LED Lights

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryBSL Lighting has developed into a global organization that has developed systemic organizational skills and world-class information, based on semiconductor sales, technology know-how and regional offices that have been developed over 30 years. It is committed to improving the development of LED lights and the foundation of low- carbon green energy.
The company’s main products are interior lamps (downlight, panel light, high-bay) and outdoor lights. In order to be a reliable company, it will select only products that have been developed through 30 years of semiconductor experience. BSL Lighting has a wide range of global clients worldwide through its offices in the USA, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and India.


Satellite Ultra (High Bay), Satellite HD (High Bay) and TK1 (High Bay)

Powerful and highly efficient, BSL Lighting’s Satellite Ultra high bay shines at 150lm/W. Its optics are engineered for eff ectiveness and precision, bringing uniform lighting to the most unique spaces.
Lightweight and versatile, it is able to adapt to a variety of installations with rotatable brackets and eye-bolt mounting options. With these possibilities, the Satellite Ultra is suitable for high- ceiling buildings, airport halls, outdoor construction fields, and so forth.
Satellite HD possesses a cutting-edge, streamlined aluminum and magnesium alloy die-cast which is tremendously strong, and lighter than average fixtures.
Boasting its IP65 rating, Satellite HD’s environmentally sealed pocket PCs protect the light from dust ingress and is capable of withstanding rain/water invasion from all directions. Highly efficient Cree chips deliver superior performance for the high-intensity Satellite HD LED high bay.
TK1 LED High Bay has an optimum heat sink design that generates airflow to avoid dirt accumulating on the fixture. The separate gear stops heat from driver influence to allow for ultimate thermal management. TK1’s precise lighting distribution permits various installation heights and application use.

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Educational Robot for Software Coding

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryEstablished in 2013, SAEON Co., Ltd. released an educational robot for software coding, called ALTINO. In 2016, SAEON obtained certifications for CE and FCC and exported its product to Malaysia.
SAEON accomplished the splendid feat of exporting to the United States in 2017 and to Australia in 2018. SAEON won the Award from the Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy in 2017 and won the Award from the Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Minister of Education this year.
SAEON’s ALTINO is steering-type automotive robot. This product is driven 20 ° to the left and 20 ° to the right respectively with two rear-wheel motors. It is equipped with two front lights, two rear lights, four turn signals, two brake lights, a buzzer (one octave to eight octaves), an 8×8 dot matrix, etc.
ALTINO has 6 distance sensors, and it is equipped with an illumination sensor, temperature sensor, acceleration sensor, gyro sensor, and a geomagnetic sensor. It also has a remote control receiver, steering torque, rear motor torque, etc., and can check the steering variable resistance and remaining battery level.
The operation app, which helps you control ALTINO like a toy, can be installed in an Android phone or iPhone. Textbooks are available from kindergarten level to university level (Unplugged Program Crayon, Scratch, Entry, Python, C Language, Arduino Sketch, and Image Processing Program at Raspberry Pie). ALTINO is made strong and sturdy. As the bootloader is embedded, the firmware can be upgraded with Bluetooth. SAEON has plenty of educational contents for coding training.

– Various applications and program contents for the trainees of each age group
– Assembly manual and operation app (5 years old and above)
– Self-made block coding crayon (kindergarten or higher) – Scratch program (3rd grade of elementary school or higher) – Entry program (3rd grade of elementary school or higher) – Python program (middle school or higher)
– Arduino sketch program (middle school or higher)
– C language program (high school or higher)
– Android app program (high school or higher)
– Raspberry Pi image processing program (university or higher)

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Database System & Rehosting Solution

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryTmaxSoft Co., Ltd. is an innovative global software company focused on data management, middleware and mainframe modernization, with solutions that offer CIOs viable alternatives to support their critical business processes and gain competitive advantages.
Tibero is a RDBMS optimized for today’s virtualized data Center. OpenFrame is a legacy rehosting solution that enables mainframe applications, and data to be migrated to less expensive commodity servers or cloud, while preserving the integrity of your legacy applications and reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
JEUS is aa J2EE certified Web Application Server (WAS) that delivers improved security over traditional WAS. TmaxSoft was founded in 1997 and today has over 1,000 employees in 20 strategic centers around the world and has been named as an Emerging Markets Top 30 Software Company by PwC. The company’s global headquarters is located in Chicago.


Relational Database Management System

Tibero 6 is a high-performance, highly secure, highly scalable relational database management system (RDBMS) for enterprises that want to fully leverage their missioncritical data. In a world where data is at the core of everything, Tibero provides an enhanced view of processing, managing and securing large-scale databases. Highly compatible with Oracle, Tibero lets you leverage your on-premises software defined data center (SDDC) investment by embracing a simple licensing model similar to software as a service (SaaS) subscription pricing.


Complete Mainframe Rehosting Solution

OpenFrame is a complete mainframe rehosting solution that allows you to lift your existing mainframe assets and shift them to the cloud, quickly and with minimal risk. This helps your business save on costly mainframe contracts and more effectively leverage critical data, while gaining a more flexible and transparent environment. Compilers (COBOL, PL/I, Assembler), datasets (flat files, GDGs and VSAM), databases (IMS, DB2, IDMS, Oracle), online systems (CICS) and batch systems (JES, JCL) work as is, on open systems components such as Linux.

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Self-Expandable Metallic Stents

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryTaeWoong Medical was established as a private enterprise in 1991 with the ambition of opening up a new era in the field of less-invasive interventional therapy. The company started by inventing the self-expandable vascular stent in 1995 and has expanded its area of expertise to nonvascular stents.
TaeWoong Medical is now exporting non-vascular stents to over 50 countries. Currently, TaeWoong Medical is at the forefront of medical research and worldwide sales of lessinvasive interventional products. TaeWoong Medical is taking the initiative as a world-class company in the field of less-invasive interventional therapy for the benefit of patients.


Niti-S Biliary Stents

These consist of the implantable metallic stent and the introducer system. Both covered and uncovered stents are available. The D-type stent is an exclusive design that maintains full luminal patency in the tortuous biliary anatomy for optimal drainage.


Niti-S Esophageal Stents

These consist of the implantable metallic stent and the introducer system. Different types and wide ranges of stents provide various options to clinicians for different indications. The double-type stent, Proximal release delivery system, and the TTS delivery system are the company’s exclusive designs.


Niti-S Duodenal / Colonic Stent

This consists of the implantable metallic stent and the introducer system. Both covered and uncovered stents are available. Palliative treatment for malignant pyloric, duordeal and colorectal obstructions are available.


ELRA (Endo Luminal Radio-frequency Ablation electrode)

This is designed for treating malignant biliary obstructions. Controllable temperature sensor is adopted to prevent tissue charring and allow effective ablation. Various lengths of electrode is available to correctly target ablation.


EUSRA (Endoscopic Ultra Sound guided Radiofrequency Ablation electrode)

This is for EUS-guided RFA treatment for unresectable pancreatic tumors. This adopts an inner cooling system to ablate large portions of the tumor without tissue charring. Various lengths of needle are used to correctly aim at the ablation target.


UVENTA Ureteral Stents

These are for treating malignant ureteral obstructions. These have the optimal radial force to endure the extrinsic compression of malignancy. They are recommended for patients with short life-expectancy and who are not fit for surgery.


UVENTA Urethral Stents

These are for treating urethral strictures. These are fullycovered to prevent tissue-ingrowth and enable safe removal. They have anti-migration flaps which prove their value with great results. They are specifically designed to power the ELRA and EUSRA for treatment. Various modes that fit both the ELRA and EUSRA Electrodes for treatment are available.

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Medical Devices

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryJEISYS Medical Inc. is a worldwide medical device manufacturer producing high-end products for plastic surgeons, dermatologist, physicians, and healthcare professionals.
With various reliable product lines including IPL, RF microneedle, CO2, Q-Switch laser and HIFU, Jeisys serves the industry as one of the leading companies with rigorous R&D level and valuable experience.
During the 2nd half of 2018, Jeisys is planning to offer educational event tours for ULTRAcel Q+.
Key topics will include HIFU technology as well as live demonstrations of ULTRAcel Q+ and Jeisys Medical’s own specialized protocols. Recently, ‘ULGEN, ’a combination treatment of ULTRAcel Q+ and Grid RF has been introduced.
HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a safe & efficacious way of skin lifting and body contouring technology.
ULTRAcel Q+ improves skin laxity naturally by collagen regeneration stimulated by HIFU energy delivered to multiple layers of skin without damaging surrounding tissues. So it is recognized widely as a safe and efficacious treatment for those who want fast results without surgery. Some patients see the immediate results, but the improvement continues for 2-3 months as new collagen grows over time. It works on fat reduction as well as skin lifting & tightening through the mechanical effect of HIFU when the energy targets SubQ fat layer.
A variety of selections is allowed with its 4 face cartridges and another 4 body cartridges, so users can select the right depth and width cartridge according to patients’ type.
ULTRAcel Q+ has been designed to fulfill all doctors and patients’ needs.

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UV-curable Inkjet Printer

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryInkTec Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 with the company’s motto, “Today’s Technology is never good enough for us.” Started with Ink for Desk-Top Printer at the beginning of company, InkTec has expanded its business area into the large format printer ink market through continuous research & development.
Furthermore, InkTec has entered the UV Printer market with the company’s own state-of-the-art products as a strategic diversification. With these kinds of endless innovations, InkTec positioned itself as a true competitor in the field of inkjet-applications.
Moreover, based on its know-how in the fine chemistry of nano-particle level and technology for inkjet applications, InkTec completed the development of silver conductive inks, TEC (Transparent Electronic Conductive) in 2005, with unlimited potential for application to various industries such as touch screen panel, display, EMI shielding, printed memory, lighting, etc.

InkTec develops and manufactures various inks, such as sublimation ink for textile printing and soft signage market, water-based dye & pigment, solvent, eco solvent, mild solvent. It provides high-quality ink through strict quality control systems. Furthermore, it provides total solutions for actual image printing, from inks, media, parts, to paid or free after-sales service.
InkTec has also developed a UV-curable inkjet printer, JETRIX, and high-quality UV ink with cutting-edge technology in the inkjet area.
Combined with the researchers’ years of accumulated know-how, JETRIX is a perfect solution for photographic printing for advertisements and various industrial printing areas. JETRIX, with its advanced technology, guarantees outstanding printing quality through true grayscale printing.

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Automation Equipment

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryAs a specialist in the industrial automation equipment market, RS Automation has been providing automation products to global market for 30 years and was re-launched with a new brand name in January 2010.
RS Automation’s brand includes a diverse product line developed based on extensive experience in the development and sales of factory automation equipment. RS Automation handles a diverse product line including PLC controllers, AC servos, network multi motion controllers, network-based distributed I/O, touch panels, PCS (Power Conversion Controllers) and robot controllers.



This has network protocols such as EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP, as the international standard industrial networks. It allows customers to easily respond to the Ethernet-baseds network environment in the industry sites and configure the network between heterogeneous systems.


CSD7 series

This can be applied to high-precision & high-speed equipment (Carving machine, CNC, Chip mounter) as well as simple equipment that requires just movement.



This is the real-time motion controller based on a network that supports various motion profile and functions

MVC Series

MVC series is a motion, vision and compact controller that can be applied flexibly and quickly to any equipment with differentiated speed vision function.


V9+, W8+ Touch Panels

These have high-resolution display of 65,536 colors without blinks but also with various expandability such as 8-way communication, serial connection three ports (RS- 232C/485).


Machine I/O(DS60/ EC60)

DS60 series allows simple configuration of open type control systems with global standard, DeviceNet specifications. EC60 series allows easy configuration of various control of PC, PLC and stand-alone controller.

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Transformers and Generators

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryPowermax Co., Ltd. manufactures and supplies power materials and equipment such as transformers, generators and switches to power plants, transmission and distribution lines, and various industrial facilities. The company’s excellent quality, quick deliveries, and competitive prices earned the company worldwide recognition in a short period of time.
Powermax’s Sihwa Plant, equipped with the best production and testing facilities, can produce various kinds of transformers and generators of more than 3,000 MVAs per year. Through its comprehensive ISO 9001 certified quality control system, the company offers high quality products and services.




Powermax can manufacture power transformers of up to 72kV and 80 MVAs. The company can produce special transformers such as furnace transformers and mobile transformers as well. Pillar transformers and pad transformers are also on its product list.
Powermax manufactures high-efficiency transformers and various types of transformers ranging from pillar transformers to special transformers. The company has a highly reliable winding design manufacturing technology, and can build a core structure that realizes low loss and less noise.



Powermax is able to manufacture a generator of up to 4000kW and 1800rpm. Emergency diesel engine generators, marine generators, and special generators are manufactured and supplied to the market by Powermax.
Powermax can supply various models ranging from small 10kW generators to large 4,000kW generators. In producing generators, Powermax uses advanced design and control methods with the aim of enhancing reliability in their products and making them easier to operate. Its products are reliable and stable as they feature solid structures, robust durability, and load protection devices.

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Ultrasonic Flowmeters

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryAs a specialized company engaged in the business of ultrasonic flowmeters, Jain Technology has since 1991 been providing total solutions of ultrasonic flow measurements from planning and design, through to manufacturing, installation and commissioning.
Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter Xonic-100L measures the transit-time of flow using DSP technology. This DSP technology analyzes ultrasonic signals by removing noise from pipe and electronics. Also, Xonic-100L uses cross correlation and FFT technology to create very clean ultrasonic sound. It can measure pipe from 12mm to 6000mm. Clamp-on technology makes installation very simple. There is also no need to cut the pipe or stop water supply during installation and after service.
Xonic-100P is a portable-type flowmeter that measures virtually any type of liquids with less than 30% solids or bubbles such as clean water, wastewater, milk, limestone, crude oil. It can be used to compare field flowmeters performance and as a portable device to spot-check. Xonic- 100P operates 24 hours with a battery and has submersible connectors that can be used under harsh weather conditions.
Xonic-10G is a fully digitalized gas flowmeter that can measure natural gas, bio-gas, combustion gas and air. It demonstrates higher and accurate velocity measurement range compared to the existing ones. Direct flow maintains 1.0% of accuracy in very low flow velocity of 0.05m/s. There are no moving parts, and therefore no degradation of performance, with easy installation.
Jain Technology supplies numerous variations of flow measuring equipment for municipal water, irrigation water gate systems, largescale river projects, nuclear power plants, wastewater treatment plants, and many more.
Jain is the nominated supplier to the Korean government offices and to factories by supplying excellent products with finest quality instruments. Also, Jain has a Certified Calibration Laboratory for liquid flow in accordance with the recognized international standard ISO 17025.

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Laser Lancing Device

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryLameditech Co., Ltd. develops and supplies laser products that can contribute to a healthy and beautiful human life based on specialized laser miniaturization technology.
Lameditech’s laser lancing device is a revolutionary product that dramatically overcomes the drawbacks of conventional needle lancing devices and can be used for various blood tests. In addition, its treatment and beauty care laser products, which use miniaturization technology, are more competitive than conventional products in terms of ease of use and cost.
Lameditech’s laser lancing device HandyRay (LMT-3000) is a device that draws peripheral blood that uses laser and not a needle. The device can be used for blood collection for diagnostic devices which checks a small amount of blood. It is used in professional medical institutions and for drawing blood from diabetic patients. Particularly, pain-sensitive children with diabetes, or early diabetics can use the device conveniently. The laser applied to HandyRay has a high water absorption property, and absorbs moisture remaining on the skin of the finger and generates high energy, thereby enabling peripheral blood collection.
Other current laser lancing devices have had drawbacks due to the use of needles. However, Lameditech’s laser lancing device is fundamentally different from needle lancing devices, so the laser lancing device has advantages such as the prevention of secondary infection, the suppression of callous formation, and less pain. In addition, patients do not need to worry about pain stemming from the use of needles. Furthermore, there is no harm to human bodies because the product uses the safe Er:YAG laser. HandyRay costs about 80 won per use, and is cheaper than premium lancets and safety lancets used by those who are worried about pain or secondary blood infections.
Lameditech will do its best to become a world-class laser specialist through continuous research and technology development.

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