Camera Modules and Lens Assembly VISION Co., Ltd. is one of the affiliates of SOMO Group and there are two different departments. The one is for camera modules and the other is vision care for eye glasses. SOMO Group was founded in 1968 under its original name of Donghwa Petroleum (Now SOMO Petroleum) and started its oil-based distribution business before founding additional companies like Sungam Industrial and SOMO holdings & Technology for special logistics, loading/unloading for POSCO and construction, lubricators and car automatic washing machine business.
Also, it started new businesses like IR camera, camera module including lenses and eye glass lenses, for new growth.
Members of SOMO VISION consist of key members who came from the specialized camera module manufacturers (SEMCO, Partron, etc). SOMO VISION specializes in camera module/lens for non-mobile phone market applications such as automotive, action cameras, IP cameras, etc.
Especially, the company has lens design/ production technology such as the world’s widest FOV (240deg) lens with high reliability. It has two manufacturing facilities in Korea and China, respectively, and operates them fiexibly by application. SOMO VISION camera makes a stable business based on funding power and long history (51years) of SOMO Group.
All camera modules include lens assembly for the nonmobile phone market such as automotive, action cam, IP cam (network), dash cam, and security applications.
Off-the-shelf camera modules: Basically, 100% of the SOMO camera module is customized according to customers’ requirements.

1. Camera module including SOMO lens: OV16825_1/2.3”, FOV 240deg
2. Camera module including SOMO lens: IMX377CQT_1/2.3”, FOV 149.8deg
3. Camera module with lens designed by another company: IMX322_1/2.9”, FOV 129deg
4. Camera module with lens designed by another company: OV7740_1/5”, FOV 120deg
5. Camera module including SOMO lens: OV10640, FOV 54deg 6. Camera module with lens designed by another company: PO3100K_1/2.9”, FOV129.7
7. Camera module with lens designed by another company: IMX291_1/2.8”, FOV141.3
8. Camera module with lens designed by another company: MT9D111_1/3.2”, FOV 140
9. Camera module with lens designed by another company: IMX238_1/3”, FOV 104.2 | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Far-infrared Radiator its establishment in 1999, Myungshin Medical Co., Ltd. has produced and sold dome-shaped far-infrared radiation beauty therapy heaters, which are both convenient and efficient in improving cold constitution, detox and weight loss and relief of joint pain, applying its patented technology of surface heating elements. It has obtained KFDA certification in Korea, FDA and CE certifications from Europe, TFDA certification from Taiwan and CCC certifications from China. Currently, the company exports to Belgium, Sweden, the USA, Hong Kong, Australia and Taiwan.
Myungshin Medical is the best company in its field in Korea based on the accounting records of 2014 – with sales exceeding one hundred million won. The company is the only one to finish clinical trials for obesity treatment and has been registered by the FDA in 2012. Currently, it is in the process of obtaining MOH approval from the UAE while working to export to China. Myungshin Medical will strive for continuous product development by strengthening convenience, technology, and efficiency.
Eventually, it wants to advance as an innovative global company as Korea’s proud medical leader that prioritizes the health of its customers.


VADIVA Slide – Far-infrared Radiator

VADIVA Slide is an item that can assist both health and beauty thanks to its fat-reduction effects, blood-circulation improvement effects and pain-relieving effects. It is free from radiation danger by using a carbon-based heating element. It can be effective for accident sequela, stomach pain, joint pain, neuralgia and other senile diseases.
This device will eventually substitute drugs or lower your dependence on them.
VADIVA Slide covers the whole body in a form of slide so the volume can be reduced with its 2 gear sliced forms. Its logistical cost can be also minimalized for the same reason. However, it can be used freely for plus-sized people as the dome’s interior is large enough. Its application includes hospital, skin care shop and household.
ZenBeam is another far- infrared radiator, which is easy to use and classy with two-tone design. Its main application is for the abdomen, but it can be used for various other areas where applicable to relieve pain and accelerate blood circulation. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Advanced Solutions for Banknote Processing, ATM, Kiosk Industries, Inc. is a leading company in the field of banking automation and self-service solutions for decades since establishment in 1991, manufacturing banknote counters and sorters, check scanners and various printer modules for ATM, Kiosk industries. Supplying his products to retails, financial institutes including banks, the brilliant and stable quality has satisfied esteemed customers over 70 countries in the world.
MECHATRO is most innovative company listed as INNO Biz Company and R&D center has strong core technologies like digital image recognition processing technology and high-precision mechanism design, manufacturing technology. Mechatro is developing and providing useful machines by combining core technologies and peripheral technologies.
MTP-8100PL is an A4 thermal printer with Ethernet and fast USB 2.0 interface. It can print at high speed up to 150mm/sec with 300dpi fine resolution. Its powerful mechanism can pull an 8inch (O.D 200mm) paper roll at these speeds, and the ‘removable platen roller’ design provides for quick and easy paper jam removal. Paper retraction function after printing and auto cutting system make MTP-8100PL the most reliable solution for Kiosk printer.
Clear series, multi-currency banknote counter & sorter is the outcome of highly advanced technology accumulated for long period by Mechatro. From a compact size two pockets counter & sorter to a three pockets banknote sorter,
Mechatro has been launching customized banknote processing solutions since 2007. ClearQ is a banknote counter with counterfeit detection capability, which providing non-stop processing of banknotes at high speed. It has fine resolution dual CIS(contact image sensor) option enhancing machine performance and stability. Its fitness sorting variants arms ultrasonic sensors enabling to separate unfit notes clearly from fit notes by analyzing the level of stain, hole, repair, fold in accordance with banknote recycling framework of European Central Bank and other Central banks.
ClearJ is a vertical type high volume banknote processor which has twice taller hopper (1,000notes) and two large stackers to carry out a large quantity banknote sorting process on the desk. Mass volume note sorting is an essential requirement from CIT companies and lots of cash centers. The two stackers help user classify a bundle of mixed banknotes into a group of the same denomination and the same face orientation.
ClearM is the most brand new model with very small and incredible lightness. Touch screen LCD interface helps users choose icon easily and clearly what they want and the dual user switch buttons on both sides give much more convenience to customer.
By pressing switch button, the screen changes to the previous mode and two users can count diff erent currencies on each side of the machine All the banknote counting machines have additional options such as dual user switch button, integral printer, connectivity (USB, LAN, RS-232C serial). New currency data update can be done easily by USB memory stick. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Innovative Digital Signage For Display Windows Co., Ltd. has acquired competitiveness via its procurement market experience. It has been operating in the fields of information management, analysis and education.
Starting with providing procurement information in 2000, it has expanded the scope of business to areas related to procurement service, such as bidding consulting, bidding education, bid analysis, etc. Currently, the company has more than 200,000 customers participating in the Korean procurement market through its services.
DongJin has more than 17 years of advanced IT technology and marketing know-how. The company has been certified as an excellent company for new growth engines of Korea. With its digital signage, it has been designated as a high technology company with patents for advertisement display systems using smart film screen.


DonStop – Innovative Digital Signage

DonStop is an innovative digital signage for display windows where smart film can be turned to transparent or opaque mode for advertising. It is the most intense and eye- catching display for retail stores. DonStop is different in many ways from other conventional digital signage. First, it can be controlled to be either transparent or opaque so it can maximize effectiveness of advertisements with special display features. Second, rear projection display allows unsurpassed brightness, contrast and viewing. Third, it is a DIY advertising where you can edit your own ad in five minutes through web-editor. Lastly, you can create various advertising contents by updating the high-quality templates.

An overview of the Donstop smart shop platform service is as follows: It includes an advertisement editor, with which you can modify and edit your own advertisements, by providing templates developed by marketing experts.
The advertisements can be viewed through projectors according to their schedules or effects with the app stored inside the control box of the projector. The projector control box controls advertisements and hardware devices through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In summary, you can edit templates and make your own ads, control their schedule, and turn your ads on or off via the Web and mobile app from any location and at any time. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

World-class Transformers in 1980, Taehwatrans started out as a company specialized in manufacturing instrument current transformers, and it has been growing as one of the world’s most reputable companies, exporting transformers to around 50 countries. The company takes pride in the fact that it has been a leading company supplying world-class transformers in the global market for the last 30 years.
With about 40 years’ experience, Taehwatrans has been able to develop a very unique market positioning in the competitive global markets.
The company can support a significantly wider range of applications than any other providers, which enables it to work together with companies and industries such as energy metering, monitoring, protection, energy harvesting, electric vehicle, BEMS, FEMS and MV distribution.
Taehwatrans has been certified with UL, ERP, ISO9001, CE, TUV and ISO14001 along the way. And for the future, it promises to become a leader in smart grid that will upgrade future values of clients with continuous technology development and the best-quality products to meet the ever-changing needs of the markets.


Producing Various Current Transformers and Current Sensors

Basically, Taehwatrans develops, produces and sells CTs for HEMS, BEMS and FEM of SmartGrid, CTs for division, distribution CT, outdoor CT for monitoring and Rogowski coils. Also, it produces precision CT that goes into 0.1 class meters and CT for digital fault recorders that requires ultra- precision for power plants and substations. In addition, it produces and sells ESS for electric recharge and ZCT for automobiles.
Taehwatrans offers a varied selection of current sensors, such as revenue grade metering CTs, Isolation CTs, Multi Harmonics CTs, energy monitoring & protection CTs, DC immunity CTs, Rogowski coils, including flexible rope type for medium voltage, and Outdoor Weather Resistant Split- core CTs. As IoT (Internet of Things) application advances, Taehwatrans is stepping up its efforts to develop a new generation of current sensors such as energy harvesting & energy monitoring sensors and wireless current sensors. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

LED Lights Lighting has developed into a global organization that has developed systemic organizational skills and world-class information, based on semiconductor sales, technology know-how and regional offices that have been developed over 30 years. It is committed to improving the development of LED lights and the foundation of low- carbon green energy.
The company’s main products are interior lamps (downlight, panel light, high-bay) and outdoor lights. In order to be a reliable company, it will select only products that have been developed through 30 years of semiconductor experience. BSL Lighting has a wide range of global clients worldwide through its offices in the USA, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and India.


Satellite Ultra (High Bay), Satellite HD (High Bay) and TK1 (High Bay)

Powerful and highly efficient, BSL Lighting’s Satellite Ultra high bay shines at 150lm/W. Its optics are engineered for eff ectiveness and precision, bringing uniform lighting to the most unique spaces.
Lightweight and versatile, it is able to adapt to a variety of installations with rotatable brackets and eye-bolt mounting options. With these possibilities, the Satellite Ultra is suitable for high- ceiling buildings, airport halls, outdoor construction fields, and so forth.
Satellite HD possesses a cutting-edge, streamlined aluminum and magnesium alloy die-cast which is tremendously strong, and lighter than average fixtures.
Boasting its IP65 rating, Satellite HD’s environmentally sealed pocket PCs protect the light from dust ingress and is capable of withstanding rain/water invasion from all directions. Highly efficient Cree chips deliver superior performance for the high-intensity Satellite HD LED high bay.
TK1 LED High Bay has an optimum heat sink design that generates airflow to avoid dirt accumulating on the fixture. The separate gear stops heat from driver influence to allow for ultimate thermal management. TK1’s precise lighting distribution permits various installation heights and application use. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Educational Robot for Software Coding in 2013, SAEON Co., Ltd. released an educational robot for software coding, called ALTINO. In 2016, SAEON obtained certifications for CE and FCC and exported its product to Malaysia.
SAEON accomplished the splendid feat of exporting to the United States in 2017 and to Australia in 2018. SAEON won the Award from the Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy in 2017 and won the Award from the Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Minister of Education this year.
SAEON’s ALTINO is steering-type automotive robot. This product is driven 20 ° to the left and 20 ° to the right respectively with two rear-wheel motors. It is equipped with two front lights, two rear lights, four turn signals, two brake lights, a buzzer (one octave to eight octaves), an 8×8 dot matrix, etc.
ALTINO has 6 distance sensors, and it is equipped with an illumination sensor, temperature sensor, acceleration sensor, gyro sensor, and a geomagnetic sensor. It also has a remote control receiver, steering torque, rear motor torque, etc., and can check the steering variable resistance and remaining battery level.
The operation app, which helps you control ALTINO like a toy, can be installed in an Android phone or iPhone. Textbooks are available from kindergarten level to university level (Unplugged Program Crayon, Scratch, Entry, Python, C Language, Arduino Sketch, and Image Processing Program at Raspberry Pie). ALTINO is made strong and sturdy. As the bootloader is embedded, the firmware can be upgraded with Bluetooth. SAEON has plenty of educational contents for coding training.

– Various applications and program contents for the trainees of each age group
– Assembly manual and operation app (5 years old and above)
– Self-made block coding crayon (kindergarten or higher) – Scratch program (3rd grade of elementary school or higher) – Entry program (3rd grade of elementary school or higher) – Python program (middle school or higher)
– Arduino sketch program (middle school or higher)
– C language program (high school or higher)
– Android app program (high school or higher)
– Raspberry Pi image processing program (university or higher) | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Big Data Analysis Platform[INQ. NO. 1812E08] ISSAC Engineering (CEO Kim, Chang- soo), a factory automation-specialized company, is accelerating the implementation of smart factories by integrating the ‘Plug and Tap’ big data analysis platform into the industrial IoT.
ISSAC Engineering recently introduced the ‘Plug and Tap’, which was developed by the company, in the recently held Hyundai Steel Tech Show 2018. Among 60 exhibitors, visitors paid a lot of attention to the only big data analysis platform exhibited in the event.
IoT technology is rapidly developing, and sensor data, machine data, and log data are generated exponentially at industrial sites. However, it is virtually impossible to store, process, analyze, and utilize large data with the current relational databases (DB) alone.
ISSAC Engineering has addressed this issue with a plug and tap that can flexibly respond to the needs of industrial sites with real-time and batch processing. Business customers have improved productivity and quality by collectively linking and analyzing the data between a scattered production information system and an enterprise operating system. Based on the accumulated data, it is also possible to build an AI-level industrial site that can be predicted and checked in advance.
“Although many companies introduced big data to build smart factories, it is difficult to even try to introduce them because only a simple solution with a poor understanding of industrial sites is supplied,” pointed out Kim Chang-soo, president of ISSAC Engineering.

“ISSAC Engineering fully understands the fourth industrial technology necessary in building a smart factory from the industrial IoT to AI,” Kim said. “We will lead manufacturing innovation in Korea by increasing corporate competitiveness and efficiency with optimal solutions.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Electric Dryer[INQ. NO. 1812E07] This is a high-efficiency product that has improved the drying performance and reduced electricity costs and drying time by adopting even the invertor motor and compressor that precisely control the operation amount depending on the usage environment, based on the heat pump method that dries laundry by carrying out low- temperature drying and dehumidification instead of the heatwave.
This product satisfies consumers’ various demands by newly adopting the Eco Mode and Speed Mode.
Consumers worried about the cost of electricity can save up to 27% of their energy use compared with the existing Standard Mode by using Eco Mode and, in this case, the electricity cost is only about KRW130 for one drying (based on 5kg).
When using Speed Mode, the drying time is reduced by up to 22% unique design compared with the the existing Standard Mode when drying one time (based on 5kg), enabling one to dry laundry within 84 minutes, which is faster by about 20 minutes.
In addition, this product has drastically improved the ‘Air Wash’ function which eliminates odors and harmful bacteria of the laundry, sterilizing up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria in life such as staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and escherichia coli in the dry laundry as well as in the wet one.
The upgraded ‘Air Wash’ function has been verified by Intertek, a global product performance testing company, based on 2kg of dry laundry and 4kg of wet laundry. The setting step of drying has been subdivided into four steps by increasing one more step so that the customer can use it according to the desired drying level.
Besides, the all-in-one filter, which filters dusts and lint in the fabric, has been improved to a more compact structure, and a dedicated cleaning brush can be used to hygienically manage the heat exchanger and filter. In order to provide customers with differentiated benefits, a 12-year free warranty is offered, which is the longest in the industry, for both the compressor and the motor, the key components of the newly introduced dryer.
In addition, for models applying the existing constant- speed compressor, Samsung Electronics extended the warranty period of the motor and compressor from three years to 10 years and plans to provide same benefit to the existing customers as well as new product purchasers.
The capacity of this product is 9kg and it will be introduced via two models of Platinum Inox and White. The store price of this price is KRW1.349 million to KRW1.449 million.
A related party of Samsung Electronics summed up by saying, Our dryer has now come a necessity for life with its excellent drying effect and convenient usability. We will continue to lead the dryer market by continuously introducing new products that have reflected the requirements of consumers.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

YujinRobot Launches AI Cleaning Robot ‘iCLEBO O5’[INQ. NO. 1812E06] YujinRobot launched ‘iCLEBO O5’, a premium cleaning robot equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). iCLEBO O5 is a top-class new cleaning robot being introduced two years after iCLEBO Omega. It memorizes, “learns” and saves positions, equipped with AI for the first time of iCLEBO products. Also you can set your smartphone for remote cleaning and cleaning areas. It determines the cleaning environment by itself to enhance the user convenience.
You can operate iCLEBO O5 with a smartphone remotely anywhere anytime for cleaning. With dedicated application, you can control cleaning command in or out of doors, and check the cleaning robot status in real time.
In addition, you can set cleaning areas with the ‘AI Smart Map Editor.’ Users’ requirements were reflected regarding limited serviceable space or cleaning specific areas only due to household pets. Real time cleaning progress checking is also available.
iCLEBO O5 memorizes and learns positions by itself. When the operation stops due to any error or battery discharge, it memorizes the position it stops without completing cleaning and continues cleaning from that area after the problem is solved.
‘Flexible suction mode’ is available allowing adjusting the suction force from level 1 to 3, so that you can clean quietly even at night time when noise complaints would be a concern for neighbors or while your baby is sleeping. An AI sensor is fitted that increases the suction force by itself, detecting dust quantity and the material of floor.
AI voice recognition is also implemented. You can command cleaning operation conveniently with AI speaker (Alexa) and Google Assistant. This function will be applied to models for export, and supporting Korean will start within this year.
Strong suction power is ready with built-in BLDC motor. Precise operation is implemented with camera based navigation where the upper camera can take 20 frames per second with 130 degree of anterior angle. Any edge or corner can be cleaned without exception with dual side brush that rotates 150 times per minute and deep corner algorism.
Gyeongcheol Shin, chairman of YujinRobot said that “Based on YujinRobot’s technical skills from 30 years of robot researches, cutting edge functions required for users are incorporated in the new product thoroughly so that this cleaning robot can enhance quality of life in various homes.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods