Digital Occlusal Analysis System[INQ. NO. 1909E65] DEMETEC, a professional manufacturer of dental medical equipment, has developed the dental ultrasonic surgical instrument, ultrasonic scaler, and gun-type LED curing light, and it is a technology-innovation SME whose ultrasonic scaler and ultrasonic piezo surgery were selected as world first-class products respectively by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.
In 2017, it released the digital occlusal diagnostic device for the first time in Korea and established a branch office in Los Angeles, aiming to enter the North American market.

Wireless Digital Occlusal Analysis System (ACCURA)
ACCURA is a digital occlusal analysis system that can effectively identify broken fillings, sensitive teeth, inappropriate dentures, occlusal imbalance, etc. that can cause headaches using the electronic pressure sensor, ergonomic handpiece and intuitive software.
ACCURA records patients’ occlusion-related data in real time based on the excellent accuracy that cannot be reached with the articulating paper and identifies early contact points by playing back the relevant record in 2D and 3D in order to accurately locate the teeth requiring any occlusal adjustment. Through this, not only the life of the prosthesis can be prolonged, but also even the implant failure caused by occlusal problem can be prevented.

Particularly, in case of implants, failures mainly occur due to the horizontal force rather then the vertical one by the temporomandibular joint. By using ‘ACCURA’, you can make fine occlusal adjustments by finding even the horizontal force which is detrimental to the implant.
You can give an easy explanation to patients through the intuitive graph and effectively provide them with trust in the treatment by recording and keeping the occlusal data before, during and after the treatment.
By applying wireless to the handpiece, DEMETEC has eliminated line interference and the weight was also greatly reduced, minimizing the burden on handling. In particular, wireless prevents problems at source, such as repair caused by disconnection of cables.

Ultrasonic Bone Cutting Instrument (Surgystar Plus)

This is a product for cutting, drilling and grinding the bone using ultrasonic vibration, and it is used for oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as dental implants and tooth extraction. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

3NS Kinesiology Tape[INQ. NO. 1909E64] 3NS Kinesiology Tape produced by TS Co., Ltd., a company specializing in manufacturing sports tapes, is kinesiology tape used for taping therapy to cure sports injuries and alleviate pain by helping to circulate lymphatic fluid and blood in the skin and the nervous system.
The muscle-protecting tape is used for medical and therapeutic purposes in various ways such as for protecting muscles, preventing sports injuries, treating pain, improving exercise capacity, strengthening muscular power, correcting body form and muscles and preventing secondary injuries.
TS’s 3NS Kinesiology Tape is flexible tape that is designed to have elasticity and thickness similar to the skin and muscle and is made from all-Korean raw and subsidiary materials.
In particular, the product with wave patterns imprinted uses acrylic adhesives to minimize skin irritations while increasing the adhesion.
TS, as an outstanding Korean company equipped with technical capabilities to carry out all processes from developing products to manufacturing tapes to conducting researches and to making sales, is able to produce OEM-based designs and packages.
TS is manufacturing such OEM-based tapes, roll tapes, pre-cut tapes, protective sleeve pre-cut tapes and various other products.
Through experts from its R&D team operated within its own manufacturing factory, it is working hard to continue to conduct researches on its products’ features and chemical properties and to develop new products as well.
Moreover, TS is making high-quality products to the extent of obtaining relevant certifications by meeting all the requirements of CE, FDA, KFDA, ISO13485 and ISO9001. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

RF Fingerprint Identification Security Card (SKOFY)[INQ. NO. 1909E63] You probably carry several RF cards in your wallet. As the use of NFC is expanded, RF cards have already become essential in the financial security market. However, the main downside of such RF cards is financial damage caused by their physical loss or by phishing and hacking.
Therefore, SISOUL has developed a fingerprint identification card upgraded to the next level to address such downside aspects in the era of smart cards. RF cards equipped with the fingerprint identification function have already been launched in the market.
But, unlike the existing cards with batteries embedded (having limits of periodic battery charging and battery usage), SISOUL’s no-powered fingerprint identification card is designed based on energy-harvesting technology to utilize the induced current from NFC readers so that it can identify fingerprints even without batteries and be easily and swiftly used almost semi-permanently.
Unlike the previous method, SKOFY does not exchange personal information through server shares as it holds fingerprint data within SKOFY cards. As designed based on double-security authentications of NFC and the fingerprint sensor to be compatible with U2F, SKOFY can be utilized to block personal information generated through online purchases and biometric encryptions as a powerful security system later. It could also be applied to and utilized for various applications such as hardware virtual currency wallets & logins, financial cards, etc., later on.
It is compatible with existing NFC readers through simple software modifications. When used with SISOUL’s SDCP (NFC dongle), it can be used through USB connections more affordably and simply.
SISOUL’s main businesses are to supply NFC modules for companies that develop payment systems and to provide consulting services for all required NFC applications (payment, distribution management, etc.). And, its main partners and customers are MCPAY (PAYCO terminal provider), LG DISPLAY, and so forth.
SISOUL, established in 2013 as an NFC solution company, has achieved technical innovations that can be applied to security systems, payment terminals or cards by developing NFC embedded or detachable readers, card modules and relevant software, and is producing assembled payment terminals and various types of readers.
Based on such endeavors, SISOUL has been providing modules for locally-renowned NFC reader manufacturers and are now pursuing new changes with the recent no-powered fingerprint identification card. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

TDP System(Total Dentozone Plasma System)[INQ. NO. 1909E61] Dentozone Corp. has continued to develop products used for dental water quality management and water-borne infection control and to conduct researches to build up know-how on dental water quality management for 20 years.
Long and thin tubes of dental unit-chairs are hard to directly clean and wash out at dental clinics and are structured to create biofilms due to discharges from patients’ mouths.
Dentozone Corp. has developed the one and only TDP that is totally chemical-free and harmless to patients, washing away concerns over the possibility of unidentified iatrogenic infections originated from dental water coming out of bloody treatments
When conducting bloody treatments including third molar extraction, osteoplasty or gingivoplasty, it increases dental-care efficiency as dentists can use high-speed handpieces safely.
Dentozone’s plasma technology destroys biofilms without any chemical additives and controls water from hand pieces, 3-way syringes, scalers and auto-cups based on quality standards for potable water. It is an eco-friendly and safe sterilization method as such dental water returns to its natural state after undergoing the sterilization process.
In addition, plasma-sterilized water supplied on a real-time basis is controlled by ultra-low-volume sensors for every single drop of water to be safely used.
For now, the evaluation standard on the management of dental water from medical institutions set by the Ministry of Health and Welfare is 100CFU/ml. And, Dentozone’s TDP is in accordance with the evaluation standard.
Dentozone Corp., which was established in 1999 and became a top-notch company in terms of dental water control, is managing university hospitals and 3,500 dental clinics nationwide based on its customer service experience.
Together with Dentozone, your dental clinic could be certified as a ‘Secure Dental Clinic.’ | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Shine Flip Phone[INQ. NO. 1909E60] ATLab Inc. is an assistive technology company that develops app-based solutions for the visually impaired.
ATLab is known to many of the visually impaired around the world as a company that has developed a mobile screen reader called ‘ShinePlus,’ which is a solution that reads out contents on a smartphone’s screen and magnifies them into large letters.
Based on ShinePlus, the company has developed various applied products with outstanding usability and performance. Shine Flip Phone, which is the main product of the company, is smartphone dedicated for the visually impaired. It was launched as a global version (in 23 languages) in cooperation with SK Telecom at MWC19 held in Barcelona, Spain, in February 2019.
‘Shine Flip Phone’ is smartphone software that runs in a keypad-attached flip phone type which the visually impaired familiarly used in the past. ‘Shine Flip Phone’ can execute all applications, websites, dials and others with preferred shortcut keys. And, it offers very easy-to-use voice input and secretary functions as well.
Under the name of ‘Sunrise Phone,’ it is supplied to the visually impaired in Korea. And, the phone has a number of rehabilitation applications (Shine Tools) as its features.
If your company is interested in our product, it can pursue mutually rewarding business together. Our company is seeking organizations or companies that understand lives of the visually impaired and assistive technology in their regions.
ATLab can provide ‘Shine Flip Phone’ solutions for them after customizing and renaming it to fit in the smartphone (flip-phone type) distributed in their markets. In other words, while our company provides a customized solution to the local market, the local partner takes responsibility for the distribution.
Your interest will provide innovative opportunities for the visually impaired and seniors to have access to information (Video: | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Endodontic & Resin Composites, Dental Products

[INQ. NO. 1909E59] Diadent Inc., established in 1985, is a company that manufactures the best quality endodontic treatment products accredited by dental experts, consumables, relevant small devices and other related products for dental practices.
As a world-renowned manufacturer of endodontic products, Diadent is exporting to some 900 dealers from 127 countries around the world beyond the domestic market.
Diadent is expanding its products ranging from endodontic products led by Gutta Percha Points and Paper Points, to relevant equipment and small devices, and recent chemical products – to encompass overall products used in the dental industry. Thanks to the excellence and innovative designs of such distinguished products, the company is recognized as the best Korean manufacturer in the dental sector.
Diadent’s Gutta Percha Points and Paper Points, ranked No. 1 in global market share, boast the best accuracy by setting their allowable errors at 0.029mm, half of 0.5mm which is the international standard for allowable errors. Thanks to each of the points with millimeters marked, they provide fast and convenient dental practice and accuracy. Furthermore, Diadent’s Paper Points also boasts the best absorptive power as it is made from high-quality materials.
As for chemical products, Diadent is manufacturing and exporting all composites (Nano hybrid composite resin, flowable resin, 37% Etching gel and Bonding agent) that are necessary for dental treatments; and it is also exporting calcium hydroxide filling materials, root canal sealers and other chemical products to the global market.
All of Diadent’s products are manufactured and managed in accordance with various nations’ import standards by obtaining certifications from CE, MFDS, Health Canada, FDA, ISO 13485, KGMP, Japan, etc.
In addition, Diadent is providing the best-quality products by carrying out strict quality-management and continuous research and development. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Handheld Wireless Ultrasound Diagnosis System[INQ. NO. 1909E58] Healcerion offers a mobile-based ultrasound system, SONON, which is specifically designed to provide primary care physicians with affordability, flexibility, and portability. SONON fills a previous void for primary care physicians to improve the efficiency of point-of-care procedures while also extending their range of diagnosis.
No longer do primary care physicians need to rely on simply physical diagnosis and tools.
The expanded range and increased offerings that SONON provides can also lead to direct financial benefits for primary care physicians due to assisting in procedures like mass removals, guided injections and fluid aspirations, which can be performed by the primary care physicians to save time and money for the patient.
Additionally, SONON’s ultracompact, wireless design and affordability mean the device requires minimal space and resources to operate. With its direct mobile device connectivity, SONON is an innovative offering that provides accurate and timely diagnostics, confidence and peace of mind for both primary care physicians and patients.
SONON is designed for most common, everyday diagnostic and screening applications in primary care. It is appropriate for pain management and scanning applications include musculoskeletal, tissue inflammation, vascular, and general abdominal scanning.
SONON also assists in procedures like mass removals, guided injections and fluid aspirations, which can be performed by primary care physicians to save time and money for the patient. With SONON, diagnostic and screening time is reduced, and the increased efficiency and clearer information provided to secondary and tertiary care from primary care physicians lead to a shorter overall process from early diagnosis to final diagnosis.
Additionally, the overuse of conventional ultrasound devices is alleviated as primary care physicians can grow their diagnostic and imaging capabilities, providing more value for the patient and expanding the primary care physician’s offerings and value for the patient.
With its experience in emergency medicine and related medical fields, SONON’s team understands the importance of accurate, timely diagnostic testing results and actionable information. SONON is committed to delivering this information to ensure superior patient care and increased satisfaction for both patients and healthcare providers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Wireless IOT Video Doorbell[INQ. NO. 1909E57] TOVBELL is an IoT doorbell that can be easily and simply installed and can be operated with a smartphone using the dedicated application.
When the bell is pressed, the interlocked chime rings and a notification is sent to the smartphone regardless of the user’s location or distance through the Wi-Fi linkage.
It can thus be immediately connected with the camera video of the doorbell. It is also possible to see the face of the person outside the door and make a two-way call through the camera of the doorbell.
In addition, when someone approaches the door installed with the TOVBELL, you can hear notification sounds through a chime after detecting the motion, and see who is around the door, and check the surroundings clearly with an infrared camera even when it is dark.

Solar Wireless CCTV
This is a product that has dramatically reduced the installation cost and improved the service environment due to development of the technology of checking the video through the dedicated app on a smartphone by Wi-Fi connection along with a wireless solar charging method.
On the smartphone app, you can view the HD video 2 million pixels, check alarm for motion detection, and even make a two-way video call.
In addition, this product is equipped with an infrared camera that enables you to see the site even in the dark night, and also has the IP66-level waterproofing function.
The technical difference of this product is the wireless solution that can charge the battery mounted on the product by solar power, and it can be installed and operated easily and conveniently by anyone. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Skin Lifting Device (Doublo Gold -HIFU)[INQ. NO. 1909E56] Hironic Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of cosmetic and medical devices at the top of the tree in the field of HIFU technology.
Through a substantive investment in R&D of the skin lifting device (Doublo Series), it has developed various products of which the stability and effectiveness have been verified with more than 0.5million cases of procedures in more than 3,000 clinics and hospitals, including major domestic and foreign hospitals. Therefore, its products are now recognized as global standard medical and cosmetic devices.

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound)
HIFU is a high-intensity focused ultrasound rapidly heating and destroying the tissues by sound waves and also used for physiotherapy, which is a highly precise medical procedure.
Also, HIFU is a system that delivers energy precisely to the required depth without disturbing the surrounding tissues. With the uniform size, uniform spacing, various depths and precise target not affecting the skin surface at all, HIFU technology has short downtimes and, thus, does not require anesthesia. The effectiveness and safety of HIFU technology have been proved by more than dissertations (of SCI grade).
Doublo Series, a flagship of HIFU Lifting, has a feature of enhanced procedural speed and convenience and it is a product which has innovatively upgraded the speed and convenience while maintaining the existing quality and stability.
The treatment speed has become nearly twice as fast as the existing Doublo, which is reduced to 8 minutes and 28 seconds based on 300 shots (on the average). Added continuous shooting function enables the procedure to become faster and more convenient.
In addition, due to the rationalized pricing of devices and consumables, an appropriate medical charge is applied, thereby increasing the number of consumers and providing high satisfaction level vis-à-vis the price. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Rugged Mobile Computer[INQ. NO. 1909E55] Founded in 2006, Point Mobile is one of the fastest-growing handheld device manufacturers in the world. Point Mobile’s product portfolio includes a full range of handheld mobile computers, rugged smartphones, mobile payment devices, RFID readers, and Bluetooth scanners.
As opposed to other larger manufacturers, everything is done in-house, from concept and design to manufacturing; rugged devices are built vertically with Point Mobile’s resources. This unique structure not only guarantees high product quality, but makes implementation fast and straightforward, and thereby well-suited to the global industry standards.

The new PM90 is the most powerful and sophisticated rugged mobile computer currently offered by Point Mobile. It features a Honeywell Slim Imager scan engine suitable for almost any industry, as well as an Android 9 OS which is upgradable to Android R. Customers can find a variety of rugged Android mobile computers on the market ― however, PM90 is validated by Android Enterprise Recommended, a Google-led initiative that helps businesses confidently select, deploy, and manage the Android devices and services best suited to their business needs. Devices are validated against an elevated set of standards and best practices specifically relevant for customers working with rugged business devices. You can find out more at
PM90 was designed to provide customers with a device that is robust, versatile, and sleek. It is powered by a Qualcomm octa-core 2.2GHz processor, comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM as standard, is fully rugged with an IP67 rating and features LTE/fast roaming Wi-Fi, full SDK & API, user-friendly replaceable battery, push-to-talk function with loudspeaker and more.
Both the USB-C and Pogo-pin connector provide multiple expansion options like multi-slot charging cradles for device and battery, which are widely required in various applications and industries, such as Enterprise Services, Retail, Public Sector or Transportation & Logistics.
Point Mobile’s worldwide network of authorized service centers has extensively trained staffs and meets strict criteria set for their facilities to ensure quick reaction and turnaround times.
Point Mobile understands the importance of keeping your workforce up and running at all times; hence, it offers various service-level agreements to meet all your needs. Strong relationships with partners such as Qualcomm, SOTI, and Teamviewer create a solid foundation for successful projects.
You can always count on Point Mobile’s enterprise devices and business solutions. Point Mobile is committed to providing you with the products and services you need through its worldwide network of distributors and partners. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods