KK-HOSPITAL FAIR is your optimal business platform to lead innovation in the healthcare industry.

The health and medical industry has become as one of the leading areas in new digital business.

The future-oriented medical industry in the era of digital transformation focuses on building medical services based on merging the use of healthcare data and artificial intelligence.

The fair will showcase the convergence technologies of smart healthcare infrastructure based on the integration of medical data and lifelong data.

At K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022, you can meet up future medical services and new business models, and connect with hospitals, distributors, and new partners.

Renewed digital healthcare innovation will be highlighted, as the future vision of the medical industry and the core of future medicine. K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 is scheduled to be held from September 29 to October 1 at COEX in Seoul.

Smart Hospital Special Exhibition
K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 focuses on the best hospital solutions for patients and medical staffs, such as smart operating rooms, and intelligent work support.

SaMD Special Exhibition
K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 focuses on software medical devices integrated with information and communication technology.

Hospital Information Exhibition
K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 focuses on various technologies and services that promote the efficiency of hospital medical systems.

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