Loss-prevention device

[INQ. NO. 1606E14] Daeho I&T is a professional company specialized in ICT service and smart solutions and it has been growing into an ICT leader in Korea helping to create valuable and happy quality of life for people since its foundation in 2002.
https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryDaeho I&T arranged its cutt ing-edge loss-prevention device called “Benear” for this year’s overseas marketing. It can be connected with a smartphone to be fully functional. Through the alarm and search function between smartphone and “Benear”, it helps prevent robbery or loss of belongings, babies and pets. It also provides camera and remote control function.
Being used for every subject possible that can be missing or lost, it is also used as camera remote controller. It provides essential function for loss prevention such as alarm and signal (sensitivity) indicator plus camera remote controller function. It is possible to check the last location from the APP of the smartphone. With a function of camera remote controller, photographing is available by using the “Benear” butt on after placing the smartphone on the selfi e stick or affi xing it in the required position.


Business items of Daeho I&T throughout the ICT industry are network solutions, smart application products, U-healthcare and
marine/shipbuilding embedded solutions. The company speedily responds to customers and markets based on its one-stop system
from product development through creation of complete products. Daeho I&T and its teamworking employees and management
advance with the vision, which is “The best ICT solution company in the territory of Buan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam,” step by step.

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