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Cleanroom Clothes - KMFor those who are working at sensitive environments where, for example, extreme measures are taken in order to maintain a certain level of cleanliness for manufacturing processes, they are in general told to wear cleanroom-related gears such as disposable globes, shoes, and clothes. Semi-conductors, LCDs, and a few micro-electronics require such services. Korea’s global semi-conductor makers are globally recognized, and KM for the past 15 years has been a total clean room solution provider.

Began its clean campaign in 1989, KM has dedicated itself to develop disposable quality products to customers at home and abroad. Also as a certified manufacturer with ISO 9002, KM in close cooperation with major semiconductor companies have offered various customized cleanroom items for specific purposes such as Class 10 Cleanroom facility and advanced test instruments & procedures. KM is capable of covering all types of high quality cleanroom goods to meet all customers’ needs.


Cleanroom Gloves - KMFor industrial use, KM introduces cut-resistant gloves for your protection, and they are made of high-performance fibers (dyneema and glass fiber). Browsing through cleanroom products, there are gloves, wipers, stationary, cleaners, garments, and ESD products. Among them, DCR Hand Cleaner & Stock Cleaner is for cleaning dust on PCB, which could be difficult to do with general cleaners. This item with butylroller can effectively and swiftly take care of even the minutest foreign particle on the PCB surface. KM’s DC Pulse Ionizer has a three-speed tangential blower that produces a uniform airflow that goes into a duct for shaping the airflow. CMP Retainer Rings are used for water planarization. For more i-information, you can find at



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MyChipThe progress of electronic systems may start from designing. Engineers are very aware of it and use software tools at the initial stage of production. One of the most useful tools is MyCAD, a widely popular electronic design automation software. Recognizing all of these conditions, Korea’s SELOCO is taking responsibility when it comes to providing cost-effective and innovative design tools.

As a leading company in the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) market, SELOCO has been offering EDA and ESL (Electronic System Level) tools like MyCAD and Jasper to a number of companies and research organizations at home and abroad since 2004. SELOCO offers security solutions such as DVR & Digital X-Ray detectors as well. As a professional semiconductor company, it provides total services such as MPW service and ASIC design service.

MyCAD developed by MyCAD, Inc. can effectively meet many extreme demands that today’s technology requires. This EDA tool is fully supported by MyCAD with years of experience and expertise in providing Windows design automation solutions, and offer complete solutions for IC/System Design on Windows platform: Full Custom Layout. MEMS Layout, Photo Mask Layout, LCD Layout, DRC LVS Verification, GDSDXF Conversion, VHDL Simulation, Logic Design, FPGA Prototype.


SanteView-3001In cooperation with a few major global foundries, SELOCO is involved in ASIC & SOC business in order to develop the non-memory semiconductor business, and offer MPW (Multi-Project Wafer) service and various foundry services. Main foundry companies are EPISIL, HHNEC, VIS, UMC, SMIC, and ASMC. Regarding ASIC service, SELOCO works closely with your staff to offer full-custom chip design implementation from design proposal, IP design, configuration, chip level integration, FPGA validation, etc. For more information, you can find at

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