UV Digital Light Processing 3D Printer

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1806E27] Gooo3D, a UV digital light processing (DLP) 3D printer manufacturer, has recently announced that it concluded an export contract of 3D printers worth US$0.3 million with NOVAC, a professional distributor of electronic products in Japan. Seven months have passed since Gooo3D had an export meeting with NOVAC at CEATAC, a consumer electronics show held in Chiba, Japan in October 2017. NOVAC will now sell its G Printer series throughout Japan, starting with the new product, G Printer Jewelry.
President & CEO Gwang-hyeon Kim said, “This export contract has proved the performance of the G Printer. We will increase our share in the global 3D printer market including Japan by developing excellent products continuously.
Gooo3D’s G Printer Jewelry is a DLP 3D printer applying UV light source for manufacturing jewelry. This printer is the second product of Gooo3D which developed the UV DLP 3D printer for the first time in Korea.
With its high resolution of 62.5 microns, neat design and strong interface, this product is the best UV DLP 3D printer that enables top experts to manufacture premium jewelry in a perfect environment.


Touch LCD screen and 3D preview

This product has adopted the touch screen, maximizing user convenience. The touch screen of G Printer Jewelry creates a synergy effect with the simple interface so that users can handle the product conveniently. Users can check the data before output in 3D through the 3D preview function built into the device. Users can see what data are currently outputted through the 3D preview. Users can check the model currently outputted, modeling and model information, and the output information on the spot without turning on a PC.


Wireless data transmission function

You can transmit data wirelessly without connecting the PC to the printer. Work time is reduced as the 3D data from your PC are directly sent to the device. Besides, data transmission is supported via a USB storage device for use in an environment where there is no Internet connection.
Weighing 11kg, this printer adopts 7” touch LCD. As printing technology, this printer uses UV DLP(Digital Light Processing). For slicing software, G STUDIO is utilized.

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Wireless Auxiliary Battery-based Media Platform

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1806E25] Smart IoT Limited Co. registered a patent for the related technology and applied for PCT. It has since realized and is providing a media platform based on wireless auxiliary battery for the first time in the world based on unrivaled technological prowess. As for the business of Smart IoT Limited Co. the company is developing software designed to link the user’s smartphone with the wireless auxiliary battery based on ICT (information and communication technologies). This mobile application can provide corporate clients and customers with various media contents, such as all types of text, images, video, etc., and display the desired information. It is also possible to create customized applications offering the functions required by corporate clients.
Smart IoT Limited Co. has manufactured the product considering users’ safety and the environment. Its product emits less heat than other products and provides efficient wireless charging by enhancing its safety and the degree of completion. In order to improve users’ convenience and practicality of the product, the product provides stable wireless charging based on Smart IoT’s unique technological prowess that prevents the smart device from deteriorating.

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All Coated Film(HEAT PLUS)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1806E25] Seggi Century’s all coated film(HEAT PLUS) is made with precise application technology of less than 10 microns in process, characterized by the heat dissipation from carbon by applying carbon to the PET film. It is a high-tech heating film that can be used semi-permanently unless heat-treated at 70°C for 72 hours and cut with scissors.
The film is a special fabric laminated with exterior PET (double layer) and middle stiff material. It is specially waterproofed to prevent contact with air and moisture, so it can be used semi-permanently for future oriented wall, ceiling, floor, and heater. The film is being actively exported to all over the world with its excellent quality and outstanding performance.
Above all, it achieved recognition in Japan, which is particular about quality, and succeeded in export for the first time in the domestic all coated film industry. It is currently the only product that is being exported so far.
It is produced in high-tech process with almost no temperature deviation by using high-tech precision printing technology that can uniformly print nano size high purity carbon particles. In the production of heating films, silver electrodes are formed on the copper foil and carbon heating element to produce the best laminating method without sparks. It is the best film in Korea that enhances stability with the use of insulative and flame retardant films to the world-class quality.


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Forest Therapy Air Cleaner

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1806E24] W Co., Ltd., established in 1999, is a company distributing an eco-friendly cleaning agent not harmful to either humans or the environment, and a forest therapy air cleaner for cars that can be beneficial to people’s health. Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner is a small but effective forest therapy air cleaner that creates air cleaning effects with negative ions and makes the cleaned air healthy with the phytoncide once more. This product eliminates harmful substances and bad odors in cars and provides healthier air. It relieves your fatigue during long-distance driving and helps lessen runny nose, sneezing, etc. caused by rhinitis. You can move and use it freely anywhere, such as the office, rooms for your parents or children whose level of immunity might be weak, study rooms for students requiring concentration, as well as for automobiles.
The clear-cut distinctions between Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner and other phytoncide products are as follows: First, while other phytoncide products use the phytoncide extract from the retinispora, the phytoncide used in Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner is extracted from the trees containing phytoncide with efficacy far higher than that extracted from retinispora trees, thereby guaranteeing the efficacy and having no side effects to the extent that it is edible. This comparison is proved by the scientific research and journal. Second, other products use a compound of the phytoncide extract and the synthetic oil, but Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner uses pure natural phytoncide extract. In comparison with other products, the quality of natural phytoncide extract determines the high efficacy of Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner.

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Smart Baby Monitor

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1806E15] Monit Smart Baby Monitor is a baby tech product composed of diaper sensor, air quality measuring hub and app service. Att ached on the outer surface of the diaper, the app distinguishes between urine and feces and sounds the alarm accordingly. Thus, it helps the parent to replace the diaper immediately, thereby preventing diaper rash and urinary tract infection.
The air quality measuring hub monitors the air quality, including temperature, humidity and VOC (volatile organic compounds) gas, around the babies and supports the alarm function when the sett ing range is exceeded. This unit helps prevent atopic dermatitis, respiratory diseases, etc.
It is possible to check the condition of babies’ diapers and surrounding air quality without any limitation of both indoor and outdoor space through connection of Bluetooth (4.0 or higher) and Wi-Fi.
Up to seven diaper sensors can be interlocked and used simultaneously, and it is convenient to use this unit even when there are many babies. Up to fi ve people can receive the app alarm at the same time.
Monit Co., Ltd., a company researching, developing and producing smart baby care products, has a vision of helping babies to grow healthily, and changing baby care into a happy experience by relieving the stress of infant care through advanced IT technology.
Monit is a company established by six dads who gathered together at C-Lab, the in-house venture of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Monit aims at helping parents feel happier while they spend time with their babies by solving inconvenient and diffi cult things that they directly experienced in their infant care with IT technology.
Monit has obtained multiple certifi cations, such as KC, RoHs, CE, FCC, JPMIC, SAR (Specifi c Absorption Rate, determining hazards of electromagnetic radiation), etc., thereby guaranteeing safety.
The diaper sensor is Velcro-type, capable of being att ached to all the disposable diapers (weight of the sensor: 12 grams). The diaper sensor is rechargeable (micro 5 pin/ charging time: 3 hours, available time: 3 days). It acts as a feeding light and its brightness can be adjusted to three levels by the method of touching the air-quality measuring hub.

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World’s First Auto-ignition Candle

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1806E14] Lumos Candle’s LUMOS CANDLE is the world’s first auto-ignition candle. When you light a candle, it is common for your hand to get burned or hurt, and you cannot light a candle unless you have an ignition tool. On the other hand, LUMOS CANDLE lights up just by pressing its button. Even if you have difficulty using a lighter or are uncomfortable with your hands, you can easily light it. So, you can now enjoy a candle more safely and comfortably.
LUMOS CANDLE is a soy candle handmade with fresh ingredients.
All products are made of high quality soy wax and selected fragrance oil without using paraffin. The refill candle can be easily inserted and removed from the pad. So, if you have used up your candle or want to use a different fragrance, you can remove the existing refill candle and place a new refill candle on the pad, and then you can use it right away. LUMOS CANDLE is designed as a form of pad to minimize shaking. The refill candle can fit into the pad stably so that it is safe for rocking. Additionally a lighter is a consumable item, but the LUMOS PAD can be used semi-permanently with a built-in rechargeable battery. You can use it for more than four months once it is fully charged (Based on use of four times a day)
As a start-up company, Lumos Candle Co., Ltd was established in November 2016. In July 2017, it succeeded in launching the first one-touch automatic ignition candle in the world, and is developing a smart candle capable of connecting with smart phones.
The company aims to build a more convenient and safer life culture through the smartization of everyday things, and is striving to develop smart products for everyday things that people need. In addition, it ultimately aims to provide safety and environment-friendly services based on big data acquired through IoT of smart products with sensors.
Lumos Candle has received great interest in its technology and products from home and abroad. In the case of domestic, reward-funding it succeeded with a high success rate of 340% through Wadiz crowdfunding, and in May 2017, it proved its distinctiveness by winning the Grand Prize at the Regional Entrepreneur League Competition and the achievement of the Challenging K-Startup Finals (100 teams selected at a competition rate of 40 to 1). Currently, it is also receiving continuous interest from many buyers including those in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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Office Supplies & Small Appliances


Air Purifier (POUT NOSE1)

POUT NOSE1 is composed of the H13-level super-precise HEPA filter that can purify ultrafine dust (0.25 micron) smaller than fine dust by about 99.75% and a carbon filter featuring high-performance deodorizing efficiency of 95% which eliminates ozone, formaldehyde and dioxine.
In spite of its mini size, this air purifier has 576,000 liters of air circulation capacity per day and, due to its low noise level of 28 ~ 35dB, is suitable for students’ study rooms and noise-sensitive baby rooms.
Above all, the appeal of NOSE1 consists in simple design and convenient operation method using a USB power cable and button.
This product is the only mini air purifier with a rotating function (automatic rotation of 38 degrees) and has excellent portability. It allows one to directly receive clean air in every space where you spend your day, such as study room, kitchen, etc.


Mouse Pad + Wireless Charging Function (POUT HANDS3)

POUT HANDS3 is a concept product adding a wireless charging function to the mouse pad that is essential on the desk. This product eliminates the need to use a wireless charger and a mouse pad separately. Also, as it is equipped with a protection circuit of convenient usability, you can charge your electronic devices effectively and safely.
Though it is a product of which both functions are used simultaneously, it does not miss the original functionality and design of the mouse pad, thus enhancing the user’s desk space efficiency and completeness of the desk interior.
In addition, by supporting various inputs, HANDS3 can be connected to the USB port of the adapter, notebook PC, and auxiliary battery, etc. Besides smartphones, any device supporting wireless charging (Qi standard) can be used.


Bidirectional Design Multi-tab (PALLO TAP PLUS)

PALLO TAP PLUS is Korea’s first bidirectional design multi-tap with the outlet added to the plug part. It was developed as a concept product to improve the inconvenience of the existing multi-tap.
TPE material was used for the bottom surface to prevent slipperiness. In addition, this product can prevent electric shock accidents by attaching the earth terminal on the side, and it has excellent durability by using flame retardant resin that is strongly resistant to fire and heat.

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Security Films


Privacy Filter for Monitor

Microlouver technology is that of a functional film protecting your privacy by making the front of the monitor seen clearly and keeping nearby persons from seeing the content of the monitor as it makes the monitor look dark when seen from the left/ right sides. This product also protects your eyesight by blocking the harmful blue light that irritates one’s eyes. It also prevents glare by blocking the external reflection with the anti-reflective coating, thereby reducing dry eye and eye fatigue.
As this film protects the LCD screen, scratches do not occur on the surface. In addition, it prevents the static electricity generated by friction to the maximum. It is freely detachable depending on customers’ preference and usage. Its size varies from 7 inches to 27 inches.



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Mobile Accessories


Things Hybrid Charger

Even though wireless charging is being mostly used, wire chargers are still necessary for users to charge simultaneously when using smartphones and to charge other smart devices. This brand is the so-called world’s-first wire/wireless high-speed charger, manufactured to perform the roles of both wire- and wireless-charger simultaneously.
Users can conveniently use reel cable style of wire charging cable by pulling when using and can easily manage it during the time when not using it. Also manufactured in kit form, it allows easy using and replacing. Regardless of the kinds of charging cable, users can use it by only replacing the kit. With its simple and ergonomic design, users can enjoy upgraded convenience in use.


Things Square Ring

For luxury, high-priced premium smartphones, Things Square Ring is especially manufactured with 3mm of thickness and unique design. It was launched after 0.4million tests and boasts superior durability. It thus can satisfy users who seek premium smart rings. This functions as a cradle, and facilitates safe grip when using one-hand. Users can freely use it in the angle and direction they wish with the functions of 180-degree folding and 360-degree rotation.

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IoT Smart Antibacterial Air Purifie

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1806E10] ELSSEN Inc. is a venture enterprise established by researchers of the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), specialized in production and service of healthcare products based on the core technology of IoT sensor devices and sensor chips.
ELSSEN Inc. secured the technology needed in the market based on the IoT sensor device technology and launched Minael, an IoT environment-care smart thermo-hydrometer, in 2017. At present, ELSSEN Inc. is preparing for launching Minael T, an IoT smart patch-type thermometer, for the 4th industrial big-data healthcare service and launching a medicalspecific IoT smart air purifier along with several cooperative enterprises.
As IoT smart UV photocatalytic antibacterial air purifier of ELESSEN uses HEPA filter and UV-photocatalytic ceramic filter, it excels in purifying air, such as disinfecting the surrounding viruses and eliminating odors.
One can check the current air quality in three stages of green, yellow and red. Air can be purified through the dual HEPA filter and the UV-photocatalytic ceramic filter. You can monitor temperature, humidity, fine dust, and VOC in real time through app. As easy automatic mode setting is possible, the air can be automatically purified depending on the air condition.
This air purifier can be used in hospitals and kindergartens needing clean and pleasant air and is indispensable for maintaining the health of infants and the elderly both indoors and outdoors. It can provide service for a pleasant indoor/ outdoor environment through the smart measurement. It also can guarantee mobility and stability.

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