Cloud-based PACS Solution

[INQ. NO. 2211E06] The cloud-based PACS solution NubeX manufactured by TECHHEIM. Co., Ltd. is a SaaS-type service that stores the medical images (X-ray, CT, MRI, US, etc.) taken at the hospital in the cloud network.

It is a solution that provides non-contact (non-face-to-face) services such as searching, inquiring, and reading tests for medical images with a secure user account in a hospital/clinic as well as in a remote location through an Internet-connected IT device without time & space restrictions.

Since it is developed based on the web and operates through various web browsers, it is suitable for use in different user environments.

It can be used anywhere the Internet network is connected by using a secure security environment such as verified cloud network, SSL, and OTP authentication.

As a non-contact platform that can provide various additional services, it is possible to provide a fast and convenient environment through interworking services such as artificial intelligence (A.I.), image-reading support and remote reading (Teleradiology). It is an FDA 510(K) class II, K-GMP, ISO13485-certified product.

Medical Imaging Solution Provider
Since its founding in 2000, TECHHEIM. has grown into a professional firm that develops and provides medical imaging solutions of PACS with best quality and service.

It has supplied its products to more than 3,000 medical institutions in Korea and overseas (Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia & Czechia).

TECHHEIM. has been developing and providing PACS solutions (on-premises & Cloud type), teleradiology solutions, and A.I. & big data platform services for the medical field.

Currently, TECHHEIM. is focusing on cloud-based medical imaging solutions based on international standard technology, and providing technology to acquire, send, store, and retrieve medical images. It provides various functions for image retrieving and processing both on-site, as well as through cloud solution integration with A.I. solutions (pre-screening & imaging processing).

TECHHEIM. is looking for business partners in other countries that can collaborate on providing access to its solutions for global business expansion. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Bio Signal Total Solution

[INQ. NO. 2210E17] Bistos Co., Ltd. is researching, developing, and manufacturing medical equipment. With more than 21 years of know-how in the medical devices field, the company continuously supplies its products to the domestic market as well as the global market.

Bistos has been exporting to more than 110 countries, equipped with ISO, CE, and FDA certifications. Bistos is expected to lead the medical equipment market in the future and contribute to medical device development and service improvement.

Patient Monitor
Patient Monitor obtains the physiological signals such as ECG, respiratory rate, NIBP, SpO2, temperature, and other optional parameters. There are various sizes of display (15, 12, 8, 4 inches) with color TFT touch screen. It can check multiple monitors through the central monitoring system. It provides multiple placement modes with its smart hook & stand design. It works over 5 hours on battery.

Fetal Monitor
The non-invasive fetal monitoring system provides graphical and numerical information on fetal heart rate and maternal uterine contraction. It has two 1MHz dopplers for twin measurement and the probes are waterproof.
It has a 7-inch color TFT LCD display and a central monitoring system is available. Cardiotocography (CTG) analysis function calculates important data such as baseline, acceleration, deceleration and fetal movement.

Infant Incubator
Infant Incubator is for non-invasively and invasively measuring and graphically showing humidity, air temperature, skin temperature, O2 module, weight, and SpO2. It precisely controls inside the incubator hood and double-wall construction provides the most optimal environment for premature infants.

Phototherapy treats neonatal jaundice using high-intensity blue LED lights. It is noiseless with a fan-less design and can control the intensity of light for two levels. Two types of phototherapy are selectable: stand type; and blanket type. It can be used with an infant incubator and infant warmer.

Fetal Doppler
Fetal Doppler measures the fetal heart rate and outputs the fetal heart sound through a built-in speaker. It is pocket-sized with a 2 or 3 MHz frequency waterproof probe. It has various types of display: sound only, LCD, color LCD, and desktop type.

Dedicated PC software enables the user to save and manage fetal heart rate and sound data. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Medical Image and Information Management Solution

[INQ. NO. 2210E16] With its medical image and information management solution, featuring the latest technology, ZeTTA PACS offers diagnostic-quality images and a full package of study information over enterprise-wide hospital networks. Based on long experience and proven technology, ZeTTA PACS is designed to satisfy the requirements for speed and stability of all users.

Regardless of mass data and images, one can use a high-speed and stable solution without time-wasting through any delays and buffering, so it will help minimize waiting time and enable one to start reading right away. It also provides full coverage of image management tools including image acquisition, storage, displays and web distribution devices.

ZeTTA PACS is a powerful PACS and reporting solution, yet cost-effective. It enables any healthcare practice to efficiently perform diagnostic imaging, while providing end-users with access to the system anytime, anywhere.
With ZeTTA PACS, patient studies can be viewed from any computer at any of your hospital or from a referring doctor’s office, and it also allows radiologists to read studies at any of your hospital, so it makes radiology workflow much more efficient and greatly reduces turnaround time for report dictation.

TaeYoung Soft’s web-based technology is one of the most competitive, reliable, and scalable imaging solutions on the market today. With proven architecture and productivityenhancing technologies, ZeTTA PACS provides unbeatable value such as intuitive, customizable, and personalized tools & layout, and efficient & various display methods (View, Add view, Stack view, Advanced view, etc.).

Medical Image Viewing Application (ZeTTA Web & Mobile Viewer)
Moreover, the ZeTTA web & mobile viewer is a medical image viewing application with access to a central DICOM server that runs on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android OS embedded smartphone / tablet. Of special note, because the ZeTTA mobile viewer is developed by HTML5, it can be used at any OS such as i-OS and Android. It supports such functions as windowing, zooming, panning, measurement, cine play, and report viewing. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Bladder Scanner

[INQ. NO. 2210E15] Mcube Technology Co.,Ltd. is a leading company specialized in medical devices for voiding dysfunction. Mcube Technology has a variety of solutions especially in urology, and its main product is the 3D ultrasound bladder scanner, which has been sold to clients in over 20 countries.

Bladder Scanner is a portable 3D ultrasound scanner to measure the residual urine volume. Bladder Scanner can be used in various fields related to urination, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and saving time.
Bladder Scanner is a non-invasive portable tool for managing and treating urinary outflow dysfunction. It measures post void residual (PVR) and/or bladder volume.

It monitors post-operative urinary retention (POUR) by scanning PVR. Measuring bladder volume can evaluate many common urological concerns (LUTS: Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms).

Using Bladder Scanner can reduce unnecessary urinary catheter placement. Scanning bladder volume can facilitate decisions for timely intermittent catheterization. Reduction of catheter usage can reduce catheter associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) rates. It can also improve the quality and safety of patient care.

CUBEscan™ BioCon-1100
BioCon-1100 is the premium model of the CUBEscan™ bladder scanner series. The highest accuracy and enhanced data management will help you to perform a quick and accurate scan of the bladder. Save your time, save your effort!

CUBEscan™ BioCon-700
BioCon-700 is the steady seller of the CUBEscan™ bladder scanner series. The world’s first application of Pre-scan and bladder point mark is on BioCon-700. Experience the mega-hit model based on user-friendly operation.

CUBEscan™ BioCon-900S
BioCon-900S is a hand-held bladder scanner with touch screen. It can optimize the composition (charger or docking station) according to the usage environment. Experience the customized bladder scanner to ensure efficient workflow beyond the limits of time and place. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Plasma Medical Devices & Beauty Devices

[INQ. NO. 2210E07] Feagle Co., Ltd., a global leader in the biomedical industry, produces plasma medical devices and beauty devices, and offers a safely designed plasma device loaded with argon gas.

Feagle is the first company to commercialize and release plasma products without ozone and thermal damage in the medical/cosmetics market. Nozone Cold Plasma (NCP) technology is a pioneering technology, and Feagle owns the patents and technology.

As a university professor, Gyoo Cheon Kim was one of the founding members of the International Society for Plasma Medicine (ISPM), and was the first to introduce plasma medicine to Korea. His longstanding expertise, gained from developing plasma-based applied medicine technologies and conducting substantial research, led to the company’s formation.

According to Feagle’s study, plasma can be used to break through medical limitations such as sterilization wound healing, inflammation control, and stem cell differentiation.

Feagle produces safely designed plasma devices loaded with argon gas showing excellent efficacy; argon gas is safe due to its minimal reactivity with other elements and a low probability of generating other compounds.

Hospital-oriented Device & Beauty Device
In essence, Feagle offers the first hospital-oriented device, Transkin, and a beauty device, Hermodew, that is optimized to skin care.

Hermodew is Feagle’s cosmetic device exclusively designed for aesthetic shops.

Hermodew weakens binding proteins between cells, helping to improve skin breakouts depending on one’s skin type so that the skin can absorb active ingredients between cells without pain. It also enhances the natural strength of the skin and makes the skin flawless.

Feagle is set to become a global leader in the plasma biomedical industry and create a longstanding trend while consolidating its business abroad. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods


KK-HOSPITAL FAIR is your optimal business platform to lead innovation in the healthcare industry.

The health and medical industry has become as one of the leading areas in new digital business.

The future-oriented medical industry in the era of digital transformation focuses on building medical services based on merging the use of healthcare data and artificial intelligence.

The fair will showcase the convergence technologies of smart healthcare infrastructure based on the integration of medical data and lifelong data.

At K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022, you can meet up future medical services and new business models, and connect with hospitals, distributors, and new partners.

Renewed digital healthcare innovation will be highlighted, as the future vision of the medical industry and the core of future medicine. K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 is scheduled to be held from September 29 to October 1 at COEX in Seoul.

Smart Hospital Special Exhibition
K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 focuses on the best hospital solutions for patients and medical staffs, such as smart operating rooms, and intelligent work support.

SaMD Special Exhibition
K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 focuses on software medical devices integrated with information and communication technology.

Hospital Information Exhibition
K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 focuses on various technologies and services that promote the efficiency of hospital medical systems. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

X-Ray Grid, Core Part of the X-Ray System[INQ. NO. 1802E05] X-ray Grid is the flagship product of JPI Healthcare. X-ray scattering occurs when an X-ray for medical diagnosis passes through the human body. X-ray Grid absorbs the scattered rays and passes other X-rays and delivers them to a film or detector and makes patient diagnoses accurate and easy. In the case of X-rays, X-ray Grid is an integral part of X-ray equipment because X-rays generates a lot of scattered rays while passing through a subject with a thickness of 10 cm or more.
JPI Healthcare has continuously developed a cutting-edge grid to keep pace with the rapidly changing era of digital medical devices. In addition, the company is making a special grid optimized for the newly emerging breast cancer diagnostic X-ray sector through a new manufacturing method and already successfully developed a grid that befits next-generation 3D X-ray diagnostic equipment in this sector. JPI Healthcare is a Korean export-leading manufacturing company that has been recognized for its know-how and quality accumulated for about 30 years in the field of grid components. In particular, JPI Healthcare’s technological prowess has been well recognized to the extent that global leaders such as GE Healthcare and Siemens are using its grid parts.
JPI Healthcare is more than an X-ray component and equipment company; it is your imaging solution provider. Since 1980, JPI has contributed to the improvement of the quality of healthcare, and continues to develop new technologies that advance the ever-changing field of radiology. JPI works closely with X-ray equipment manufacturers to enhance image quality, ensuring early intervention through proper diagnosis.
JPI’s core competency is its ever diligent R&D team and commitment to manufacturing superior products and components. JPI Healthcare is confident in both its conventional as well as digital X-ray product lines. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods