201308E_Korchip Corp develops and produces electric double layer capacitors (EDLC or supercapacitor).

It supplies EDLCs for international and domestic customers including Korean global manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, etc.

Korchip has all core EDLC technologies relating from electrodes and electrolytes to various packages. It has experienced steady growth in recent years based upon these strong technical backgrounds. Strong new demands for EDLCs are rising from various applications including automotive, renewable energy, and etc.

Korchip produces various types of EDLCs with its registered brand STARCAP® including coin type and radial type. The STARCAP® EDLC is widely ranging from 0.022F to 1,500F with 2.3V~5.5V of rated voltages.

EDLC is relatively new energy storage device. It has been used as back-up power source for real time clocks (RTCs) or memory on electronic circuits. EDLCs can give big power in short time repeatedly. Compared to batteries, it is environmentally safe and has longer life.

With these advantages, EDLCs are being selected as assistant energy storage device in pitch systems of wind turbines, electric vehicles, cold cranking power source for trucks or normal-sized cars, car DVRs and in many other new applications.

New STARCAP® EDLC product to be used for the SSD (Solid State Disk or Drive) was released. This EDLC is a square-shaped product of 2.5V 10F. By the composite packaging, sealability is enhanced and deformation of the appearance is prevented. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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