Loss-prevention device

[INQ. NO. 1606E14] Daeho I&T is a professional company specialized in ICT service and smart solutions and it has been growing into an ICT leader in Korea helping to create valuable and happy quality of life for people since its foundation in 2002.
https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryDaeho I&T arranged its cutt ing-edge loss-prevention device called “Benear” for this year’s overseas marketing. It can be connected with a smartphone to be fully functional. Through the alarm and search function between smartphone and “Benear”, it helps prevent robbery or loss of belongings, babies and pets. It also provides camera and remote control function.
Being used for every subject possible that can be missing or lost, it is also used as camera remote controller. It provides essential function for loss prevention such as alarm and signal (sensitivity) indicator plus camera remote controller function. It is possible to check the last location from the APP of the smartphone. With a function of camera remote controller, photographing is available by using the “Benear” butt on after placing the smartphone on the selfi e stick or affi xing it in the required position.


Business items of Daeho I&T throughout the ICT industry are network solutions, smart application products, U-healthcare and
marine/shipbuilding embedded solutions. The company speedily responds to customers and markets based on its one-stop system
from product development through creation of complete products. Daeho I&T and its teamworking employees and management
advance with the vision, which is “The best ICT solution company in the territory of Buan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam,” step by step.

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Mobile TrackPad

[INQ. NO. 1412E05] Crucialtec’s Optical Joystick™ is an optic based navigation module for small handheld devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, remote controllers and MID products.

Since its birth in 2004, it is noted as one of the most advanced input devices for next-generation handhelds with releases of the most advanced smartphones from leading smartphone makers.

Mobile-TrackPadhttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry OJ introduces the concept of pointers (cursors) in mobile platforms and acts identical to a regular mouse in a PC system, and it can move, navigate, click, Scroll, drag and select with the cursor. This feature allows GUI in much variation and sets OJ as leading input device for high performance handhelds such as smartphones and MID which are rising rapidly in the market with easy operation and innovative GUI.

Crucialtec strives to take a central role in optical modulation technology in both business areas of opticalcommunication subcomponent and optical application units.

Its human resource made commitment to offer their best efforts with creativity, innovation and accountability. There is a future image of the advanced solutions for the optical modulation field, and the better business model of the next generation, which is going to be available with Crucialtec.

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Super slim case & screen protectors

[INQ. NO. 1412E04] Since 2001, Innoworks has been committed to achieving consumer satisfaction, putting forth the best quality product & service in its business. The company’s product brand, Icover has various advantages, and it is basically designed for production to apply to parts of car designs.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryThe product meets the standard of flexibility and elasticity, while differentiating the products’ thickness per each part. It is easy to make an attachment and get rid of the cover on the phone, which is influenced by slim size of 0.7T. The product does not slip on the phone because of the good quality of grip. The company offers convenience to consumers by fitting the product tightly with no damage. By manufacturing a case up to the end of the display screen, the phone can be protected and thus avoid damage as much as possible.

Super-slim-case-&-screen-protectors The products which are a manufactured case of 100% PC material do not break easily. The holding domestic patent covers of a mobile telecom which is equipped with equipment with tension hinge. The company’s products received the PCT international patent in 2009 and obtained a patent from Japan as well.

Recently, the company released new packages with sound amplifier Duck providing a new sub-item perspective to its case with different assembling styles. The concept applied in the packages gives the idea of reusing the package as dock for the mobile based on all-in-one system. The case is completed by assembling the top case with the bottom.


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Smartphone photo printer

[INQ. NO. 1412E01] Prinics is a manufacturer of photo printer for Apple & Android™ device and its accessories. Prinics was established in 2005 with the vision to be the “World’s No. 1 photo printer,” and since then it has been doing its best to produce top quality digital photo printers and continue to do so.

Prinics develops its own engine and simplified all-inone cartridge. Because of this technology and ability it has, it obtained patents from Korea, the United States, China and Japan. Prinics is the world first MFi (Made for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad) licensee of smartphone photo printers and it also has a PictBridge license for digital camera printing.

Smartphone-photo-printerhttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Prinics is constantly making new developments to ensure that you are always provided with the most convenient and latest features in photo printing so that you have the best photographic experience.

Prinics’s Bolle Photo Advance is the easiest smartphone photo printer which enables one to connect phone and printer wirelessly through Wi-Fi, Wi-Di and NFC. It both supports Apple and Android and free downloadable app is available on the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store. You can enjoy taking, decorating, editing and printing photos with Bolle Photo Advance printer and application. Since April 2011, Bolle Photo printer has been sold worldwide.

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Smartphone remote camera shutter

[INQ. NO. 1408E06] Chois Technology, this year, prepared its very attractive smartphone remote camera shutter called Xelfie (model:XSC100) for global smartphone users.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry The XSC100 is a Bluetooth remote camera shutter and is available with built-in camera apps. It perfectly supports built-in camera apps for iPhone and Android. So, various models of smartphone users have no need to download apps. It is compatible with various camera apps. The users conveniently replace the battery. Xelfie is a simple Bluetooth fairing system for smartphone.

1408E06 And Chois Technology is a globally recognized company of the world’s first brand of “X-Pointer” that enables presenters to effectively present what they want to convey controlling the PC based on support of USB RF wireless communications.

Since 2001, with the brand of X-Pointer, Chois Technology has been steadily releasing more upgraded wireless presenters, growing into the leading wireless presenter producing company in South Korea.

The export performance of various models of X-pointer riding on steady good approvals from global major electronics-related exhibitions is being well publicized through such potential markets as Japan, Germany, Turkey, and the U.S.A on a steady pace of growth. Now, it occupies the top spot in the South Korean market in terms of market share and technological leadership.

X-pointer mobile, the world’s first of its kind employing mobile functions, is a laser pointer using smartphones (mobile devices). Now, two versions – version supplying a function of touch pen with a form of portable case and another version providing clips – are ready for its global customers. With this, presenters can perform their effective presentations anytime and anywhere with this innovative X-pointer mobile featuring compact and simple design. This latest X-pointer mobile is now significantly assisting client companies to accomplish success in their important business fields.

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Contactless Smartcard Leader: Dragon

Dragonhttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1404E21] As a smartcard solution specialist, Duali has been dedicating itself to the industry for over 16 years. Recently, the innovative firm introduced “Dragon,” which is the latest NFC reader/writer model. Its main interests are RF technology areas such as e-Payment and e-ID.

Dragon is a contract-less smartcard gadget with data-read & write function. This time, Duali seems to expand its horizons by adding features like all NFC Forum tags support, NFC peer-topeer communication, USB CCID (PC/SC) compliant, special EDK for NFC system developers, etc.

The device runs on ARM 32-bit and is equipped with 128Kbytes flash and 20Kbytes SRAM. Its reading distance expands 5 cm maximum, and there are four LED indicators. Dragon attracts more users by supporting Windows 2000, Window Vista, Windows 7, and Linux. Data interface is USB with 12Mbps. As to contactless communication systems, Dragon uses ISO 14443 A/B, Mifare™, ISO 18092(NFC), DESFire, and FeliCa.

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Dual Codec IP Cameras

Dual Codec IP Camerashttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1404E02] ICanTek is a leading maker of IP cameras in Korea. Especially, its comparatively recent flagship IP camera of “iCanView312” is on the top of the list to advance into the globalmarket.

The dual-codec IP camera is designed with an aim of enabling such various useful functions as IP68 approval, digital Flip and 360° endless Pan/Tilt, auto IR LED brightness control, tempered glass and IP + Hybrid. Consequently, all of such function senable the model to be effectively utilized in any security environment.

It is effective both in indoor and outdoor environments. Its multiple simultaneous video streams of differentiated resolutions and frame rates ensure highest quality service, together with simultaneous connections. The IP + hybrid feature supports functions of both real and virtual keyboard controller by utilizing client software on the PC.

The virtual keyboard controller makes it possible for the client positioned remotely to fully control the speed of the dome camera, which used to be available only to the users of the keyboard controllers.Another major IP camera “iCanView340MP” is a dualcodec 1.3 megapixel one especially for outdoor environments.

Dual Codec IP Cameras2To ensure the world’s top-level silent operation, it employs ultra-silent twin gear and slip ring. The model’s IP + hybrid feature also supports functions of both real and virtual keyboard controllers by utilizing client software on the PC. And also this model provides basic functions and features of the company’s iCanView family.







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IP Video Management Solution (VMS)


https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1404E01] Innodep is a software development company focusing on IP Video Management Solution (VMS) & software H.264 Codec for security applications, under the brand name TYBIS and InnoCodec.

If you are planning to make a transition from analog to IP video or need centralized security management for an unlimited number of cameras, Innodep TYBIS IP video surveillance solutions are ideal for all sizes and types of organizations. They ensure reliable and significantly cost-effective surveillance of facilities, employees, goods, customers and assets.

TYBIS is its IP video management solution on a serverclient platform that can monitor, record and control over 10,000 cameras which supports various 3rd party IP products. TYBIS can support and manage various IP encoders, video servers, IP cameras, PTZ cameras, keyboards, sensors, audios, and any additional software including analytics and access control as well.

Additional integration with POS (point of sale) terminals or display servers or 3D monitoring solution such as Liger is always feasible with this very scalable solution.

The TYBIS Video Management Software (VMS) is a solution for streaming and recording from multiple sites, combined with comprehensive physical security information management (PSIM) functionality for managing events and alerts from multiple detection systems across the organization.

With its wide experience in a wide spectrum of markets, Innodep will efficiently offer you optimized solutions at reasonable costs. Among the key markets the company serves are: Citywide Surveillance, Public Buildings, Transportation, Roads/Highway, Public Utility, School, Office/Corporate, Banking, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Gaming, Retail and Healthcare.

InnoCodec, the codec division of Innodep Inc., is one of the leading codec manufacturers specializing on H.264(H264, AVC, or MPEG-4 part10) software based encoding and decoding technology for SD, HD and full HD resolutions. InnoCodec serves diverse market segments including the security, surveillance, broadcast, digital signage and industrial markets by providing superior H.264 encoding and decoding codec formats.

Key markets served by the Open264 series are video surveillance and security markets where live streaming video for DVR (Digital video recording) and higher number of video channels handling with low CPU resource is critical. Whether it is a multi-camera corporate security solution, a DVR solution,a Video Management Solution(VMS) or a secure teleconferencing application, InnoCodec has the solutions.

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Merchant’s New Wallet, Mobile Chip & PIN Reader

Everyone Pays and Gets Paid in Full CreditEveryone Pays and Gets Paid in Full Credit

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1312E35] Bluebird is a global provider of handheld mobiles. The company’s expertise ranges from enterprise and industrial handheld mobile computers, printer-integrated mobile computers, handheld scanners, and handheld RFID.

According to Microsoft, “Bluebird is the only manufacturer focused on providing handheld mobiles for both the AIDC market as well as payment operations, under the brand name of Pidion.” Furthermore, Bluebird has been selected as one of the 5 global vendors who can integrate WE8H (Windows Embedded 8 Handheld) Platform. Always innovating at the frontline for userfriendly convenience, Bluebird is ready for its next flight.

Merchant’s New Wallet, Mobile Chip & PIN Reader

Competitors have compromised the slim form factor for the ruggedness, but Bluebird never made such a trade off. From day one, Bluebird has carried forth its fine tradition of making reliable products with impressive design and userfriendly ergonomics. Such efforts have crowned Bluebird at global design awards including Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award, and IDEA Design Award.

Running strong for 20 years with 600 global partners, Bluebird has provided customized solutions for more than 3,000 customers in 120 countries. From public transportation to retail, Bluebird does it all. From AIDC to payment, Bluebird does it right. And yet, Bluebird still strives to do even better.

The introduction of credit cards has turned the tide of commercial transactions toward cashless simplicity. In the process, however, more than many merchants (heavily relying on cash) have been left out.

Merchant’s New Wallet, Mobile Chip & PIN Reader

To even-out the odds, Bluebird has brought the EP360 and EP330, merchants’ new Chip & PIN wallet. Highly decorated with many badges(of easy usage, cool design, secure and flexible payment schemes, and solid development platform), the EP300 Series enables all merchants to get paid in full with credit cards of all types, and prosper.

The EP360 with Color LCD, and EP330 with LED Indicators, are the smallest Chip & PIN wallet in the arena. Designed to complement your cool gadgets, both models have round corners, smooth edges, and enamel gloss. From Funky-Reggae Tone to Snow-White, the EP300 can be customized in thousand different faces. When so many styles are available, no merchant has to look the same.

Merchant’s New Wallet3

Bluetooth connectivity builds a bridge between the EP300s and your everyday gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Name your platform (iOS, Android, and Windows) because your EP300 Series embraces them all. Upon the pairing, your gadget becomes the sales and service point. Without further due, build the bridge and launch your store.

Each and every payment scheme of our time is fully supported by the EP300s. Now you too can allow your customer to pay however they like; one can swipe, insert, or even tap the credit cards at point of sales. Instead of sending the cashless customers to your competitors, welcome them and get paid in full. These new wallets of modern merchants have evened-out the odds.

Your EP300 Series is all about transparent shopping experience. The Color LCD of the EP360 displays the price to be paid. The EP330’s indicator LEDs inform each stage of the payment processing while the payment icons confirm the shoppers with the payment schemes they have selected. Backlit Key Tablet on both models helps the correct PIN to be entered at all time. Such intuitive features are to be found nowhere else.

Merchant’s New Wallet5

To this day, the payment industry has evolved by countering the thieves. The EP300 Series reflects this momentum. Well-guarded by Stonewall Security™ Measures (Patented PCI PTX 3.X, EMV Level 1, 2, and Air-Tight Encryptions), the EP300 Series keeps the sensitive transaction and
personal data safe from the unyielding attempts of scams and frauds. Thieves may only try now.

Last but not least, your EP300s bring something to the table for developers too. Free from proprietary restrictions, developers can easily create merchant-friendly applications on the EP300s’ development platform. Initial S/W suite is also provided so that merchants may advance from the very beginning.

At the end of the day, everyone pays and gets paid easily. These are the EP300s, made just for you!

Merchant’s New Wallet4

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M3100(Carrier Ethernet Switch for Mobile Backhaul)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1312E33] DASAN Networks’ M3100 is a 2.5RU height chassis type mobile backhaul pre-service aggregation router optimized for expanding network. It provides four SIU (Service Interface Unit) slots and two NIU (Network Interface Unit) slots. Through the SIUs,the user can configure the unit according to the network environment by using 6-port 100/1000Base-X (SFP) or 10/100/1000Base-T (RJ45), which can be used selectively as downlink.

On the NIU slot, the uplink interface module having two 10GBase-R (SFP+) ports is mounted. And the M3100 provides two PSU (Power Supply Unit) slots where
DC power module can be mounted. This ensures equipment-level reliability with power module redundancy architecture.

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