World’s First Diet Coaching Mobile Application (MyDAS)[INQ. NO. 2002E26] Amazing Food Solution Inc., a total healthcare solution company in the nutrition management field, has launched the world’s first mobile solution to provide specialized dietary information after undergoing surgery.
This solution, called MyDAS (My Diet After Surgery), consists of a mobile app and a web monitoring system. The mobile app tracks users’ food intake and provides automatically generated, customized nutritional guidance based on the type and time of surgery a user has undergone. Users can also take or upload photos of their meals for registered dietitians to provide feedback. The web monitoring system is designed for health professionals to track users’ diet and provide comprehensive feedback.

Amazing Food Solution is currently developing an extended version of MyDAS’s web administrator’s system, which would be synced with various healthcare devices to generate real-time reports and dietary feedback based on users’ changing health conditions. The firm also has plans to launch an international version of the service shortly. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Vein Viewer System[INQ. NO. 2002E25] VeinVu 100 is a vein viewer system used for patients with blood vessels who are hard to see during injections (infants, the elderly, the disabled, etc.), and it is called Vein Finder, Vein Scanner, and Vein Viewer.
This product is convenient for patients and medical staff as it reduces the pain caused by several stab injuries due to invisible veins, reducing the burden and stress of the operator, and reducing costs of consumables and time wastage.

VeinVu 100 has been developed based on usability and convenience. In particular, it shows the veins of children and the face via HD mode and can display accurate veins within 200um error at any time through calibration.
Also by using USB PD technology, it has superior usability and convenience due to longer use time, faster charging, and power bank connection.

In addition, it records and manages equipment characteristics and conditions, so it is a product that can be used conveniently and safely as a product that can provide quick results, and allow for accurate after-sales service when a problem occurs. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Inner Sexual Device[INQ. NO. 2002E24] Easy.K7 is an inner sexual device that domestically first and only proved its own effectiveness for improving sexual function through being published in a globally well-known journal of sexual medicine.
This device emits low and medium frequencies, shrinks the pelvic floor muscle, and strengthens the entire pelvic floor muscle. Thus, it ensures improved sexual function and the proper discharge amount of urine.
Users can choose the strength required depending on the body condition by utilizing the adjusting functions of six modes and 60 levels. As this is an in-vitro type product that normally requires 15 minutes, no repulsion to insertion into a certain part of body occurs, so it deserves to be recognized as a very hygienic product. Both males and females can use this product conveniently.
Adequate care through which confirmation of use history and patterns is available through linking with an app. This is a patented product in five nations and is a product that acquired ISO9001 certification. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Active-Passive Trainer[INQ. NO. 2002E23] SungdoMC is a manufacturer of Active & Passive Trainers in the Republic of Korea. It was established in 1996 as a manufacturer of fitness equipment and physiotherapy apparatus by Mr. Max Lim who is still the current CEO of the firm.
And it started to manufacture medical equipment for rehabilitation instead of fitness equipment in 2011. Since SungdoMC started exporting its active & passive trainers in 2011, it has continued R&D and has sold them in more than 20 countries.

SP series, an active-passive trainer, provides therapeutic solutions for individuals with low functional activity, long-term rehabilitation needs, or other physical limitations.
SP Series can be used for upper-body or lower-body exercise in a space-saving design.
Bi-directional exercise in active or passive modes is possible. This can customize each patient’s exercise session with 15 resistance levels and speeds from 4 to 60 rpm.
For passive assistance, in the passive mode, the SP series automatically reduces powered assistance as the patient’s strength and power input increases. The SP series automatically stops after detecting a spasm and continues in the desired direction to relieve spasms.
For additional safety, the exercise session is terminated after three spasm episodes. It has an easy to use console with voice guidance. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

High Frequency Heating Device for Cancer Treatment (Celief)[INQ. NO. 2002E22] Dongseo Medicare’s “Celief” is a high frequency heating device for cancer treatment. The high frequency hyperthermia treatment is a cancer treatment that uses a high frequency of 13.56MHZ to heat targeted areas of the body to a temperature of 42°C(107.6°F) or more to kill cancer cells.
HFHT works to augment and improve the effects of chemotherapy. This device increases blood flow, metabolism and the effects of medication. This relieves pain and increases the patient’s quality of life.
This acquired IEC60601-1, edition 3.1 product safety classification for the first time in Korea. This is equipped with a 10.4-inch LCD touch monitor. Comfortable treatment is possible with waterbed (20°C-40°C, 68°F-104°F). This device ensures patient stability by using a convenient patient controlled remote control. This is user-friendly medical device with an ergonomic design.
“Celief” has been continuously manufactured and supplied to nursing homes nationwide since the establishment of laboratory in 2015.

Dongseo Medicare Co., Ltd. is specialized in sales of medical equipment and devices. Since its establishment, Dongseo Medicare has been selling CT, MRI, X-ray as well as ultrasound imaging system, breast biopsy devices, laparoscopic surgical instruments to different levels of medical institutions including major university hospitals such as Seoul National University hospital and Severance hospitals, which shows that it has a good relationship and strong bond with them. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber[INQ. NO. 2002E21] Inter Ocean manufactures and supplies various kinds of chambers – from a chamber for one person to a chamber for 12 persons. The company has accumulated rich experience in the area of industrial chambers in order to help decrease the chances of decompression sickness for divers (also known as “the bends”).
Based upon such experience, it has been developing medical hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers.

Inter Ocean is leading the domestic market by developing chambers for multi-purposes, including the nation’s highest performance chamber (with maximum allowable pressure of six ATA) and the nation’s maximum accommodation capacity chamber (up to 12 persons).

With its high performance, this hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber provides all levels of pressures required for the treatment of various kinds of ailments. The representative model IO-HBOT-DL600-2400-ACNT was designed with modern design and wide interior space and thus can elevate the brand level of hospitals. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Wearable Walking Assistant Robot for Rehabilitation[INQ. NO. 2002E20] ExoAtlet Asia manufactures wearable walking assistant robots. The company’s latest, advanced medical robot ExoAtlet Medy (EAM) acquired approval by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) in 2018.
It provides a natural gait pattern so the user can experience a real walking sensation with our robot, and it may help them for self-positioning, growing muscles, and joint exercise. The battery can work continuously for up to eight hours after full-charging, and the charging tine takes just six hours.

For safety issues, EAM has two functions. EAM has four joints, and there are sensors in each joint. If the patient experiences spasms or rigidity during gait training, the sensors detect the change and stop the movement immediately. And for added safety there is an instant stop button on the handle for manual control as well.

ExoAtlet Asia is also upgrading this medical robot ceaselessly to give more benefits to users. Clinical trials are in progress in hospitals in Japan, the USA and Korea. The company is aiming for certification by the FDA and CE within this year. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Robot Gait-Training System[INQ. NO. 2002E19] EXOWALK PRO+ LIFT is a robot gait-training system that enables stroke patients’ gait training in order to help their rehabilitation.
This equipment ensures far better gait training than the existing equipment, guaranteeing accurate gait patterns of each patient. When doing gait training, patients using Exoskeleton type can manage their gait by controlling their hip and knee.
Through ensuing ground gait, this equipment can give the effect of actual gait and create motivation for gait.

This equipment allows users to control the gait training speed by controlling gait speed, stride, and leg length. This regularly shows training time and training distance. This has a function that allows patients to train themselves in their original location. Patient can manually adjust the body width.
With a joystick, patients can enjoy gait training by personally adjusting the exact function that they want to use. This equipment requires far less time in the setting and separating patients from itself. This has a simple UI allowing easier use of it.

Made with pure Korean technology, this product has been commercialized through a reliability assessment by an accredited institution, certification of medical device before the Food and Drug Administration, and usability assessment and clinical tests by actual users. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

ENT Workstation CHAM NEW CU-5000[INQ. NO. 2002E18] This is an ENT total treatment unit of the superior type, which is designed to diagnose and treat patients more conveniently and efficiently.
You can add more side cans for your convenience. A wide selection of options is available for users’ convenience. A keyboard holder installed is able to rotate left and right. This can be used according to users’ convenience. The fixed 40˚C of the heating tray enables the treatment of a patient with a warm instrument.

The built-in endoscope storage drawer is equipped with a UV sterilizer function. Thus, the endoscope can be safely and effectively stored and disinfected. Each function can be controlled by the control switch. Two colors are available for CU-5000 — black or white.
CHAMMED CO., LTD. has been manufacturing E.N.T. treatment units, chairs, medical endoscopic visual systems, respiratory care devices, etc. and exporting to about 60 countries worldwide. In particular, the China branch established in 2009, in recognition of the steady marketing and high technology achieve the top share for such imported products in the China market. Starting with the China branch, the Germany branch was established in 2015, on the basis of differentiated technologies and services seeking to advance into the Europe market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

High Frequency Therapy Machine Therapy Innovation starts with BACK 3SE

[INQ. NO. 2002E17] BACK 3SE is at the top of the WINBACK Tecartherapy range. It can be equipped with the six types of Winback Tecartherapy (from 1.0 to 6.0). It is very practical with its accessories holder and its mobile trolley making it easy to move between users. Moreover, it is scalable for future innovation.
It is a basically a high-frequency current operating at 300KHz, 500KH,z and 1MHz — depending on the selected mode. Winback’s greatest strength is that it is non-invasive current stimulating the body’s natural repair mechanisms, and thus promoting cellular exchanges.
BACK 3SE delivers Winback’s philosophy whereby Winback brings the energy to support your (therapists’) techniques/skills. In combination with the therapists’ manual approach, it offers excellent rehabilitation results thanks to the fast recovery of muscles and joint functions.
By maintaining the highest levels of excellence and innovation, WINBACK offers practitioners solutions that are the most appropriate for their needs, and those of their patients. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods