Bone Making Machine[INQ. NO. 2009E15] Korea Dental Solution Co., Ltd. is a specialized company focused on the latest technology especially bio material combined with an automation system. It has been introducing its products and services since 2012 to Korea and the global market and has earned a good reputation among the many users in different countries.
Korea Dental Solution’s “BonMaker” uses a patient’s extracted teeth to produce autogenous quality bone graft material within 20 minutes through a fully automated process for dental implant surgery or any related treatments as restoring defect sites of alveolar bone. The material (“ATB” (Auto-Tooth Bone)) from BonMaker is made using the patient’s own teeth and it shows perfect biocompatibility, safety, effectiveness and fully remodeling to new bone within the shortest time.
And it has much less bone resorption issues compared to any other commercialized bone graft material. BonMaker is the world’s first fully automated device for producing autogenous bone graft material using a patient’s teeth. This device has acquired medical CE certification (class 2b) and ISO13485.
Korea Dental Solution is an enterprise specialized in auto-tooth bone graft material, making the graft material for treatment of the alveolar bone with teeth that are no longer available and need to be extracted. Korea Dental Solution is leading the technology in the industry, and has developed two types ATB (Auto-Tooth Bone) graft material as powder and block. Using its unique technology Korea Dental Solution has overcome the limitations of existing bone graft materials for treatment of alveolar bone and to improve the implant function.
Many foreign dentists who have seen the excellent clinical results of the ATB (Auto-Tooth Bone) graft material are requesting the technology to be introduced to their countries.
BonMaker, developed to meet such needs, is the first and unique machine in the world to automatically process teeth into bone graft material for treatment of alveolar bone anywhere, anytime.
Korea Dental Solution has acquired patents in Korea, the USA, Europe and China to protect the intellectual property rights of the original technology.
It also acquired a medical device license in Europe in 2016 and is actively changing the paradigm of bone graft material all over the world. The company plans to enhance its position by organizing a unique global dentist network on the subject of auto-tooth bone graft material. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Portable HIFU Face Lifting Device[INQ. NO. 2009E14] KORUST Co., Ltd. is a medical aesthetic device manufacturer in Korea, specializing in ultrasound technology.
UTIMS MINI is a compact-sized portable HIFU lifting device, which is convenient to carry. This device contains all of the technologies and advantages of the UTIMS A3 PLUS in the HIFU device of this company, and provides customers great satisfaction with performance as good as the UTIMS A3 PLUS.
Functional control is available using the online application, and remote-control A/S services are also available through that application. As many as 85-90% of software problems occurring during the use of the device are resolved efficiently through the Remote-Control System of the company.
UTIMS MINI spreads thermal energy evenly by applying the CENTERLESS technique that is KORUST’s own technology to significantly reduce the pain from HIFU operations.
In particular, KORUST’s own 1.5mm operation allows for a safer and more effective procedure for improving wrinkles around the eyes using 10MHz frequency.
Also, KORUST possesses common version and narrow version cartridges, and KORUST’s own narrow version cartridge allows more convenient and safe procedures in narrow skin areas including eye rims.
UTIMS MINI has been popular mainly in Asian countries where small spas and clinics line the streets, while it is starting to gain quite a lot of popularity recently in various countries, including Europe. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

CORE-MEDIUM System (Specimen collection tool) + CORE-MEDIUM (Universal/Viral Transport Medium)

[INQ. NO. 2009E13] This is a clean, safe collection kit made in South Korea. The CORE-MEDIUM System consists of a specimen collecting swab(s) and a tube that contains viral transport media (UTM/VTM). The product is designed to collect specimens safely and ensure accurate detection of disease.
INCORE believes the accuracy of the detection test can enhance the quarantine effort of all members of society. Therefore, the company has focused on the quality of each component of the CORE-MEDIUM system. Also, it is collaborating with detection kit manufacturers to constantly check and improve quality.
The company’s products are made in a controlled environment with KFDA, KGMP, CE, and FDA compliance.
Furthermore, experienced workers produce the products safely in our cleanroom class 100.

CORE-MEDIUM is designed to safely transport specimens to laboratories and increase the accuracy of the detection tests. This is permitted by KFDA, registered with the FDA, and holds CE DoC certifications.

CORE-SWAB is made of thin plastic which prevents contamination of the specimen and its design minimizes discomfort during the collection.
This is permitted ermitted by KFDA, Registered with the FDA, Holding CE DoC certification.

INCORE Co., Ltd. is a medical consumables manufacturer with top-notch technology, distributing its products worldwide.
Fully aware that in the 21st century high-quality products at competitive prices satisfy consumers’ demands, INCORE is contributing to society with its talented human resources and swift market reaction.
With its mission of customer satisfaction, INCORE strives always to meet the delivery dates and demand for high product quality with stringent management over its associates and a sophisticated management system. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Functional Health Devices[INQ. NO. 2009E12] Allpack Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in producing functional health devices. It develops and produces the red-clay bed for fomentation, loess ball dry foot bath, and loess ball dry sitz bath using heat from the far-infrared radiation and natural red clay.
These are the products that developed the wisdom of the ancient ancestors who introduced heat into modern science, and the company focused on convenience of the product so that you can easily use it either at home or at work.

Loess fomentation device (AP-200, AP-400, AP-500, AP-500Q)
This product comes in two kinds: one for family use and the other for business use. It is developed for the user to foment the whole body, half body and part of the body (by moving the dome back and forth). The entire production process is performed manually in accordance with craftsmanship.
With a far-infrared radiation rate of 92% emitted from the loess, it is possible to eliminate colon bacillus and pyrogenic bacteria by 99.8% respectively and inhibit fungi. It is a product that can be used as a bed needing neither a fomentation device nor a cover. Made in kit form, this product is easy to install, move and store in any place.
Particularly, the AP-500 product is equipped with wheels so that it can be moved conveniently anytime, anywhere.
As it utilizes the eco-friendly natural materials, the fresh loess collected from nature and the far-infrared rays, this product demonstrates 100% purification effect, antibacterial effect, toxic removal, humidity control, deodorizing effect, far-infrared radiation, anion effect, etc. In addition, it provides your skin with various enzymes and minerals beneficial to the human body, thereby leading to healthy and active living.

Loess Ball Foot Bath
This product is hygienic and economical as it uses the loess ball as the heat transfer mechanism, unlike a water foot bath. The loess ball foot bath can be used conveniently anywhere.
While water must be discarded and the water foot bath should be cleaned after a period of time due to bacterial contamination, the loess balls have regenerative power and can be used over and over again semi-permanently. As the loess balls are non-conducting insulators, there is no danger of electric shock.
The loess ball footbath can be used without worrying about management.
The loess ball dry foot bath and the loess ball versatile mattress are comfortable, relax body fatigue and are hygienic due to far-infrared rays generated from the products. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy(UBE) Technique for Minimal Invasive Surgery(MIS) Global Medical Market with the World’s First Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy(UBE) Technique for Minimal Invasive Surgery(MIS)

[INQ. NO. 2009E11] UBE, Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy, is a patient-friendly operation method developed by ENDOVISION and KOL the spinal specialists in Korea. The technical value of UBE has been recognized worldwide (Australia, Japan, China, Brazil, Turkey, India, etc.), and it is an innovative operation that many spinal doctors over the world seek to learn.
ENDOVISION’s products specialized for UBE allow users to secure clear view and adjust saline elaborately for easy bleeding control. Also, it can reduce patient fatigue and operation time considering the approach to and situation in the operation area.
The company has grown into a brand that owns all of the medical devices necessary for operations and recovery by developing functional-hemostatic dressing products with highly biocompatible Chitosan. In addition, ENDOVISION is running an international UBE training program in collaboration with specialized spine hospitals to provide an environment where foreign doctors can learn UBE more quickly and accurately.
In UBE training, trainees can learn expert operation know-how, and use operation tools directly, and efficient remote training programs are also provided, such as contactless webinar/conference calls against Covid-19.
Rather than simply being a medical device manufacturer, ENDOVISION is a future-oriented MEDICAL R&D company that promotes and supports excellent operation methods of domestic medical doctors have and medical infrastructure in Korea, such as the Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation (DGMIF) all over the world. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Portable Jumpstarter[INQ. NO. 2009E10] Enercamp is a smart energy startup established in 2017. Based on IoT, AI, and ESS charging technologies and expertise, Enercamp has developed smart ESS and Jumpstarter.
Enercamp’s Jump & Go brand comes with jump starters that can instantly start a car with a depleted battery by generating a powerful electrical current.
Currently, Enercamp has a business presence in Korea, the United States (San Francisco), and China (Shenzhen).

Revive your dead car battery within just 15 seconds!
Following Jump & Go J20C with 2,047 units sold out in one day through Amazon US, ENERCAMP is now launching a new upgraded model, J20C Plus. The discharge of batteries can happen suddenly due to cold winter weather, long-term neglect of cars, and excessive use of electricity.
The J20C Plus, which can be used for all 12-V batteries, can easily save a discharged car within 15 seconds just by connecting it to the car. Anyone can use J20C Plus easily and quickly in an emergency.
The J20C Plus boasts a larger battery capacity (24,000mAh) than the previous model, and it is easier to use with a fixable handle. It can also be used not only in daily life, but also for camping/outdoor activities. The USB-C, USB-A, and 12A cigar jack sockets allow you to charge a variety of products simultaneously.
Furthermore, PD (QC) charging functions, which is a technique that supplies power about three-times faster than a general charger, enables one to quickly charge large capacity. In addition, spark-protection and reverse polarity protection technology are designed for safety in electricity use.
In addition, purchasing demand will be further increased due to the LED lighting function used in SOS, night work, and campsites.
It is easy to carry using the fixed handle and it looks like a small power bank, yet it is not only a power bank function but also a product that helps in various situations with the function of a jump starter during battery discharge (emergency), and its various utility functions can be used anywhere and anytime. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

IoT Modules[INQ. NO. 2009E09] Ari Infotech Co., Ltd. provides real-time production information systems to efficiently manage production in domestic and overseas sewing factories that produce clothing, shoes and bags.
Until now, due to various and complicated operation processes, it was not easy to collect operation information in a sewing factory. However, the problem has been addressed through ARI-AM, an IoT module, which is attached onto a sewing machine to get real-time data.
ARI-COM, an IoT module was developed to recognize the location of the sewing machine in the factory to solve the problem of changing the location of the sewing machine according to the type of product produced. ARI-COM is installed on the production line to detect the movement of the product, collect data from the production line through line communication and send it to the server.
ARI-AM and ARI-COM are attachable modules that are compatible with sewing machines of various brands and are very affordable.
In addition to the work information collection sensor using the patented needle stand, additional sensors that detect pulley rotation and collect work information can be developed and attached to all types of sewing machines to collect work information.
Ari Infotech’s production information system is a basic function of automatically collecting and automatically analyzing work data.
In order to identify the workload of various sewing machines, sewing machines with cutting functions provide cutting signal data using a cutting sensor, and also provide learning functions that enable more precise analysis by entering the operator’s first process using ARI-AM buttons.
Data is collected and analyzed automatically, data is acquired from the cutting signal, and data is counted using the teaching function. Using graphs and tables, various forms of information beams are processed and provided to managers.
A pattern sewing process control function is developed to support easy use of pattern sewing.
Through easy jig production and easy jig replacement, the work change time has been drastically reduced, and design files, mechanical sewing files, and jig production files can be systematically managed. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

High-Intensity Ultrasonic Waves Skin Care Treatment Device[INQ. NO. 2009E08] BE&BI Tech’s UCOS-HIFU product is a skin-care treatment device that can perform a cosmetic procedure on the face in a short time using focal ultrasonic waves, causing no damage or side effects to the skin layers, thereby enhancing skin elasticity and improving skin wrinkle care.
Lifting a part of the body, intensifying skin elasticity, improving skin ageing, and natural maintaining of body shape, can be done through the UCOS-HIFU procedure.

UCOS-HIFU system is noninvasive, and can be done within 10~30 minutes of short procedure time, without any scars or traces after the procedure, with extremely rare occurrence of any side-effects, and enabling the user to resume daily life right after the procedure.
Because ultrasonic-wave energy is transmitted even to the dermal muscular layer (SMAS) without necrosis in surrounding cells, wrinkle improvement is excellent for nasolabial folds and fine wrinkles in the brow, the corners of the eyes, below the eyes, and the jawline − compared to existing laser IR or RF devices.
You can verify improvement effects immediately after the procedure with the naked eye and maintain supple skin for a long time.
For face procedures, facial lifting, and tightening, effects can be expected using six cartridges that have different depths of ultrasonic wave irradiation into the skin layers, so, body procedures can be effective for body slimming and body shape management using three types of cartridges.
BE&BI Tech is committed to being a caring company, helpful to customers and society, through mutual cooperation aiming for sustainable new technology development for human health and happiness, and customer satisfaction. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Smart Cooking Devices[INQ. NO. 2009E07] Bumil Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1980, is an enterprise specialized in producing heating plates, a part used in electric rice cookers, electric frying pans, medical devices, etc. and IH work coil parts used in IH range and IH rice cooker.
Bumil Industrial Co.,Ltd. has such domestic customers as Cuchen Co., Ltd., Cuckoo Electronics and LG Electronics. As for the foreign customers, it has been trading with Tiger, Toshiba, etc. of Japan for 21 years and is the only Korean enterprise exporting single parts to these companies.
Based on its accumulated technological prowess, Bumil Industrial has launched the well-being IH Smart Fryer that has applied eco-friendly, high-efficiency, low-carbon and safe induction heating technology and the IH instant food cooker converged with the functions of cooking, quick boiling and water purification.
The company is actively carrying out marketing activities for advancing in both domestic and global markets and doing its utmost in R&D in order to grow as a global enterprise in the field of IH smart cooking devices.

Induction Smart Fryer (SFT – IH220)
IH (induction heating, or electromagnetic induction) is an excellent fryer featuring low carbon, high efficiency, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It can be used in various kitchen environments such as convenience stores, tempura shops, and small shops. It is outstanding as it is made with stainless steel which is superior to the appearance and the kitchen environments.
IH side full heating method is employed to provide less-oily and delicious deep frying. It provides a safer and more hygienic environment because oil does not splash and vapor does not occur.
Fixed costs such as edible oil value, fuel costs, etc., decrease by more than 50%.
The fixed costs including cooking oil, fuel costs, etc. and are annually reduced by US$9,000. As it is designed without a heater in the oil tank, handing of replacement of oil and cleaning are easy.

Induction Smart Cooker (FCH – D220)
Induction smart cookr is featured for optimized cooking. It is a multi-function product to enjoy delicious food with quick, simple actions. It is a safe, environmentally friendly multi-food cooker suitable for households, convenience stores, schools, offices, businesses and so forth, worldwide.
Multi-function cooking is possible for quick finish within 3 minutes of ramen, udong, and fish cake. This has a cooking function for cooking semi-prepared food and simple food, simple homemade food. It has a function in which hot water can be generated. It also has a purifier function that enables one to drink pure and clean water. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

High-Frequency Electronic Moxibustion[INQ. NO. 2009E06] The DdeumDr. product is a high-frequency, deep heat generating centralized heater. It is electronic moxibustion that is convenient to use regardless of time and place by applying a portable, rechargeable, three-way exchange type, and belt wearing method.
If there is a problem with your health in your daily life, you will need to visit a hospital, but for various reasons, you may not be able to go to the hospital immediately. This often worsens a mild illness, so DdeumDr can be used conveniently at home, at work, and during activities. It has been developed as an ultra-compact, high-function high-frequency intensive warmer that can be used conveniently and immediately when it is difficult to visit the hospital due to time constraints, or as needed.
The core of the thermal health device is the depth of heat transfer, and DdeumDr. is a non-invasive, world-leading, high-frequency deep heat generation method that generates heat in the skin, rather than by a cotton heating method. Not only does it do this, but it is also a product that is safe for burns.
DdeumDr. is the world’s first multi-functional high-frequency electronic moxibustion device that includes intensive thermal therapy for each part of the body, pain therapy for muscles and joints, skin beauty function for facial massage, and body immunity enhancement function through abdominal thermal therapy.
There are two types of DdeumDr.: hospital (SLM-7002); and household (SLM-7000). Hospital models are used in hospitals with national medical insurance premium listed, and the effectiveness and safety are verified by professional doctors. In addition to exports, it is sold on the general market through online and offline channels.
Household (SLM-7000, combined for business) is a product developed specifically for self-health management, and is a highly cost-effective product used by both men and women. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods