SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics to Lead Boom in Semiconductor Industry Next Year paradigm shift to the 4th industrial revolution is fueling investment in big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things (IoT). As a result, the semiconductor industry, the most important hardware component in the development of these new technologies, entered an uncharted area this year.

In 2017, the global semiconductor market is expected to grow 21% year-on-year to $408.6 billion. Therefore, the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index rose by 43 percent this year, surpassing the 16% growth rate of the S&P 500.

Memory semiconductors are at the center of the company’s record semiconductor growth. The marketsize of the memory semiconductor industry is expected to show record growth this year. Moreover, the memory semiconductor market is expected to run to $123.5 billion this year, which is 61% higher than last year.

The paradigm shift to the Fourth Industrial Revolution will probably be not a game that will end in a year or two. This is because leading companies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba and Tencent, are expected to steadily expand research and development activities for and investment in data centers, big data, cloud and machine learning.

Only a year ago, AlphaGo knocked humankind for a loop by crushing the best go player, Lee Sedol. However, only one year later, an upgraded AlphaGo won by a landslide (100 to 0) in a go game match with the original AlphaGo.

This means that performances in the fields of big data and machine learning including artificial intelligence in the next two to three years can give rise to gaps among global companies in the next 20-30 years. Slowing investment in big data and artificial intelligence technologies right now can mean giving up on the future.

With Moore’s Law reaching its limitations, the growth of semiconductor supply has significantly slowed down, more than ever before. Moore’s Law that the line width is reduced to a certain level each year and, in other words, bit supply increases as many times as the square of an annually reduced line width. However, as Moore’s Law is practically limited, semiconductor technology is seeking its development in a direction to increase the degree of integration through 3D stacking rather than chip size reduction.

However, increasing the number of layers means that bit supply will stay at a linear increase, which means an increase in accordance with the number of increased layers, not the square of the number of layers. In other words, it should be remembered that the supply growth rate of semiconductors is significantly slowing down compared to the past in 20-nano processes.



Demand for memory semiconductors became less volatile as price fuctuations declined and supply elasticity dipped as supply grew closer to technical limitations. In conclusion, it is necessary to revise viewpoints on supply and demand cycles of memory semiconductors. If memory semiconductors are understood as a capex-driven industry as was in the past, it can be said that they entered a proportionreduction stage.

However, even if the capex expanded, supply growth is failing to support it and demand is expected to remain stable despite high prices. Accordingly, stable supply and demand situations for memory semiconductors are likely to continue in 2018 against some concerns.

DRAM demand in 2018 is expected to grow to 13.86 billion gigabytes, up 21% year-on-year, despite burdens from rising prices. On the other hand, DRAM supply in 2018 is expected to run to 13.69 billion gigabytes, a 21% increase, despite a surge in CAPEX.

As a result, in 2018, the DRAM supply / demand ratio is expected to remain steady at 0.988, a small increase or a tight level as was the case this year. In 2018, the DRAM market is expected to reach $90.9 billion, up 26% from $ 72.2 billion in 2017.

NAND flash supply hinges on NAND flash makers’ 3D chip yields. However, unlike DRAMs, which have very low price elasticity, demand for NAND flashes is likely to increase significantly if prices fall.

In other words, a change in supply can be a very important variable in changing demand. So, it can be said that it is quite a challenge to forecast demand and supply. However, our forecast for NAND supply/demand is a 37% increase in demand and a 40% increase in supply, which means that supply will increase slightly more than demand.

In 2018, total demand for NAND flashes is expected to reach 235.7 billion gigabytes while total supply remains at 238.2 billion gigabytes. Their ASP per bit is expected to slide about 12 percent next year. In terms of chips, the NAND flash market is expected to grow 23% to $58.1 billion in 2018 from $47.5 billion in 2017.

Accordingly, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, which represent the Korean semiconductor industry, are expected to have their banner year in 2018.

This year, Samsung Electronics dethroned Intel, which had enjoyed the No. 1 ranking in global semiconductor sales for 25 years, to become the world’s top semiconductor maker, The securities industry expects its 2018 earnings to reach 280 trillion won in sales, 69 trillion won in operating profit, and 51.7 trillion won in net profit.

SK Hynix’s 2018 earnings are expected to hit 38 trillion won in sales, 18.3 trillion won in operating profit and 14.7 trillion won in net profit. In the global semiconductor industry, its sales and operating profits are expected to stand just below those of Samsung Electronics, Intel and TSMC, but its market capitalization is quite low, standing out of the top 10. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Southeast Asia’s largest online shopping Lazada to beef up Korean section Group, Singapore-based e-commerce platform operator that runs shopping malls across six nations in Southeast Asia, will beef up Korean section to response to growing popularity of Korean beauty and consumer products in the region.

Because of Hallyu, the Korean Wave referring to popularity of Korean pop culture, there is high interest and demand for Korean brands and culture, said Will Ross, CEO of Lazada Crossborder in a press conference on Tuesday in Seoul.

Lazada, No. 1 shopping site in Southeast Asia which is 83 percent owned by China’s Alibaba Group, will expand strategic partnership with Korean entertainment companies and support Korean merchants in their reach to consumers in the region, he said. In Korea, Lazada already has business alliance with Genieworks, an online to offline service provider, Studio Dragon, a drama production unit of CJ E&M, and artist agency Humap Contents. The shopping site that opened in 2012 displays over 3,000 brands run by 135,000 merchants. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Korea Trade to back $650 mn Kia Motors’ $1 bn investment in India Korea Trade Insurance Corp. will back Kia Motors’ $1 billion capital investment in India to build its first manufacturing base in the world’s second most populous market through guarantees of up to $650 million.

Korea Trade Insurance recently inked a memorandum of understanding with Kia Motors to extend payment guarantee of up to $650 million. Backing from a state agency would make it easier for Kia to raise loans for its investment in India as well as recruiting builders and suppliers for the manufacturing facility.

In April, Kia Motors signed an agreement with the Indian state government of Andhra Pradesh in the Anantapur district to build its first auto-making plant in southern India. The company will construct the plant on a site of 2,160,000 square meters at a total cost of $1.1 billion. It aims to complete building the plant by 2019 and churn out 300,000 vehicles a year. The Indian factory reportedly would make smallsized sedans and sport utility vehicles tailored to the Southwest Asian market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Solar Energy Devices Electronics Co., Ltd. has been mainly supplying automotive connectors since its foundation in 2002. It strives to satisfy customers’ requirements with its accumulated experience and technology in the field of automotive electrical components. Connex thus contributes to the continuing growth of the Korean automotive industry.
The company started conducting technological development in the field of solar energy from 2008, and developed several products such as junction boxes, connectors, Power Maximizer and Quick Solar which is an independent portable solar system. Connex has registered several patents and successfully executed technological development tasks for the Small and Medium Business Administration. Connex will keep striving to become a global leader in new and renewable energy industry in the coming years as well.


Solar Panel, Energy Storage System and PV Module with Mounting Device

As residential housing with rooftop structures are difficult to install solar panels, Qik Solar has been introduced for farming areas and for military communication equipment. It is ideal for disasters areas and rural areas. It features fast and easy installation, compact design, easy power capacity choice and maximum power generation with theft prevention and safety as options. The portable and foldable solar panels comprise four panels per unit and can be easily tilted for maximum exposure to the sun.
Energy storage system features all-in-one ESS, emergency power supply, electricity charge saving and PV on/offgrid hybrid ESS. First, it can convert DC power from solar panels to AC electricity. Feeding back to the grid and charging the built-in battery are available. Peak-avoiding mode offers peak electricity utilization.
PV with mounting device features easy installation, adjustable angle and solar power module built-in structure. When moving it, one can load it on small truck (1 ton) or RV. It is thus ideal for camping. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Carbon Fiber Products Inc. was spun offin 2013 from its parent company Korea CTS to focus on developing carbon fiber products. Based on a well-developed management system supported by Korea CTS, Pitchcable has been growing quickly and extending its business range every year. Its main products include heating benches, snow/ice melting systems and heating pads. The company has skilled professionals and provides clients with quality products through continuous R&D and product enhancement through investment.
The company considers harmony first among technology, people and the environment. In other words, the company develops and produces safe products that can improve quality of life while seeking harmony with the environment by reducing users’ electricity bills through low power consumption. The products are safe from electric waves, along with far infrared radiation effects. The company believes that products based on excellent technology can change the environment and provide happiness to customers.


Heating Bench & Carbon Snow/Ice Melting System

The heating bench of Pitchcable is a product that keeps waiting people warm. If you sit down, it operates automatically to keep you warm, high in energy efficiency, and safe from electric waves. It also responds to the surrounding environmental conditions depending on temperature setting. If there is electricity, it can work anywhere with its excellent half-permanent durability. Currently, it has been distributed to many places such as public transportation stops, public agencies, park and garden. Many people have made additional orders with good feedback and evaluation.

Carbon Snow/Ice Melting System is a product that thaws dangerous roads covered with black ice or blind spots that are covered with snow or ice in wintertime. The carbon heating cable developed by Pitchcable is excellent in heat conduction rate and heat expansion index, and excels in energy efficiency with concentration and efficiency of heat conduction expanded. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Remote Monitoring, Prediction and Control Systems new opportunities come along with the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Naretrends develops remote monitoring, prediction, and control systems empowered by technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT remote control and cloud-based services. They are deployed where real-time monitoring and management of disasters and accidents are necessary, such as in production plants, apartments and greenhouses.
In partnership with SK Telecom, Naretrends offers the “BandiPurri SmartFarm” system utilizing ICT and IoT technologies to agricultural, livestock, and fish farms nationwide. The company develops monitoring and remote sensing technologies for crop and livestock management that can make use of big data and artificial intelligence. Integrating various ideas and fields in sensing and AI systems, the company implements systems such as arc fire prevention and LoRA-based temperature monitoring.


Remote Environment Control System

Bandiburri SmartFarm is a remote environment control system that facilitates management of greenhouse through state-of-the-art ICT. Through the cloud-based FarmNote service, it provides analysis of sensor data and daily farming logs. With Bandiburri SmartFarm, monitoring of greenhouses and poultry farms can be managed effectively, improving productivity and convenience through remote control. It features smartphone remote control, notification service and cloud service. Also, push notifications, video and sensor monitoring, smartphone remote control and cloud-based data utilization are available. It is composed of master controller, extended control and user software.


Smart Poultry Management System

With Arclow-Sys, through integration of SmartFarm and disaster monitoring ICT systems, poultry management has become smart and secure. The smart poultry management system increases productivity and lowers labor needs through an integrated environment control and disaster prevention system. Through a patented arc sensor technology, fires caused by electrical sparks can be detected and fires prevented in advance for convenient and secure livestock management. It features convenient and secure livestock management, emergency alert service and remote monitoring via smartphone. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Various Home Kitchen Appliances its establishment in 1987, Jinsung Hitech Co., Ltd. began to manufacture and sell various home kitchen appliances. And now, Jinsung Hitech has six patents, two utility models and many design registrations under its name. It has continually developed new products every year and the product lines include halogen ovens, air fryers, cook robots, bread makers, roti robots, smart cooks and baby food makers.
Halogen ovens and bread makers are relatively well known through TV home shopping in Korea and abroad. Baby food makers have been introduced in 2017.


Air Fryer

Air Fryer is an advanced concept in healthy cookers as it fries ingredients using only air. This product uses high-speed circulation technology and fat from the ingredients to fry and make them crispy, thus eliminating the need for oil


Baby Food Maker

Baby food maker has a one-stop menu button. First-time parents can make very easy, nourishing, and healthy meals only for their baby. Steam cooking minimizes the loss in minerals, vitamins, moisture and gravy. Just fill the water tank and put rice, vegetable, fish, grain, fruit, meat or other ingredients into the glass blending bowl. Next, select the cooking option and press start. You can prepare not only weaning food, but also purees, porridge, rice cake, steamed eggs and various other foods.


Cook Robot

Cook Robot is a multifunctional air fryer with four functions: Stir Fry, Grill, Steam, and Stew.
It has an automatic rotating blade in the grill, making it unnecessary to stir food during cooking. It can cook food evenly and allows you to cook various stir-fried food easily as it prevents food from burning or sticking to the product. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Flowable Resin with Various Indication and EsFlow LV are light-cured flowable composite resins for direct restorations with adequate flowablity, no slumping and superior compressive strength. To operate good restorations, a composite needs to have ideal flowability and no slumping. EsFlow is the unique one that has those two opposite conditions. Moreover, thanks to outstanding esthetic, it can be used for anterior.
SPIDENT offers two types of flowable composite resins: medium-flow (EsFlow) and high-flow (EsFlow LV). The product can be used for class III~V restorations, deep class I (as base and liner), undercut block-out, repair of composite, pit and fissure sealant and also in orthodontics.
These are hybrid nano-filled composite resins with 50% filler content by weight. It has very low polymerization shrinkage. After 20 seconds of light curing, the shrinkage appears to be only 1.8%. EsFlow also has optimal radiopacity, and superior compressive strength of 360 MPa, which is equivalent to natural enamel after light curing. This is the best-selling product of SPIDENT without a single negative feedback. It is being purchased worldwide, mainly from Russia, Japan, Turkey and Taiwan.

EsFlow offers various shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2 and also Blue as replacement of core build up material. For EsFlow LV, SPIDENT has A1, A2, and A3. The delivery form of EsFlow is 2g x 2 syringes with eight dispensing tips.
Established in 1997, SPIDENT formed its own R&D unit in 2005, started exporting by acquiring various international certifications such as CE, ISO, FDA, etc. SPIDENT spurred its efforts to elevate access to global partners through liaisons in five nations including SPIDENT USA Corporation in New Jersey in 2012. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Smart Healthcare IoT Device Korea, since its establishment in 1993, is one of the most reliable manufacturers / exporters / importers of quality products in Korea, having been doing its utmost to support its valued customers who started business with it in the beginning stages and are still working with the company as advisory customers in different countries and as its old loyal partners. It is a GMD company, designated by the government in 2017.
Making it a principle to serve customers in a positive and favorable way, it is confident that it must have contributed fairly to the prosperity of its customers for the past 20 years and now the company understands how to serve them better and how to cope with the various obstacles in the international market.


Advanced Precision Stethoscope System

The system features integrated SKEEPER HSCTM technology that materialized the precision of advanced medical electronic stethoscope and microphone sound processing technology for perfect sound. Digital indexing and visualization (Graph) with advanced heartbeat sound analysis algorithm enables users to easily and conveniently manage their health. SKEEPER H/W connects to the application via Bluetooth allowing you to see and hear the graph and heartbeat respectively. Anyone can check their health status easily with the digital indicator and graphs analyzed by SKEEPER.
SKEEPER provides diverse healthcare applications with Smart Algorithms designed by the world’s leading medical experts for every family’s healthcare needs at home. SKEEPER MAMA is an application that systematically manages the relationship between the mother and fetus. SKEEPER BABY is a smart application for your precious baby’s healthcare. SKEEPER enables professional heart management through the medical electronic stethoscope-level precision function and optimized Smart Algorithm. SKEEPER thoroughly reads and analyzes changes of the heart sound and carefully listen to signals sent by the body. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Beam Fiber Optic Connectors its founding in June 2001, Fostec Co., has been consistently driven by the needs of its customers to become a company that will always find new innovative solutions to problems many clients face. Fostec commits to further its growth into a company that specializes in all fiber optic needs, achieving productivity improvement through management, based on the importance of relationships between its company and others.
The company’s expanded beam connector is a reliable and affordable solution for many applications in outdoor environments that require consistent and repetitive operation.
The expanded beam connector minimizes the need for continuous maintenance, an important attribute for harsh environment applications such as those found in the broadcasting, renewable energy and military markets.
Fostec’s expanded beam connectors are primarily used in the networking, telecommunications, computing, military and aerospace, transportation and broadcasting industries. They feature single mode and multimode options along with other features, such as low profile and forward flange options for bulkhead. Also, they are light weight and cost effective. D38999 series III derived expanded beam fiber optic connectors have been designed for use in the most demanding civil and military electronic equipment interface applications. The connector features the generic ML-DTL-38999 series III tri-start thread and one-turn self-locking anti-vibration coupling mechanism making it ideal for use in vehicle, aircraft and navel environments.

They feature single mode or multimode along with other features, such as low insertion loss / high return loss. They are made with aluminum, nickel aluminum bronze or stainless steel shell options. There are copper and optical hybrids available as well. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods