Summer in the Beauty of Eunpyeong Hanok Village

The architectural beauty of hanok structures continues to awe visitors to Korea, with many people including a trip to a hanok village on their itinerary. If you’ve already been to Bukchon Hanok Village or Jeonju Hanok Village but still want to see more, then plan some time in Eunpyeong Hanok Village! Despite being located within Seoul, this village maintains a slower, quieter ambiance where you can truly appreciate the beauty of hanok along with the majestic Bukhansan Mountain.

Eunpyeong Hanok Village
Eunpyeong Hanok Village was founded at the foot of Bukhansan Mountain in December, 2014. Rather than restoring old hanok houses like most villages do, the area was completely created from scratch, becoming the largest neighborhood of new hanok houses in the metropolitan area. The area has plenty of attractions to fill a half-day itinerary, from walking along forested trails on Bukhansan Mountain to visiting a temple and museum before enjoying a break at a café or restaurant with an amazing view.

Jingwansa Temple
Jingwansa Temple is one of four major temples located around Seoul.

The temple offers many facilities to learn about Buddhist culture, including temple stay, temple food, and traditional culture experience halls.

The walking path, Baekchowon-gil, starting from the temple entrance is highly recommended. The path is named after Monk Baek Chowon, who hid the Korean flag and other patriotic materials during the Japanese colonial period. The path passes a beautiful valley flowing out of Bukhansan National Park.

Eunpyeong History Hanok Museum
Eunpyeong History Hanok Museum is dedicated to promoting the history and hanok culture of Eunpyeong-gu through exhibitions as well as lectures and hands-on programs. The building was also selected as a beautiful representative building of Seoul in 2015.

The museum is largely divided into the Eunpyeong History Hall on the second floor and the Hanok Exhibition Hall on the third floor. The hanok hall shows the changes in hanok structures over time, showing plenty of examples of modern hanok. The Eunpyeong History Hall shows the history and culture of the region where Eunpyeong Hanok Village currently stands.

Many visitors enjoy getting a closer look at the materials used to construct hanok, as well as the science behind the flooring of hanok buildings, such as the ondol (underfloor heating) and maru (wooden floor). The museum holds approximately 7,500 items related to the area’s history and representative cultural heritages.

Hanok cafés and restaurants with a view
One unique aspect of Eunpyeong Hanok Village is that there are hanok tea houses and restaurants with upstairs seating for a panoramic view of the entire village. While they aren’t super high up, the floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to see the beautiful tile rooflines up close with a fantastic backdrop of Bukhansan Mountain.

Take a moment to relax from wandering through the village over a traditional drink and snack or even a full meal. No matter which shop or menu you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a pictureperfect table and view.

Eunpyeong Trail
If you enjoy hiking and trekking, you’ll definitely want to check out Eunpyeong Trail! There are five courses total, with courses three and four passing Jingwansa Temple and Eunpyeong Hanok Village.

Course four in particular is great if you enjoy hiking, as it connects with sections of the Bukhansan Dulle-gil Trail. The wooden deck also passes the natural habitat for boreal digging frogs, an endangered species. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Korea Had 253,058 Trading Firms Last Year – A Record-setting Total Value of Trade

A net increase of 10,030 trading firms last year, compared to the previous year.

The number of newly established trading firms increased by 4.4% last year to reach approx. 67,000 — whilst the number of existing trading firms that exited from their trading business decreased by 1.8%, with only about 57,000 leaving the export sector.

Gyeonggi Province contributed the most to the country’s exports, and semiconductors and electric products were the leading export items.

The Korea Customs Service released its “2021 Statistics on Trading Activities by Companies” on July 27, 2022. The statistics revealed that the total number of trading firms reached a fresh all-time high of 253,058 in 2021, which is a 4.1% increase compared to the previous year — equivalent to an addition of 10,030 new trading companies. The past year has seen the largest total value of trade, which contributed to the record-setting number of trading firms.

Companies performing trading activities are defined as those either engaged in exports or imports. The total number of companies performing trading activities is smaller than the number of exporting companies. Meanwhile, importing companies combined as companies that are both engaged in exports and imports were counted as a single trading company. The Korea Customs Service conducts an annual survey on exporting firms and importing firms to gain a better understanding of the maturity-level of trading firms by grading them as one out of the following three categories: initial operation, entry, or exit. Compiled figures and findings are later published as official statistics.

Last year’s total value of trade hit a record of US$ 1.2268 trillion, which is a 28.1% increase (equivalent to US$ 269.2 billion) compared to the previous year. It is assumed that the post-COVID economic recovery contributed to robust trading activities, which led to an increase in firms engaged in trading activities.

The number of exporting firms shrank by 2.5% (equivalent to 2,500 firms) to 95,640 whereas the number of importing firms increased by 5.3% (equivalent to 10,594 firms) to 212,302. Newly established trading firms that entered the trading business increased by 4.4% (equivalent to 2,844 firms) to 67,236. Companies that exited from their trading business decreased by 1.8% (equivalent to 1,023 firms) to 57,206.

Entry ratio and exit ratio figures were also released. Entry ratio is calculated by dividing the number of newly established trading firms by the total number of this year’s active trading firms; and exit ratio is calculated by dividing the number of trading firms that exited from their trading business by the total number of active trading firms of the previous year. It turned out that entry ratio slightly rose by 0.1%p to 26.6%, while the exit ratio decreased by 1.0%p to 23.5%. Entry ratio and exit ratio figures were also analyzed by item: specifically, the ten most popular items that are handled by a bulk of exporting firms and importing firms. Miscellaneous textile was named as an export item — a core material used to produce COVID masks — that both posted the highest entry ratio and exit ratio for two years in a row at 48.7% and 64.4% respectively.

This is attributable to multiple companies entering and exiting the mask-producing business — a business with a low entry barrier — as the demand for masks skyrocketed during the COVID pandemic. The entry ratio of leather products was the highest among all imported items at 49.5%, whereas miscellaneous textile posted the highest exit ratio among all imported items at 53.8%.

One-year survival rate is an indicator that shows how many firms maintain their trading activities among all firms that established their trading business in 2020. The rate for exporting firms dropped slightly to 46.7% — a 1.2%p decrease compared to last year’s figure. The rate for importing firms saw a slight increase to reach 50.9% — a 0.8%p increase compared to last year’s figure. Five-year survival rates of trading firms that established their business in 2016 were also released. It was revealed that 16.3% of exporting firms and 18.9% of importing firms managed to maintain their business for at least five years.

Another version of one-year survival rate and fiveyear survival rate of trading firms was released, which factors in the types of products these firms handle. Exporting firms that handle minerals posted the highest one-year survival rate at 53.7%; and those handling medical products posted the highest five-year survival rate at 16.9%. Importing firms that specialize in purchasing meat both posted the highest one-year survival rate and the five-year survival rate at 65.3% and 27.1% respectively. Statistics also revealed that the number of Emerging Exporting Companies totalled 4,111 last year — exporting firms that post higher export growth rates compared to the average export growth rate of all firms over the past three years — which is down by 21.7% compared to the last year’s figure.

The number of ‘gazelle companies’ saw a 14.9% decline with 1,315 gazelles currently in the market. Gazelles companies refer to newly established companies among Emerging Exporting Companies that have been engaged in the trading business for less than five years. Statistics on how much each region contributes to exports were also released. It turned out that Gyeonggi Province contributes 21.4% to Korea’s exports, followed by South Chungcheong Province with 16.2%; Ulsan Metropolitan City with 11.5%; Seoul Metropolitan City with 10.6%; and Incheon Metropolitan City with 7.1%. The share taken up by the capital region, including Gyeonggi Province, Seoul and Incheon Metropolitan cities, was 39.1%.

Three key items that contribute to Korea’s exports are electronic products, including semiconductors, which comprise 31.2% of the country’s exports; followed by machinery and computers with 11.8%; and automobiles with 10.4%. Once the share of these three items is combined, it reaches 53.4%, which means that more than half of products that are exported are the nation’s top-three export items. Lastly, the statistics revealed that Leading Companies — trading firms with annual export size exceeding USD 10 million in value — contributed to 91.5% of Korea’s total exports. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Ergonomic Smart Desk

[INQ. NO. 2208E30] Yoon Ergonomics is a functional furniture manufacturer that has a brand, Three-D Desk, dedicated to smart workstations and human ergonomic desks.

DS-1200 and DS-1400, the company’s Three-D Desk ergonomic smart desk models, are designed to serve the needs of students and adults, and they are the only desks in the world that prevent ‘tech neck’ and ‘tech back’ problems.

DS-1200 and DS-1400 allow books and notes to be placed within the sight of the user while the user maintains an upright posture and maintains natural sight without lowering the head. The user can precisely and easily adjust the height of the desk and the angle of the writing board to the degree he/she wants by simply pushing the buttons that operate the electric actuator.

Other features of the ergonomic smart desk models are: a flexible five-stage stand that comes in four different colors; fixed bookshelf; memo board to which magnets can be attached; bookholders that can easily hold many books; three-fold note support that can be folded when writing so that the wrist can freely move; soft logo mood light that can be turned on and off and dimmed; wireless charger, multi-tap; USB charging port; memory setting adjustable for size ; and so forth.

The representative director of Yoon Ergonomics shared the corporate aspiration by saying, “We will introduce the optimized smart working environment system available only by Three-D Desk to the IT companies in the Silicone Valley and other companies in North America and Europe for the contact-free and remote working environment in the post-COVID period. This will help such companies to provide benefits that can effectively satisfy their employees, thus offering an advantage when hiring talented workers.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Air Disinfectant Device

[INQ. NO. 2208E29] As viruses are not able to live independently, they have to enter the cells of animals, plants or bacteria so as to use the metabolic system of such host organisms to reproduce.

A virus has a glycoprotein integument surrounding internal acids and proteins. And S-protein spikes in the integument allow the virus to penetrate the host organism.

If the integument of the virus is dissolved, it would be absorbed by the host cell and lose its function instead of being able to invade the host cell. This is the virus inactivation system.

JungSang E&T’s air disinfectant device ‘KPLAZER’, uses the virus inactivation system and UVC radiation to destroy and dissolve the virus’s outer cover to eliminate the virus. KPLAZER doesn’t generate ozone and there is no secondary contamination caused by the virus.

KPLAZER’s performance was tested by ofi (Austria), showing the performance of removing viruses by 99.96% and bacteria by 99.71%. ISEGA (Germany) also conducted another performance test, finding that escherichia coli were removed by 99.99% and staphylococcus aureus by 99.98%.

The performance test carried out by the designated inspection organization in accordance with the Food Sanitation Act set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Japan) showed that both staphylococcus aureus and micrococcus luteus were reduced by 99.99%. According to the test result done by KTL (Korea), floating viruses and germs decreased by 97% and 99%, respectively.

Air disinfectant device’s electrical safety won global certifications
In addition, KPLAZER’s electrical safety has been certified by CE (Europe), IEC (International), PSE (Japan) and KC (Korea).

KPLAZER’s casing is equipped with a safety device to stop the operation if the panel is forcibly opened while the product is working. For maintenance, the panels in front and on the right side are to be manually opened and closed.

KPLAZER’s blower is equipped with an eco-friendly EC blower (backward curved blade centrifugal type). Core components of KPLAZER can be used for more than three years without any replacements. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Bidet Integrated Toilet

[INQ. NO. 2208E28] Daelim B&Co Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in the Korean sanitary ware industry specializing in sanitary ware, electronic bidets, faucets, home interior, and rental services.

Daelim B&Co provides total solutions to its valued partners around the world, from product development to production, and after-sales service. Three keywords — “The Best,” “The Largest,” and the “Most Diverse” — describe its capability to satisfy its partner’s requirements for product development and localization catering to various global markets.

Bidet integrated toilet with smart functions
SMARTLET is a bidet integrated toilet, which is a combination of an electronic bidet seat and a water closet. The product includes various high-tech functions that can provide user convenience and hygienic use. With its unique design that resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it can make your bathroom space more special.

Smart functions mainly allow users to avoid direct contact with the product for more hygienic use, which includes automatic seat and cover opening, automatic flushing, and sensor operated cleansing.

The product is clean, as electrolyzed water periodically sterilizes the water path, the nozzle, and the toilet bowl surface. Daelim B&Co uses a stainless nozzle with a nozzle tip that can easily be replaced by users for more hygienic use. Rimless design also helps the user to easily clean the toilet bowl and prevent the surface from being contaminated. Daelim B&Co’s flushing system can ensure perfect removal of wastes without any remaining on the surface.

The beauty of this product comes from its slim and unique design. Daelim B&Co firstly developed and designed the slimmest 90mm bidet in Korea. Its extraordinary diagonal shape makes it possible to design the bathroom space in a more special way — and its white, blue guidance light gives an additional effect.
SMARTLET is thus a smart choice for your bathroom. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Proprietary Hardware-aware AI Model Optimization Platform

[INQ. NO. 2208E27] Nota AI (Nota Inc.) is a tech startup specializing in AI model optimization. Nota AIs aim is to bring the benefits of AI to everyone and everywhere, spreading its use across various industries and applications.

Nota AI’s main product is NetsPresso — a proprietary hardware-aware AI model optimization platform. NetsPresso enables application of AI solutions for a diverse range of industries including intelligent transportation systems and driver monitoring systems.
Nota AI maintains partnerships with global market leaders including ARM, NVIDIA, Samsung SDS, LG CNS, Microsoft, and AWS.

NetsPresso : Proprietary hardware-aware AI model optimization platform
NetsPresso is Nota AI’s proprietary hardware-aware AI optimization platform that automates the development process of lightweight AI models. The platform automates repetitive development steps, significantly reducing the time and resources required to develop an AI model and optimizes it for the target device to enable more efficient and effective deployment in production. This helps resolve AI-related constraints in business use cases by removing the requirement for high-spec servers and network connectivity while preventing high latency and personal data breaches. The resulting benefits are cost-efficiency and enhanced performance.

NetsPresso is modularized into three modules
One of the best features of NetsPresso is its modularity. The platform is modularized into three modules: model searcher, model compressor, and model launcher. Model searcher automatically searches optimized models for your target device. Model compressor offers optimal tradeoff between performance and efficiency. Model launcher accelerates models and simplifies deployment.

NetsPresso AI development steps users guide
The modularization of NetsPresso enables five different use scenarios. Each module can be utilized individually or in succession according to one’s needs. A user who has only a dataset can search a model via model searcher, compresses it using a model compressor and deploys the model using a model launcher.

A user who already has a model, on the other hand, may skip Model Searcher and begin the process with model compressor to compress the model that they already have. A user who has an optimized AI model can go straight to the model launcher. The commercial launch of NetsPresso 1.0 is scheduled for August 2022. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Digital Two-way Radio(ACRO-S2)

[INQ. NO. 2208E26] ACRO-S2 supports multilateral, simultaneous, duplex communication. It is a digital two way radio that allows users to simply and conveniently communicate with each other, with a hands-free push-to talk button while both hands are free.

It is an intenna type product that has no extruding antenna. It is ultra-small and ultra-light, as large as a business card, and can be easily carried and stored.
It can remove ambient noise, allowing users to smoothly communicate, even with loud background noise. It also has a vibration alarm function so that users will not miss any incoming messages.

The messages are encrypted under the strong security algorithm of AES-256 that safeguards the messages from tapping. ACRO-S2 can minimize the number of equipment the users need because it can be used together with the optional Bluetooth earset.

Also, ACRO-S2 has an ad-hoc relay function through which the radio alone works as a relay without installing a separate relay device or facility, the radio can be used in remote areas, such as in a mountain range because the function extends the communication range two times or more.

Digital two-way radio with a longer lifespan of battery
ACRO-S2’s battery can last longer than 12 hours with less than just 3 hours’ charge, which makes it more convenient for the users.

ACRO-S2 can be used by referees of sporting events, such as football, volleyball, and basketball, under a variety of environments that require duplex communication, such as bodyguarding, construction site, large restaurant hall, movie shooting, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Text- and Speech-to-Video Service

[INQ. NO. 2208E25] Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. Co., Ltd. offers T.T.V. (Text-To-Video) service that automatically converts text into digital video content, and S.T.V. (Speech-To-Video) service that converts voice into digital video content.

The content-consumption landscape around the world is changing to video-oriented, and video content consumption is becoming a daily routine for the MZ (Millennial, Generation Z) generation who have been exposed to the digital environment since birth. In addition, when searching for knowledge, it has become more common to use video platforms such as YouTube, rather than existing portals.

The company’s sales focus is on B2B business through collaboration with companies with text such as securities firms, financial firms, global home appliances companies, publishers, and e-Book companies.

T.T.V. as A.I. software, automatically converts texts into digital video content
T.T.V., as A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) software, automatically converts and produces text/voice data into digital video content.

Automatic summary of text data through A.I. machine learning and natural language processing is possible.

T.T.V. is a platform that automatically finds analyzed images, videos, and sound sources by analyzing word keywords in a summary plot and automatically converts them into digital video content according to the story.

Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. is also preparing for B2C business through mobile apps in the second half of 2022.
Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. won the 2022 CES Innovation Award & registered as a Microsoft partner.

In the technical evaluation of the third organization, a “very good” grade, “TI-2”, was evaluated.

Currently, after successfully completing the investment series A (13.2 billion won in investment attraction), it is preparing for series B (18 billion won target). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Smart One-Stop Integrated Drone Platform Service

[INQ. NO. 2208E24] IGIS is an ICT solution company specialized in developing geographic information systems and geospatial data-based drone solutions.

IGIS satisfies its customers’ needs in various industries in the public & private sectors with its solutions such as IGIS, a geographic information system; DFOS, a drone integration solution that encompasses drone flight, control and data management; and FMS, a specialized system for field management.

With its own wealth of knowledge and practical experience, IGIS supports its partners in a variety of fields.

Drone flight, control, and data management functions
DFOS solution is an integrated solution that can build and utilize an efficient work system through real-time video shooting and data transmission using drones in various industries such as forestry, agriculture, and construction.. It provides drone flight, control, and data management functions.

DFOS consists of DFOS Pilot, Control System, Viewer, and Streaming Viewer. DFOS pilot is an app that allows users to conveniently control drones. Its distinguished 3D flight function supports the drones flying at a stable altitude even in invisible areas. Control system is a system that manages the information, photos & videos, and flight history obtained from drones.

Drone image management system & 360° drone panoramas creation service
IGIS also provides DFOS IMS and DFOS Panorama Platform.

DFOS IMS is a management system for drone photography. High-resolution, large-capacity images can be uploaded to the system and various functions including statistics, analysis, and automapping are available.

DFOS panorama platform is a web service that converts drone photos into a 360-degree panorama. It enables users to create a geospatial data layer of a certain area on the images. Users also can attach symbols to the image for identification of buildings and geographical features. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

AI Vision System

[INQ. NO. 2208E23] Human ICT has developed AI software that watches out for people. You can use your current existing CCTV system by just adding the software that tells one what humans would do by detecting various events such as fire smoke.

It is able to detect what is happening and where in real time. Nowadays, there are facilities with two three hundred cameras, but the company’s AI vision system overcomes the limitations of visual monitoring by the monitoring personnel of the existing CCTV integrated control center, and prevents reduction in control efficiency due to frequent false alarms.

Human ICT’s AI vision system is an artificial intelligence video surveillance system that quickly and accurately detects alarm conditions through its video analysis platform and operating system.
The AI vision system overcomes the limitations of visual monitoring by the monitoring personnel of the existing CCTV integrated control center, and prevents reduction in control efficiency due to frequent false alarms.

Real-time Risk Analysis and Alarm
Fires, intrusions, work safety, and equipment abnormalities at the plant site are analyzed and detected in real time using deep learning algorithms to quickly and accurately notify the user.

Power Plant Specialized AI algorithm
By learning video big data in a special environment of a power plant, Human ICT has high reliability detection performance compared to its competitors.

Complex Event Detection
Depending on the user’s settings, abnormalities and dangerous situations such as fire, intrusion by unauthorized persons, non-compliance with safety activities, collapse of workers, and roaming of important facilities are detected and displayed on a real-time video screen.

System Customization
Addition of functions are based on experience in applying/operating power plant sites, and on-premise, cloud, and edge device methods all support the same performance. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods