Melting threads “Lifting”[INQ. NO. 1606E13] V-Korea, a professional manufacturer of medical devices (prime-grade PDO melting or absorbable thread), has met the needs of customers with a strong sense of responsibility
by carrying out meticulous quality control in a clean and hygienic environment and pursuing the values of honesty, integrity, and trust. V-Korea has established its production facility in 2013 in Gimhae to fully meet growing demands of its quality products.
Untitled-14.jpgV-Korea has obtained a multitude of certifications such as KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO13485 and has been selected as one of companies that exhibit products at trade exhibitions, led by SMEs Business Center of Gimhae City, proving the company’s technological competitiveness.
V-Korea’s melting thread “Lifting” can be melted without surgery and completely realizes face lifting and body lifting. Now it is considered popular anti-aging treatment. By using melting PDO thread, customers can enjoy the effects of skin lifting and skin lightening, without invasive surgical measures. It effectively reduces wrinkles by lifting drooping skins.
It adopts surgical suture (absorbable thread) that has a pointed projection, which is inserted to any part that needs a lift (e.g.nose bridge, tip of a nose, nose wing, etc.), pulled, and firmly fixed in order to improve the shape of a nose. It improves kin elasticity and clarity with the thread, which is melted in the skin within six months and promotes creation of collagen. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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