Automation Equipment[INQ. NO. 1912E44] As a specialist in the industrial automation equipment market, RS Automation has been providing automation products to global markets for 30 years and was re-launched with a new brand name in January 2010.
RS Automation’s brand includes a diverse product line developed based on extensive experience in the development and sales of factory automation equipment. RS Automation handles a diverse product line including PLC controllers, AC servos, network multi motion controllers, network-based distributed I/O, touch panels, PCS (Power Conversion Controllers) and robot controllers.

This has network protocols such as EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP, as the international standard industrial networks. It allows customers to easily respond to the Ethernet-based network environment in the industry sites and configure the network between heterogeneous systems.

CSD7 series
This can be applied to high-precision & high-speed equipment (Carving machine, CNC, Chip mounter) as well as simple equipment that requires just movement.

This is a real-time motion controller based on a network that supports various motion profile and functions

MVC Series
MVC series is a motion, vision and compact controller that can be applied flexibly and quickly to any equipment with differentiated speed vision function.

V9+, W8+ Touch Panels
These have high-resolution display of 65,536 colors without blinks but also with various expandability such as 8-way communication, serial connection three ports (RS-232C/485).

Machine I/O(DS60/ EC60)
DS60 series allows simple configuration of open type control systems with global standard, DeviceNet specifications. EC60 series allows easy configuration of various control of PC, PLC and stand-alone controller. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Capacitors[INQ. NO. 1912E43] SAMWHA ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. is focusing on R&D and marketing power to become one of the best digital companies in the 21st century. The company is continuously developing products and solutions that enable more efficient use of energy to meet the needs of customers in the global market.
SAMWHA ELECTRIC is a company that produces electrolytic capacitors used mainly for home appliances as they have large capacity despite their small sizes. The company has been manufacturing various electrolytic capacitors including radial, SMD, snap-in and screw types and is supplying them to its main customers such as LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics and 35 other overseas electricity and electronics companies.
In particular, the company has completed the development of “conductive polymer hybrid electrolytic capacitors” and “electric double layer capacitors,” all of which are used in a wide range of fields including information, 5G communication, hybrid vehicles, wind/solar power and other new renewable energy and power-generating equipment in line with the recent increase in the demand for eco-friendly and high value products.
“Considering the features (charging and discharging in a short period of time) of electrolytic capacitors, they are mostly used for home appliances. However, the company is expanding its business areas and developing products to respond to next-generation markets such as 5G communication, vehicles, wind power, solar power, ESS, robots and IoT,” explained a spokesperson for the company.
Meanwhile, the company is systemically controlling the quality of its products based on a three-step management system in order to grow itself into a general electronic components maker. And, it is also efficiently managing the manufacturing processes through an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and a real-time Manufacturing Execution System (MES).
The company plans to develop itself into a leading electronic compoment manufacturer in the era of fierce competition through its own technology and R&D for the future industry, centering on the R&D center in its HQs. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Twin Gear Slow Juicer[INQ. NO. 1912E42] WELLRA Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing kitchen appliances for 30 years. Its main products include juicers, oil press machines, and ice flake makers that are exported to various parts of the world including the USA, Europe, and China.
WELLRA has produced a wide range of products that help identify the needs of consumers based on the belief that home cooking is the safest and healthiest food, contributing to the health and wellbeing of life.
Based on technology that considers health a priority, it has led to the research and inventions of products that are appropriate to provide a healthy food culture necessary for modern people based on the principle of people`s health first.

WELLRA has strengthened its competitiveness with high-quality technology by improving the safety and performance of our products with know-how accumulated through the development and production of various health-related household appliances for 30 years and applying them to existing processes. In addition, KC has been certified by UL, CE, CB, CCC, NSF, and so forth.
The twin gear slow juicer, a flagship product of WELLRA, is a household kitchenware appliance that extracts juice using two gears in mesh grinding the material to make home-made juice fruits and vegetables. Just as the more one chews a vegetable, the deeper and more savory its texture and flavor are felt, twin gear slow juicer extracts juice as highly nutritional as vegetable fiber.
Equipped with two finely processed stainless steel gears, twin gear slow juicer makes it easy to extract juice from various materials from the hard-to-juice materials such as wheat grass and fiber-rich materials such as kalem carrots, and apples.

The powerful low-speed AC motor reduces the noise of the product and allows the user to extract the juice slowly during operation. Designed for easy and convenient use, it can also produce natural homemade ice cream by using frozen fruits, as well as fruit and vegetable juices. In addition, twin gear slow juicer has various other functions such as peanut butter maker, meat chopper, coffee beans grinder, etc.
By checking the temperature of the motor and product, it automatically stops operating when overheating. Twin gear slow juicer has been certified by Korean and international safety standards such as KC, ETL, CE, CB, and RoHS. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Automatic Door Operator[INQ. NO. 1912E41] Automatic door operator is a device that automatically opens and closes a door by sensing people and can be used mainly for building entrances.
This door operator is equipped with a power supply unit of SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) based on a 32 bit Micro Process Controller, an electrical lockout system that utilizes a high efficiency motor and functions of self-diagnosis, self-circuit-protection and self-obstacle-sensing when initially setting it up, making it possible to be used in many ways and environments.
Depending on door conditions and installation environments, a user can select one out of 120W/90W DC motor, BLDC motor, or others. And, depending on door types and weights, a user can select the most suitable model out of the operators for heavy doors, telescopic doors, swing doors or interior doors.

Semi-automatic door operator
Semi-automatic door operator is a device that automatically closes a door without an electrical apparatus and can be used mainly for hospital ward doors, classroom doors, indoor entrances, and so forth.
Thanks to the air cylinder brake and oil brake ASM systems, it is able to secure safety when closing a door and to reduce cooling/heating costs by keeping a door closed at all times, while having a function of leaving a door open continuously.
Depending on door weights, a user can select one out of the operators for up to 120kg, up to 80kg or up to 60kg. And, depending on installation environments, unnecessary costs could be saved as some of the operators can be attached directly onto the wall without installing additional door frames.
CORTECH has achieved stable exports to Vietnam, India and other Asian countries based on our export experience built up for over 10 years. And, it is working hard to identify the needs of overseas buyers and to discover new buyers by continuously attending exhibitions abroad, so as to have capabilities of providing outstanding products suitable for foreign markets. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Remote Control Instantaneous Heating Bidet[INQ. NO. 1912E40] This product is an electronic bidet of the instantaneous water-heating type that washes the cleaning area with warm water and dries it with warm wind without using toilet paper while you sit on the warm toilet seat in the bathroom. Depending on the size of the toilet bowl, it is divided into the elongated type (440 * 540 * 175mm) and the round type (440 * 510 * 175mm) for the consumers to install easily.
In particular, this product is hygienic with instantaneous water-heating without flush tank and it is an energy-saving bidet that consumes power only when in use. Compared with the existing flush tank type, it has about 50% of both power and water-saving effect. In addition, you can use the product at the desired temperature by arbitrarily controlling the temperature of the warm water even during cleaning.
As continuous cleaning is possible at a constant temperature without any temperature deviation of the cleaning water, this product is very effective for those who need a sitz bath such as women, expectant mothers, patients with anal diseases like hemorrhoids, and constipation, etc. Using the remote controller, children, the elderly, and the disabled, can use this product easily.
Application of an air pump enables this product to be used in areas where the water pressure is low, and you can wash softly and quickly with the air bubble cleaning.
You can add aromatic material to the bidet and, when the functional button of deodorization and etiquette is pressed, music starts playing, making the mood of the restroom pleasant and refined. In addition, the UV lamp removes the bacteria in the nozzle and inner part of the toilet bowl. The clean water filtered through the water purifier washes the cleaning area carefully.
The structure of the nozzle is a detachable type of twin method and, when the nozzle washing button is pressed, the nozzle is washed automatically, and the nozzle can be used depending on the body type and the physical constitution.
You can select the function of the automatic power-saving and the timed power-saving using the remote controller, thereby minimizing energy consumption, and this product has the time setting function so that you can check the present time on the LCD of the remote controller. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Zombie ZERO Inspector[INQ. NO. 1912E39] NPCore, Inc., as an APT and Ransomware defense solution company, defends the network and endpoint in a dual way.
Zombie ZERO Inspector N, NPCore’s network security solution, detects malware coming from outside through a pattern-based and virtual-machine behavior analysis method and then blocks or excludes it in order to protect internal users from unauthorized malware distribution servers, C&C servers and relevant IP and URL.
Through signature and behavior-based analyses conducted in three steps, known malicious codes and new or variant malware that is unknown and is not handled by existing vaccines are all traced and blocked in advance.
As for malicious codes that bypass networks, Zombie ZERO EDR that provides functions for preventing and monitoring file execution can double protect PCs and servers.
As the attacks of new malware including spear phishing, ransomware and others by email (over 70%) have sharply increased recently, NPCore is providing a solution that establishes a safe email security environment and manages various security issues at once by combining three functions of ZombieZERO Inspector E for blocking spam/virus emails, protecting outgoing emails, and defending APT/ransomware.
Through the combined single solution, the cost has been lowered and the management has become easier.
As IT-based cloud service is booming worldwide, NPCore is planning to cooperate with KT to develop and launch Zombie ZERO SECaaS, a next-generation security product, so that individual users and SMEs can conveniently and safely use this security product at a low price on a monthly-subscription basis. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Thermal Fogger & Drone Fogger[INQ. NO. 1912E38] IZ-Fog is a company that manufactures and exports disinfection machines such as smoking & fogging machines, sprayers, ULV (ultra-low volume) sprayers, etc., aiming to lead the world.
IZ-Fog, with decades of accumulated experience and technology, produces disinfection machines for various purposes for portables, vehicles, motorcycles, drones, etc.
Through ceaseless R&D, IZ-Fog is developing every year, having been playing a key role in Korea’s disinfection machinery industry. IZ-Fog, now rising as a global leader, exports its products to more than 30 countries including those in Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and the Middle East, and is responsible for enhancing national health.
IZ-100 is a compact smoking & fogging machine for disinfection and sterilization that removes harmful pests such as flies, mosquitoes and ticks, and viruses and infectious diseases such as dengue fever, bird flu, and MERS. This product is simple to use and easy to carry. The specifications of this product are 900x290x190mm, chemical tank capacity is 3L, fuel tank capacity is 0.75L, weight is 6.5kg, output is 18kw/24.5hp/16,500Kcal/H, and spray particles are 5~30 micron.
IZ-33, a cold fogger, is an ULV (ultra-low volume) electric sprayer that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The weight is 5kg, the chemical tank capacity is 7L, the spraying volume is 60L / H and the spraying distance is 10~12m. This is a product good for disinfecting in factories, schools, apartments and public places.
Sky-eagle is a smoking & fogging drone that can work safely and conveniently even in difficult-to-reach forests, river marshes, orchards, barns, and farms. Its flight time is 10 minutes and its weight is 20.3 kg. It is possible to remotely control operation of the medicinal spraying and fogger. With the powerful air-cooled spraying force and the downwind caused by the drone, the target point on the ground can be completely disinfected.
With the capacity of disinfecting the area of more than 5,000 pyeong (=16,500m2) within 8 minutes, Sky-eagle is an innovative product that can save labor and enhance work efficiency. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Real-Time Production Information System[INQ. NO. 1912E37] The production information system that Ari InfoTech Inc. is establishing will collect and analyze production information on a real-time basis to provide useful information for managers to efficiently manage the production at sewing factories that produce clothes, shoes, bag and others home and abroad.
Due to various and complicated operation processes, it was not easy to collect operation information in a sewing factory. However, the problem has been addressed through ARI-AM, an IoT module, which is attached onto a sewing machine to get real-time data. In order to solve the problem where locations of sewing machines change depending on types of products, ARI-COM, an IoT module that recognizes location, has been developed and supplied.
ARI-AM and ARI-COM are attachable modules that are compatible with sewing machines of various brands and are very affordable when installing them.
While existing attachable products are able to create data errors as workers have to enter information on operation processes by themselves, ARI-AM automatically collects data by utilizing its sensor signals without any human intervention. The automatically-collected data is automatically analyzed by an analysis program in the server before being provided as information. Thanks to the module, workers can focus on their jobs, instead of collecting data anymore. As such, the module has maximized data reliability by excluding any possibility of human errors being created when entering data on production processes.
Information that has been automatically collected and analyzed is provided to managers by utilizing Smart Signage in various forms of graphs and tables.
The development of ARI-TAB, which utilizes QC function and QR code to immediately identify on-site working line process information, is about to be completed and is expected to be launched for the commercial use from January 2020.
In addition, Ari InfoTech Inc., as a partner of the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), is planning to provide various smart factory technologies that KITECH has developed for sewing factories. The company also has a plan to commercialize the AR-based system that checks and remotely manages on-site production information from early 2020. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Broadband Amplifier[INQ. NO. 1912E36] Broadband amplifier is a representative item of SUNGSAN E&C, which has achieved reliable performance in output power, gain, and flatness over required broadband ranges from standard products to bespoke ones.
Broadband Amplifier is an ideal solution for FM/AM/CW boosting, RF passive test system, mobile jamming, UAV, Interception, etc.

Passive Intermodulation Distortion (PIMD) Analyzer
PIM is a crucial parameter to diagnose the performance degradation of wireless communication systems, considering data transmission capacity and speed.
The PIMD analyzer of SUNGSAN E&C enables network technicians and maintenance engineers to precisely measure PIM performance by injecting two test-frequency signals into the PIMD analyzer. It is to test the passive components: antennas, filters, couplers & dividers, connectors, and cables.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
The ES series, to which SUNGSAN’s accumulated broadband technology has been applied, is able to be remotely controlled by GPIB or LAN communication.
The ES series, which provides output power up to 1 kW with high performance, is suitable for EMC lab tests.
Since its establishment in 2001, utilizing systematic and creative technologies through accumulated knowledge, SUNGSAN E&C has been producing not only a variety of amplifiers, but also passive components, such as filters, couplers, dividers and combiners, in order to fulfill customers’ requirements.
Today, SUNGSAN E&C has become a global promising company in the solid-state high-power amplifier for EMCs, accelerators, wireless communication, aerospace, defense, radar, DAS, repeaters, UAVs, and jamming and interception fields. For your reliable systems, SUNGSAN E&C always tries to provide the best RF total solutions.
Sungsan E&C is to proudly present at EuMW (EUROPEAN MICROWAVE WEEK) 2019 in Paris, France, from October 1st~3rd, 2019, establishing its exhibition booth (# A1095). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

TrueGaze Mobile SDK[INQ. NO. 1912E35] TrueGaze Mobile SDK of VisualCamp is eye-tracking software that helps to easily develop iPhone-based applications utilizing eye-tracking technology. Such applications can be developed by using Swift stored in iOS and be activated in all smart devices with over iPhone 6S.
As the front camera embedded in iPhone is used, it is not necessary for a user to attach a separate camera, LED or another piece of hardware. Through the applications developed by utilizing TrueGaze Mobile SDK, anyone using iPhone App Store is able to experience eye-tracking functions.
TrueGaze Mobile SDK can be applied to various areas and methods, including eye-tracking mouse browsers for those with hand dysfunction, eye-scrolling applications for webtoon viewers in narrow subways and other special circumstances, eye-tracking mobile games, eye-analyzing applications that can sort out the interests and concerns of customers using video and shopping mall apps, and so forth.

TrueGaze Remote Kit
TrueGaze Remote Kit of VisualCamp is an eye-tracking module that is attached to tablets, PCs, etc.
This module consists of an IR camera and LED and is applied with VisualCamp’s algorithm specialized for mobile devices to implement a precise and swift eye-tracking function. TrueGaze Remote Kit is a micro module 6 cm in length, which is detachable and portable. The applied eye-tracking algorithm has a high degree of accuracy with the least margin of error of 0.4° in 60fps.
TrueGaze Remote Kit can be used as a tool for monitoring education, diagnosing diseases by examining eye patterns and analyzing video and advertisement effectiveness in various industrial Smart-tech sectors including Edu-tech, Med-tech, Ad-tech, etc.
In particular, it is able to analyze eye patterns of students who are studying with Smart tablets and report to their parents on their learning conditions and education effectiveness in quantitative analysis index, making it possible to suggest personalized learning schedules. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods