Self-Measurement Visual Examination Device self-measurement visual examination device called ‘Sensia,’ which is the main product of Eyepia, is effective in detecting and preventing glaucoma early by measuring the threshold value of sensitivity to light in each area of the retina (the intensity of minimal irritation that can cause sensitization). According to a clinical test conducted at Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong through a medical device clinical trial support project by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, ‘Sensia’ has almost the same diagnostic performance as a patient`s specialized device. The result was published in January 2018 in a paper published in the Journal of Korean Medical Science (JKMS), Korea’s leading medical journal.
User-friendly functions such as displays, tutorials, and voice guidance are also notable. ‘Sensia’ is designed based on user-centered UI/UX so that users can perform examinations on their own. “By applying a touch screen and intuitive designs, we have maximized ease of use for men and women of all ages. Also, the steps necessary to perform the test are automated, helping users understand and reducing the test time,” an Eyepia spokesperson explained.
After its establishment in 2015, Eyepia applied for AI visual analysis method and device patents and received recognition for venture businesses in 2017. Eyepia is developing products and services to support eye care, eye health big data collection, content development, and AI-based medical care. “Our goal is to distribute Sensia to public health centers and medical institutions nationwide, just like blood pressure systems, so that anyone can easily measure and diagnose glaucoma early,” remarked CEO Lee Ji-hyung of Eyepia.
Eyepia is a specialized company that develops ophthalmic medical devices and inspection systems. Eyepia is developing products and services to support eye care, eye health big data collection, content development, and AI-based medical care. By starting Sensia, we are trying to create an early medical checkup market for glaucoma so that the company can prevent blindness throughout the nation.
Also the company sets its sights on leading localization and popularization of ophthalmic medical devices by improving the accuracy of examinations through proven database and algorithm. As a partner of eye health for the modern era with people reaching the age of 100, Eyepia is making an effort to develop and deliver a variety of innovative, user-friendly products. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Wave Full-body Workout Machines all new Sonix wave full-body workout machine is the most advanced Sonic wave therapy system, using Sonic World’s unique electromagnetic technology and the principle of sound speakers.
Unlike the method of creating complex vibrations by rotating the existing motor at speed, the Sonix wave full-body workout machine is the most advanced technology to deliver to the human body by generating precise Sonic wave of infrasound using the electromagnetic technology and the principle of a speaker. This is the world’s first equipment optimized for the principle of vibration to resolve the problems with noise and component wear caused by the motor method.
Non-arbitrary sonic wave exercise stimulates one’s deeper fine muscles as well as the large muscles that are not as easy to exercise as the usual fine muscles, to induce a quick stretching effect and recovery from muscle fatigue. Sonic wave stimulates the facial muscles and bone and tissue cells, as well as the whole body −providing the very best workout effect, which one had never experienced before. Sonix adopted electromagnetic technologies and speaker mechanism to generate sonicwave vibrations with frequencies of 3 to 50Hz. Sonix generates vertical vibrations very precisely and stably which are to be delivered to the person on the plate. These vibrations penetrate deep into the individual organs and cells and stimulate them, giving the effect of physical exercise or workout, or perhaps an even better effect.
Sonix allows you to adjust vibrating frequencies and intensity levels independently, according to your physical condition. The beneficial effects of whole body vibration from Sonix include the increase of muscle strength, bone mineral density, and growth hormone and the improvement of blood and lymph circulation. These advantages are good for the elderly, sickly patients, the disabled, the injured, the obese, and not to mention the ladies, and it is applicable to all sectors of the healthcare industry. Sonix has already received certification from the FDA and CE.
Sonic World is working to add value for the health and happiness of humankind through innovative challenges and efforts, representing the wonderful harmony between humans and nature. Sonic World is based on “Human Respect, Ethical and Transparent Management, Value-added Creation” as its mission statement, and based on these principles the company strives always to earn trust and respect from society.
Sonic World has developed a new market for whole body vibration machines by using sonic wave, which replaces the existing market of motor type whole body vibration machine. It already launched SW-VM10 in 2010, which was very well-received all around the world, and this led to the SW-VC12 and SW-VH11 models for developing new markets. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Integrated Hospital Information Solutions Hospital Information Solution provides comprehensive and innovative tools to improve both office and clinical efficiency, while helping improve patient care.
BIT Computer Co., Ltd. has been developing future-oriented solutbions that facilitate high-quality medical services and ensure efficient and accurate processes in various hospitals. BIT’s technology has marked a milestone in the healthcare industry and achieved the #1 market dominance in Korea.


CLEMR (Cloud-based EMR for Hospitals)

CLEMR is the first cloud-based EMR service in Korea provided by BIT computer. Without any installation of any device, you can establish a comfortable working environment with reasonable monthly rate. CLEMR has various functions that are necessary for different hospitals. Each hospital can optimize its own working environment by various options in CLEMR.


M Doumi (Hospital administration Support Service)

M Doumi is the patient guidance mobile application in hospitals for patients’ convenience. Patients can manage their entire processes through various functions including reservation, hospital guide, and aftercare.


bitnixSilver-P [EMR for Geriatric Hospitals]

bitnixSilver-P is a cloud-based EMR for geriatric hospitals. It is able to save various medical records including personal and sensitive ones in the cloud environment with high-level security algorithms. Customers shall implement the solution without initial payment. The solution supports the specialized interface for geriatric hospitals only. The architecture of the solution was designed to create patient tables easily based on various medical records.


BITCare Plus [Telemedicine System]

“BITCare Plus” is a telemedicine system to share visual data with medical centers and to treat patients from remote locations with medical devices such as electronic stethoscope, medical magnifying glass, and electrocardiograph. With this system, doctors can treat, write prescriptions and send various biological data for patients in isolated areas such as mountains and islands.


Medigent Pro [Insurance Claim Guidance Solution]

Medigent-Pro allows optimal amounts of insurance claims to be made by deducing the review adjustment details before the claims are made. It minimizes the hospital’s losses and helps enhance the efficiency of hospital management through various analyses after insurance claims are submitted.


BITCare(Smart Healthcare Service)

BITCare is the integrated smart healthcare service based on mobile applications and the health management platform helping users stay healthy by providing the solution of personal health management which analyzes users’ conditions and life styles on a daily basis.
Since the beginning with the first development of the medical-insurance-claim software, BIT Computer has been mainly focusing on the field of healthcare and moving forward in the same industry. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Beauty Equipment


Shurink is a best-seller device built by Classys Inc. to effectively achieve facelifting and skin-tightening procedures non-invasively. Previous technologies used for these purposes include devices equipped with RF and other laser technologies that were limited to targeting the dermis and subcutaneous fat layers. Shurink breaks through these barriers as it is capable of targeting the SMAS or Superfi cial Muscular Aponeurotic System layer with a high dose of ultrasound energy. The SMAS layer is reputably known to be the thin layer enclosing the muscles and is the main layer targeted when performing facelifting surgery. The High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology of Shurink uses its thermal energy to develop new collagen in addition to reinforcing the structure of the collagen, causing the treated skin to tighten effectively.



The Clatuu is a body contouring device utilizing the latest in Cryolipolysis technology by Classys Inc. The trend of heating and melting to achieve body contouring is challenged with cooling and freezing techniques. Based on the proven method of manipulating fat cells within the subcutaneous fat layer to induce the process of Apoptosis, the freezing of the fat cells causes a change in the characteristics and organism structures allowing the fat cells to be naturally dispelled from the human body.



Scizer is designed to manipulate the adipocytes in the subcutaneous fat layer utilizing a noninvasive therapeutic focused ultrasound procedure. Based on the process of coagulative necrosis development, the treatment targets and reduces localized fat deposits, to ultimately and effectively improve the contours of the body. The HIFU technology utilized by Scizer covers large surface areas to cater to larger areas with ease and with optimal power.
Designed for body contouring purposes using the latest in cryolipolysis technology, the Cool4D circulates through high cooling conductivity from its dual hand-piece applicators in record treatment times. The applicators, equipped with three different types of customized cups adjusted for differing layers of fat, surround and freeze patients’ unwanted fat cells in their subcutaneous regions by utilizing 360-degree suction capabilities that ensure both stable cooling temperatures and equal distribution of the treated area. Cool4D adheres to a non-invasive process of freezing fat cells to induce the process of Apoptosis, causing natural death of cells by changing their cellular structures to metabolize naturally from the human body.



ULFIT is a non-invasive device that uses HIFU, which helps improve skin elasticity and efficiently contours the body by achieving coagulation of targeted subcutaneous tissues. This device is equipped with Macro Focused Circular Ultrasound (MFCU), an innovative approach to the pendulum type or traditional methods of emitt ing ultrasound for body contouring as it uses a circular motion transducer to significantly shorten procedure times and distribute ultrasound energy evenly. ULFIT also features rapid shot speeds, a slick design, and precise, uniform energy distribution of two multi-depth cartridges, allowing an efficient and resultsoriented solution for patient concerns and ease of treatment for physicians. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

64 Channels Noble Bone Densitometry ‘InAlyzer AIR’ Lines 2014, MEDIKORS Inc. has launched the world’s fi rst 108um bone mineral density and body composition analyzer for laboratory animals ‘InAlyzer’, which has been recognized for its technology by supplying it to national and international research institutes, universities and university hospitals. It is approved by the US FDA at the end of 2018 and will be launched in the U.S. market early this year. Based on this technology, MEDIKORS is leading the medical equipment market by developing 64ch Noble bone densitometry.
‘InAlyzer AIR’ is the true fan beam bone densitometry that uses a 64 channel dual energy X-ray detector and acquires 64 rows of data per X-ray irradiation. This provides high-resolution imaging in fast scan time.

‘InAlyzer AIR’ is the DXA (Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry) based on 64 channels true fan beam technology and it is the latest medical device applying the latest reference data. It is the first bone densitometry in Korea that provides DR images through high-resolution data processing technology and supports optimal diagnosis through accurate ROI (Region Of Interest) selection. Although bone densitometry is not an imaging diagnosis device, InAlyzer AIR provides the DR imaging that can greatly support physicians in subjective diagnosis as well as setting up accurate ROI.
Despite the high-resolution specifications that can be seen only in global high-end equipment, it is leading the spread of high-end equipment by securing advanced technology that can supply at the entry price through continuous technology innovation.
In addition, the fast scan time of 30 seconds is very helpful for the patients who need to wait for long time diagnosis and for hospital clinics management.
The new slogan ‘Imagine the image’ of MEDIKORS well expresses the constant challenge for the dream of MEDIKORS staff s as ‘Imagine a dream come true.’ | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

High Intensity Focused Ultrasonic Surgical Uni’s e-clip is a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) system equipped with a continuous pulse mode system that offers fast shot and effective treatments. e-clip take effects ultrasound energy into the SMAS Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic system), fascia, deep dermis and subcutaneous tissue which frequency of elimination a noises.
The advantages of e-clip including speedy procedure, stable parameter, convenience interface, compact size, etc. are guaranteed. This product is used for rejuvenation & lifting, wrinkle redution & tightening, collagen revitalize, and eyebrow lifting.
Advances in medical and professional beauty equipment with high technology have played a vital role in the beauty industry. In seeking new ways to offer their profound benefits to patients, ITC has been developing new equipments to meet various demands for skin and body care. With most innovative technology, ITC customers have enjoyed success in their global business and have benefited an excellent after sales service and its competitive price of the equipment.
To provide quality products and service, and respond quickly to the needs of its our customers, ITC has an R&D and service team providing quality support. ITC welcomes OEM and ODM for most of the beauty equipment, and it is willing to cooperate with any companies who want to have a long-term business relationship with the company. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Fractional Laser laser uses fine laser beam to minimize skin damage by heat, lessening the recovery and rejuvenation period. Patients can therefore resume normal daily activities soon after treatment.
For this reason laser treatment is one of the most sought after solutions today.
Fractional Laser uses a CO2 tube to improve treatment effects, The CO2 tube has a long product-life and is stable with an advantage of precision in treatment. Treatment period can be lessened by adjustable scan-size and the beam density, which is beneficial both for the user and the patient. With competitive advantages in quality and price, The product is the best choice for purchasers.
Fractional CO2 laser is designed to evenly radiate laser beam of max 4489dots to an area of 20mm X20mm. It is designed to radiate beam in micro unit size to enable deep penetration into the skin with maximum reduction in PIH. By utilizing the ultra-pulse mode, short pulse duration and high peak power, pain is reduced and effectiveness is enhanced during the treatment. User-friendliness with the adjustable beam shapes into ‘’square.’’ Precision treatment by the adjustable size of treatment area and the eradiation in two patterns (array and random) is possible.
This product ensures improved resurfacing function compared to the conventional scanner method. The state-of-art laser is designed with versatile application by integrating the fractional scanner and the CO2 laser functions in one. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

LED Surgical Light uses professional LED light sources, developed for the health of the user’s eyes, considering clinical environments that require sophisticated diagnosis and surgery. Luvis also creates eye protective surrounding, utilizing high CRI technology. It provides an optimal medical environment, eliminating dazzling and poor color rendering under halogen light and low CRI.
Luvis high CRI displays a more natural color. The light with only high brightness hardly delivers true colors.
Luvis provides daylight-like light, seen at noon, creating high color temperature with the same light intensity. Nonetheless, much less dazzling helps users to concentrate on surgery, minimizing eye fatigue.
Luvis emits no ultraviolet and infared lays, preventing skin-aging. In comparison with halogen, Luvis LED emits much less heat to create a safe treatment environment, minimizing heat transfer to the treatment region and blood coagulation on dermal tissues. Luvis LED consumes only one-fifth of power that is used with halogen.

Medium-to large-sized surgical LED, Luvis-L100, in an optimized surgical environment, is proud of the effect of the comparative advantage of shadow-less effect. Especially, it is high technology products as a type of sensor that detects obstacles lowers the light output, around the light output by increasing the shadow-less effect to maximize the effectiveness.
As a representative medical company in Korea, DENTIS has since 2005 been developing and providing a wide range of specialized medical equipment and high-level services. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Full-Body Analysis X-ray Bone Densitometer from Nanoomtech is a full-body analysis X-ray bone densitometer featuring the cone-beam method, which allows for accurate and quick scanning of essential bone regions. The new technology employed by BonePro allows for shorter acquisition times of about 10 seconds per bone regions (L1 & L4 vertebrae, left & right femurs, forearm), making the process more comfortable for patients relative to other DEXA systems.
The elimination of unnecessary scanning and shorter acquisition times also serve to reduce the overall X-ray exposure involved with DEXA scans. The imaging system has exceptional accuracy and image reproducibility. The bed itself moves in a smooth and predictable way to align the head with vulnerable bone regions, eliminating the discomfort of being probed by a hovering object.

And the company’s ReHear NT -381 is a compact, portable medical device that analyses patient ECG and delivers a defibrillation shock to re-establish the normal heart rhythm (only when necessary). ReHear NT -381 is user friendly, guiding the user through each step of the resuscitation process through auditory/visual prompts. ReHeart NT-381 of Nanoomtech provides uni-pads which can be used for both adults and children. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Recent Export Trends of Korea’s Mobile Phones Korea’s recent export trends of mobile phones revealed a 23 percent plunge year-on-year to a 16-year low last year, caused by sluggish growth in demand from China amid fiercer competition in the Chinese market.
Export volume for mobile phones amounted to $14.61 billion last year, down 23.2 percent or $4.42 billion compared with the previous year, according to the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation.
The amount was considered the lowest in 16 years since 2002 in a time when South Korea achieved an export volume amounting to $11.36 billion for mobile phones.
The nation’s exports of mobile phones attained a record high in 2008, recording $33.44 billion and thus outpacing the existing mainstay semiconductor exports of $32.79 billion. And then exports started to fall below $30 billion in 2009, declining to $20 billion in 2017.
By region, mobile phone exports to China including Hong Kong decreased sharply by 37 percent to $4.3 billion on year last year amid fiercer competition with local rivals such as Huawei. For exports to the United States, recognized as the world’s premium phone market, it turned out that Korean exports fell by 10 percent to $5.05 billion, but the decline was relatively limited, permitting the U.S. market to replace China as the biggest market for South Korean mobile phones exports.
However, on the positive side, exports of semiconductors in 2018 grew to a record high of $128.15 billion, nearly nine times larger than exports of mobile phone exports.
Since South Korean smartphone companies appear to have suddenly lost their dominance of the world’s biggest mobile phone markets in recent years, manufacturers are forced to naturally position themselves to seek alternative tactics. These include launching new budget phone models to increase their global presence in emerging markets, and introducing high specifications such as a quad-lens camera, 5G network and foldable form factor to entice smartphone demand worldwide. (Source: KITA) | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods