Security Cameras Techwin Co., Ltd. has recently presented its latest new security camera, X series Plus. Focusing on ease of installation, the new, highly modular X series Plus is one of the easiest cameras to install, service and upgrade saving installers time and money.
Available in either 2MP or 5MP indoor or outdoor configurations, X series Plus cameras utilize magnets to lock sensor modules into the housing for instant snap-in installation. Electricians can run a conduit with a single PoE connection to the mounting plate without the camera base, module, and top cover. This allows security professionals to snap the camera and covers into place after the job site is clean within just minutes.
“Made with integrators in mind, our new easy-access packaging lets installers configure cameras without taking them out of the box,” said Paul Kong, CTO, Hanwha Techwin America. He added, “We have separated the housing and module containers, enabling installers to directly access the RJ-45 jack resulting in many hours of configuration time saved during larger installations.”
Camera modules are available with options such as PTRZ, IR and a heater. Designed to save time and money by not requiring a trip to the camera location when fine-tuning, the PTRZ option allows modifications to the camera’s position after installation is complete. Housing choices include indoor, outdoor and a new compact plenum-rated flush mount. Removable skin covers are available in white, black and ivory and allow easy changing of colors to blend into the décor of the room. Custom painting is also facilitated since the skins easily separate from the camera.
New features enable pre-recorded audio messages to be triggered by in-camera analytics. The audio files are played out from the camera’s audio output connection.
This X series Plus is based on Wisenet 5 proprietary chipset for advanced performance, featuring built-in analytics and enhanced cyber security. This has increased operating temperatures from -58° to 140°F (-50° to 60° C). The tilt angles increased to 85v degrees for wider coverage with low ceilings. Outdoor vandal dome configurations support up to IP6K9K and IK10+ ratings. New gyro sensors provide shock detection function for this product.

New 5MP Multi-Directional Camera
Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd. has revealed its latest multi-sensor camera, the Wisenet PNM-9000VD (2-head) delivering 5MP image quality and modular lens configuration at an affordable price.
The PNM-9000VD supports 30fps image capture and true 120dB WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) without compromising frame rate for each of its 5MP sensors. For maximum adaptability, configurable factory focused lens/CMOS sensor modules are available in 3.7, 4.6, and 7mm for multiple fields of view that can be easily installed onsite. Hallway view aspect ratios are also supported for monitoring of vertically shaped areas. Each sensor has its own Wisenet 5 chip providing a full suite of built-in video analytics including loitering, directional detection, fog detection, tampering, motion detection, and objects entering or exiting an area.
The PNM-9000VD supports a selectable triple codec featuring H.265/H.264/MJPEG complemented by Hanwha’s WiseStream II technology. Even for customers still utilizing H.264-based VMS and servers today, having H.265 capable cameras provide a future-proof investment as infrastructure evolves.
“Hanwha Techwin is one of the first manufacturers of multi-sensor cameras in the market that support a triple codec including H.265,” explained Ray Cooke, Vice President of Solution & Product Management, Hanwha Techwin America. He added, “We’re happy to see the increased momentum for H.265 as more organizations realize that high-resolution video doesn’t have to take up more space.”
The PNM-9000VD utilizes a single IP address requiring only one VMS license, thus further reducing the costs of installation, service, and support. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Wireless Ethernet Bridge Transceiver is a provider of innovative wireless security solutions. Arnix utilizes image transfer technology of extreme wireless and Ethernet Bridge. It is a system that links wire and wireless into one package, composed of IP camera and NVR (Network Video Recorder).
Generally, it is relatively easy to use with friendly user-interface and excellent for after sales service and maintenance for having solved linkage problems when wireless video transceiver products are applied to IP cameras, difficult interface and complicated installation.
Arnix features several advantages over other systems in its structure as well as costs. First, it is so easy to install, not even requiring professional help. Installation time is short and transfer simple. Also, administration has been simplified. The cost for installation has been reduced as well because it does not require LAN or coaxial cable.
It is not necessary to rent a fork crane as pulling is not required. In terms of technical aspects, it can cover up to 3Km (LOS). It features beam forming and auto channel selection along with 4X4 MIMO that supports 1.7Gbps data rate.
Established in April 2006, EMW Co., Ltd. has produced various high-value products such as mobile antenna, electromagnetic material, smart grid solution and wireless security system through endless innovation and development in original technology. Moreover, EMW is now expanding its business into advanced technology products such as heavy-duty antennas and air purifiers as well.
EMW is leading the global wireless communication industry through its expertise in technology and exclusive know-how. With its motto, “Company with heart,” it wants to be remembered by its customers as an admirable corporate model for its dedication to customer satisfaction, truthful management and excellent competitiveness.
EMW has been devoting itself to developing and manufacturing antennas for portable devices since its founding in 1998, resulting in nearly 100% sales growth every year, eventually becoming the number one in Korea and number three global cellular antenna manufacturer.
The wireless communication market today is growing faster than ever, greater than any other market. Wireless communication is evolving beyond human-to-human connectivity into object-to-object connectivity, such as 4G communication systems and ubiquitous networks. These changes indicate unlimited possibilities, and at the same time the potential for keen competition in the near future. At the threshold of an unlimited market of the future, EMW is planning to evolve into a provider for total solution RF parts, the core of wireless communication. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Video Information Security System Information Technology’s SECUWATCHER for CCTV is a video information security system for preventing infringement of private information by CCTV video leakage and forgery using encryption and safe transmission system. SECUWATCHER for CCTV is divided into external image export module, image export (personal privacy protection function) and video encryption module. It can be added to an existing CCTV system facility as an additional configuration.
Video encryption module in SECUWATCHER for CCTV encrypt video image files in real-time is to protect personal privacy from any possibility of video leakage and forgery.
This is an NIS-accredited high-speed encryption of large-capacity image files with lightweight encryption (real-time encryption). This secures storage of image files through the lightweight encryption module. This causes no changes in image file size before and after encryption. It supports video data access control with image encryption function to prevent indiscriminate usage by internal users.
This is a perfect security system for personal information (personal image) in CCTV video footage. It ensures prevention of secondary damage due to video leakage with video encryption. Moreover, illegal image distribution, forgery and duplication are blocked at the time of viewing and exporting images.
SECUWATCHER allows video information manager to systematically manage the use details through a supporting dashboard that provides information on video use data and various kinds of information. SecuWatcher supplies exclusive security video player so that it can prevent the occurrence of illegal regeneration of videos.
WooKyoung Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 having highest quality of IT service with enterprising and challenging mind. IT industry offers an innovative systematic management, continuous research and development of variety of products and services for customer satisfaction.
Therefore, WooKyoung Information Technology Co., Ltd. uses video information to provide security system based on image information security technology that has been accumulated over years of research and development in encryption, human & face detection and watermark technology. The innovative technologies used takes the products offered to the next level and makes it fit for the international market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Video Walkie-talkie Service’s ProPTT2 is a smart device-based, world-first video walkie-talkie service.
“ProPTT2” provides video push-to-talk and video real-time Push-To-Talk functions that help you to check field/users situations in real-time and those features are provided from a single app.
ProPTT2 is a video walkie-talkie service that also supports various multimedia data sharing among users such as text messaging, transferring images, sharing user’s location information based on Wi-Fi/3G/LTE.
Another feature is that smart device users can talk to two-way UHF/VHF/FRS radio users by using “ProGate,” which is a RoIP gateway device that can be connected with a ProPTT2 system.
Depending on the customers’ business environment, “ProPTT2” of IMPTT Inc. offers ASP service (Cloud) that allows one to lease a server with a monthly plan. It also offers a server package product where customers can install the server software.
ProPTT2 developer web ( provides client SDK and guide documents which help customers to develop their own video PTT clients. Currently, IMPTT offers server package products and clients to more than 50 countries through the ProPTT2 web site (
IMPTT Inc. is an Internet protocol based PTT(Push-To-talk) software development venture, aiming for global No.1 video push-to-talk service. IMPTT offers a smart device-based video push-to-talk service (ProPTT2) and RoIP (Radio over Internet Protocol) gateway device (ProGate) that support voice PTT compatible with two-way radio.
And IMPTT has acquired FCC/CE/KC certifications, GS (Good Software, the first grade) certification, and patents for core products (ProPTT2, ProGate). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

USB Lock Kit is an iris-identification, security-based product. Last month, it was delivered to a UAE government department. This is a personal product, so each individual can use it by storing their iris records. However, each person uses their own USB lock kit as each person has their individual iris. That’s why its clients include organizations such as national defense which requires stronger security than others.
The USB lock kit includes a battery, camera, memory, and iris identification software. This can instantly be used in various operating systems (OS) including Windows, Android, and Apple’s Ios, without installation of separate software.
The company’s president stated “We developed this product by investing KRW 3 billion since 2013 and are pleased to launch the world’s first USB armed both with security and convenience.”

Face-recognition IoT Door Lock
IRISYS released its new flagship face-recognition door lock last year. This door lock applies IoT technology and allows only a person whose face was registered in advance to enter the protected premises. The user can use this product more safely and conveniently than other existing ones just by closely putting his or her face on it, without any risk of losing the door key or of leaking the password of the door.
The biometric data thorough the algorithm developed by the company is available in a way that is not stored at all and can deliver a recognition speed of within 0.5 seconds as its biggest advantage.
Moreover, this product is capable of facial recognition of up to 100 persons, allows the input of passwords, and can be opened by users through the contact of an RFID card. In particular, adopting the push-pull handle feature, this new-concept door lock allows the users to swiftly open the door by simply pulling and pushing the handle.
In a state of battery shortage, this door lock informs the user of the exchange timing of the battery in advance by emitting a musical sound; and in the case of a weak, discharged battery, it can open and close the door temporally by using the built-in 9V battery. If this product is not operated normally due to the potential problems caused by the discharged battery or the electronic aspect, an emergency key that can open the door is also available. Also, this product supports the check function about the access records through the mobile application interlocking as an option.
This product’s development was completed in September last year and was first targeted at overseas markets including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Singapore. This year this company has plans to sell 300,000 units of USB lock kits in the local market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Security Cameras Robotics Co., Ltd. recently unveiled two cameras that can monitor a distance of up to 5km by using an embedded 25watt laser at SECON 2019.
These two cameras are installed on four dustproof coils, so as not to be exposed to to trembling. With a micro actuator that uses triaxial servo-motor, these cameras automatically adjust the camera’s viewing angle, as well as the laser beam’s length and direction, thus repeatedly illuminating subjects by laser.
Moreover, these cameras have a built-in autozoom function featuring fast response speed so that the operation speed is automatically decreased in long-distance mode. The company’s 3740 series is a model with a thermal camera.
Whitebox Robotics is a solution provider and system integrator in perimeter security, homeland security, and pipeline security. It offers complete system integration, development, design, installation, after sales service, and training, thus enabling the company to provide its clients with turn-key projects.
Field-proven Integrated Security Management System (ISMS) software from Whitebox Robotics can be easily modified, expanded, and customized for specific application to clients’ needs. The ISMS includes Whitebox Robotics’ unique software such as Integrated Digital Map Display, Intelligent Video Motion Detection, Panoramic View Generator, and various modular sub-level agent software for ground surveillance radar, remote weapon control station, access control system, CCTV, detection sensors, network DVR, etc. The ISMS and network solution can be applied to airports, sea ports, military bases, borderlines, pipelines, nuclear power plants, government facilities, and correctional centers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

A New Leader in Interactive Virtual Reality Content and Platforms is an interactive virtual reality content and platform producer that provides total solutions such as planning, building, developing, and management to industry, education, culture, and entertainment sectors.
4THEVISION leads people into an immersive experience in media technology, exploring various & new media fields such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality ― all of which have enormous applicability in multiple business fields ranging from entertainment (such as games, films, soap operas and attraction devices for theme parks) to medical, education, and commerce sectors.
4THEVISION wants to build a meta-immersive media world and provide new and fun experiences to everyone around the globe by combining user-oriented creative ideas, boundless imagination and state-of-the-art technology, transcending the boundaries between reality and the virtual world. The company has more than 10 years of experience in Korea.

Digital Twin ‘VFACT’
Digital smart factory represents a significant further step in VR Simulation
As a matter of fact, 4THEVISION provides virtual reality solutions also for education, training, operation and simulation fields for industrial enterprises.
With digital twin contents, you can utilize actual data, thanks to the development of a real-time communication system that uses a virtual twist simulator and virtual reality contents. That’s why its project lets you experience a VR monitoring system (using IOT sensors and a real-time getaway), a new maintenance training system and a new VR simulation system for safety (both using an industrial equipment simulator).
Moreover, the company is now working in the Gobi desert in Mongolia with Oyu Tolgoi, which is the world’s fifth largest mine, in order to develop safety training contents useful both for employees and visitors.

W.A.V: a new paradigm of music
Among its various projects, 4THEVISION created W.A.V which is a VR entertainment Karaoke contents platform. Through W.A.V, you can experience new and awesome performance stages with K-Pop stars. Moreover, you can make your own stage anywhere you want.
There are also different modes you can choose from: like the Unlimited Singing Stage, the Duet and the Immersive Concerts. W.A.V allows anyone to be a K-Pop star. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Mini PTZ Camera’s mini PTZ camera is a small and lightweight mini CCTV camera that can be used in various locations such as general buildings, shopping malls, schools, and hospital facilities.
By supporting PoE function, it is convenient to install without additional power supply.
By supporting ONVIF, it is compatible with with various NVRs. It has dustproof and waterproof function by supporting IP66.
This camera is a network PTZ dome camera equipped with IR LIGHT and 2 megapixel camera with 3X optical zoom lens. It basically has functions of 3X optical zoom and 2 megapixels. The IR radiation range is 30m. The pan and tilt travel speed are 25°/s and 20°/s, respectively. It has functions of lightning & surge protection. The waterproof and dustproof grade is IP66.
With the best technology and abundant creativity, CECURITI Co., Ltd. will have a plan to lead the future with the aim of human security center system. In order to build cutting-edge information communication business, the company will reorganize and reinforce the organization. As a company engaged in the information and communication construction business, the company is doing its best to accumulate technological power to pursue new specialized companies and realize the management goal of fulfilling corporate social responsibility with all employees. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Ethernet & PoE Extender’s ECP-101 and EUP-101 series are high-speed, long distance Ethernet & PoE extender that makes it possible to transmit the Ethernet signal and PoE up to 600m through coax cables in different situations.
These are cost-effective and time-saving solutions designed to migrate the existing analog system to an IP-based system since the devices support easy installation utilizing the existing cable.
As the devices can transmit the network signal and PoE power up to 500m, installers can easily overcome the 100-meter distance limitation of the traditional network configuration and reduce the construction cost and time significantly.
Intercoax, founded in 2014, is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality Ethernet over coax & any cable extenders and PoE repeaters. Since the successful launch of the 1-port EoC equipment, the company is offering a broad spectrum of products to meet the needs of the broad IP security market.
Intercoax has the world’s best technology in the field of EoC transmission equipment, and it continuously provides a continuous customized product lineup and enterprise product management software through continuous research and development. The company is determined to grow into a global top network solution provider by continuously providing complete solutions and cutting-edge technologies for customers’ satisfaction. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Digital Video Recorders & Digital Surveillance Systems Global’s Matrix enables unlimited channel expansion, and video recording is available from DVR through Loop out. Images linked with eight monitors can be operated quickly and conveniently with a mouse and a joystick. In particular, the joystick can easily select the PTZ control and the partition mode of the desired image.
X-Primero (16R, 32R) is an all-hybrid product that is able to connect AHD, TVI, CVI, HD-SDI, EX-SDI and IPC. This can establish a desired system in a location where CCTV was already installed, or CCTV installation is required.
i-Primero (32R NP, 16P, 32P) is an NVR product and it supports 4K resolution of both input and output, and POE connection with all 32 kinds of channels is available. With plug & play support, if an IP camera is connected to a POE port of NVR, image viewing and saving is available without separate settings. In addition, all 3R products have convenient UI and P2P function, so everyone can use it easily, merely with a few clicks by external network connection.
3R Global has been developing and manufacturing highly advanced embedded DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), NVRs (Network Video Recorders) and Matrix such as digital surveillance systems, drawing a great market response. In addition, increased efforts will be focused on developing Information Home Appliance and its application solutions. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods