Convergence Disinfection Ceiling Lighting System (S-LIGHT)

[INQ. NO. 2201E14] Conis’s S-LIGHT is a convergence disinfection ceiling lighting system, an all-in-one system including general LED lighting with high-disinfection capacity 275nm, UV-C LED. It can be used as a normal LED light in occupied spaces and as a disinfection system in unoccupied spaces to disinfect a wide space safely and quickly by irradiating UV-C LEDs.
High-powered 275nm UV-C LED modules made by OSRAM are applied so that S-LIGHT disinfects 99.9% of pathogens such as virus, bacteria, fungus, MRSA, etc. in air and surfaces within a distance of 2.5m from the UV-C LED.

Convergence Disinfection Ceiling Lighting System (S-LIGHT)

To minimize exposure of human beings and animals to the UV-C of the S-LIGHT, Conis applied 6 safety devices. Application of PIR and microwave sensors detecting movement and infrared energy from people and animals is for automatic UV-C on/off controls.
With a timer function in the microprocessor, you can set the time for disinfection. S-LIGHT is designed not possible to operate general LEDs and UV-C LEDs at the same time. And it can be automatically or forcibly switched off when UV-C irradiation is in error.

Convergence Disinfection Ceiling Lighting System (S-LIGHT)

When UV-C LED is under operation, it can be visually identified from a distance by applying blue light to the UV-C LED and indicating the operation status on a system indicator & mobile app. This system is designed to be controlled by a mobile and integrated control system. These six functions are satisfying the UL standard as well.
It is easy to install and replace S-LIGHT from existing general lighting fixtures without changing the design or additional work. It also provides a longer lifespan of lighting and energy-saving benefits by using LEDs. This is the smart system that strengths a disinfection function necessary for the post-COVID-19 era and reduces costs of using lighting.

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An Emerging Specialist in Global Radar Markets

[INQ. NO. 2110E24] IUPLUS Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a globally emerging company in the radar sensors market. The company is currently about to release its cutting-edge wearable vital sensors, used for monitoring and analyzing body signals.
Notably, the company recently started a joint development with several promising companies – in order to develop the applied products with radar ECG sensors for the U-health medical sector and the self-driving vehicle field.

We interviewed the CEO for an overall introduction of the company, and its current business strategy and advancement into global markets.

Could you please briefly tell us about your company?
Established in December 9, 2011, we have developed our own technologies and products related to radar sensors as a professional radar sensor manufacturer.
We offer various products for physical security, transportation, industrial measuring sensors, IoT, and other sectors. Recently, we have been planning to release wearable vital sensors that will be used to detect and analyze body signals.
We boast a low false-detection rate as all products feature algorithms used to remove environmental noise. Through our self-developed radar performance measurement device, we are able to secure solutions to product quality and mass production.
We will take the lead in helping to create a more beautiful and convenient world by utilizing radar technologies.


What are your main export products?
As the current radar sensor market is in its early stages both at home and abroad, we need to put a lot of time and effort into overseas marketing activities for exports.
We have expanded product lines through reflecting on the needs of the numerous global buyers from Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Japan, and other countries.
Lately, as the demand for radar sensors increases, we are currently receiving requests for business consultations from overseas companies – through KOTRA, export consultation meetings at overseas exhibitions, etc.
In particular, we have received many inquiries regarding the supply of vital radar sensors, and we are in currently in negotiations with a Taiwan-based company.
With our own radar technology, we aim to achieve export success for vital radar sensors.

An Emerging Specialist in Global Radar Markets

Do you have any special export strategies in the era of COVID-19?
There are many companies that are considering ‘untact’ sensing solutions since the era of COVID-19 started. Particularly, there is a new market that is being formed for ‘untact’ electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors in the U-health medical sector. And in the self-driving area, the ‘untact’ ECG sensor market is emerging to monitor the status of drivers.
At present, we are jointly developing products applied with ‘untact’ ECG sensors suitable for the aforementioned markets – in cooperation with a number of companies.
The applied products are being developed for export to overseas markets, beyond the domestic market. While doing so, we are focusing on the future value for individual health management.


Finally, please give a short message for overseas potential buyers
We are able to supply various products requested by global customers through experience and know-how on radar sensors, microwaves, and digital technologies that we have built up over the past 10 years.
In addition, we have the capacity to mass-produce the world-class radar measuring equipment based upon our innovative technologies and expertise.
IUPLUS Co., Ltd. will ceaselessly strive to satisfy our invaluable customers – through providing top-quality services based on radar sensor technologies. Thank you.

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Germ Sterilizers

[INQ. NO. 2108E05] Since the relocation of the HQs and the establishment of a factory in 2015, DAESUNG ELEC Co., Ltd. has continued to manufacture PCB products and LED lights. The company has also developed its own character LED mood light models to supply to Lotte Mart and is working hard to expand, develop and produce the family of UV-C LED sterilizers through its own brand of UVECO.
EV-1 UV sterilizer (UV-C LED Sterilizer), a new product of UVECO which is a new brand launched by DAESUNG ELEC, safely protects users from pathogens (COVID-19, colon bacillus, salmonella, etc.) that are highly infectious when operating and touching elevators, kiosks, and so forth. It can also relieve anxiety thanks to its visual feeling of safety. For business owners who install this sterilizer, it can reduce financial losses as it protects customers from being infected, and can thus be used as a marketing tool to attract more customers.

Germ Sterilizers

As the size of the sterilizer is cut out after measuring the length and area of a contact surface and considering the interior, it is able to install the device close to the surface that is to be sanitized.
The sterilizer works with a number of touch-based machines such as elevators, ordering kiosk screens, unmanned checkout monitors, keypads, etc. And the product comes in various polished colors (gold, silver and black) and designs to fit in well with various external environments.

Germ Sterilizers

By carrying out a self-test on the sterilization and commissioning, an authorized testing organization to test the performance, EV-1 UV sterilizer has proven itself regarding its sterilization performance (99.9% of viruses and colon bacillus were killed within 30 seconds and 90 seconds respectively) and the safety (0.01 mJ/cm2 when UV-rays are emitted at a height of 10mm).
The product features the world’s only design structure and optimal irradiation angle that enable it to sterilize germs in the immediate vicinity of the target surface. And relevant patent applications and registrations have all been completed.

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Led by the Korea Measuring Instrument Research Association (KMIRA), a total of ten Korean companies engaged in manufacturing medical laboratories are currently participating in online MEDLAB ME 2021, as participations in the Export Consortium Business of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS), from May 23 through July 22.
Each of the exhibitors’ participation in MEDLAB ME 2021 was decided to be conducted only online due to the COVID-19. For two months, exhibits of participating Korean companies are to be promoted in global markets through exhibitions online.
MDLAB ME is a renowned global exhibition for governmental officials, experts, and instrument manufacturers in the areas of diagnostics, reagent instruments, etc. – especially in the UAE and neighboring countries.

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KIMES 2021 Featured Hybrid Exhibition Reflecting the Changing Business Environment Caused by COVID-19

The 36th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2021), considered Korea’s largest medical industry exhibition, recently successfully completed its four-day schedule.
It was remarkable that KIMES 2021 was the first to utilize the entire COEX halls since the COVID-19 outbreak last year.
Among the total number of visitors, the ratio of medical officials was most high, reflecting both the accumulated needs of medical information, and the growing interest in the changing medical environment affected by COVID-19.

KIMES 2021 Featured Hybrid Exhibition Reflecting the Changing Business Environment Caused by COVID-19

Presenting the desirable directions of the new medical environment and medical industry
KIMES 2021, with a theme of “Link to the New Era,” presented the new desirable directions of the new medical environment and the medical industry in the “new normal” era – unveiling various kinds of cutting-edge medical equipment such as artificial intelligence, VR, medical robots, smart healthcare, big data, etc. – all of which mirror the flow of convergence among different industries.

KIMES 2021 Featured Hybrid Exhibition Reflecting the Changing Business Environment Caused by COVID-19

Total of 1,208 companies exhibiting from 33 nations, with 52,362 visitors
KIMES 2021, with a scale of 40,000 sqm using the whole halls of COEX and Grand Ballroom, attracted a total of 1,208 companies exhibiting from 33 nations, with 52,362 visitors – positioning itself again as the most representative medical exhibition in Korea.
KIMES 2021, unlike previous editions of the exhibition, featured a configuration of hybrid exhibitions with ‘uncontact’ contents such as ‘uncontact’ video conference, online seminar (Webinar), online video export consultancy, online live channels, etc. – in line with the changing business environment caused by the spread of COVID-19.
The concurrent GMEP, a global medical device export consultancy, together with KOTRA, helped domestic manufacturers’ expansion into global markets with matching results in which 250 domestic companies were connected with 550 overseas enterprises – through online video export consultancy.
And Medical Korea 2021 took place both online and offline at the same time in the Grand Ballroom in COEX, forming conference, seminar and briefing sessions, exhibition hall, business export consultancy, etc.
In particular, ‘KIMES Live!’ – an official YouTube live channel of KIMES 2021 – was set up to support Korea’s companies’ pioneering the domestic and global market, and thus to introduce the advanced medical devices and equipment of exhibitors in both Korean and English on a real-time basis.

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Laser Blood Collector

[INQ. NO. 2104E05] LaMeditech Co., Ltd. is developing, producing, and supplying laser products that can contribute to a healthy and beautiful life for everyone based on specialized laser compact technology.
Laser products where this company’s laser compact technology is applied have higher competitiveness than existing products in terms of not only technical power but also convenience in use and price.
Based on such successful experience, this company plans to launch the product in global markets. LaMeditech aims to become the world’s best laser specialized company in the field of medical & cosmetics through sustainable research & development.

Laser Blood Collector

Personal Laser Blood Collector
HandyRay-Lite (LMT-1000) is a personal laser blood collector to collect capillary blood using a needleless laser. It is similar to other blood collectors such as HandyRay and HandyRay-Pro, but the portability is improved with the design of smaller product size and lighter product weight and the price is also reduced for it to be suitable for personal use.

Laser Blood Collector

Professional Laser Blood Collector
HandyRay-Pro (LMT-5000) is professional laser blood collector for hospitals and medical centers to collect capillary blood using a needleless laser.
Unlike other blood collectors such as HandyRay, user convenience is enhanced with improved laser charging speed and charging cradle; and medical waste costs are saved with reduced size of consumables.

Laser Blood Collector

As its device is capable of extracting capillary blood, it can be used alongside various POCT devices such as glucose level kits and even COVID-19 rapid testing kits. POCT testing becomes much safer and more convenient.

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