A Hidden Champion of Bluetooth Microphone Speaker

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1810E06] CIMA, a hidden champion doing A/V (audio/video) business, is a global manufacturer that sells videowall monitor, LED interactive white board, LED TV and Bluetooth MIC speaker to customers in 38 countries as well as in the domestic market. CIMA has been selected for multiple support projects such as the Promising Export SME selected by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Idea Product of Hi Seoul Award co-conducted by Seoul Special City and SBA, HIT500 nominated by Small and Medium Business Corporation, etc.
As for the CIMA Bluetooth microphone speaker developed by CIMA, the CM-AMP01 (union jack) and CM-BR01 (all black) have been launched, and this product is attracting public attention to the extent that have been more than 280,000 video views directly by famous YouTube BJs.
CIMA Bluetooth MIC Speaker basically consists of the main product, one wired microphone, a wireless remote control, a charging jack, and an AUX jack. As there are two microphone terminals, when a mic is purchased additionally, duet is possible and the microphone can be connected to an electronic guitar for use. This product can be used by connecting to a mobile phone through Bluetooth. By using the hands-free and free karaoke application (EX.YOKEE, etc.), you can complete your own karaoke. With the built-in battery of 2000mAh, you can also use the speaker outdoors. If urgent, this product can even be used as an auxiliary battery. When inserting USB or SD card, music can be automatically played. You can control track movement, volume adjustment, mode change, etc. with the wireless remote control.
Featuring functionality and economic feasibility, the product is sold out quickly and even sold by subscription not only online but also offline, like at exhibitions. Due to different designs preferred by each country, CIMA plans to research the designs favored throughout the world and then conduct customized promotions. Deep wood, golden wood design and white MIC will be released following the Union Jack and All Black design.
In addition, unlike the competitors, CIMA directly produces over 90% of the product and manages processing, assembly and A/S directly at its headquarters in Korea. Production responsiveness, quality of the product and follow-up management can be selected as CIMA’s strengths.
CEO Kim Byung-uk remarked, “We will make every effort to satisfy our customers under the principle of ‘Creating Customer Value’ and resolve to solidify our brand as a specialty A/V manufacturer.

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Industrial Cables

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryKumhwa Cable Co. Ltd. took on a new challenge in 1990. The products of Kumhwa cable, which are now recognized all over the world, are based on an excellent qualityenvironmental system and product patent certificate including bare wire, overhead cable, insulated wire, power cable, fire protection cable, control cable and rubber insulated cable. Currently, its products are being exported to Myanmar, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, etc.


Control Cables

Kumhwa Cable’s control cable is used in the control circuit under 0.6/1kV of power plants, substations, etc. This cable prevents distortion of the signal caused by induced voltages generated from other power lines, and it is highly flexible. Among the control cables are: Cu/PVC/SB/PVC, etc. They use 0.6/1kV and have from two to 30 in cores.


Underground Power Cables

Kumhwa Cable’s underground power cable is adopted for power distribution line, having excellent electrical, physical and chemical characteristics. The underground power cables manufactured by the company include Cu/ XLPE/A(S)WA/PVC, etc. The voltage range they need ranges from 1kV to 36kV. They have core of from 1 to 4.


Overhead Power Line Cables

This overhead power line cable is manufactured to be used for overhead distribution line on pole and steel tower. Among this kinds of cables are: ACSR/AW-OC, AL/XLPE/ XLPE(SAC, Spaced Aerial Cable). They consume voltage of from 12kV to 36kV.
Kumhwa Cable has been working on R&D and continued quality improvements to meet the needs of its clients, and is conducting thorough inspections to produce and supply safe products. Kumhwa Cable is committed to developing professional human resources and continuing to adopt advanced technologies to become a professional company that can compete proudly with companies around the world.

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Electric Heaters

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryInterHeat, established in 1995, specializes in producing electric Heaters for poultry farming, pig breeding and the greenhouse industry. The company exports Infrared Lamp, Lamp Protector and Carbon Fiber Heater with it’s own brand ‘InterHeat’. After launching the Carbon Fiber Heater with greatly improved thermal efficiency and lifetime, Interheat products are now exported to 65 countries while extending the circle of business to the Middle East and Africa as well as the USA, Europe, Oceania and Asia.


Infrared Lamps (R125, 3G New PAR)

The reason why the conventional Infrared Lamp has a short lifespan of less than one month when continuously illuminated is because it cannot endure the heat generated by the lamp itself. In contrast, InterHeat’s Infrared Lamp is manufactured based on structural technology resistant to heat. The life of InterHeat Infrared Lamp is the same as that of filament.

The average life of R125 is 6 months and PAR is 4 months in the continuous lighting unless there is a glass bulb damage due to external impact.
Generally, the adhesive is used in many cases for fixing the base of the lamp to the glass, but it causes a problem of base dropout because the adhesive loses its function as the lamp generates heat. However, InterHeat has solved the problem of base dropout fundamentally with its own technology of processing the glass in a screw style.


Lamp Protector

Many problems of conventional lamp protectors were caused by the fact that high heat generated by the Infrared Lamp could not discharged to the outside. However, by applying a heat radiator on the Lamp Protector, InterHeat lowered the temperature at the back of the socket by pulling out the heat forcibly from inside of the Lamp Protector, thereby perfectly solving the problem caused by heat. In addition, thanks to the heat radiator, InterHeat Lamp Protector completed the function of water-proof by removing the holes on the shade and space between the shade and the socket. Thus, you have come to be able to clean the hog farm with water in relief.


Carbon Fiber Heater for Poultry & Swine

This product has been patented in Korea and China and acquired certification in Germany (GS), Europe (CE) and the USA (CSA/US), respectively. There is no oxygen shortage problem due to the use of electricity, which can increase the heating effect by blocking the outside air. As it doesn’t emit harmful gas such as Carbon Monoxide, there’s no respiratory disease or mass deaths of chicken and due to this the poultry productivity will be improved.
As this product is heated immediately after the switch is turned on, preheating time is not required and there is no wastage of energy. It boasts a long lifespan, and is convenient and easy to use. It takes only 5 seconds to replace the Carbon Fiber Lamp.
You can install this product at any place you want. With the use of Thermostat Controller below (orange box), you can control the temperature inside of chicken farm easily and with a safety function of the product – automatically turned off in case it falls down to the floor – you can prevent the fire.

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Industrial Cables

https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySince its establishment in 1968, Seoul Electric Wire Co., Ltd. has contributed to the national energy industry through continuous development of new products and active facilities investment and appointment of competent people. It is growing as a global electric wire enterprise by obtaining various domestic and foreign certifications.
Seoul Electric Wire is striving companywide for the development of new products and quality improvement of existing products with establishment of the newest management system, quality control and strong investment in its core workforce and R&D. It also enhances customers’ value through ensuring the best quality and comes up with products needed and trusted by the customers.
Seoul Electric Wire produces the best-quality cables used in various industrial fields and is expanding its market area through discovery of new markets and development of new products.


Ship and Marine Cables

Seoul Electric Wire is positioned as a leader of ship cables by producing various power, control, instrumentation and communication cables used for both the exteriors and interiors of ships, halogen-free cables used for marine structures, NEK 606 cables, etc. and supplying them to major domestic and foreign shipbuilding yards.



Wind Power Plants and Sun-light Cables

Seoul Electric Wire’s products are also supplied to the field of wind power plants, which is a representative industry of eco-friendly renewable energy.
Seoul Electric Wire is a unique company in South Korea which provides the wind power plants in the USA and Canada with 35KV URD cables for power supply.


Power Cables

Power cables produced by Seoul Electric Wire are widely used in the plant and distribution field, which is the foundation of national basic industries.
Typical products produced by Seoul Electric Wire include, but are not limited to, 22.9kV low-toxicity, flame retardant polyolefin cable used for the industrial distribution lines; concentric neutral type power cables; water tree retardant power cables; and special cables like flame retardant cables and fire retardant, heat-resistant cables.

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Smart Cooking Devices

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryBumil Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1980, is an enterprise specialized in producing the heating plate which is a part used in the electric pressure rice cooker, electric frying pan, medical devices, etc. and IH work coil parts used in IH range and IH rice cooker.
Bumil Industrial Co.,Ltd. has such domestic customers as Cuchen Co., Ltd., Cukoo Electronics and LG Electronics. As for the foreign customers, it has been trading with Tiger, Toshiba, etc. of Japan for 21 years and is the only Korean enterprise exporting the single parts to these companies.
Based on its accumulated technological prowess, Bumil Industrial has launched the well-being IH Smart Fryer that has applied the eco-friendly, high-efficiency, low-carbon and safe induction heating technology and the IH instant food cooker converged with the functions of cooking, quick boiling and water purification. The company is actively carrying out marketing activities for entering both domestic and global markets and doing its utmost in R&D in order to grow as a global enterprise in the field of IH smart cooking devices.


Induction Smart Fryer (SFT – IH220)

IH (induction heating electromagnetic) is an excellent fryer featuring low carbon, high efficiency, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It can be used in various kitchen environments such as convenience stores, tempura shops, and small shops. It is outstanding as it is made with stainless steel which is superior to the appearance and the kitchen environments.
IH side full heating method is employed to provide lessoily and delicious deep frying. It provides safer and hygienic environment because oil does not splash and vapor does not occur.
Fixed costs such as edible oil value, fuel cost, etc., decrease by more than 50%.
The fixed costs including cooking oil, fuel costs ,etc. and are annually decreased by 9,000$. As it is designed without a heater in the oil tank, handing of replacement of oil and cleaning are easy.



Induction Instant Food Cooker (FCH – D220)

IH Instant food cooker is featured for optimized cooking. It is a multi-function product to enjoy delicious food with quick, simple actions. It is a safe, environmentally friendly multi-food cooker suitable for households, convenience stores, schools, offices, businesses and so forth, worldwide.
Multi-function cooking is possible for quick finish within 3 minutes of ramen, udong, and fi sh cake. This has cooking function that can cook semi-prepared food, simple homemade food. It has a function in which hot water can be generated. It also has a purifier function that helps one to drink pure and clean water.

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Video Analysis System

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1810E04] SPINTEL, a company specialized in the intelligent video analysis, will launch ‘PREVAX’ which is a deep learning-based video analysis system.
The video analysis system is being extended to public facilities, traffic, and harbors as well as building security control and disaster monitoring. However, there happens a problem that even unnecessary backgrounds as well as the necessary objects are analyzed, the processing capacity gets enlarged. The image should be downsized to lower resolution for analysis. However, in this case, the accuracy is reduced.
In order to solve this problem of background modeling, PINTEL has applied the deeplearning technology based on the Convolutional Neutral Network (CNN) algorithm to PREVAX. CNN is one of the most widely used algorithms of deep learning for pattern-based analysis and prediction.
‘PREVAX’ can analyze high-resolution images of full-HD and ultra-high definition (UHD) by analyzing only necessary objects through deep running, and also can quickly and accurately recognize distant objects.
Besides the accuracy, PREVAX has integrated the functions of face recognition, license plate recognition, disaster detection, counting, etc. as well as the object recognition.
‘PREVAX’ to be launched this month is the result of PINTEL’s technological integration. Though it is a start-up venture established in 2015, PINTEL achieved recognition for its technological prowess, such as obtaining the Certification of “Excellent Procurement Product” from the Public Procurement Service in September 2017, winning the Award from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, etc. PINTEL is preparing to soar even higher with PREVAX.
PINTEL has started discussions with the security companies of the Middle East, Chile, Mexico, etc. for application of PREVAX. As PREVAX was well received as an intelligent surveillance system at the exhibition of excellence commercial items held at the Ministry of National Defense Convention Center in July, the company is also discussing application of its product to the national defense sector. PREVAX will be exhibited at the Smart Cities Summit Asia 2018 to be held at KINTEX this month.
CEO Kim Dong-key commented, “With the launch of the deep learning-based PREVAX, we will make a leap forward as an enterprise leading the domestic and foreign intelligent video analysis market.”

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Gaming Laptop

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1810E03] Recently, ultra-high-end games have come to the stage of requiring high performance that the conventional gaming laptops cannot solve. Though it is not a problem to install highperformance hardware, increasing heat in proportion to performance is a challenge for gaming laptops.
Until now, gaming laptops have selected the air-cooled type that cools the heat by rotating a cooling fan. The aircooled type embedded a thick heat pipe in order to cool heat, and it caused the gaming laptops to become too heavy.
Odyssey Z, Samsung Electronics’ gaming laptop, has discarded the air-cooled type and boldly adopted the water-cooled type to order to become thinner and lighter. Compared with the previous model which adopted the air-cooled type, its thickness was reduced by more than 1cm and the weight was also decreased by 0.34kg compared with the previous model, so that it has become easier for the users to hold the laptop with one hand despite a weak grip.
Due to the slim thickness, it is hard to imagine that a cooler is equipped merely by judging the appearance. However, this new cooling scheme is efficient enough to easily control the strong heat of the GPU and CPU.
Odyssey Z controls the heat with ‘the Z Aero Flow Cooling System.’ By placing a thin watercontaining ‘Dynamic Spread Vapor Chamber’ under the heatgenerating CPU and GPU, it induces an endothermic reaction by generating steam at the same time as the heat generation.

The principle is that the steam is rapidly cooled by the blast that two coolers located at the bottom generate, losing the heat energy and becoming water again. Z Aero Flow can release heat more effectively than the conventional air-cooled type by repeating and circulating such endothermic and exothermic reactions.
Odyssey Z with Samsung Electronics’ unique cooling technology has enabled equipping of the highperformance hardware required for high-end games, such as GTX 1060 MAX-P, 8th CFL-H CPU, PCIe SSD, DDR4-2400, etc.
This high-performance hardware can be easily recognized by the fact that you can activate new high-end options that were not previously available when you are accessing games with Odyssey Z. In the FPS game of which the victory or defeat is determined by momentary context awareness and judgment, the gamers will be able to have an advantage by choosing the high refresh rate of maximum 120Hz provided by ‘GTX 1060 MAX-P’ and G sync option with Odyssey Z.
G sync minimizes the phenomena of screen cut-off, distortion and delay by synchronizing to GeForce GTX-based PC GPUs and dramatically improving display refresh rates. Increasing the screen scanning rate to the maximum 120Hz can result in a smoother screen and higher responsiveness, which is more advantageous when the players are fighting a fierce battle.

PCle SSD, a storage device of Odyssey Z, is also a factor enabling a pleasant game play. Odyssey Z PCle SSD, which is a step ahead of the conventional SATA SSD, boasts the processing speed up to 5.2 times as fast as that of SATA SSD (maximum 2,800MB per second) and 14 times faster than general HDD.
Capacity is also provided up to 512GB, reducing the storage burden. The gamers who know well about the working principle of SSD combining the function of a virtual memory tend to intentionally leave over 30% of the storage space for optimal play. You can even use the advantage of such big capacity for victory.
RAM is also key hardware that maximizes the capability of CPU. No matter how good the CPU you may use, it cannot function well unless the RAM is backed up. Odyssey Z has also selected the DDR SDRAM and, especially, mounted DDR4 2400MHz realizing speeds of up to 37.5GB per second, thereby raising up the processing power of ‘8th CFL-H CPU,’ which is the 8th-generation Intel CPU, to the maximum. DDR4 2400MHz memory is 1.5 times as fast as the previous generation DDR3 1600MHz memory.
You can easily feel the speed that can be demonstrated in conjunction with the above-mentioned memory and CPU from the screen showing the booting is already completed as soon as you open Odyssey Z. The capability to process as if to omit booting makes you experience the start and finish without having to wait even in the situation that you have to load multiple times or in the excessive multitasking that consume a lot of memory.
Odyssey Z provides screen shot and recording functions required by broadcasters as a basic program named ‘Odyssey Control Center’ as well as game plays. If you record a video by connecting a microphone to the laptop, the sound will also be recorded at the same time.
This program is easy to use as you can proceed with screen shot and video recording immediately by pressing the separate keyboard shortcuts (Gaming Hot Keys) at the top of the mouse pad located on the right side of the Odyssey Z keyboard.
Gaming hot keys consist of four keys including a screen shot, a record button, a quiet mode, and a beast mode. Dual quiet mode and beast mode hot keys are useful as they enable you to change the arrangement of Odyssey quickly to suit your environment.
Quiet mode is a power-saving function that helps you reduce the noise to less than 22dBA by decreasing the speaker volume and minimizing the cooler rotation speed by simply pressing a shortcut, and it is suitable for you to use your laptop for daily web surfing or video watching rather than gaming.
In contrast, the beast mode is the function of maximizing the hardware performance by boosting the cooling fans by 17% more than usual and it is suitable for game plays. Of course, the battery consumption gets faster to that extent but with Odyssey Z’s battery, you can play games for about 4 hours without power connection.
The recording function used by pressing the combination key of ‘Fn + F11’ in previous Odyssey has been replaced with the function to change the proper image quality according to the game environment such as FPS, RTS, AOS, RPG, etc. in Odyssey Z. The FPS mode is automatically adjusted to high Gamma for detecting the enemies quickly, and color is also emphasized to enhance the realistic atmosphere.
In the RTS mode, comparison of contrast and color is noticeable for easy unit identification. Compared to this, AOS or RPG mode, which is played for a long time, blocks the blue light to be able to reduce fatigue, thereby providing comfortable color.


Ergonomic design adding convenience to the users

The red LED keyboard lighting that was checked in previous models is also provided to Odyssey Z. Thanks to this, even in a dark environment, you will have no difficulty in finding the correct keys on the keyboard.
Odyssey Z’s unique keyboard touch sense is dull to the extent that there seems to be little difference compared to ordinary desktop keyboards, so you can feel the unique pleasant feeling of crackling the combo.

It is also noticeable that the keyboard moved to the lower position where the pads were located in a typical laptop. When usually working with laptops, it is common to experience unwanted pointer movement and click by touching the mouse pad located in the front of the keyboard. By changing the location like this, such inconvenience has come to be solved in advance.
Above all, as the keyboard is far away from the upper part causing the heat, the concern of light burnt fingers due to long-term use of the laptop has been reduced.

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Changing its Strategy for Mid-range and Low-end Phones

https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySamsung Electronics plans to modify its midrange and low-end smartphone strategy, preloading the advanced technology on the mid-range and low-end smartphone including the Galaxy A series and expanding the release of new models.

This means Samsung will apply radical reform and innovation in all fields of smartphone including production, technology development and marketing, and significant changes in strategy of Samsung’s smartphone are thus expected.

Koh Dongjin, President of Samsung’s IT & Mobile Business, said in an interview with CNBC of the United States, “We plan to show new technology and differentiated products starting from the midrange and low-end smartphones. We will introduce mid-range and lower-end smartphones broader than existing ones by working out a new strategy.” President Koh announced that he would apply a mid-range and low-end smartphone strategy different from the conventional one even after the release of Galaxy Note 9 last month.

Samsung’s plan is based on the phenomenon that the premium smartphone market remains sluggish, such as the prolonged flagship model replacement cycle, while the demand for mid-range and low-end phones is growing, particularly in emerging markets. In addition, it seems that Samsung has a willingness to pre-empt the Chinese makers, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc., from expanding their positions in the market of mid-range and low-end phones.
Samsung Electronics has loaded the cutting-edge technologies to its mid-range and low-end smartphones like the Galaxy A series and plans to release new products incorporated with such technologies within the year. In the past, Samsung introduced new technologies to premium smartphones and then expanded them to mid-range and low-end products. However, it will now apply the ‘differentiated technologies’ to the midrange and low-end phones.

As the first case of applying the ‘two-track strategy of new technologies’ to its Galaxy smartphones, Samsung Electronics is expected to differentiate its core technologies by preloading the in-display fingerprint sensor to the Galaxy S10, and triple cameras to the Galaxy A (2019) series, respectively.

It is expected that supply expansion and product diversification of the midrange and low-end smartphone will soon move into high gear when Samsung releases the mid-range and low-end smartphones equipped with customized special functions by market.

In addition to modifying its mid-range and low-end phone strategy, Samsung Electronics has also made clear its target customers. President Koh said, “The strategy organization for mid-range and low-end smartphones will have a positive impact on targeting the millennium generation (the generation born in the 1980s to early 2000s).

Samsung’s plan is based on the awareness that it needs to differentiate itself with mid-range and low-end phones for the millennial generation which feels burdened in purchasing flagship smartphones. Samsung’s strategic move is to lead a potential premium audience from a long-term perspective.
Samsung Electronics intends to actively target the emerging markets with high demand, such as China, India, Latin America, Southeast Asia, etc., by increasing the differentiated mid-range and low-end smartphones. Samsung’s plan is to discover and lead new trends and demands.

In this context, Samsung Electronics reveals its determination to continuously compete with Apple in the premium smartphone market, while also competing with Chinese makers in the mid-range and low-end phone market.

CNBC and other foreign media evaluated that Samsung Electronics revised its mid-range and low-end phone strategy in order to cope with the sluggish global smartphone market.

They added that Samsung’s intention was to reorganize the structure with the ‘demand competition’ centered on mid-range and low-end smartphones, while avoiding ‘profit competition’ depending on the premium smartphones.

President Koh suggested that Samsung had prepared for a strategic change long before, saying “We made significant changes in our mobile R&D organization earlier this year before modifying the strategy on mid-range and low-end smartphones.”

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Home Appliances

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryPASECO is one of leading companies, which manufactures home appliances with patents such as UL, CE, NF and COC. Established as Sinwoo Textures Company in 1974, PASECO started its business by manufacturing kerosene heater wicks.


Water Dispenser

PASECO’s water dispenser keeps drinking water clean and fresh in the tank as its UV-C LED module prevents drinking water from bacterial contamination. The company has always been focused on studying how to reduce customers’ electricity bills and came up with an optical sensor. And it is a user-friendly product with good design and height, which allow everyone to drink water in a comfortable position. And finally, it is made with stainless steel 304. By adopting STS 304 stainless steel components that do not corrode and create bad smell in the tank and flow pipes, hygiene is guaranteed.

Electric Heater

PASECO’s electric heater, on the other hand, features the following: First, it has a modern look with beautiful design. And its three-step heating power allows three options. The lowest power is 600W with only the middle tube turned on, and the second power is 1,200W by turning on the first and third heating tubes. Lastly, the strongest power is 1,800W with all of its heating tubes on. Its aluminum reflector maximizes radiant energy with its heating efficiency better than stainless steel reflectors.

PASECO’s aluminum reflector maximizes radiant energy and its heating efficiency is better than stainless steel reflector. Also it helps to lower the temperature of back of product for safe use.
PASECO switched over to Woosin Electronics Co., Ltd. in 1986 and won the 1 million export tower award on Trade Day. It then changed its name to PASECO and was listed on KOSDAQ in 1999. PASECO started sales of its own brand in 2003 and concluded a supply contract for finished goods with GE for downdraft gas cook tops in the same year. Now, it exports heaters and built-in home appliances to more than 50 countries around the world. PASECO has been awarded as an Excellent Quality Competitive Enterprise for 15 consecutive years.
PASECO manufactures four types of products, namely, heaters, kitchen appliances, hygienic and commercial appliances. Its heaters are well known under the brand name, Kerona, and have been exported all over the world. Its kitchen appliances include gas cook tops, electronic and gas ranges, etc. As for hygienic appliances, it produces cloth refreshers, electronic bidets, dehumidifiers and air purifiers. Finally, it supplies rice cookers, fryers, fryer oil filters and dishwashers as commercial appliances.

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Load Break Switch & Surge Arrester

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryDong Yang EEC Co., Ltd., established in 1998, has concentrated on developing the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) line protection switch, beginning with inspection of the KEPCO distribution line protector.
As a result, Dong Yang EEC has become one of a few companies in Korea to have developed eco-friendly products such as epoxy insulated load break switch (pad mounted), polymer lightning arrester with lead wire and eco-friendly pole mounted switch as well as pad mounted SF6 gas insulated load break switch, pole mounted load break switch and automatic sectionalizing switch. In addition, by establishing the R&D center, Dong Yang EEC ceaselessly strives to implement strategic policy and achieve quality system assurance.


Eco Load Break Switch (LBS)

This was designed to improve the defects in SF6 gas insulated Load Break Switch and to enhance electric power distribution lines. Eco LBS encapsulated with cycloaliphatic epoxy material, is designed to be an explosion-free product, unlike SF6 gas insulated LBS with low gas pressure condition.
Eco LBS seeks not only the protection of the environment but also overcomes its fatal disadvantages. Eco LBS uses a Vacuum Interrupter and enhanced its switching capability, as well as, eliminates any explosion possibility by adopting the solid dielectric method. In addition, it provides maintenance free from periodic gas leaks and gas refilling tests.


Polymeric Housing Surge Arrester

This is a kind of overvoltage limitation. When overvoltage occurs, the voltage between two terminals of the surge arrester does not exceed designated value so as to make the electric apparatus avoid damage caused by overvoltage. After the action of overvoltage, it enables the system to return to normal conditions rapidly.
Dong Yang EEC’s Polymeric housing surge arrester is a gapless-type that uses ZnO element with excellent nonlinear resistance coefficient characteristic. With the ZnO element, the operation characteristics for multiple lightning and multiple surge, and anti-pollution features have been significantly improved. In addition, operating duty is available under a large current corresoding to discharge withstand current rating.

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