New Digital Audio Communication Solution

Communication Solution[INQ. NO. 1404E20] Today, wireless is the norm. Everywhere we go, it seems that there is nothing short of communication. However, still exceptions are there. For example, for workers at construction sites, communication is critical, yet it could be easily compromised by rough conditions.

Tourists may lose their way in the foreign crowd when they cannot communicate with a tour guide. And Korea’s Seayoung Information & Telecommunication wants to help. Seayoung fixes telecommunication devices. With its expertise and technology, it introduces a new audio communication solution, “WIWI.” This 2-way simultaneous digital communication device using 2.4GHz RF(Radio Frequency) can offer you high quality, various, and solid audio communication services, like Walkie-Talkie, within your secured wireless network.

WIWI is capable of working in two modes: master or slave mode. Also, this portable wireless transceiver supports 4- channel communication and can hook up with the other audio devices like TV, laptop computer, MP3, etc. It can be used in offices, business presentations, construction sites, schools, and so forth. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Wireless Charging Solutions

Wireless Charging Solutions - MAP Tech

MAPTech is a specialist that develops and manufactures solutions for various mobile devices such as iPhone 4S and Galaxy SII, etc. Under the brand of “m-cloud”, currently various kinds of charging solution are marketed. Compact-sized WPC compatible wireless charging pad can provide wireless charging function not only for office or home, but for vehicles.

Low-priced iPhone 4S wireless charging receiver supplies convenient wireless charging functions, not hurting the original function and design of iPhone. The Galaxy S2 receiver performs the role of effective wireless charging while maximizing the initial design and thinness of Galaxy S2.

The note-type Galaxy Note receiver can be universally used for Galaxy Note, all kinds of mobile product lineup, etc. generating additional dignity. Such various models of MAPTech m-cloud receivers were promoted at this year’s CeBIT2012 in Germany capturing big attentions among participants.



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3D Wireless Finger Mouse

Wireless Finger Mouse - Neo ReflectionNeo Reflection is scheduled to promote the world’s first kind of 3D wireless finger mouse, which is now being marketed under the brand of “Neo Mouse” in the upcoming edition of IFA in Germany this year. The 1600CPI super sensitivity laser mouse ensures double the super-sensitivity of the mouse movement. It can be operated for 24 hours without changing the battery.

As it is designed as an ultra-slim wireless device, it is strongly preferred for laptop users. For MS PowerPoint , it basically supports back/forward/pen functions. It provides various more competitive functions than rivals’ ones based on its originally and creatively designed finger motions.

With the support of the pen function, it significantly facilitates presentations anywhere and anytime. This product is also designed to reflect the requirement of users’ convenience in Internet surfing.

Neo Reflection is to make the biggest attention ever among global exhibitors who seek a smarter mouse with multi-function for their benefits in presentation and thus fostering the considerable growth of its global market presence.

Neo Reflection is developing and commercializing ergonomic input/output devices, sensor networks, wireless communications, and ubiquitous equipment based upon latest IT technologies. Neo Reflection’s development devices and technologies were awarded by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), IFIA (International Federation of Inventors Asso.), KIPA (Korea Invention Promotion Asso.), and KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Tech.).



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