Simultaneous Radio Devices Co., Ltd. was established as a venture company by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) and specializes in the R&D of wired and wireless communication devices. The headquarters is located in Daejeon, South Korea, and it has offices in Gumi (Research Institute/Factory), in Suwon (Central Technical Institute), and in New Jersey, United States (Overseas office).
INSOPACK’s INSOPACK ACRO is a series of simultaneous radio devices designed, manufactured, and marketed by INSOPACK. The INSOPACK ACRO devices are digital radio systems that can be classified as full-duplex systems, half-duplex systems, and accessories.
There are few common technologies in its products. Firstly, they communicate via Ad-hoc network, and can increase the communication range via auto-relay function up to three hops. They do not require any installation of base stations or repeaters. Secondly, they are equipped with a highly secure algorithm system, AES-256 or AES-128, and have an IP rating of IP67 or IP54. Thirdly, they use an all-master function, unlike the standard master- to-slave function. Even if one device is damaged or lost, it will not affect the communication network between the remaining radios. They can also be customized to meet special requirements for the military, police, special forces, security guards, subway, construction sites, and more.
Under the full-duplex systems, it includes handheld devices (ACRO-S/SM. ACRO-PRR) and a headset radio (ACRO-ANC). The ACRO-S/SM is a team-based communication system that is suitable for short-range communication, while it can only function through an earset, and can operate as a hands-free device with no PTT keys. It is small as a business card, light and easy to carry around. Currently, this device is used widely as a sport referee communication device, as it is already used in Korea (K-League), India (Indian Super League), Thailand (Thai League T1) and more.
The ACRO-PRR can be viewed as an upgraded version of the ACRO-S, since it is also a hands-free device with no PTT keys, but can function through a speaker or an earset. It is equipped with a BT function, which can connect to a wireless PTT device, and supports built-in text message and GPS functions. It is suitable for team base communication, such as for the police, firefighters and even special forces.
The ACRO-ANC is a unique product because it is a headset that is actually a radio system and there are no products in the world similar to this. It is equipped with an active noise cancellation function to help the user to communicate in noisy environments. It is suitable for airport and armored vehicle drivers.


Continuously Expanding the Sports Referee Market

INSOPACK owns an authorized research institute and a production plant, and therefore has the capabilities to both develop and manufacture products itself. INSOPACK has customers in Asia, Europe, North America and even in Oceania. INSOPACK has participated in various Defense exhibitions, and is continuously expanding its share in the sports referee market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Medical Trolley or Cart Sesang Co. was established in 2006 and started manufacturing utility carts in 2006 after improving the existing plastic & steel carts.
Yeollin Sesang has been focusing on advancing into overseas markets such as participating in international medical exhibitions like Arab Health and dispatching trade delegations. Now, Yeollin Sesang is exporting its products to Japan, the United States, the UK, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru, and it is actively seeking more foreign customers.
Moreover, Yeollin Sesang is continuously striving to diversify products for export and outsourcing the medical carts for special medical equipment and hospital supplies (furniture & utensils) to meet its customers’ demands.
The utility cart (trolley) from the company is made of plastic materials, PP and ABS, so it is light and inexpensive comparing to stainless or steel products, and it has good durability (maximum capacity: 80 – 100 kg).
Yeollin Sesang introduced a combination principle of bolt and nut, so its product can be assembled and disassembled without any tools (but stainless or steel carts cannot be disassembled due to welding work). So, later if you want to change any part of the cart, you can disassemble it and change the part easily, but the stainless or steel cart has to be sent to the factory because it should be welded).
Lastly, the company’s cart makes less noise than stainless or steel carts during moving. Its products are used in hospitals and private clinics to carry medical equipment, materials for medical treatment and medical disposables, and also can be used in laboratories, schools, offices, factories, beauty shops, homes, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

IoT Homecare Device and Smart Touch Mood Lights Inc. is a start-up venture company founded in 2014 by ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), a researcher specializing in manufacturing technical goods and providing services based on its core technologies of IoT sensor device and sensor chip.
The CEO of the company is a researcher at ETRI, who has acquired the technology necessary for the IoT market. Currently, the company has completed its development of IoT healthcare devices, Minael H, IoT smart-touch mood light, and Minael E.
In particular, the company has already acquired ADC core as its central technology, which is characterized as miniaturization, low power-consumption and stabilization.
It has also acquired eight patents related to sensor devices.


Minael, Equipped with Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensors with Alerts plus LED Touch Lamp

Minael has several useful functions. First, Minael connects to your smartphone via the Internet, so you can check temperature and humidity whenever you want. With its alarm service, your smartphone will receive a notification alarm when the room temperature and humidity get out of the range you already set up. You can monitor overall temperature and humidity information over daily, weekly and even monthly basis. With timer, light turns on and off automatically based on your set-up.
Lastly, the light setting has three different brightnesses, and you can control it by simply touching Minael. You can use Bluetooth 4.0 or Android/iOS App. for wireless communication.
Minael can be used to provide a convenient indoor environment through its smart sensor for humidity and temperature. It can function as a nursing and night light for those with babies and infants. It can be used indoors as a nighttime mood light or outdoors for camping. It is rechargeable and lasts for up to five days, in addition to its portability and safety. Once charged, it lasts for approximately 100 hours with constant use. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Automotive Electronic Components Corporation Co.,Ltd., the leading inductor company that pioneered and led the Korean electronic parts market, has strived to advance into the global market by combining new technologies and creativity together during the past 10 years. HS is working hard on developing new products including S/W transformers, SMD power inductor, bar choke coil, line filter, and peaking coil based on the best technical skills.
HS is expanding its business range to include automobile parts by acquiring the AEC_Q200 certificate, and establishing professional sales manpower for entry into overseas markets beyond the domestic industry. HS contributes to domestic and foreign electronic industries through competitive price and reliable quality control, while striving to reform itself as a global company through overseas market development.


Bar Choke Coil (AEC-Q200)

This blocks relatively high frequency current but passes direct current or relatively low frequency current only. This product’s main features include high saturation current, maximum 150° of service temperature (temperature may be higher depending on the take outline), and variable high magnetic saturation. Customized design is available.


SMD Power Inductor (AEC-Q200)

This product’s function is to stabilize current supply and noise removal. This maximizes power conversion efficiency and is used for electrical device modules in automobiles. This power inductor is designed for a size as small as possible and high performance, and is an ideal for DC-DC conversion, as it has high energy capacity and very low resistance.


Power Transformer

This is a part that raises or reduces input and output voltage, and is installed in the power supply. This has excellent impact resistance and damage-free durability with metal coating on the ferrite core, and reduces leakage fiux and electromagnetic wave interference (EMI) with the enclosed magnetic circuit design The steel-based metal core for this transformer provides large saturation current, and high quality is guaranteed with automated production. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Ultra-lightweight and High Efficient LED Lights Corporation, established in 2010 after 3 years of R&D for world-class patented heat sink technology, is one of the leading LED lamp manufacturers in Korea. ICEPIPE has developed the key technology in heat dissipation, which is 200 times faster than a conventional heat sink, and it enables one to have ultra-lightweight and high efficient LED lights. With high quality and competitive price, ICEPIPE exports its products to more than 60 countries.
ICEPIPE produces high bays, fioodlights, streetlights, bulbs and more.
ICEPIPE has branch offices in Germany, Mexico, Hong Kong and the Philippines. ICEPIPE’s vision does not stay still but advances globally through aggressive marketing strategies cooperating with all partners and branches.


CH2000, OBB and CD4000

CH2000 is the bestseller among ICEPIPE’s products. It is an ultra-light high bay light weighing only 1.9kg. That is why it is perfect for factories, warehouses and indoor gyms.
Compared with metal halide, it boasts 10 times longer lifespan and one-third energy consumption.
It is an ultra-small bulb (400g) usable in enclosed luminaires, which simplifies replacement and reduces total installation and maintenance costs. It is perfect for security lighting and streetlights. It also boasts 5 times longer lifespan compared with metal halide.
CD4000 is a IP67 disk type floodlighting for outdoors like sports facilities, airports and stations. It maximizes its lifespan through the built-in double power supply. It is designed to rotate 360 degrees with strong corrosion resistance.
OBA2 is its LED bulb. Its recommendable for indoors like house and office.With its unique design of 270 degreeswide omni angle, OBA received 2014 Reddot Award of Product design.It has long life and big savings on electricity costs compared to incandescent bulbs, with fiicker-free, no glare,and no danger of burn. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Camera Modules and Lens Assembly VISION Co., Ltd. is one of the affiliates of SOMO Group and there are two different departments. The one is for camera modules and the other is vision care for eye glasses. SOMO Group was founded in 1968 under its original name of Donghwa Petroleum (Now SOMO Petroleum) and started its oil-based distribution business before founding additional companies like Sungam Industrial and SOMO holdings & Technology for special logistics, loading/unloading for POSCO and construction, lubricators and car automatic washing machine business.
Also, it started new businesses like IR camera, camera module including lenses and eye glass lenses, for new growth.
Members of SOMO VISION consist of key members who came from the specialized camera module manufacturers (SEMCO, Partron, etc). SOMO VISION specializes in camera module/lens for non-mobile phone market applications such as automotive, action cameras, IP cameras, etc.
Especially, the company has lens design/ production technology such as the world’s widest FOV (240deg) lens with high reliability. It has two manufacturing facilities in Korea and China, respectively, and operates them fiexibly by application. SOMO VISION camera makes a stable business based on funding power and long history (51years) of SOMO Group.
All camera modules include lens assembly for the nonmobile phone market such as automotive, action cam, IP cam (network), dash cam, and security applications.
Off-the-shelf camera modules: Basically, 100% of the SOMO camera module is customized according to customers’ requirements.

1. Camera module including SOMO lens: OV16825_1/2.3”, FOV 240deg
2. Camera module including SOMO lens: IMX377CQT_1/2.3”, FOV 149.8deg
3. Camera module with lens designed by another company: IMX322_1/2.9”, FOV 129deg
4. Camera module with lens designed by another company: OV7740_1/5”, FOV 120deg
5. Camera module including SOMO lens: OV10640, FOV 54deg 6. Camera module with lens designed by another company: PO3100K_1/2.9”, FOV129.7
7. Camera module with lens designed by another company: IMX291_1/2.8”, FOV141.3
8. Camera module with lens designed by another company: MT9D111_1/3.2”, FOV 140
9. Camera module with lens designed by another company: IMX238_1/3”, FOV 104.2 | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Far-infrared Radiator its establishment in 1999, Myungshin Medical Co., Ltd. has produced and sold dome-shaped far-infrared radiation beauty therapy heaters, which are both convenient and efficient in improving cold constitution, detox and weight loss and relief of joint pain, applying its patented technology of surface heating elements. It has obtained KFDA certification in Korea, FDA and CE certifications from Europe, TFDA certification from Taiwan and CCC certifications from China. Currently, the company exports to Belgium, Sweden, the USA, Hong Kong, Australia and Taiwan.
Myungshin Medical is the best company in its field in Korea based on the accounting records of 2014 – with sales exceeding one hundred million won. The company is the only one to finish clinical trials for obesity treatment and has been registered by the FDA in 2012. Currently, it is in the process of obtaining MOH approval from the UAE while working to export to China. Myungshin Medical will strive for continuous product development by strengthening convenience, technology, and efficiency.
Eventually, it wants to advance as an innovative global company as Korea’s proud medical leader that prioritizes the health of its customers.


VADIVA Slide – Far-infrared Radiator

VADIVA Slide is an item that can assist both health and beauty thanks to its fat-reduction effects, blood-circulation improvement effects and pain-relieving effects. It is free from radiation danger by using a carbon-based heating element. It can be effective for accident sequela, stomach pain, joint pain, neuralgia and other senile diseases.
This device will eventually substitute drugs or lower your dependence on them.
VADIVA Slide covers the whole body in a form of slide so the volume can be reduced with its 2 gear sliced forms. Its logistical cost can be also minimalized for the same reason. However, it can be used freely for plus-sized people as the dome’s interior is large enough. Its application includes hospital, skin care shop and household.
ZenBeam is another far- infrared radiator, which is easy to use and classy with two-tone design. Its main application is for the abdomen, but it can be used for various other areas where applicable to relieve pain and accelerate blood circulation. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Advanced Solutions for Banknote Processing, ATM, Kiosk Industries, Inc. is a leading company in the field of banking automation and self-service solutions for decades since establishment in 1991, manufacturing banknote counters and sorters, check scanners and various printer modules for ATM, Kiosk industries. Supplying his products to retails, financial institutes including banks, the brilliant and stable quality has satisfied esteemed customers over 70 countries in the world.
MECHATRO is most innovative company listed as INNO Biz Company and R&D center has strong core technologies like digital image recognition processing technology and high-precision mechanism design, manufacturing technology. Mechatro is developing and providing useful machines by combining core technologies and peripheral technologies.
MTP-8100PL is an A4 thermal printer with Ethernet and fast USB 2.0 interface. It can print at high speed up to 150mm/sec with 300dpi fine resolution. Its powerful mechanism can pull an 8inch (O.D 200mm) paper roll at these speeds, and the ‘removable platen roller’ design provides for quick and easy paper jam removal. Paper retraction function after printing and auto cutting system make MTP-8100PL the most reliable solution for Kiosk printer.
Clear series, multi-currency banknote counter & sorter is the outcome of highly advanced technology accumulated for long period by Mechatro. From a compact size two pockets counter & sorter to a three pockets banknote sorter,
Mechatro has been launching customized banknote processing solutions since 2007. ClearQ is a banknote counter with counterfeit detection capability, which providing non-stop processing of banknotes at high speed. It has fine resolution dual CIS(contact image sensor) option enhancing machine performance and stability. Its fitness sorting variants arms ultrasonic sensors enabling to separate unfit notes clearly from fit notes by analyzing the level of stain, hole, repair, fold in accordance with banknote recycling framework of European Central Bank and other Central banks.
ClearJ is a vertical type high volume banknote processor which has twice taller hopper (1,000notes) and two large stackers to carry out a large quantity banknote sorting process on the desk. Mass volume note sorting is an essential requirement from CIT companies and lots of cash centers. The two stackers help user classify a bundle of mixed banknotes into a group of the same denomination and the same face orientation.
ClearM is the most brand new model with very small and incredible lightness. Touch screen LCD interface helps users choose icon easily and clearly what they want and the dual user switch buttons on both sides give much more convenience to customer.
By pressing switch button, the screen changes to the previous mode and two users can count diff erent currencies on each side of the machine All the banknote counting machines have additional options such as dual user switch button, integral printer, connectivity (USB, LAN, RS-232C serial). New currency data update can be done easily by USB memory stick. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Innovative Digital Signage For Display Windows Co., Ltd. has acquired competitiveness via its procurement market experience. It has been operating in the fields of information management, analysis and education.
Starting with providing procurement information in 2000, it has expanded the scope of business to areas related to procurement service, such as bidding consulting, bidding education, bid analysis, etc. Currently, the company has more than 200,000 customers participating in the Korean procurement market through its services.
DongJin has more than 17 years of advanced IT technology and marketing know-how. The company has been certified as an excellent company for new growth engines of Korea. With its digital signage, it has been designated as a high technology company with patents for advertisement display systems using smart film screen.


DonStop – Innovative Digital Signage

DonStop is an innovative digital signage for display windows where smart film can be turned to transparent or opaque mode for advertising. It is the most intense and eye- catching display for retail stores. DonStop is different in many ways from other conventional digital signage. First, it can be controlled to be either transparent or opaque so it can maximize effectiveness of advertisements with special display features. Second, rear projection display allows unsurpassed brightness, contrast and viewing. Third, it is a DIY advertising where you can edit your own ad in five minutes through web-editor. Lastly, you can create various advertising contents by updating the high-quality templates.

An overview of the Donstop smart shop platform service is as follows: It includes an advertisement editor, with which you can modify and edit your own advertisements, by providing templates developed by marketing experts.
The advertisements can be viewed through projectors according to their schedules or effects with the app stored inside the control box of the projector. The projector control box controls advertisements and hardware devices through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In summary, you can edit templates and make your own ads, control their schedule, and turn your ads on or off via the Web and mobile app from any location and at any time. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

World-class Transformers in 1980, Taehwatrans started out as a company specialized in manufacturing instrument current transformers, and it has been growing as one of the world’s most reputable companies, exporting transformers to around 50 countries. The company takes pride in the fact that it has been a leading company supplying world-class transformers in the global market for the last 30 years.
With about 40 years’ experience, Taehwatrans has been able to develop a very unique market positioning in the competitive global markets.
The company can support a significantly wider range of applications than any other providers, which enables it to work together with companies and industries such as energy metering, monitoring, protection, energy harvesting, electric vehicle, BEMS, FEMS and MV distribution.
Taehwatrans has been certified with UL, ERP, ISO9001, CE, TUV and ISO14001 along the way. And for the future, it promises to become a leader in smart grid that will upgrade future values of clients with continuous technology development and the best-quality products to meet the ever-changing needs of the markets.


Producing Various Current Transformers and Current Sensors

Basically, Taehwatrans develops, produces and sells CTs for HEMS, BEMS and FEM of SmartGrid, CTs for division, distribution CT, outdoor CT for monitoring and Rogowski coils. Also, it produces precision CT that goes into 0.1 class meters and CT for digital fault recorders that requires ultra- precision for power plants and substations. In addition, it produces and sells ESS for electric recharge and ZCT for automobiles.
Taehwatrans offers a varied selection of current sensors, such as revenue grade metering CTs, Isolation CTs, Multi Harmonics CTs, energy monitoring & protection CTs, DC immunity CTs, Rogowski coils, including flexible rope type for medium voltage, and Outdoor Weather Resistant Split- core CTs. As IoT (Internet of Things) application advances, Taehwatrans is stepping up its efforts to develop a new generation of current sensors such as energy harvesting & energy monitoring sensors and wireless current sensors. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods