Gaming Indoor Bike

[INQ. NO. 2204E04] UNIVR Co., Ltd., a body of a group of people who help ordinary persons change their decision for exercise to sincerity, recently unveiled the new DETS bike G1 as part of its fitness brand DETS.
The DETS bike G1 is an integrated product of indoor bike and online mobile game in order to help the users of indoor bikes to exercise entertainingly, rather than the repetitive and boring routine of existing indoor bikes.
This is the so-called gaming indoor bike with which an exerciser can enjoy exercising while gaming with other people – through interlocking with its own developed online mobile game and Bluetooth.

Gaming Indoor Bike

DETS bike G1 has price-competitiveness over other existing products – based upon the company’s own product-development contents.
UNIVR sells and services digital healthcare products integrated with digital contents and exercise. UNIVR supplies products integrated with the public-friendly and interest-arousing game-contents, and exercises for health promotion. And it provides game-contents and exercise-management services.
UNIVR is currently engaged in home training, fitness centers, and rehabilitation areas. UNIVR commercialized DETS bike G1 for home-training in 2021 and has plans to launch gaming fitness in 2023 and non-contact rehabilitation service in 2025 – in order to supply innovative products to places where exercise is needed, from exercise to medical areas.

Gaming Indoor Bike

UNIVR developed products through more than five government-supported R&D projects. It holds many intellectual property rights such as five registered patents, and eight copyrights. At present, UNIVR is carrying out its mission as a research partner of Chungnam National University Hospital.
Through a local subsidiary in the United States, UNIVR plans to export American-style products in earnest in the second half of 2022.

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RF Hyperthermia Healthcare System

[INQ. NO. 2204E03] Developed in 2019, the RF (Radio Frequency) hyperthermia healthcare system ‘SIRIUS’ is popular among many consumers for raising human body temperature with unique ideas that no one has ever thought of, and improving blood circulation and metabolism.
SIRIUS emits bionic energy or produces deep heating, regenerates cells, and raises the body resistance and reparative power of nature. It keeps in good condition all kinds of body systems like the lymphs/blood circulation system.

RF Hyperthermia Healthcare System

SIRIUS is a painless hyperthermia therapy to raise 39 to 45 degree Celsius tissue temperature. This increases the endogenous body heat that induces vasodilation, which leads to speeding up cellular metabolism. Therefore, reinforcing the self-healing function of the body, SIRIUS is ideally performed five times per week; for some individuals, this treatment works well with fewer applications.
Since its establishment in 1996, GEMTECH CO., LTD. has grown into an innovative enterprise and venture company through constant efforts. Having its own research institute, it develops, manufactures, and sells personal healthcare and hospital medical devices and rehabilitation systems (gait rehabilitation).

RF Hyperthermia Healthcare System

GEMTECH has developed/designed and produced products, and provided services under the GMP system and ISO13485-international quality management system for medical devices. The research institute affiliated with the company, which has excellent human resources in technology, has established itself as a venture company that develop creative and innovative products always considering human health.
Developed and produced in 2019, the high-frequency stimulator (RF hyperthermia system) is popular with many consumers for raising human body temperature with unique ideas that no one has ever thought of, and improving blood circulation and metabolism. Since 2015, GEMTECH has been expanding its export markets every year.

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Professional DVT Prevention System

[INQ. NO. 2204E02] DVT-4000S is designed to continuously manage and monitor the status and progress of Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis in high-risk patients — especially those requiring long-term preventive treatment at home after leaving hospital, as well as for those requiring pre-operative care.

Pneumatic Tourniquet System
DTS-3000 is a smart pneumatic hemostatic system with advanced features such as an automatic Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) sensor, data storage, max pressure 700mmHg, 7-inch LCD screen, safety alarm system and built-in battery.

Professional DVT Prevention System
Professional DVT Prevention System

Semi-professional Compression System
LF900 is a semi-professional compression system with a compact design and effective therapy programs including four compression modes. The device provides automatic operation with an easy START / STOP button — or you can select more customized programs like time, pressure, speed, chamber to be inflated, and mode.
Since 1986, DS MAREF has been a company specializing in pneumatic medical equipment having various products lineups such as DVT prevention system, pneumatic tourniquet system, cryo compression system, air compression system for lymphatic drainage, and hand rehabilitation exercise device. Its products are exported to about 80 countries.
In addition, DS MAREF focuses on the management of products and operating systems that meet not only technical skills but also standardized medical device standards around the world, and are certified by ISO9001, EN13485, KGMP, CE, FDA, CFDA, ANVIZA, and TGA.
DS MAREF is growing into a brand that people around the world can use with confidence by strengthening its technology, based on strict medical device quality standards and global certifications.

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Infusion Pumps & Electrosurgical Unit

[INQ. NO. 2204E01] DAIWHA Corporation, Ltd. has been in operation for 43 years, and is a company specialized in the manufacturing of infusion pumps and surgical units. Focusing on people’s lives above all, DAIWHA has strived always to provide customers with a better medical environment.
DAIWHA’s infusion pumps mainly feature high accuracy, user convenience, and an IV set & syringe library. They are also equipped with a central monitoring system (wireless), which facilitates monitoring the infusion state of the patient in real time; and it can be used for patient-control analgesia and target-controlled infusion.

Infusion Pumps & Electrosurgical Unit

The electrosurgical unit under the brand name DE400 is a complex energy platform, all in one. It enables the use of bipolar electric energy with monopolar and bipolar at the same time in a generator. In laparoscopic surgery as well as laparotomy, the bipolar energy device, which is used for cut and coagulation of blood vessels and tissues, is activated by a single generator included the function of the electrosurgical unit. For the patient’s safety, DE400 also has functions such as auto power control and auto power stop.

Infusion Pumps & Electrosurgical Unit

MEDISONIC DU-SERIES is an ultrasonic energy-device that is used for cutting and sealing blood vessels and tissue during open and minimally invasive surgery. It is the first domestic surgical energy device with a 90% market share among global medical device manufacturers.
The integrated transducer which converts electricity into ultrasonic energy reduces the costs of continuous replacement and sterilization. Moreover, it provides convenience as the cable is not twisted during operation.
MEDISONIC (338g) is made of lightweight materials to minimize fatigue of the user’s wrist by being lighter than other products.

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Shaping New Experiences and Values by Combining Various Technologies and Creative Ideas

CELLBIG Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, has the most advanced technology organization in commercializing a wide range of the latest technologies – including deep learning video recognition technology; projection mapping technology; virtual enhancement reality technology; SW HW fusion technology; and gamification content technology – which is differentiated from AR/VR/MR/AI companies.
The content produced by CELLBIG was revolutionary for everyone and helped them grow as clients and successful partners.

We met with the CEO of CELLBIG Co., Ltd., Lee Sang-ro, to listen to what he had to say about the overall growth of the company including his further goals for this year.

Please tell us more about your company?
We combine tiny cells to create big content. CELLBIG always thinks ahead. We create distinct values that will lead the way into the next era based on a spirit of challenge for technological innovation and customer-centered creative thinking.

CEO of CELLBIG Co., Ltd., Lee Sang-ro

CELLBIG is creating new unique values in response to customer needs and market changes, while planning and producing future-oriented content that will lead the way in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
In particular, our corporate content research lab makes consistent R&D efforts for contents that will lead the next generation, leveraging a variety of innovative technologies, including augmented reality, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, holograms, and furthermore, the metaverse.

Shaping New Experiences and Values by Combining Various Technologies and Creative Ideas

What are your main export items?
We produce a new concept of ‘edutainment’ content that combines education and play based on CELLBIG’s high-tech AR, VR, MR, and A.I. expertise, and it is content that allows users to learn and enjoy through various forms of learning and games at the same time, and this is what we are exporting overseas.

Which export markets are you currently focusing on, and what potential markets are you considering exploring in the future?
In the past, China, Japan, the Philippines, and more recently the United States have achieved successful results and gained recognition in various countries and in the domestic markets. CELLBIG is exploring more overseas markets by developing high technology in various fields as well as the current education market.


Please elaborate on your company’s growth goals for this year?
We have created a metaverse prototype based on tangible contents that have received a great response and recognition for CELLBIG’s numerous results so far. Currently, it is used in all keywords, and large companies are scrambling to make it, so CELLBIG’s realistic contents that have been steadily developed for nearly 20 years are metaverse themselves.
In addition to specializing in the field of education, we aim to grow the metaverse widely in various sales in 2022. We have already conducted metaverse business in industries such as education, fashion, defense, and mold. And it will be a year to gain a foothold in stock listings, driven by continued company growth. In addition, we want to publicize and gain wider recognition for CELLBIG’s high technology through various routes in order to attract foreign investment.


Finally, do you have any further messages for your potential global business partners?
CELLBIG is already highly recognized, not only in Korea but also abroad, because the consensus people see and feel cannot be divided into borders. It is the same regardless of East and West and they are convinced of CELLBIG’s excellent content.
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Eco-friendly Wireless Traffic Safety System (GIWICS)

[INQ. NO. 2203E23] G&I TECH Co., Ltd. is a company that develops, manufactures and sells traffic-safety systems, road studs, traffic-safety facilities, exit signs, exterior-lighting products, etc.
Earning recognition from the Korean government for outstanding quality and performance of solar LED road studs developed by its skilled researchers, the company obtained the certification of SME performance and the designation of excellent procurement product for the first time in Korea in 2017.
Thanks to its ceaseless R&D endeavors, the company was able to develop GIWICS (G&I Wireless Control System), a solar-powered wireless traffic-safety system using lighting facilities in 2018, and exports it to 20 foreign markets, thereby taking the lead in the traffic safety sector.
GIWICS technology is an eco-friendly wireless traffic safety system that prevents accidents and provides a smooth traffic environment by giving drivers a warning notification in advance through solar LED road safety facilities installed on roads through wireless communication using IoT technology – by predicting in advance the possibility of accidents by various situations including the changes in road environment such as sudden congestion, sudden curves, and tunnel access roads, as well as climate changes such as fog/non/black ice, etc. – through various wireless sensor detectors tailored to the field situation.
In addition, after obtaining a patent and being designated as a public procurement service innovative product in recognition of its remarkable ideas and technology, GIWICS is widely used for road safety in Korea.

Eco-friendly Wireless Traffic Safety System (GIWICS)

GIWICS, lead safer technology of wireless solar and IoT technology
GIWICS, which is equipped with wireless solar power and IoT technology, is very suitable to the realization of smart roads and urban planning. As road traffic safety and environmental protection have become the biggest concerns in road traffic sectors worldwide, the integrated solution of GIWICS provided by G&I TECH will certainly play a key role in creating smart road conditions by protecting the environment and maximizing road safety for both drivers and pedestrians to lead safer daily lives.
GIWICS uses solar energy instead of electricity and reads, controls, and adjusts the traffic environment in real time through a radio transmission and reception system (IoT) and GPS functions.
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An Emerging Global Leader in the Field of Eco-friendly Road Traffic Safety Facilities

G&I Tech Co., Ltd. has ever since its establishment in 2010 been professionally developing and manufacturing various high-quality traffic safety products and systems required for the safety of pedestrians and drivers – including expressway fences, crosswalk fences, bicycle path fences, park view fences, etc. – and thus positioning itself as an innovative leader in the field of eco-friendly solar LED traffic safety studs.

We met the CEO of G&I Tech, Suh Chang-beom, to listen to what he had to say about the overall growth of the company including his further goals for this year.
Please tell us more about your company?

CEO of G&I Tech

Since 2010, G&I TECH CO., LTD. has developed and manufactured various types of traffic-safety products and systems required for better safety on the roads — in particular protective LED markers for expressways crosswalks, bicycle paths, and so forth. We are now recognized as a leader in the field of innovative, eco-friendly solar LED traffic-safety studs.
I personally participated in the technology development based on my engineering experience in road transportation. After officially opening a research institute in 2017, we have been intensifying our R&D efforts with a team of highly experienced engineers.

An Emerging Global Leader in the Field of Eco-friendly Road Traffic Safety Facilities

What items are you mainly exporting?
Our solar LED road marker first acquired the small-and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) performance authentication from the Korean government in recognition of its superb quality and performance and was designated as an excellent product by the Public Procurement Service.
And our solar LED traffic safety system, GIWICS, was registered at the Expressway Technology Market, designated as a procurement innovation product, and selected as an excellent innovative product of SMEs – in recognition of its innovation standard and technology level.

solar LED road marker

Our solar wireless traffic system GIWICS – a collaborative technology of our eco-friendly solar and IoT — is a new-concept traffic safety system that utilizes solar and wireless IoT. As this requires no installation of wire, it can be installed in various global road environments without restrictions – including frequent congestion sections, black ice sections, and child protection areas, etc., depending on the purpose of each installation.

ur solar wireless traffic system GIWICS – a collaborative technology of our eco-friendly solar and IoT — is a new-concept traffic safety system that utilizes solar and wireless IoT.

Domestically, we have been delivering GIWICS to various road-related demand clients such as local governments, Korea Expressway Corporation, etc., receiving good approval ratings for the high quality of our products. Thus, GIWICS was chosen as a national innovative product in recognition of its superb performance. Currently, with GIWICS drawing keen attention from various sources, we are further expecting the demand for our GIWICS to steadily increase.

Which export markets are you currently focusing on, and what potential markets are you considering exploring in the future?
Starting with the first exports in 2014, we have been steadily exporting to more than 20 nations in Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, etc. At present, we are launching various overseas promotion activities in accordance with the so-called “Living with COVID-19” – in order to advance into the major American and Japanese markets in earnest, which was delayed due to the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

G&I Tech

Please elaborate on your company’s growth goals for this year?
Amidst the traffic safety and environmental issues that are emerging around the world, we are intensifying our efforts this year with an aim to promote our latest new concept of road traffic safety system utilized with our own eco-friendly energy to both domestic and overseas markets through brisk promotion activities.
Although overseas business has slowed down and restrictions have been placed on advancing into overseas markets – caused by the unexpected pandemic since 2020 — we have achieved good export performance through steady indirect promotion activities (online, SNS, etc.). In preparation for the post-COVID-19 era and stabilization of markets, we are aiming to reinvigorate our efforts to launch more active promotions than ever before for advancing into overseas markets.
We are further making creative, sincere efforts in order to contribute not only to improving the safety of the nation’s road traffic environment, but also to global traffic safety – through ceaseless R&D investment based upon our eco-friendly solar technology with our own accumulated know-how. From now on, we plan to contribute to society with more advanced products and play a part in building the next-generation smart cities.

G&I Tech

Finally, do you have any further messages for your potential global business partners?
G&I TECH aims to contribute to building eco-friendly smart-cities in the modern world where everything is rapidly developing and changing. We plan to provide effective road safety facilities by actively utilizing pure green-energy solar and wireless IoT smart technology. We will thus contribute to building safer, more convenient, and pleasant city environments that pedestrians and drivers can enjoy with peace of mind.
As our products can be installed even in remote locations where no electricity exists and operated independently – with no restrictions regarding installation position, there are various advantages such as easy maintenance. With great potential for market-expansion, we will ensure fulfillment of orders received.

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Aviation Service Solutions

[INQ. NO. 2203E22] Urielsoft Co., Ltd. started in 2006 with an aim of providing the best aviation service solution. Urielsoft is continuously designing and developing optimal solutions and devices that are necessary to perform the tasks in the fields of air-passenger processing and airport operation. The following is our major products for airports and airlines, and we are also able to develop or customize solutions as per our clients’ requirements.

SACOMS (Smart Airport Central Operation Management System) Consulting is an airport system design and introduction consulting service for new airports or existing airports that do not have a system yet to process passengers. Through SACOMS Consulting, we design a phased project to ultimately form a ‘Smart Airport’ and propose system suitable for each airport’s situation.


AirCUS at Incheon International Airport is a platform that supports airline task processes such as check-in and boarding tasks, interfacing with airline systems in accordance with international standards. It is an open system that does not depend on specific hardware and software.


AirBRS at Incheon International Airport is a system for baggage management, asset tracking, and ground operation that checks the passenger lists and whether their bags are actually loaded in the aircraft before the flight departs.


CUSS Application
CUSS is a service that allows passengers to check-in via kiosks installed in the airport without going through the check-in counters, thus speeding up the passenger-processing time.
Urielsoft has developed numerous CUSS applications for major LCCs in Korea.

CUSS Application

U-LDCS is a CUPPS standard system to process passengers, especially for those airlines whose DCS application is not available in the airport. Airlines can use U-LDCS to check-in their passengers, print boarding passes and baggage tags.

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Bio Signal Total Solution

[INQ. NO. 2203E21] Bistos Co., Ltd. is researching, developing, and manufacturing medical equipment. With more than 20 years of know-how in the medical devices field, the company continuously supplies its products to the domestic market as well as the global market.
Bistos has been exporting to more than 110 countries, equipped with ISO, CE, and FDA certifications. Bistos is expected to lead the medical equipment market in the future and contribute to medical device development and service improvement.

Patient Monitor
Patient Monitor obtains the physiological signals such as ECG, respiratory rate, NIBP, SpO2, temperature, and other optional parameters. There are various sizes of display (15, 12, 8, 4 inches) with color TFT touch screen. It can check multiple monitors through the central monitoring system. It provides multiple placement modes with its smart hook & stand design. It works over 5 hours on battery.

Patient Monitor

Fetal Monitor
The non-invasive fetal monitoring system provides graphical and numerical information on fetal heart rate and maternal uterine contraction. It has two 1MHz dopplers for twin measurement and the probes are waterproof.
It has a 7-inch color TFT LCD display and a central monitoring system is available. Cardiotocography (CTG) analysis function calculates important data such as baseline, acceleration, deceleration and fetal movement.

Fetal Monitor

Infant Incubator
Infant Incubator is for non-invasively and invasively measuring and graphically showing humidity, air temperature, skin temperature, O2 module, weight, and SpO2. It precisely controls inside the incubator hood and double-wall construction provides the most optimal environment for premature infants.

Infant Incubator

Phototherapy treats neonatal jaundice using high-intensity blue LED lights. It is noiseless with a fan-less design and can control the intensity of light for two levels. Two types of phototherapy are selectable: stand type; and blanket type. It can be used with an infant incubator and infant warmer.


Fetal Doppler
Fetal Doppler measures the fetal heart rate and outputs the fetal heart sound through a built-in speaker. It is pocket-sized with a 2 or 3 MHz frequency waterproof probe. It has various types of display: sound only, LCD, color LCD, and desktop type.
Dedicated PC software enables the user to save and manage fetal heart rate and sound data.

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Smart Driving-Test Solution

[INQ. NO. 2203E20] Neo Information Systems Co., Ltd. is the first company that has won approval for an automatic marking system for a driver’s license test from the Korea’s National Police Agency. It provides a total solution for driving tests, from written tests to functional tests, and from a driving-test course to road tests, to license issuance.
Driving tests, which used to be manually graded by supervisors, can now be more fairly and precisely conducted thanks to the 100% electronic marking system. By installing a real-time high-precision GNSS system in a driving test vehicle, the 100% automated marking system has been achieved without burying sensors in and around a driving test course. Neo Information Systems’ own location correction algorithm boasts accuracy with an error range of less than 1cm.

Smart Driving-Test Solution

In addition, the surround-view system and DVR provide recorded test videos for real-time monitoring or views, thus reducing possible complaints. The automatic safety solution, which secures the safety of student drivers, prevents dangerous situations arising from unskilled driving by automatically stopping the engine when the vehicle’s RPM is too high, or it is moving too fast.
Neo Information Systems has moved into the integrated business area related to driver’s license tests and transportation & driving systems such as driving test electronic-marking systems and written-test management and computing systems for driving schools, capturing more than 80% of the domestic market.

Smart Driving-Test Solution

The solution-provider, Neo Information Systems, aims to take the lead in establishing standards for international driving-test electronic marking systems, by actively tracking global trends.
The integrated system for driving tests is being used not only in Korea but also in 11 overseas nations. Based on substantive experience in installing the system in other countries, the providers are able to modify and change the solution to satisfy local driving tests and training circumstances at customers’ requests.

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