Promoting Strategic Cooperation Between Strong Small Enterprises and Overseas Enterprises

BizHospital promotes strategic cooperation between strong small enterprises and overseas enterprises. BizHospital has long built up an extensive network of strong small enterprises (SSEs) with promising technologies, product competitiveness and a future-oriented vision.

Finding prospective business partners in Korea with BizHospital
Specialized in business partnership, BizHospital searches for prospective SSEs and assists in arranging meetings and presentations, discussing business partnerships, and contract negotiation.
Partnership models to be discussed and determined by SSEs and overseas enterprises /investors include financial investment (or M&A), joint venture, OEM, licensing (technical support), etc.

Promoting Strategic Cooperation Between Strong Small Enterprises and Overseas Enterprises

In 2018-2019, BizHospital presented more than 50 strong small enterprises to prospective large & medium-sized enterprises (LMEs) invited by SEC, Korea Development Bank, Seoul Regional SMEs and Startups Office in 2018 & 2019. BizHospital also launched, an online platform to facilitate strategic business partnership between SSEs and LMEs / Domestic investors.

Promoting Strategic Cooperation Between Strong Small Enterprises and Overseas Enterprises

BizHospital is an M&A partner organization appointed by Korea Exchange (M&A network, and an M&A advisory organization for an M&A deal network of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (

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Empowering Clients to Harness the Power of Data Management

[INQ. NO. 2107E10] I-ON Communications Co., Ltd., the most representative CMS provider in Korea, is now heading towards the new goal of widening the range of its verticals and providing right solutions to clients in various industries.

We interviewed the CEO of the company for an overall introduction of the company, and to discover the secrets of its current and potential growth.

Please tell us briefly about your company
I-ON Communications Co., Ltd. is a Seoul-based software company established in 1999. We started as a CMS(Content Management System) company with strong core technology, unstructured data management and now have become the industry leader in the far-east Asian region. – taking the leading market share in both Korea and Japan.
For 22 years, we have developed and provided data management solutions to more than 1,600 domestic and overseas clients in various fields.
Notably, we have recently been expanding our verticals into many different business sectors, including digital experience, electronic signature, sports video sharing platforms, and energy data management.

Empowering Clients to Harness the Power of Data Management

What types of major exports items lead your current growth?
Our current representative CMS titled ICS is taking the leading market share in both Korea and Japan. ICS is the integrative result of the both unstructured data management technology and the experience and know-how accumulated over the past 22 years.
Recently, we are happily witnessing abrupt market demand for our advanced customers’ digital experience management platform (DXP) called ICE. These two key solutions have been driving our business growth for the past five years, and now we are preparing for the post-pandemic market focusing on electronic signature and sports tech solutions.
We would like to continue closely communicating with our clients as we have been doing thus far, so that we can supply optimal solutions to clients rather than simply the most advanced solutions – in order to help resolve the problems that our clients are now facing. Thus, we will further strive to achieve our goal to deliver what is called Digital Transformation to our domestic and overseas clients, bringing Digital to their lives.

I-ON Communications

Do you have any global business strategies in the COVID-19 Era?
Overseas business has been slowed down across various industries recently due to the impact of the COVID-19. We are striving to overcome the difficult pandemic situation equipped with a wide spectrum of our portfolio covering electronic signature solutions, and digital experience platforms for e-Commerce which are growing exponentially in market size.
In addition, although overseas business trips have faced barriers for the past year, we are spurring overseas business expansion again by meeting overseas partners and clients in person through starting our participation in MWC Barcelona 2021 – the World’s largest IT event – in June.

I-ON Communications

What is your business philosophy and how do you keep your employees passionate about I-ON?
In my management approach, from the start, I made it a top-priority that all of our members could be happy while they are working here. So, I’ve been endeavoring to create an environment in which our staffs could freely enjoy various employee benefits even in working time. I think that if our staffs are truly satisfied during their working hours, the productivity and efficiency of the members in their own tasks will naturally increase and their trust and loyalty to I-ON will ensure the company’s sustainable growth.

I-ON Communications

Do you have any goal that excites you?
I sincerely and strongly hope that our company grows into one of the global top-100 software companies in the near future. Although there is a long distance to go, I believe the satisfactory of our members will guide us towards our goals.

I-ON Communications

Lastly, do you have any messages that you would like to deliver to your current and potential business partners?
We offer trust to our partners and clients with our motto “Software, Beyond Expectations!” Through this opportunity, we would like to explore opportunities to deliver our reliability to potential partners and clients around the globe. And as we have done so far, we will ceaselessly seek our business partners’ sustainable growth, even greater than our own growth – with respect and full supports to partners. Thank you all!

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All-in-One Intravital Two-Photon Microscopy System

[INQ. NO. 2107E09] IVM-MS2 is an all-in-one intravital two-photon microscopy system optimized for in vivo imaging experiments and equipped with a new compact high-efficiency fs-pulse laser module. Especially, the IVM-MS2 is an ideal choice for customers with limited resources and budgets as it integrates a compact high-stability maintenance-free fs-pulse laser into a single box.
The two-photon intravital microscope is in high demand for global leading advanced bioresearch institutes. And the newly released IVM-MS2 will be installed at Harvard Medical School in the USA and Max Planck Institute in Germany.
IVM-MS2 is designed to integrate all the necessary functions for visualizing various biological processes and to encompass cellular and molecular resolution imaging techniques performed in live animals. This allows you to easily achieve the desired results. It is also equipped with imaging algorithms to automatically compensate movements such as heartbeats and lung movements caused by respiration based on its unique ultra-high speed in-vivo imaging (max. 100fps with 512×512 pixels), and a live animal maintenance system to maintain the physiological environment of tissues during image acquisition.

All-in-One Intravital Two-Photon Microscopy System

IVM-MS2 is the first in the world to have an ultra-small 920nm ultra-fast fs-pulse laser module inside. The 920 nm wavelength is the most used wavelength in two-photon microscopy, it allows two photon-excitation of various fluorescents simultaneously and efficiently.
Using IVM-MS2, with good performance and available at a reasonable price, researchers can observe various biological processes inside living animals without any limitation of fluorescence, and get highly reliable results.
IVIM Technology’s ultra-fast laser scanning three-dimensional intravital microscopy allows for direct observation of the cell movement inside living tissues, and individual cells inside various organs of the body that cannot be seen with MRI or CT. It also allows for imaging of various cells, molecules like proteins and surrounding microenvironments simultaneously with higher resolution and precision than that allowed by other existing technologies. It allows the user to collect detailed information about the process of various diseases occurring in the body at cellular level.

All-in-One Intravital Two-Photon Microscopy System

In addition to IVM-MS2, IVIM Technology, Inc. has a variety of products lines including the all-in-one confocal microscope IVM-C, multi-photon microscope IVM-M, and confocal/multi-photon microscope IVM-CM.
It also provides customized experimental services using customers’ own molecules or drug candidates by professional researchers in the IVIM corporate research institute. All the researchers in the IVIM lab are Ph.D. graduates from KAIST, and have more than over 10 years of experience. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Smart Derma Images Management System based on A.I

[INQ. NO. 2107E08] Among skin cancers, melanoma, which has a very similar appearance to a mole, is not easy to distinguish with the naked eye. Currently, medical circles are using diagnostic tools together with either analog or digital dermoscopy.
However, most of them have only the function to simply expand the skin image.
‘MEDISCOPE’ provides various images of the skin by using multi-wavelength lights with a different skin penetration rate by a wave-length, in contrast with the existing method of diagnosing with the naked eye and a portable microsope.
It helps dermatologists diagnose skin cancer quickly and conveniently for the promptest treatment possible through the self-developed artificial intelligence module ‘DermaAI’ that uses the vast skin lesion data.

Smart Derma Images Management System based on A.I

Currently the dermatology teams are managing images by the manual method for requesting reimbursement and photographing images by requesting data to store in the computer room by preparing a finding report after moving a memory of a skin disease picture taken with DSLR camera to the diagnosis PC.
F&D PARTNERS Inc. has developed this system to improve convenience in the handling professionalism of the medical team.

Smart Derma Images Management System based on A.I

It enhances recyclability by simplifying management with standardization of images introducing PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) into the skin images, whose application has been imited only to radiographic images such as CT, X-ray.
It will be helpful to improve diagnosis efficiency of dermatologists and convenience of the medical team’s management by linking with EMR and CRM, which are commonly used in hospitals. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Smart Interactive Pod & Lifestyle Device

[INQ. NO. 2107E07] 3i Inc. is a global software and hardware innovation powerhouse whose mission is to transform the way the physical world interacts with the digital world. 3i aims to recognize the diverse needs to create and communicate, and ensure that they are not limited by the capabilities of the technology available.
Pivo’s interactive smart pod and software suite is an all-inclusive solution to digitalize ideas and connect communities around the world. With just a tiny pod and smartphone, it’s easy to make videos, live stream, make video calls, give presentations, and create virtual tours.
With Pivo’s 360-degree rotation, AI-powered face and body tracking, and smart capture modes, users can stop worrying about having someone to film them, and rather focus on giving it their all. An interactive pod has grown into a solution for over 100 different use cases all over the world. Influencers, educators, athletes, entrepreneurs and many more can now make pro-like content, videos, and presentations on their own with just a genius little pod and their iPhones.

Smart Interactive Pod & Lifestyle Device

Turn your smartphone into your personal cameraman with Pivo’s auto tracking feature. Wherever you go, Pivo pod follows to capture every expression and move, so you’ll never walk off screen and ruin another almost-perfect take again. Use your Pivo to track any object and movement with face, body, and action tracking. Powered by Pivo’s smart AI technology is possible.
You can also bring auto tracking to your zoom calls and live streams within the free-to-use applications for every Pod user. It is compatible with Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or TikTok. The 30+ channels allow you to broadcast live to all at once. Now you can move and groove for your friends and fans.

Smart Interactive Pod & Lifestyle Device

Pivo’s smart capture feature enables you to take selfies and videos with the snap of a finger, striking a pose, or by simply saying “cheese.” Now you can be picture perfect on the move. Every Pivo pod comes with a remote control, so you can enjoy precise control.
Also, Pivo has 12 special effects such as gif, clone trail, 360 motion time-lapses, tiny planets or panoramas – with no editing skills needed. Improve your social media feeds with creations that will blow people’s minds. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Versatile Intelligent Terminal

[INQ. NO. 2107E06] Suprema Inc. is a leading global provider of access control, time & attendance, and biometrics solutions.
By combining world-renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema has introduced innovations to the security industry over the past few decades.
Suprema’s X-Station 2 is a versatile intelligent terminal that supports RFID cards, Mobile Access as well as QR codes, offering the ultimate flexibility in terms of credential options and system design.
Equipped with secure booting process, Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) and cameras for image logs, X-Station 2 improves security while safeguarding user data. X-Station 2 is easy to install, use and maintain with features like Power over Ethernet (PoE), intuitive GUI on a 4”-wide touchscreen, and IP65 rating.
X-Station 2 provides multiple credential options of RFID cards, mobile access and QR codes, offering maximum system design flexibility. Mobile access and QR code authentication allow users to go cardless and carefree by using smartphones as credentials.
X-Station 2 is compatible with most existing RFID card technology.

Versatile Intelligent Terminal

It supports both LF (125kHz) and HF (13.56MHz) RFID as well as various card types including EM, MIFARE, MIFARE Plus, iCLASS, DESFire and FeliCa.
X-Station 2 guards against malware attacks and data breaches with its secure boot process. By supporting OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol), the terminal encrypts bi-directional RS-485 communication. Using the built-in camera, X-Station 2 can also capture image logs for added security.
X-Station 2 enables convenient installation with less wiring by supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE) as well as various interfaces like Wiegand, RS-485, TTL input and relay. IP65 rated, X-Station 2 is dust-tight, water resistant, and easy to maintain.
X-Station 2 allows quick and easy access to features on its 4”-wide capacitive touchscreen. You can also customize the display for branding purposes.

Versatile Intelligent Terminal

X-Station 2’s large memory can sufficiently meet enterprise needs. Its 16 GB flash and 1 GB RAM can handle up to 500,000 users, 5 million text logs and 50,000 image logs.
Suprema has been named one of the world’s top-50 security manufacturers, and has a worldwide sales network in over 140 countries with no.1 market share in biometric access control in the EMEA region. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Food Container Sealer

[INQ. NO. 2107E05] Based on research and technology related to vacuum packaging films and polymers accumulated by its CEO during SK Innovation (1998~2002), BLT has steadily exported home vacuum packaging machines and vacuum packaging films to Europe and other regions since its establishment in 2013.
In addition, based on the patented technology developed with its own technology, BLT recently developed a new-concept food-packaging machine that makes it easy to pack all foods for the first time in the world and food packaging materials with good oxygen barrier properties, spurring the company’s advances into the global market.

Food Container Sealer

The new concept IVP-1131 of LOFAHO, a household appliance brand that leads the stylish and safe food packaging culture, is an all-in-one (3-in-1) package with dimensions of 380 x 245 x 185 mm and weight of 3.4 kg, with the functions of container packaging, vacuum packaging and vacuum hose packaging designed to fit well into the kitchen as a product of standard size.
This innovative food packaging machine, LOFAHO, makes it easy and convenient to store food by subdividing and storing large-capacity food ingredients as well as meal-prep in line with recent trends such as busy modern life and the increase of single-person households. In addition to, it gives a lot of convenience for outdoor food.

Food Container Sealer

Anyone can use it easily and conveniently by simply pressing the operation button to execute a command. Not only does it not require pre-heating time before using the product, but it is also economical as electricity is supplied only when in use, without continuous supply of power.
It is thus possible to reduce costs, and it is a very useful household appliance, especially in the food packaging culture that requires safety and convenience at home in the current COVID-19 era.

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Outdoor Wireless AP+Mesh Communication Equipment

Highest-Performance and Designed for the Harshest Outdoor Wireless AP

[INQ. NO. 2107E04] NEXUSTECH Co., Ltd. has released an outdoor wireless AP+Mesh communication equipment called VVIA1700.
VVIA1700’s outdoor access point is suitable for both public enterprises and carrier-class network operators looking to extend Wi-Fi coverage outdoors. It offers proactive and highest-performing outdoor AP and also supports the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac wave 2, along with data connection speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps.
VVIA1700 AP supports 4×4 multi-user, multiple-Input and multiple-output (MU-MIMO) technology and 9 spatial streams (9SS) with multi hop (3-hop) for optimum performance.
Its product of provided 1.7 Gbps was released in Korea for the first time.
VVIA1700 outdoor Wi-Fi access point provides high-quality performance throughput over a larger area (distance between APs is 20Km) with more extensive coverage. The recommended number of concurrent users is 512 per unit based on average data usage with high speed (up to 1.7Gbps) in the place where many users in close proximity generate RF interference that needs to be managed.

Outdoor Wireless AP+Mesh Communication Equipment

Special and Unique Benefits of VVIA1700
NEXUSTECH’s VVIA1700 is integrated with ‘outdoor Wireless AP’ and ‘Mesh’ all-in-one product.
Moreover, NEXUSTECH meets the customer’s needs for its product by providing customized-service.
One of the most differentiated technologies is using multi hop optimization. To improve 3-hop performance, NEXUSTECH uses 3 wireless channels(CH), processing by each processor to improve efficiency and integrated type L2 switching for connecting three independent RF modules.
Second, VVIA1700 has 4 radios (wireless 1 -2.4G, Two of Wireless 2 5G, wireless console) more detailed information is in the table.
Third, the VVIA1700 uses open source firmware openwrt, which provides many capabilities found in high-end devices with more than 3,000 application packages, so it is an ideal platform to be an IoT gateway or for smart city Wi-Fi infrastructure.

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Automotive Wires & Industrial Cables

[INQ. NO. 2107E03] Kyungshin Cable, which is a leading company in the Korean automotive cable market, provides various types of wires and cables that meet customers’ needs.
Kyungshin Cable can supply automotive cables for wiring harness systems in compliance with the standards of various global automakers and customized lightweight cables for future cars, high voltage cables and charging cables for eco-friendly vehicles, and ethernet high-speed data communication cables based upon state-of-art technology and quality.
Customers can also be supplied with industrial products ranging from electric lines supplying power to housing, building and plants to cables applied to facilities and equipment keeping pace with changing environment in various industrial sectors.

Kyungshin Cable acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 that are systematically certified by DNV in the early 2000s, and additionally obtained several product authentications such as UL, CE and CSA certificates, and has continued updating them.
And in order to offer and supply various products to its global customers, Kyungshin Cable has established overseas affiliates for wire and cable in Durango, Mexico, and in Qingdao and Changzhou, China, besides its main manufacturing plant in Cheonan, South Korea. Therefore, Kyungshin Cable can deliver cables to its prestigious customers at reasonable prices while constantly keeping up with delivery schedules.

In recent years, Kyungshin Cable has contracted with several new clients to expand its wire and cable business overseas through various marketing activities. For instance, on June 23, 2021, the overseas sales team took Prettl Group executives on a guided tour of the Cheonan plant for the purpose of promoting its new production line of sensor cables and discussing supply of the products. Kyungshin Cable is clearly becoming a more prominent player in the global market.
Automotive cables manufactured in the plants worldwide include ES/ISO/JASO/SAE wires, aluminum cables, high voltage cables and specialty cables such as sensor cables, ethernet cables, coaxial cables and heating cables, etc.
Its industrial cables include appliance cords for internal wiring of electric devices and electronics meeting UL/CSA standards, factory automation cables, elevator cables, renewable energy cables, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Bluetooth Open-Type Headphones

[INQ. NO. 2107E02] With its 20 year-experience in the development and manufacturing of short-range wireless communication, Lee Technology Korea Co.,Ltd (LEETEK) has gained global recognition for its technology by exporting its products to more than 50 nations across the world including countries in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to become a global No. 1 enterprise in the area of on-site paging.
LEETEK has released GlamBeat, a Bluetooth open-type earphone released this year, which overcame the disadvantages of the existing canal type earphone and bone conduction earphone, such as physical pain and hearing impairment in case of wearing long time. It also helps prevent safety accidents by allowing the user to hear the surrounding sounds while driving, or enjoying outdoor activities.

Bluetooth Open-Type Headphones

Supporting Bluetooth v4.2, GlamBeat adopts Qualcomm IC for higher-class sound quality and realizes 6D panorama sound and hi-fi audio sound. Uses can experience surround sound in six directions. With a Smartphone app, as its Push-to-Talk without distance limit, GlamBeat is optimized for communication in both outdoor activities including mountain climbing clubs, cycling clubs, running crews, etc. as well as non-contact classes and meetings.

Bluetooth Open-Type Headphones

Weighing just 28g with a 230mAh lithium polymer battery, it ensures up to 15 days at stand-by mode, six hours of telephone communication and music playing for 2 hours of charging time as well as excellent call quality.
GlamBeat applies IPX4-level of water-resistance. It comes in two colors – black and white. Once it is disconnected, the user will hear the audio alert. GlamBeat is ergonomically designed, making it comfortable for wide range of individuals with a variety of head sizes including adult males and females as well as children.

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