcare services to be offered by integrating with many types of smart devices and phones, then it is expected to build a full and diversified product lineup, from u-Healthcare hardware to software.

After the successful marketing of its Hicare Smart model, Insung Information is planning to expand its sales to telecommunication companies in Europe, Australia and Asia through existing partners with similar models. And it would be increasingly diversified into a type of Hicare cloud service.

The CEO of Insung Information, Mr. Won Jongyoon said, “This contract of supplying Hicare Smart is a successful case study of showing the potential for spreading u-healthcare business to not only hardware platforms but to software platforms as well.” He continued, “As we diversified and built a full product lineup from hardware to software, we will aggressively continue overseas business by close collaboration with global partners and with a suitable model for each country.”

HicareHome Doctor
Product Details
HicareHome Doctor is a new type of home healthcare device that enables you to easily accumulate and manage various vital sign measurements while allowing you to remotely and effectively obtain advice and support of medical practitioners.

Measurement items:
Body pressure/pulse (built-in), blood glucose (docking type), oxygen saturation, body composition, body temperature, weight, height, etc. (About 40 peripheral devices integrating with main unit)

Other Flagship model
The company’s HicareSmart is a customized application that would be installed on smartphones and tablets. It is a mobile platform software package of supplying telemedicine service, which can measure an individual’s health status such as blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood glucose and electronic stethoscope by using this software application together with integrated devices.

It also offers to have health consultation at home through one-on-one video chat function without having to go to hospital to get health advice. HicareSmart supports many features considered for users such as integrating with various devices, photo transfer to server, library, questionnaire, and diary.

Further introduction to the company
The company’s U-Health Division develops medical service platform that can be used conveniently at anywhere anytime by using ubiquitous technology. And also it provides healthcare services that are under multi IT infrastructure.

Through continuous technology development and accomplishment of various projects, in 2010, Insung Information got involved into a consortium named ‘SmartcarePilot Project’ together with Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom which project sized of US$35million, and Insung Information could gain a footehold for dominating the u-Health market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Near UV White Devices

Near UV White Devices[INQ. NO. 1310E16] For the epoch-making LED era, LEDST has from its early stage of business shown its endless commitment to developing market-leading top-quality LED technology and consequently has become one of the world’s strongest players in this field.

As a result of long years of such intensive efforts, LEDST is recognized as a top-class professional manufacturer of LED package products with high-quality, reasonable cost, and fast delivery.

Among the main item of the company is its high color rendering index LED package with Ra 99%, which is first-class level in the world. There are some extremely competitive technologies, which make it possible for its LED package products to actively advance into foreign markets and to lead the market.

The COB technology and high CRI (Ra) technology up to 99 by each color temperature 2,000°K ~ 20,000°K are its representative independent technologies. Concerning COB technology, LEDST developed optimized heat dissipation package exclusively by simulation design for enhancement of thermal dissipation effect, applying low current high efficiency method multi-chip production.

While the maker’s linear bar structure series results in an easier heat dissipation requirement, making versatile fixtures design possible as well as offering an overall cost saving benefit, the multichip array structure series provides both high and ultra-high power chip on board (COB)LEDs suitable for general lighting including special applications such as down lights, floodlights, street lights, etc. And COB multi-power LED series can provide different operating powers and different colors. And the company’s SMD SLUG TYPE components offer isolated slug or heat sink with cathode and anode for high luminous efficacy, high CRI (Ra) characteristics, which are based on efficient thermal efficient thermal management technology.

There are many promotional high-class LED line-ups, which consist of LED high CRI devices (Ra99), LED COB multi power devices (3W~200W),LED power devices (0.4W~100W), LED plant growth devices, LED lamp power devices, LED top view 3528, 5450, slug type devices, LED IR & UV devices, LED top view 3528 Lens, LED IR lens, and near UV white devices (Ra98). Among them, the “NearUV white devices (Ra98)” currently tops the list of what this company would like to most actively promote in the global market.

The highly applied consideration in the design of the latest flagship version of LED solution, “white LED devices using near UV light and Phosphor” is how to use RGB+Y phosphor material to convert monochromatic light from a near UV LED to broad-spectrum white light similar to sunlight spectrum. LEDST has applied for a patent in both South Korea and PCT International stage. This item is available for all kind of LED packages such as SMD 3528, 5450, 5630 type, lamp type, COB type, etc., and application areas include light source for stereomicroscopes, endoscopes, medical examination rooms, production lines of pharmaceutical factories, and other applications, where there is a need for enhanced spectrum characteristics with ultra-high CRI. LEDST will further continue to be committed to the development of new technology and products and benefit the global community with its exceptional LED technology. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Flame Scanner System

Flame Scanner System’s NB-DFS Series is designed exclusively for scanning flame from 500MW standard pulverized coal boiler. Especially, fiber-optic cable assembly inserted into the boiler (about depth of 2m) to scan the flame of a moving type burner has thermal resistance at high temperature up to 1200°C.

Also this model adopts the Micro-Processor Program in operating burner, not analog operation control, to get more reliable performance. Showing excellent discrimination between opposite and adjacent flames, this system adopts the visual light (V.L) scanning method to supplement the existing UV/IR flame scanner’s disadvantages. This system, which is equipped with bar LED display, provides the function of screen display.

Not even influenced by X-rays generated when non-destructive inspection and electromagnetic wave noise occurs, this system controls the flame scanning function through the method of Micro-Processor Digital Control for more accurate and correct control, rather than by the analog method. The applicable areas include power plant, industrial chemical plant, combined heat and power plant, etc. The venture has so far commercialized various industrial precision I&C systems for technology innovation in the market. In addition, it professionally performed engineering, design and manufacturing businesses related to the electrical control system used in thermal power plants, boiler facilities, and air pollution control units.

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Gene-chip Platform

Gene-chip Platform Technology’s gene-chip platform is a product that performs its capacity by multiply recognizing a series of nine guanine bases. It supports fixing of genes using a molecular recognition of nine guanine bases without any mechanism of action. With such an advanced technology, commercialization of products using a gene chip has been made possible. And this product is usable as a board of experimental gene chip.

In addition, with the product, the hybridization reaction is possible in constant temperature. This gene-chip platform helps the development of gene chip-based molecule diagnosis product into a product that has high reproducibility and unique features in features.

In this context, this product is expected to enhance import substitution effects and thus have significant effects on exports. And also, it contributes to the decrease of manufacturing costs, improving convenience in use, even when applying it to diagnostic gene chip products.

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RFID Antennas

QMA[INQ. NO. 1310C44]

RFID Antenna Line-up (860MHz~930MHz)
– RFID Ceramic Antenna
– RFID PCB Antenna (QMA: Quadrifilar Meander Antenna) Strength: Lightweight
– RFID Fixed type Antenna (MACRO Series)
– RFID Near Field Antenna (NFA Series)

Applicable areas
– Unmanned parking control system, gate security, logistics, distribution, pharmaceuticals, ammunition, document & book management, security unit for an automobile, door lock(for residence), outdoor sign, corporate management system
– The application is expected to be unlimited as the RFID/USN related industry rapidly develops.

MAC technologies Inc. specializes in manufacturing wireless communications components such as RFID antennas, repeaters and ceramic filters. The company’s long experience and mature technical know-how in antenna tuning will provide you with components that can significantly improve the reliability and stability of your mobile communications devices and electronic equipment. The factory in Korea can produce 100,000 components every month. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Surge Protective Devices

201308E_Surge LAB Korea LAB Korea has made constant efforts for the nation’s surge protection & power quality improvement industry since it was established in 2007. Based upon the accumulated
experience in these fields, it provides top-quality surge protective devices to its demanding customers in both domestic and abroad markets.

This surge protective device from this company is designed to protect thunderbolt & surge-sensitive electric & electronics equipment from being damaged anytime.

The damage-prevention function from great amount of surges is adopted, so it is not exposed to any potential danger of disorder of the body. As an international standard industry norm of din-rail type, it allows convenient construction for operators.

And its epoxy molding structure ensures superior durability (structural stability). Now global users in Japan, the USA, and Southeast Asia mostly seek these products.

The positive response to Surge LAB Korea in the global market is based on its products applied with top-quality technology and design. Such global recognition as UL certification, CE Mark, ISO 9001, ISO14001, etc. fully supports this company to be recognized as one of the global new technology powers in these areas. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods


201308E_Korchip Corp develops and produces electric double layer capacitors (EDLC or supercapacitor).

It supplies EDLCs for international and domestic customers including Korean global manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, etc.

Korchip has all core EDLC technologies relating from electrodes and electrolytes to various packages. It has experienced steady growth in recent years based upon these strong technical backgrounds. Strong new demands for EDLCs are rising from various applications including automotive, renewable energy, and etc.

Korchip produces various types of EDLCs with its registered brand STARCAP® including coin type and radial type. The STARCAP® EDLC is widely ranging from 0.022F to 1,500F with 2.3V~5.5V of rated voltages.

EDLC is relatively new energy storage device. It has been used as back-up power source for real time clocks (RTCs) or memory on electronic circuits. EDLCs can give big power in short time repeatedly. Compared to batteries, it is environmentally safe and has longer life.

With these advantages, EDLCs are being selected as assistant energy storage device in pitch systems of wind turbines, electric vehicles, cold cranking power source for trucks or normal-sized cars, car DVRs and in many other new applications.

New STARCAP® EDLC product to be used for the SSD (Solid State Disk or Drive) was released. This EDLC is a square-shaped product of 2.5V 10F. By the composite packaging, sealability is enhanced and deformation of the appearance is prevented. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Battery Management Solutions

201308E_WATON Inc, a specialized company in emergency power technologies, has grown up under the philosophy of “best services to customers,” has become one of the nation’s largest companies in the industrial fields of power supplies and battery diagnosis, under the philosophy of “best services to customers.”

Waton provides customers total solutions of environmentally friendly power supplies and battery diagnostic apparatuses that meet all the needs of customers interested in emergency power supply systems, and is driving innovation in renewal power monitoring technology for next-generation.

Waton manufactures IBEX-Series portable battery quality tester and IB watch battery monitoring system, aiming for strategic foreign markets. They all can measure internal
resistance (mΩ), voltage and temperature.

The battery measurement data can detect impending battery failures before power backup system is affected, with enough time in advance to replace the failing batteries.

Major customers are telecom & utility companies, industrials, battery and UPS manufacturers. Now, this company exports its advanced BMS to the USA, China, Turkey, England, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia and others. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Thermal Fuses (Thermal Cutoff)

201308E_Dong Yang Electronics in 1987, Dong Yang Electronics became one of the world’s leading companies in the thermal fuses industry. Thermal fuses are designed to provide utmost protection against
overheating of all electric and electronics products.

This company’s thermal fuses (organic thermal element type) are used to prevent fires caused by abnormal heat generation from circuits and other heat producing electric and electronic products.

D.Y.E thermal fuses are one-shot (non-resettable) thermal fuses that separate electrical contacts when the temperature exceeds the preset value.

When the ambient temperature rises to the functioning temperature the thermal element melts and the spring moves the contact away, opening the circuit permanently. Now surprisingly such highly competitive and attractive products are shipped to over 50 countries including some European nations, Hong Kong, China, and the USA.

And this company hopes such items will be positioned as premium and highly competitive items especially in foreign markets of India, Indonesia, and Brazil. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods