Ultra-low Temperature Freezer For Laboratory

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2003E18] Unique Daesung Co., Ltd. has recently released another innovative CUF series of laboratory ultra-low temperature freezers.
This new product is convenient to use and can utilize the space efficiently. It is a dual cooling system of independent structure to provide high cooling performance and the best safety for storage of samples and two independent refrigeration systems offer a circle of protection unmatched in the marketplace.
The main body, robustly foamed with 120mm thick polyurethane, can exert the best insulation performance to block the loss of chilly air.

Temperature is maintained at least on -70 degrees C all the time due to the independent cooling system even though a compressor is broken down.
It is possible to install a chart recorder with excellent readability.
The USB data port basically provided enables the user to easily check the operation situation data on the product in diverse types such as annual, monthly, daily, hourly units.
The system can speedily recover the set temperature within a few minutes after some chilly air has been lost due to opening of its door to protect the articles in custody safely.
The inside of the refrigerator has a uniform temperature distribution in normal operation conditions so that the articles in custody can be stored at an exact set temperature.
The low noise endures a comfortable laboratory space.
The polyurethane insulation maintains the best insulation performance, and the opening of only the necessary parts can minimize exposure of samples to the outside.
Unique Daesung Inc. has contributed to the development of the freezer and refrigerator industries that have been changing dramatically by utilizing the newest facilities and automation systems as a leader of the industry in Korea.

As a top-notch manufacturer, it provides its products to locally renowned food suppliers, convenience stores, franchise restaurants, cafes, and so forth.
Since its founding in 1985, based on its manufacturing and producing know-how, it has worked hard to satisfy various needs of customers. In particular, by providing thorough after-care service, it is striving to offer the best service. The company is committed to continuing to come up with better and more convenient products through differentiated technology.

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Advanced LED Oral Examiner “TransLight”

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2003E17] JTL MEDIPLUS is a company specializing in dental optics and diagnostic equipment. It has been manufacturing and supplying world-class precision optics medical devices based on its experience, know-how, and advanced technology accumulated over 10 years.
JTL MediPlus recently launched an LED detector that can detect dental conditions without x-ray examination.
Screening is a very important area in the hospital. Accurate screening and diagnosis will determine how and when to treat a patient. The teeth are very small and it is often not easy to find tooth-related diseases at first.

If you use the JTL LED diagnostic device, differentiated from the traditional dental inspection methods, which relied on X-ray or visual inspection, you will be able to make an accurate screening and able to prescribe treatment clearly.
The JTL LED diagnostic transmitter utilizes the transparent nature of teeth to transmit high power LEDs inside the teeth. It is a state-of-the-art optical diagnostic device designed to observe the inside of the teeth through the light source that emits to the outside. This allows the dental operator to accurately assess unclear dental symptoms and establish a treatment plan.
The new Trans Light comes in two different sizes of fiber optic probes with common diagnostic tips.
With the JTL LED Trans Light, it is possible to complete an oral examination covering all teeth within 2~3 minutes.
Using X-ray and panorama does not allow micro cavities, tooth cracks, and gum diseases to be easily detected.
However, using Trans Light to conduct an oral examination allows the diagnosis to be very specific and accurate.
Dental diagnosis is sometimes made with a light curing light source or a UV light source, so a safety goggle must be worn, otherwise it can cause eye disease.
JTL Trans Light utilizes a natural LED light source that is not harmful to the eyes because it sees the indirect light source penetrating through.
Because it incorporates the charging method, it can be used for 1 ~ 2 years without battery replacement, and when you replace the battery after consuming it, you can use the device for a very long time.

Since general examination tips, an endo-fiber tip and a periodontal-fiber tip, are provided, it is possible to conduct a specialized examination.
General examination tips and metal guides can be sterilized. Optical-fiber tip can be re-used after soaking it in alcohol. However, after re-using it a couple times, it is necessary to replace it with another tip.

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Electric Heaters

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2003E16] InterHeat Inc., established in 1995, specializes in producing electric heaters for poultry
farming, pig breeding and the greenhouse industry. The company exports infrared lamps, lamp protectors and carbon fiber heaters under its own brand, ‘InterHeat.’
After launching the carbon fiber heater with greatly improved thermal efficiency and lifetime, Interheat’s products are now being exported to 65 countries while extending the circle of business to the Middle East and Africa as well as the USA, Europe, Oceania and Asia.
InterHeat’s new product ‘LPN300S-BR’ (Lamp Protector for Nest System) is a unique design of its own.

Before this LPN300S-BR was presented to the livestock (swine) market, pig farmers always needed to look for a solution for a Lamp Protector to be fitted to their nest system as each nest cover had a different sized hole to hold the Lamp Protector.
Now, the farmers do not need to search for a solution as InterHeat’s LPN300S-BR is able to be affixed to any type of nest system with the help of the bracket ring which is the part of LPN300S designed to fix their LPN300S to fit any nest cover from any other company.
In addition, you can see further advantages of InterHeat’s LPN300S-BR in more detail as follows:
LPN300S-BR has a 3-way switch with High-Off-Low settings to control the output of energy during different seasons, so the farmers can also save on energy.
Many of the Lamp Protectors from other companies have some holes to release heat to prevent overheating inside the product. Therefore, cleaning the items with water is quite difficult as the water can enter the equipment and cause problems.

However, InterHeat’s LPN300S-BR can release the heat from inside the products to prevent overheating without having holes by their own technology, so the farmers do not need to worry about the leakage of electricity with water-cleaning.
As explained above, the heat inside the Lamp Protector can be emitted easily without the hole in the item.
This is because the product has a special radiating function and it helps extend the lifetime of the heating lamp being used.
This product is an innovation in the livestock industry and InterHeat will continue developing such items to assist pig farmers.

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Bone Making Machine

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2003E15] Korea Dental Solution Co., Ltd. is a specialized company focused on the most latest technology especially bio material combined with automation system. It has been introducing its product and service since 2014 to world-wide market and receiving good reputations from many countries.
Korea Dental Solution’s “BonMaker” is using patient’s extracted teeth to produce autogenous quality bone graft material within 20 minutes in full automation process for dental implant surgery or any related treatments as restoring defect site of alveolar bone. The material from BonMaker(“ATB”(Auto-Tooth Bone)) is made by patient’s own teeth and it shows perfect biocompatibility, safety, effectiveness and fully remodeling to new bone within shortest time.

And it has much less bone resorption trouble compare to any other commercialized bone graft material. BonMaker is is the world’s first full automation device for producing autogenous bone graft material using patient’s teeth. This device is acquired medical CE certificate(class 2b) and ISO13485.
Korea Dental Solution is an enterprise specialized in auto-tooth bone graft material. It means making the graft material for treatment of the bone in the gums with the teeth which are no longer available and should be extracted, and it is leading the technology in the industry. Korea Dental Solution has developed various types of auto-tooth bone graft material with its unique technology in order to overcome the limitations of existing graft materials for treatment of bone in the gum and to improve the implant function. When a dentist asks Korea Dental Solution for work by sending the teeth, the company completed the graft material for treatment of the patient’s bone gum after 10 days of processing.
Many foreign dentists who have experienced the excellent clinical results of the auto-tooth bone graft material are requesting the technology to be introduced to their country. Bonmaker (bone making machine), developed to meet such needs, is the first and unique machine in the world to automatically process teeth into graft material for treatment of bone in the gums anywhere, anytime.
Korea Dental Solution has acquired patents in China and the USA to protect the intellectual property right of the original technology. It also acquired a medical device license in Europe in 2016 and is actively changing the paradigm of graft material for treatment of bone in the gum all over the world. The company plans to enhance its position by organizing a unique global dentist network on the subject of auto-tooth bone graft material.

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Digital Measuring Systemized Equipment based on IOT

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2003E14] Conotec Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990 as Daesung E.N.G and since then, has been developing high-quality products such as digital temperature controllers, digital temperature indicators, digital humidity controllers, digital timers, CO2 controllers and air conditioning and air conditioning systems for more than 20 years. It has supplied its products to both domestic and foreign markets.
In 2005, Daesung E.N.G became Conotec and is striving for the convenience and profits of its customers through R&D and technology investment. After its new headquarters factory opens in the Banryong Industrial Complex in 2019, the company will serve customers even better through various models, easy operation, perfect after-sales policies, and the completion of automatic facilities.
Conotec currently manufactures digital temperature controllers, digital temperature indicators, digital humidity controllers, digital timers, CO2 regulators, and various air conditioning systems. The company upgrades these products whenever needed. This is why Contec satisfies buyers from around the world.
The company’s temperature controllers regulate temperatures in refrigerated warehouses, low-temperature warehouses, industrial refrigerators, agricultural product warehouses, bakeries, food and beverage showcases, baking machines, automated fish aquariums, product controllers required for aging, hot air fans, freezers, air conditioners, and microorganism fermentation systems and mushroom cultivation greenhouses.
Its humidity controllers are used in hospital rooms, humidity test chambers, agricultural product storage (cultivation) facilities, humidity control of various machine rooms, microbial fermenters, greenhouses, and other places where humidity control is required.
In addition, its products can control refrigerators, heaters, or dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and other devices by sending signals based on values set in the products.

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Body Contouring EMS Device (LEBODY FORM)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2003E13] Since its founding of GTG Wellness in 1999, the innovative technology of GTG Wellness has been admitted in both domestic and foreign countries regarding quality and technology, so the products are exported worldwide such as to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania to become a pioneer of the beauty industry. The company has been manufacturing and distributing equipment for clinics, and recently the company has been developing and distributing handy devices based on our know-how and experience acquired from hospitals and doctors.
The company is investing in R&D with the goal of developing at least one or two new devices that have needs for products in a year. In Korea, our handy devices are being sold continuously through home shopping and its own distribution networks, and the LEBODY brand is being engraved on the consumer´s mind with endless marketing.
LEBODY FORM is a body contouring EMS device using Mid-frequency, which helps for strengthening muscles and relieving clumped muscles. LEBODY FORM stimulates muscle cells with electricity at regular intervals and facilitates muscle contraction and release, so LEBODY FORM helps for strengthening muscles, improving skin elasticity and relaxing stiff muscles. Besides LEBODY FORM stimulates bio-current so that it improves metabolic blood circulation and relieves muscle pain.
There are “gym” mode and “slim” mode, and six intensities per each mode. Slim mode is more powerful due to beat frequency. Users can choose mode and intensity depending on their preference. It is recommended to use 10 minutes once, and there is no need to check the time since the device turns off automatically after 10 minutes. LEBODY FORM’s compact size and light weight allow it to be used anytime and anywhere wirelessly. It can be easily charged via USB cable.
A proximity sensor is attached to the bottom of the product, so even if the device is turned on, it will not work if it is dropped from the skin, so it can be used safely.
LEBODY FORM has sold over 30,000 pcs in Korea per year, and it is still a steady seller. In Germany, LEBODY FORM has sold over 3,000 pcs per TV shopping broadcast.

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Photo Booth

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2003E12] IDEAVISION Inc. introduced the first sticker photograph in Korea, creating a new culture of enjoying sticker photos.
First of all, the company created a chain of photo shops nationwide to create an environment where sticker photos could be easily seen and used by many people.
Photo Card of the company is a photo-taking booth that allows customers to select between black and white photos and color photos, and immediately print photos. The product resolved the disadvantages of low turnover and boredom of other sticker cameras or frequent malfunctions and a lack of durability of open photo booths.
Photos produced by Photo Card are made of high-quality paper for luxury cards. Thus, they do not get wet and are strong against UV rays, and you can keep your photos for a long time. Customers can freely select the number of photos.
As the product is an assembly type, so anyone can install and operate it easily.
Its easy-to-use interface makes it easy for people of various age groups to use it in many countries.
Photos from Photo Card are better and more beautiful than those from any other cameras, according to the company’s belief that photos should be beautiful and flatter people. In addition, high-quality pictures can be taken without flashes, eliminating the possibility of malfunctions due to flashes’ lives.
English, Chinese, and Japanese are basically supported and other languages can be additionally supported. The company has perfected product localization so that its products can be enjoyed by customers.
Photo Card supports a color and mono dual mode. In Korea, it is compatible with the KakaoTalk Photo Transmission Service. Outside Korea, it supports an email transmission function.
Users can freely create photos using various templates. Its chroma key function enables you to select various backgrounds. Photo Card is loaded with a 20-megapixel high-definition camera and a high-quality thermal sublimation printer for easy management. Its slim size allows users to install the product anywhere. After-sales services can be remotely provided.



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No Power Wood Speaker

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2003E11] The owl, the symbol of wealth and wisdom since ancient times, is an animal closely affecting our culture and lives − from old literatures, to works of art including pictures, folk paintings and ceramics, daily necessities, buildings and songs we enjoy singing.
STUDIO OLL has released a craft item that can give an interior effect to a space by itself and be used with a smartphone, the essential requisite of modern people. It has an owl shape, which was cherished since ancient times, and is made of premium natural wood, walnut and maple.
Ollim Speaker of STUDIO OLL, which is a smartphone cradle and a no-power wood speaker as well, made by using the principle of the sound chamber of the traditional woodwind instrument.
Ollim Speaker is handicraft that easily cradles a smart phone, expanding the sound from a smartphone by 2~3 times without power and converting its sound quality to a more sentimental type.
Ollim Speaker is an eco-friendly sentimental design craft using walnut, natural wood used as premium instrument materials, and eco-friendly oil. The handmade craft technique is used for the entire process so it provides an excellent resonance of the sound. It is easy to cradle a smartphone. It can be also used for interior decoration since it offers a good aesthetic impression.
Ollim Speaker is a sentimental design product with various shapes and designs including the quadrangle series, the basic shape, the round series, the character series, etc., so it is both visually and acoustically pleasing. You can even have a more pleasant experience if you use it in an outdoor campground.
When STUDIO OLL participated in the 2017 Hong Kong Mega Show, the 2018 Tokyo Mega Show, etc., overseas buyers showed huge interest in its product and complimented the company on the design. Ollim Wood Speaker was selected in the excellent product idea sector at HI-SEOUL and won the gold prize (Korea Forest Service) in the Korea export promising item lumber sector in 2017.
It is exported to Japan in 2016 and currently being sold by AU, a Japanese communication company. It is also being sold at a home deco specialized store in Shanghai, China. Ollim Wood Speaker, a no-power wood speaker, is an item that attracts high purchasing power of customers in their 20s~50s. It is also popular among children and senior citizens.
The STUDIO OLL brand was launched by three artists to make living furniture and interior accessories. STUDIO OLL trying to make products with functions and taste necessary to living spaces using eco-friendly materials.

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Corrugated Optic Duct (COD) and Micro COD

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2003E10] The COD is mostly used to protect optic cables or even low-voltage power cables. The spiral-shaped corrugation gives a higher resistance against pressure or impact (100% safe against earthquakes). Easy duct installation is possible with a working life of over 50~100 years (easy maintenance). The inner ducts (consisting in inner sub-ducts, from 2 to 9 inner sub-ducts) help to easily identify the cable types. Furthermore, having inner sub-ducts gives a higher protection when air blowing or pulling the cable through the duct (no cable-to-cable friction).

Flexible HDPE Conduit (FEP)

The FEP is mostly used for power cables or cables with wide diameter. The easy installation, flexibility, maintenance, resistance against pressure and impact make its FEP very attractive when compared to HDPE or PVC pipes.
Iteco (Optiroad) is the foremost manufacturer of spiral-shaped corrugated pipes, conduits and ducts. The company was established in July 2000 and has been exporting its products worldwide since then.
Iteco (Optiroad) has successfully signed technical license agreements in Japan, Taiwan, China, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain. It has four venture factories in Saudi Arabia (2), South Africa (1), and Vietnam (1). It has recently got its products certified in Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, and in Australia.
Iteco (Optiroad) summarizes the special advantages of COD as follows:
• Longer : It is available in long continuous lengths of 500m, 600m,1000m,1500mduct in one(1) coil.
• Stronger : COD is much stronger than traditional duct. The compressive load of COD is in excess of 2,500N-3200N while the compressive load of the traditional duct is around 450N.
The strength of COD guarantees 100 % safety against earthquakes.
• Faster: In theUK, construction companies calculate that COD can be installed up to 20 ~ 30 times faster than traditional duct.
• Cheaper: UK construction companies calculate an overall reduction of 60-70% in installation cost.
• Safer: Faster installation, lesser joints throughout the installation and shallower trenches grant a reduction in health and safety risks of up to 60-89%.



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Smart Cooking Devices

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2003E9] Bumil Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1980, is an enterprise specialized in producing the heating plate which is a part used in the electric pressure rice cooker, electric frying pan, medical devices, etc. and IH work coil parts used in IH range and IH rice cooker.
Bumil Industrial Co.,Ltd. has such domestic customers as Cuchen Co., Ltd., Cukoo Electronics and LG Electronics. As for the foreign customers, it has been trading with Tiger, Toshiba, etc. of Japan for 21 years and is the only Korean enterprise exporting single parts to these companies.
Based on its accumulated technological prowess, Bumil Industrial has launched the well-being IH Smart Fryer that has applied eco-friendly, high-efficiency, low-carbon and safe induction heating technology and the IH instant food cooker converged with the functions of cooking, quick boiling and water purification. The company is actively carrying out marketing activities for advancing in both both domestic and global markets and doing its utmost in R&D in order to grow as a global enterprise in the field of IH smart cooking devices.

Induction Smart Fryer (SFT – IH220)
IH (induction heating, or electromagnetic induction) is an excellent fryer featuring low carbon, high efficiency, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It can be used in various kitchen environments such as convenience stores, tempura shops, and small shops. It is outstanding as it is made with stainless steel which is superior to the appearance and the kitchen environments.
IH side full heating method is employed to provide less-oily and delicious deep frying. It provides a safer and more hygienic environment because oil does not splash and vapor does not occur.
Fixed costs such as edible oil value, fuel costs, etc., decrease by more than 50%.
The fixed costs including cooking oil, fuel costs, etc. and are annually decreased by 9,000$. As it is designed without a heater in the oil tank, handing of replacement of oil and cleaning are easy.

Induction Instant Food Cooker (FCH – D220)
IH Instant food cooker is featured for optimized cooking. It is a multi-function product to enjoy delicious food with quick, simple actions. It is a safe, environmentally friendly multi-food cooker suitable for households, convenience stores, schools, offices, businesses and so forth, worldwide.
Multi-function cooking is possible for quick finish within 3 minutes of ramen, udong, and fish cake. This has cooking function that can cook semi-prepared food, simple homemade food. It has a function in which hot water can be generated. It also has a purifier function that helps one to drink pure and clean water.


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