Electrolytic Capacitors


A Leading Manufacturer of Electrolytic Capacitors Drawing Attention in the Global Electronics Market

[INQ. NO. 2012E22] Samwha Electric Co., Ltd., a specialty manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors in Korea, is attracting in the global electronics market by launching a conductive polymer hybrid electrolytic capacitor built with advanced technology.
Samwha Electric has been providing the global market with its electric double-layer capacitor, ‘Green-Cap,’ used for eco-friendly high-value added products, such as 5G, eco-friendly vehicles, medical devices, LED, robots, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and energy-storage systems (ESSs) for wind and solar power for many years.

Thanks to a long replacement cycle based on fast charge/discharge cycles for over one million times, green-cap is easy to maintain and it can be used in extreme temperatures. As it does not contain environmentally hazardous substances, it is also easy to treat after use.
With increasing demand in strategic markets including electric vehicles, communication, smart consumer electronics, renewable energies, UPS, automotive industry and electronic components, orders for the product are growing worldwide.
Through its five sales subsidiaries in Germany, the United States, China, Thailand, and India, as well as through 14 major regional offices in other countries, the company has built a stable international business infrastructure to lead the global market.
Expecting brighter future in line with expansion in eco-friendly automotive infrastructure and increase in demand for eco-friendly power due to expanded environment regulation policies, Samwha Electric aims to meet demands for high-specification products by developing high-valued devices at its corporate R&D center and to take an advantageous position while transforming into a leading electronic component company by developing proprietary technologies.
“In order to grow into an integrated electronic parts maker through systematic quality control, we are implementing management systems in three stages, and effectively managing production processes with enterprise resource planning (ERP), a real-time data management system, and manufacturing execution system (MES),” explained a manager at Samwha Electric.
The current key products of the company are: EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor) for radial, snap-in, axial type & module; conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitor for radial, SMD type; and aluminum electrolytic capacitor for radial, SMD, snap-in, lug, screw type.

Samwha Electric’s electrolytic capacitors are selected to be used in household appliances for high ripple current, miniaturization and long fife.
The products are popular in solar power inverters for high voltage, high-capacitance and high ripple current. The field of power electronics is among their applications – for high capacitance, high ripple current and long life and power industry, plant business, and infrastructure business sector.
They are popular as LED lighting products for ultra-high temperature, long life and low impedance. They are also applied in automotives for powertrain (ECU, DC/DC converter), safety (breaking, airbag, ABS) and exterior (LED headlight).
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Outdoor Unit Support


[INQ. NO. 2012E21] The HK-430, 520 and 730 air conditioner outdoor unit base support series by Digital Kukje Airconditioner developed as a countermeasure to support the existing support the ABS material that breaks and crumbles when exposed to UV rays during winter.
These products are registered on patent, design, and eco-friendly certification in Republic of Korea. As the standard materials by LG Electronics which is approved and high-quality products, are selling steadily in Republic of Korea. Any harmful substances excluded and it withstands a load greater than 1 ton, blocking UV rays and non-freezing and unbreakable.

As mentioned, these are made of standard raw materials that includes UV ray blocking agent and the mixture is reinforced over many times in the factory to prevent the breaking and crumbling of support in winter and to make it stronger while it is exposed to UV rays. The products are strong enough and didn’t go deformed while it weighted 3 tons of metal object on the location of the outdoor unit fixing bolt for three days.

The standard materials of LG Electronics registered after tested on the items below, which selected by discussing with the System Air Conditioner Quality Assurance Team and passing the test. There are 11 test items for the plastic support. The test items included structure, appearance, specification, measurement, endurance against UV rays, endurance against weather, refrigerant, oil reaction, flame retarding, temperature cycle, stress resistance, eco-friendliness, maximum compression strength, etc.

Digital Kukje Airconditioner Co.Ltd. founded in March 1985 based on its technical skills for refrigeration equipment. Since its business of installing low-temperature warehouses and refrigeration machines started in 1989, Digital Kukje Airconditioner provides heating and cooling system air conditioner solutions while partnering with LG Electronics to lead the refrigerating and air conditioning industry.

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Premium IOT Plug & Semi AI Speaker



[INQ. NO. 2012E20] Things Control, where celebrities in the Korea trend meet the state-of-the-art AI function
AIOT-Tap, which Hyundai AIT Co., Ltd. recommends, always greets you with the voice of your favorite Korean trend star, and controls nearby devices you want with the voice.
The technology characteristics are to have simple conversations with IOT tap and voice without purchasing an additional AI speaker, to be able to make on/off control and to check the consumed power (the hour of study) of lightings on the desk or humidifier, the blue-tooth speaker, which are connected to AIOT-Tap, besides, utilizing AWS and Google cloud skill if requested.

End-user can automatically set all the function of cloud skills by connecting AIOT-Tap to user’s mobile phone after purchasing.
The main consumers are students who can create an effective study system providing the feeling of studying together with their favorite Korean trend stars. It is expected to be globally popularized as an entertainment commercial device retaining the state of art technology.
At present, Hyundai AIT Co., Ltd. is discussing a partnership with a well-known domestic management and entertainment company, and planning to release it via the Amazon launchpad next February.
Hyundai AIT a technology based venture business established by experts in each field concerned, is a futuristic company running business by developing products specialized in IOT module, AI solution, and disaster prevention devices – and now is proceeding with KONEX special listing in 2021 as a registered company in the Korea startup market.

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Innovative Slim Linear LED


[INQ. NO. 2012E19] NDFree is the innovative slim linear LED launched on the market this year.
It is a product combining strong points of both AC and DC products by incorporating the strong points of the existing DIVA series, and at the same time utilizing the advantages of the AC product.
This product does not need an additional driver and can be utilized for a shelf, ceiling, and indirect lighting connecting it by applying power once to the maximum 400W without any black spots, while enabling slim design with 17×17(mm) dimension.

NDFree with CRI 90 of higher color fidelity provides a desired color with much more direct effect, and has various Calvin cycles from 2700K to 4000K.
Also, it utilizes a locking device at the end of the product for safe and easy use, which allows more convenient attaching and removal of the product. Meet NDfree, differentiated from existing AC products!
From fluorescent lamps to LEDs, FEELUX has been leading the domestic and overseas markets as a specialized company in the lighting industry for the past 40 years.
Based on a global network accumulated over many years and automated production facilities, it is recognized for its technology, quality competitiveness, design, and patent competitiveness. FEELUX is leading the development of products that lead global lighting design trends by continuously participating in the world’s four major lighting exhibitions and winning “Reddot Design Awards” and “Design plus” Awards.
This year FEELUX launched an innovative AC lighting NDFree, and sterilization lighting NDPure, that utilizes a wavelength of 405nm.
As such, FEELUX is also continuing to expand investment in R&D for next-generation IoT new products, and through this, it will grow one step further in the trend of the 4th industrial revolution in the world.

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100kg Payload Mobile Robots


[INQ. NO. 2012E18] TWINNY Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in autonomous driving technology.
TWINNY leads the autonomous mobile robot service industry with its outstanding technology in various fields such as warehouses, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, apartments, etc.
The company was founded in 2015 by twin brothers Youngseok Cheon and Hongseok Cheon.
Hongseok Cheon is an expert in autonomous mobile robots who received his Ph.D. from KAIST for research in the same area. TWINNY has about 70 employees, of whom about 50 are engineers.

More than 30% of employees graduated from KAIST with master’s or doctoral degrees.
With its expertise based on M.As and Ph.Ds from KAIST, TWINNY has developed NarGo100, autonomous mobile robots, and TarGo100, a target-following robot.
NarGo100, 100kg payload autonomous mobile robot, could support efficient delivery of various items without additional infrastructure such as QR codes, Beacon or UWB. Safety is guaranteed using a laser distance measurement sensor, and ultrasonic wave sensor.
Design of automatic charging station and loading space can be customized with competitive price. Control and working status monitoring are available via a web-based central control system and tablet application.
TarGo100, 100kg target following robot follows a user. Once a user presses the ‘start’ button, it starts following the user. It never fails to follow the user in complex setting as it recognizes surroundings with a 2D LiDAR and RGBD camera. It does not get confused even between twin brothers wearing the same clothes. Target tracking does not require any additional device.
The user can flexibly respond to frequent work process changes in warehouses or manufacturing facility. And deployment of the robot is quick and easy.
Time to free up your hands! Let the robots do the delivery, and plan your time efficiently.

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Plasma Beauty Device



[INQ. NO. 2012E17] PLINIC by G1 Partners Co., Ltd., a company specializing in home beauty care products, is small-sized beauty equipment that uses plasma. With PLINIC, the consumers can care for their skin at home without visiting beauty shops.
PLINIC is a CE-certified product. It speeds up the skin regeneration cycle by vitalizing the cells that form collagen by stimulating the fiber cells inside the skin using plasma, a next-generation substance (energy) used by dermatologists to expedite regeneration of and absorption by the skin, and removes hazardous molecules by breaking them down.

It is compact and easy to use, and its plasma is visible to the consumers.
PLINIC can help the skin absorb the cosmetics deeper, create the V-line, rejuvenate the skin, remove the germs that cause acne by using the blue wave and stabilize the skin with its heating effect.
It was confirmed to effectively improve eight areas of skincare, including skin elasticity, luster, and wrinkles around the eyes, after a living-body test. It is a safe product of which safety has been verified.
G1 Partners researches, develops and manufactures home beauty devices for personal skincare.

The employees of G1 Partners consist of product planners from Samsung Electronics, international salesmen with more than 15 years of international marketing experience, and so forth.
G1 Partners distributes its flagship product, PLINIC, and also supplies about 1,000 units monthly of PLINIC to Kyowon Group, a large company in Korea, under the ODM method. The company is pioneering the overseas sales channels by exporting the product samples to the USA, Australia, the Philippines, etc.

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LED Bulb & Thermal Infrared Bulb


[INQ. NO. 2012E16] JAE KYUNG ELI Co., Ltd. is a company founded in 1990 that has been making LED bulbs and thermal infrared bulbs that offer the world’s best quality and competitive prices.
Since its founding, the company has developed into the only maker and the global supplier of infrared bulbs in Korea.
Under the mission of ‘lighting up the 21st century with excellent service and products,’ the company is focusing its capabilities on growing from a supplier of the world’s top quality and performance products, to a solution provider that pursues the safety and convenience of users.
JAE KYUNG ELI is selling its ‘One Piece Blow LED PAR38’ and ‘Thermal Infrared Bulb’ all over the world under its brand names of LLeDus and Heat Plus.

The company is a future-oriented, innovative company that invests 5% of its annual revenue in the development of new products and technologies for improvement of quality and productivity.
As a result, the company was able to develop and distribute the ‘PAR38 LED reflective glass bulb for the first time in the world.
JAE KYUNG ELI’s products are made of special hard glass that is strongly resistant against thermal shock, and so they pose no risk of fire, are safe to use, and offer excellent quality.
The company’s products are designed to be safe and to last longer than their competitors’ products. They are optimized for various purposes and locations, including hog-raising, poultry farming, medical application, food warming, and bathroom warming.
JAE KYUNG ELI will answer customer queries and feedback within 24 hours so that it can reduce the defect rate to zero and make its best efforts to satisfy customers beyond their expectations.
JAE KYUNG ELI also manufactures high-quality lamp protectors, standing lights, etc.

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Innovative Dental Implant



[INQ. NO. 2012E15] The IBS implant system is an innovative 4th-generation dental implant that can fit into the alveolar bone, even if the width of the alveolar bone is narrow or the oral cavity is not in such a good condition.
It minimizes the need for bone graft and is specialized for the least invasive surgery where the artificial teeth can be implanted immediately after a tooth is pulled out.
It is an all-in-one dental implant that minimizes the inflammation by the micro gap and the loosening of the screw that occurs in the course of administering the existing process of ‘tightening the abutment after implanting.’ It fundamentally solves the problem of breakage after long use. It also has excellent durability as it is made of high-strength titanium.

Jewon Wang, the developer of the IBS Implant system, is a dentist who has been administering dental surgeries for more than 20 years. Based on the clinical experiences he accumulated during numerous surgeries, he created the IBS Magic Surgical System and the Magicore implant with the aim of ‘Innovative Bio-friendly Surgery,’ to solve the problems of the old surgery method (where the gum is cut and the bone is exposed to implant the artificial teeth) and to make the process more comfortable for both the dentist and the patient by reducing the long surgery time.

The research center of INNOBIOSURG CO., LTD. is constantly developing fixtures, abutments and surgical tools for dental implant surgery and has acquired product certifications and established quality assurance systems applicable not only to Korea, but also to other countries, including the USA, Canada, China, Russia, and countries in Europe.
INNOBIOSURG has 42 registered patents in Korea and 68 registered patents in other countries so that it can secure the foundation for the sale of its products and protect the IP rights related to its unique product design. INNOBIOSURG also has submitted 37 patent applications in other countries. The company is introducing differentiated products to an increasing number of countries.

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Smart Digital Frame



[INQ. NO. 2012E14] BLUECANVAS is a smart photo frame that allows you to enjoy various contents such as personal photos and videos through mobile apps and wireless networks.
It is a new concept of Android board embedded type device that does not require a set-top box or wired cable. In the case of the 26.5-inch premium blue canvas, it is easy to install with a light weight of 3.2 kg and a slim display of 1.38 cm thickness, and it can be hung on the wall like a picture frame.
People can control the BLUECANVAS anywhere in the world by connecting a power supply and a wireless network, and by applying an anti-glare treatment to the highest specification display, the realism and immersion of the content is maximized.

In particular, it is possible to freely upload personal contents through the dedicated BLUECANVAS app, as well as to easily enjoy various artworks provided by the BLUECANVAS platform through paid/free services.
The artworks of new Korean artists and the masterpiece of overseas famous artists can be accessed through the BLUECANVAS application. It also holds a patent for digital works in order to protect the copyrights of various artworks.
BLUECANVAS can also be used as digital signage. Unlike existing signage products that require continuous maintenance because of customized individual solutions, users can easily operate standardized solutions, so they are useful in small stores. With these various uses, it is expanding its relationship with B2B distribution channels.

“Containing emotion in technology” This is the new slogan of BLUECANVAS. BLUECANVAS’ technology and content services can deliver human emotions.
BLUECANVAS will connect people suffering from the limitations of movement and space in the COVID-19 era, and will lead a new cultural trend of viewing artworks through canvas rather than art museums.

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Smart Derma Images Management System based on A.I


[INQ. NO. 2012E13] Among skin cancers, Melanoma, which has a very similar appearance to a mole, is not easy to distinguish with the naked eye. Currently, medical circles are using diagnostic tools together with either analog or digital dermoscopy.
However, most of them have only the function to simply expand the skin image.
‘MEDISCOPE’ provides various images of the skin by using multi-wavelength lights with a different skin penetration rate by a wave-length getting out of existing method diagnosing with the naked eye and a portable microsope.

It helps dermatologists diagnose skin cancer quickly and conveniently for the promptest treatment possible through the self-developed artificial intelligence module ‘DermaAI’ that uses the vast skin lesion data.
Currently the dermatology teams are managing images by the manual method for requesting reimbursement and photographing images by requesting data to store in the computer room by preparing a finding report after moving a memory of a skin disease picture taken with DSLR camera to the diagnosis PC.
F&D PARTNERS Inc. has developed this system to improve convenience in handling profession of the medical team.
It enhances recyclability by simplifying management with standardization of images introducing PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) into the skin images, whose application has been imited only to radiographic images such as CT, X-ray.

It will be helpful to improve diagnosis efficiency of dermatologists and convenience of the medical team’s management by linking with EMR and CRM, which are commonly used in hospitals.
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